I'm just a girl,&



I'm just a girl,


Caught up in this lonely hopeless world,


Trying to remember how to breathe,


When it feels like I'm drowning in the sea,


When I sleep I dream,


When I wake I scream,


Terrified of who we've all become,


We're fallen and numb,


Down on our knees,


Crying please;


For someone to remove the pain,


For someone to keep us sane,


We're all just people in this world,


And I'm just a lost and hopeless girl,


Different and alive inside,


Being normal is too hard; trust me I’ve tried,


Afraid of what people might say,


I hide behind my mask every day,


Leaving me alone and hopeless in this world,


Leaving me to be categorized as just a girl,


I dream of making a change in tomorrow,


But for now society drowns me in sorrow,


One day I will remove my mask,


And finish my ultimate task.




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