please god will someone listen

multi-colored lanterns dangling off the edge of a porch with no other decorations

paper stretched to its limit, stretched until it resembles a ball and wire forged from the earth keeps it in its shape

   but not


a lesson to be learned im sure 

                                                                            i never was a good listener

some of them are gorgeous

they light inside

                               lighting the way along a porch that no one is walking on

some of the lights have dimmed on its chain but the others take no note


cant they see whats going on around them

near them?

                                                           next to them???

its kind of a warning 

their brothers and sisters are not immune so give me one good reason why they pretend that they are

                              they must not be good listeners either

                                                                             i feel that

so they keep shining while the others fade away

they take no notice 

and the porch isnt as bright as it was



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