“April 5th, 1994”

This was my given death date.

They aren’t even sure that’s the exact day.

They couldn’t pin point that

Yet they  ruled out murder right away.


That’s my supposed cause of death.

Overdosed on heroin

And then a bullet to the head.

What else would it be?

I escaped rehab so it must’ve been that.




Oh Courtney


I once thought you were as sweet as honey

But now you wish to take all my hard earned money?

Few days after my death, some one tried using my credit card…

Was it a surprise to you that the system had it labeled  “DISCARD” ?

The money is my baby girl’s Frances

I’m sure she’ll  put it to good use

Rather than your meth dependant self.


That’s one of the reasons I wanted the divorce.

Your addiction wasn’t helping me overcome my own course.

It was intoxicating me.

Which is why I had to leave.

But now because of you, Frances will grow up in greave.


You took away her father, Courtney.

She’ll only know my rock famed glory.

She’ll never know the personal me.

Doesn’t that mean anything to you?


Courtney Love.

My once beloved wife.


You betrayed me in a way I wouldn’t have expected.

It did me more harm than all the needles I had ever injected.

Now look at the perspective  you, yourself have projected

The one you really thought you had it perfected.

Your acting was very soon detected.

Every single flaw you showed, was carefully collected.

Soon enough,forensic experts had finally  elected.


You were my killer.


Everything points to you.


But one final question darling..





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