“Because I love you”

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 21:59 -- sinahic

You do not have to face discomfort 

because of the widely used “Because I love you”Love in its purest form is healing,helpful,and healthy It shelters no hate,it is a small piece of heaven It doesn’t put you through hellIt purifies and protects It soothes,saves,and supportsYou do not have to have intimacy with a person who only seeks pleasure Who is lustful and not loving “Because I love you” will be used as a bouquet of affection,but in reality will be used as a bullet to make you collapse into pressure My dear,do not fall into diminishing desire Do not give them power over your personality Do not let them change your character Be with someone who complements you like the sun complements the moon Real romance radiates light “Because I love you” should be no excuse or explanation Love is gentle,genuine,and graceful It is not violent or vile Love cures and cares  

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