The Truth Behind the "So-called" Truth

Mon, 04/13/2015 - 14:56 -- nysia96

It used to be that young boys and girls dreamed of becoming a Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Doctor, or Lawyer.

Now it's swapped interest; they dream of being a celeberty like an actor/actress, rapper/singer, dancer, comedian, or gain fame by doing pathetic things for nearly ten seconds.

The generation of Smartphones and iPads and Tablets will never grasp the understanding and experience of "earn", "work", "disipline", or "appreciate".

It annoys me to know that this generatoin wont get the opportunity to pass down knowledge of their parents and grandparents.

I blame the person who invented the interent for the lack of kids walking to a library and selecting a book to read or learn from.

What's the point of "hard work" if the work is being shorten to be easier managed?

Why must this generation and the next one after that need to learn how to work hard or work at all if everything and anything they wish to know is at the tip of their fingers and hand?

All they have to do is type in a word or phrase and the answer(s) are listed on a screen; they will never experience the struggle of search and find on his or her own.

Why tell them to go to school?

Why tell them that college is the best thing for them?

Why pursuade them to do their best if "their best" is done by a piece of metal then get upset when the material isn't staying in their memory or psychy.

You want someone who can put in the work on his or her own? Then take away technology.

It's not helping as much as it's harming.

Students can't write an essay with looking at their phones for autocorrect; they can't demostrate basic mathematics because the devolpment of calculators and phones.

They can't hold conversations for more than ten seconds.

They can't enjoy a meal without snapping a photo.

They can't purchase clothing or shoes without someone wearing the outfit first.

They can't learn without a treat or reward being given to them.

They can't tell the truth unless knowing the outcome of not being a "snitch".

They can't provide for themselves without seeking a shortcut to succeed.

They can't compare to those who know what "Struggle" is defined as because those who lived it defined it.

They simply cannot survive in a world that was built and continuoulsy buliding men and women with knowledge of respect and understanding of how the world works; knowing that it's not what you did, or what you do, it's about how to work with what you have and how to get more from what you dont.

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