Teen Pregnancies

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page 1 my mom gave birth to me she could not take care of me she was not mature enough so she give me to my mama so my mama was taking care of me  i was 10  when my mom came back 
Don’t worry, It’s just a dream. Don’t cry, Don’t scream   Don't worry It’s not true
It's crazy how it is YouR my Friend And then The Next your gonE` Our Love is Like a Circle of Energy that connects us its Like your right in front of me And then your..😒 ..😯.
teens have past childhoods coming up to adulthood in between, heart flying in different directions, so much they have and haven't ssen, trying to experience life for themself hopefully they don't get an infection  
Abortion. I’m better than this. Forgiveness.You know where to find me.  God. Be still with me.  I’ve got my bad days too. 
Diamond Bertha Glory sparked her way With brilliance and shine she danced Her steps leaving no one astray Her mood was so full of luster She paved a path of a following Leaving not much in the way to muster
Dear Josiah I'm sorry for what I did   I thought I only had one choice, But it's my fault I didn't have a bigger voice.   The times were fast and no one was there
The first hint of laughter The joyful glint in their eyes Their first step and fall The first tear that rolls down their soft new cheek Will be lost without you
In this world,  Atlas is a pregnant teen girl  On a road trip.  She carries the roads with her  Like she does  With worlds 
I just turned 19 on November 28 On December 18th I was a couple days late My sister said “Get a test, it’s probably nothing” But deep down I knew it was something   I took a test and said a quick prayer
I’m learning what it takes to be a mother I’m selfish and I need to recover With my words I don’t trip nor do I stutter So why in my mind is it a clutter?  
Ever since I was 8 I always worried about when I ate Constantly witnessing my parents struggle to put food on my plate
He spots Her; She notices. He's so fucking hot! She's so damn fine! They meet, they flirt, they hit it off. The pups develop "feelings" for eachother. They hook up, date and fuck.
Numb. I feel so numb. Everywhere I look, there are no emotions attached.    Cold. I feel so cold, even though I just got out of a hot shower. Blankets try to heat me, but nothing can. 
can you hear the cries of the children never born do their screams haunt you in your sleep in your dreams, can you see their faces do you see them the way we dreamed them to be
Standing there, Tall and fair A girl with a future, unprepared Growing again, making memories last   Standing out, actions scream and shout A young girl full of doubt
I discovered The insignificant seed Within my garden I felt the weight of the world When the fruit wasn’t even ripe  The sun was my witness And he was replaced  I gave it one, two, to three
    seventeen years old with ambitious  but my clear vision began to not be so vivid I listened to a boy that fed me lies those words were soon  my alibys I forced myself to think he loved me
Tears stain your cheeks. You come to school every day, In a mess of mascara. You’re hurt, And I know who did it.   We pass in the hallways
You caused a supernova in my heart Like you universe you are art, Your eyes are brown like the earth  Yet you have more worth,  To me you are similar to a star  Like the ones I fell in love with from afar,
Today, I learned something Something that meant totally nothing  It made me crazy for a moment  The man im seeing might just be my worst opponent  But something about him makes me happy 
30 pieces of silver
Tears of joy Tears of sorrow Tears of pain Tears of relief Tears of worry Tears of triumph All these are tears I once had shed
Dear child I'm sorry I was only 14 How was i suppose to know you were part of me. You came from a night I didn't want to see. You came from the worst part of me. Drunk and alone
It was then when she realized God did this for a reason. God wanted her to bring this blessing into the world, Not because he wanted to make her life hard, But because he knew she could handle it. She is a strong woman and has been through a lot. 
I think that I learned this in biology Once upon a time So, the substance uncouples through the medium With different speeds and time
I've said farewell to many a kind From Cats to Hamsters, I didn't mind. Some past their time, to out of their prime, each one committed some sort of crime Father in wartime, the rain would always chime
To My Mama, She’s My Real Black Superman By Jasmine A. Tate At 19 with 2 kids, Mama is stuck for a loop Her girlfriend calls to give her the scoop About my Dad’s fake truths
I made a mistake.... I made a very big mistake.... I didnt use protection He said it was fine, he had it covered 
Unwanted offspring Beloved nevertheless Though by another
Why? Can you tell me why? My heart is crushed, sad, blue My heart and arms are aching To hold and be with you * I close my eyes and think of how You brought such joy to me
Mistake, a bundle of joy, and an unplanned blessing were the thing they called when they found out. But, in my mind I what you were about. I was only a teen when I found out I had a seed
It all happened at the tender age of fifteen,Scared to look up at that screen.Knowing there was a single little heart beat,Knowing soon that she will get kicked out to the street.Kneeling down to pray,
Tears stains on pillow I shed them every night Running through dark memories When I should've block it with light. I hear my baby crying, She's not in the room. Her cries are in my head...
I knew it when she touched your shoulder And I Walked into the public bathroom alone And the distinct smell of Urine and nail polish remover filled Me with a sense of urgency to Finish quickly
A young mind grows For with age comes wisdom A young heart blooms For love brings passion And now inside There is a speck of life Not so much grown But enough to say you’re alive
She claims she’s Pentecostal but we know that she’s not Cause Pentecostal girls don’t give up their twat She only wears skirts in case she meets an actress The skirt comes in handy cause it gives him easy access  
I have these two friends... In school, they both have goals and dream. Both got pregnant at eighteen. Sweet girls that fell victim to all of the lies- Of “Love” they thought they had from other “Nice Guys.”
