¡Adios a Perez-Molina!

¡Adios a Perez-Molina! By Christian Betancourt


Behind sturdy steel bars you stand

Your filthy corruption has caught up to you.


While you collected millions of our Quetzals in secret.


You thought we would be naive.


It will be a many ages before

You are to see light outside the crummy prison.


My pueblo gathered peacefully on a warm day in August

As we flooded the Constitution Square

Inside the capital of Guatemala

Ten of thousands of enraged faces

Fuming at your actions

Students, priests, and businessmen

Chanting that you'd be in-prisoned.



Classes at San Carlos University-postponed

Work must also wait

Tonight corruption must come to a halt!


¡Renuncia Ya!


As you roam down those narrow crowded halls

Filled with crooks and marreros

With your head tilted towards the floor

You will crime you will recall!




Even the worst of all criminals look down you.


We did not burn down our buildings

Did not cause a ruckus

Our city was not ripped in pieces

No dead bodies nor fatalities were not reported.


We protested civilly.







At last! You and Baldetti will not sit inside the oval office any longer.

You will sit inside four confined grey brick walls in Matamoros.

Among slimy disgusting criminals like yourself

With your backs against the wall

Staring unto the outside

Reminiscing our your malevolent actions.



September 3rd 2015

You are gone!






Yelling "¡dejemene ir!"

You can no longer run away

From your actions



¡Adios a Perez-Molina!




My people rejoice at these news!

When your hands were crossed against your back

Wrapped around hard metal cuffs

Singing freely along the streets



¡El pueblo manda!



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My country


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