Words cant go back

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 23:57 -- BW289

Words are the power of the Nation,
from the capital city, to central station.
How we percieve them is how we take them.
Words can can cause hell, havoc, and throw thousands out the door.
Words can enrich, and be everpure.
Words can steady and comfort,
or disrupt, disable, and puncture.
Words can be Powerful, strong and brave!
Words can have the power to save.
But words can also creep along,
sneaky and slowly they sing a death song.
Words are what hold the world together at the end of the night.
Words can create peace, triumph, or fights.
We can say what we want, but we really can't.
With the world watching, our words don't have a chance.
When you write, you can only write once.
Take your time, don't worry or rush.
Once your words are out, that is that.
Till death you and your words remain with the world on your back.



I love the phrasing, and the last line especially. Good poem.