I am, I'm, I was, I will

I'm, I Am, I Was, Am I?
Why so many ways to say who I am... who I was?
If you asked yourself that question
I think I should probably mention
The person I was yesterday, I
Decided they could not stay so
I invited who I am today
So they can pave the way to
Who I'll, I will, be tomorrow.

Before opened the door to the 'was'
That was me
All shy and afraid to speak.
The me that I see through
The framed glasses of the past
Would have said Ash...
You've got some class.

Who I am decided to leave
The door ajar to the 'was'
So that the 'Am' could see
Who she used be
All shy and afraid to speak
To the Am that is me
Smiling and happy and free.
Not free from torture or sadness
But free from the question game the
'Was' used to play that kept her
From lifting her voice to the shoulders
Of the was so she could have reached
Who I Am
A few years earlier.
Who I Am knows
Who I Will be.
Not only is she free and happy but
She can see who was, and who she was before.
Now she is confident, grateful
For when she was shy and when she was free.
But no matter who I Was I Am and I Will Be
It is all me.
Shy am I still, Free I am Still, I'm confident
And I always will be.

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