“The Hearts of Passion”

Fri, 05/13/2022 - 15:55 -- Neon


Two people, two different hearts, one is yours and the other is mine

These hearts both equally hurt by worldly things 

Find their way to each other and strengthen each other like iron to iron

Your own heart, fills mine with the love you give 

and just as it fills it with love, so it does with sadness 


But surely this weakness we feel is only within the inner workings of time itself 

And will pass away like the seasons go, however it lingers 

On one day, situations and trials fall and they do so like heavy rain 

Even so our hearts cling together, in the midst of this and we form a rainbow in ourselves 


In the depths of the frosty distraughtness,

our heart beat is intertwined and the warmth of you cools my tension

The ocean of our souls screams, this with jubilation

Thumping, thumping, thumping it is the reflection of an admirable harmony 


Yours is the moon and mine is the sun, though they oppose, the are drawn to one another learning the ways on each other

Like the sun and moon, I will go where you go We will see the wonders we both create, we will find the hope of the divine together 


You and I, in your skies of black to purple to blue, in your skies of pink fading clouds that fall in between the ever-glorious sun and blissful mountains

There I will be, through it all, dear one, do not let yourself become burdened with the words people

Let yourself become still, remain in a sanguine mind, listening to the rhythm of your heart 


Us, in our perusing of the life that is before and beyond, we will be victorious 

Our hearts forever thriving, to keep on beating 

And there once were two people, two different hearts, united for all eternity, in a holy intimacy


This poem is about: 
Our world



This was for a special friend of mine, but it can also relate to everyone and that one person who completes you.


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