Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • You might know him as the guy who wrote about Sherlock Holmes, but did you know that he was a bit of a detective himself? He helped solve two mysteries by presenting logic and evidence that the court had overlooked, and eventually freed to men who were wrongfully convicted in these cases.


  • He killed off Mr. Holmes in the story “The Final Problem,” but fans of the character were so distraught that he resurrected him with his best attempt at a logical explanation.


  • Doyle wasn’t always a fan of logic. In fact, he believed in magic, fairies, and even thought that Harry Houdini had supernatural powers as a magician. He was good friends with Houdini too, but Houdini broke off the friendship when he couldn’t convince Doyle that his acts were simply tricks.


  • Have you seen “Jurassic Park” or read the book by Michael Crichton? Well, Doyle came up with the idea first. He wrote the novel The Lost World, a story about people who get stuck on an island full of dangerous dinosaurs, long before Crichton’s version.