Chiraq livin'

Clack, clack! do you hear that? thats the welcoming to my city.

But dont be scared of my home this is only the beginning ,do you see those kids insides outs

as if we were iraqui citizens?

thats an everyday thing, and only some make it.

but let me telll you something, if your life was taken away, Obama wont go on Television 

and mention your name, cus in the hood when you die we are only pennies to them.

but what if you, yes you, wealthy white people walked in the same concrete I do?

but watch your step though, there is broken glass all over the floor.

But if you look closely you can see  the reflection of a little girls tears

who lived 16 years of blue and red, cus Father wanted to abuse mom, and...

Uncle wanted to come home drunk, so at night she looked out the window,

Hospital affront, dead people, and behind her there was a clock that said 


Time stops, suicide written all over my wrist, my heart was twist when my mother

said she wished I was aborted.

So now Im here. Just another chiraqs child no one will know about. 

and I can either  chose the easy way, and become a street slave. Or,

I can walk down stage with a cap and gown, and say "F*** you"  to all those who doubted me.

while bullets are flying out side like birds, Chiraqs childrens stomachs screams "Feed Me!

Because when most of us open the refrigerator doors we just see liquor that our parents overdose with to avoid bad situations. If 

Many are hungry for revenge, many sit like rocks because of what they see in the streets 

so, their minds re play that every night.