Is it love? FOR 11-20

Everything relies on the girl in love 

Everything relies on the beutiful dove 

Everything relies on the boy who doesnt know

Everything relies on the clueless crow

~Jersey Mclaughlin

Hello I wrote the poem above im a 13 year old girl yeah, yeah I dont have a clue what love is im just a kid.

Do you know how much I hate when people say that? Alot. 

I love my best freind.

Why you may ask? Well there hunderds of reasons but here are some.

  1. He would never hurt me
  2. I can be myself with him
  3. He makes me smile when im having the hardest day ever 
  4. The way he looks at me 
  5. When im with him I forget about my problems 
  6. Makes me be the better version of myself
  7. He respects me and my boundries
  8. He can be my freind and the person I love 
  9. Every little thing about him 

So if you are younger and belive you are in love you can talk to me whenever you need!

I know how you feel becuase I feel the same way!

Dont let parents, freinds, social media or downright anyone tell you you cant be in love!

If you ever want someone to talk to just email me at

Im sorry if it takes me a while to answer


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