Thumps of my Feet

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 19:33 -- k8carr



High Expectations

Low Standards


A quest for wisdom,

Knowledge sought,

But near it's end seems

All for Naught


Running as I always have

Keeping pace

Chasing dreams



Stumbling rocks

My steady song

The consistent tap against concrete


I've never fallen but

Now seem felled


My aching Feet call

Sweetly for relief

As they have


But now their call comes

Not so sweet, and they


Wish for home,

A chair for resting,

A place far off now


But they scream through

Muffling socks and shoes

"We will run for that!"

"We will fight for that!"


Is the distance greater

To the end? I cannot

See it as I struggle to

Drag the Reluctant.


"Just look" my side moans

"One last time" the

Nostalgic sweat spills down my forehead, arms,

From nowhere and everywhere.


I can't think, the road is

Jagged, I press on.


Yet then

Flatlands. "You've time

Now" calls my Heart


I must follow, surely

My Feet can tell. I


Look. Nothing

Gone. Past.

The Past...


I laugh or...

Choke. I cannot tell

My Feet are silenced.


My Heart sinks lower the

Sadness pushed down


My Mind takes

Over. Over powers.

And the rhythm


Thumps of my Feet.


I've turned away, moving


There is nothing left for



Is this wisdom


High Standards

Low Expectations




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    This poem is about endurance, specifically in education and schooling but I think it can apply to anything. Motivation running out and being tired of pursuing a goal even if the end is in sight. It was written to address "Senioritis" a common feeling of being "done" as a high school senior.

I had to comment after my little brother read my poem and said it was sad. I think enduring isn't sad. The tone of this poem is somber and practical, but it is not despairing. The runner continues even as he/she questions the path they are taking. They don't turn back and they don't slow down. Practicality takes control and they decide not to look back but to live in the moment. And perhaps that moment is sad, but there is hope in his/her will to endure.