She curled her

   She curled her dainty little fingers over the curved edge of colorful ribbon and peered into a seemingly familiar world. Before her, a vibrant garden pulsed beneath the melting sun. Pears parodied songs of mockingbirds, while the peaches dreamed of sweet honeybees. The grapes gossiped eternally, and a ballet was performed by blossoming cherries. Daisies swayed. Eggshells crackled. This godly country throbbed with life! Sequins of spittle seeped from the lady’s lips, and she thought of climbing over the rainbow barrier to feast on the fruit, but another peculiar spectacle caught her eye just before she did so.

   Near a small stream flowing in the midst of the fruit, a rowdy bunch of winged creatures paraded in a circular formation, leaping and chanting wildly to the heavy drumming of the small girl's heartbeat. A sacrifice of some sort convened the dancing halo of heavenly beings, but the thing was obscured by the ring of flapping shadows. She could only identify a soft white orb.

   Curiosity tugged urgently at the girl’s heart strings until, finally, she surrendered, hoisting herself up onto the rainbow’s ledge and scooting off the opposite side. When she landed with a loud thud, the band of angels whirled around and beamed at the sight of her.

   They buzzed eagerly among themselves until eventually the smallest angel emerged from the bunch. “We have something for you, Miss. A welcome gift upon your return home!” he announced gleefully, and he removed an infant milk rose from behind his back.

   Her heart fluttered, and her pearly eyes widened with wonder as they landed upon the thing which charmed the cherubs of her soul. When she leaned in to inhale the rosebud's rich fragrance, tears streamed down her soft, fleshy cheeks.

   Innocence vibrated fiercely against her porcelain bones.

   Freedom bolted through her veins.

   She looked up at the flock of angels and spoke. "My tired eyes have been restored! I gaze at you through the eyes of a child. Oh, thank you! This is just what I had hoped for."


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