Respect My Name

Respect My Name

I don't play no games

Got chicks looking at me like I'm Mary Jane

But I am here and it's crystal clear

I am all ears, but you sure you want to take me there?

Stay in your lane, because you chicks are lame

and if i throw the punch then I am going to be the one to blame

You call this beef, well I call it turkey

You tripping if you think that I am going to let you hurt me

I heard about you and your little friends too

Should I call shots or should I just let you do you?

You big and bad, but your little clique not

and if I call shots then you are going to be the ones who get shot.

Not I, because I am good

No doubt, I am from the hood

You are "about it" , but you are not

I am ticking like a clock

I am about to boom and bop

Like bop it, I got to watch

My back because I can't stop

The madness just cut it out. 

Respect My Name

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