I woke up to your sea of emotions at week 5 I woke up to your cravings at week 6 I woke up to your rush of sickness at week 7 I woke up to you preasuring my bladder at week 18
l never begged to be here, nature brought me and now am here. I was happy though knew nothing, My only cry was from pains waiting for five to be subtracted from fourteen. Who l was gon be l never knew,
Dear Giorno To my dearest baby boy, The day I found out that clears all my doubts. That you existed in me in the midst of winter. My life fell apart with my confusing heart.
Society wasn't ready for her light Her dreams, ambitions, and goals would've been too great to handle Everyone would've been proud of my baby girl
Dear Mommy to be, You're young, you're beautiful but still a little dumb. Blessed you are already, but your little blessing has yet to come.
I think about you everyday ,always wondering what if. What if you was here with me what would happen to our family what would your personality be like. Would you have his eyes or his smile
I knew it wasn’t just me  I knew something was not right  When I started this diary  and began to write  Hurtful things about myself  Depression and worry  I wanted to kill my self 
I knew it wasn’t just me  I knew something was not right  When I started this diary  and began to write  Hurtful things about myself  Depression and worry  I wanted to kill my self 
You have self control yet you dont use your gift letting time pass me by with excuses for every action i promise to love you in everyway i can and still i fall short yet your still here
I write this for you, My little flower.   I write this for us, So you may know our story.   Did you know my little flower,
I write this for you, My little flower.   I write this for us, So you may know our story.   Did you know my little flower,
Tedrick. Theodore. Tommy. The three names your mother and I  Narrowed down. See the world might not have known of your existence   But to your mother and I 
Birth, it happens everyday Just like a blessing happens everyday Blessings, can be a mircle even like the ones you see in movies The child in your womb prays it's like you can hear what their saying
I have a few questions; I don't understand.
when you want to stay with someone forever wait there is no forever not when someone breaks your heart it's the worst feeling isn't it? when you think you have someone for life and that
Freedom they said, born into fredom. Free ideas that race like wild stallons, skipping across an empty night, waiting for them to fill it. Through the trees ripen with sumptuous fruit,
Why can't we help the ones we love? We reach out and lend them a hand, anything that we can do to support them. But sometimes it feels like we can't do anything. My faith is little, but my moral judgement knows what's best. I know what's best.
You made me worry Forced decisions to make He said he wouldn't leave you But he's not around now... I would have loved you by myself Or give you a different life
Dear Aiko My baby girl I remember first finding out about you, I was crying in my bathroom with a positive pregnancy test so scared about what to do. Your daddy was out of the state too,
I sat out of Rite -Aid and cried my eyeballs out .  I never wanted this.  I never wanted you to put one finger on me  let alone , this.  I told you I wasn't ready for an intimate relationship 
It's crazy to think… I'll love you ‘til the last breath in me And yet I hate that I love you so. I’ll ride or die ‘til the end of night,
Patient Kind You never stop pursuing You do not wear out of forgiveness You do not keep count of wrong Pure and equal
This is for my baby, that I haven't met yet. At first I was scared and didn't even want to believe it. The test said positive. I took 3 more to be “sure”.. But I still wasn't.
“It's budding" “Are you kidding?” “No. You are the father” “Why even bother?” “I won't say your name” “Abortion. Pills. Anything that kills” Anything that kills…
Oh my gosh, I swear if I see another,  I am going to flip.   There goes another.  I sure did flip. Now my head is going all bonkers.   Girl after girl after girl,
What does the word love mean to me It's the thought of being free It lets your heart open to the air Why must I know where To find what I most desire My heart is so close to catching on fire
I'm your perfect mistake, the product of an immature male teen, not ready to grow up. And a young woman, ready to grow up too fast.   I'm your perfect mistake,
as the faint thumping of a beating heart enters the room she         begins                       to cry her              heart is in no place to undergo stress      
What? No This can't be happening to me It was just one time I only allowed It to happen one time It was one time Just one time  I swear It was only one time
once upon a time... when the moon hung high the clock struck twelve, and the young prince fell.  His thoughts were hazed, she was one to amaze. Her feet glided around, never really touching the ground. 
she was 16 she wanted high education she wanted to hear "we are proud of you" she kept up the good work 2 years left in high school one party and one bad choice the once upon a time 
From time I find myself thinking aboutJanuary 2015 but it's April 2017.
She is only a teenager in a world all alone, Some dude knocked her up and now long gone, After the fact, he knew she was carrying a kid, He hesitated once he found out it was his jit.  
She bleeds and bleeds the deeper the cut, She feels the pain down deep in her gut. There is nothing left to do now, She bends over to take her final bow.   Oh god above if you ever did exisit,
One drink was all; in the beginning. Free, from a man across the bar. One kiss was all; in the beginning. Turning into an awkward morning at his place.
I passed a test, but it wasn't a test I would want to pass. What do I do? Tell someone my mind is saying, but another part of me says keep it to myself. I just want to cry, but that won't make it better.
At first friendship was tested with a mutual friend named Jax As he was getting close to be welcomed, out of nowhere was an ax First, nothing was said when we heard the news
Growing up young oblivious, gullible, innocent. Succeptible to anything. I had thought I found love. It seemed like a miracle, