Thu, 06/27/2019 - 19:02 -- AK2019

Click, start, initialize. 

New variable.equals (new life)

Set name perfect

Wait backspace, never too soon to possess 

Delete, never too soon for success


Click, space

Set name: Hopeful

Delete, set name: Smart

Passing through all life’s methods in parallel threads

Overworked RAM like a buzzing in her head

No memory for feelings, only words that you’ve said


It’s boolean, a simple yes or no

A simple work more or work less

Simple accept or destress

A simple win or lose

Simple glance or bruise

Simple “we aren’t friends, don't get confused”

Simple “meet expectations, or go unused”


Click, space

Set name: Growing

System print.error in red it’s showing

Dropdown of doubts on line 239

Some sort of depression.. But who’s got the time___ to debug

Weak and coy, child live up to the name

It’s boolean, you either win or lose the game


I will not commit broken code 

Click, restart, select, reload

Now, clench your teeth, take no breaks

Just comment out every single one of your mistakes 


Click, compile, complete...system failure

Reflect on your result, minus disobedience, bad behavior 


Enter, enter, stop

Set name: error

Its Its a virus, class name: terrors

What went wrong? It you were almost brilliant

Like a while loop, exception !(not) on datatype resilient


A stack overflow’s was impossible with code stability

Now inherently sick with progression immobility

Can’t scrap, you're young it's true

Control a, delete

Name: maybe I should have accepted you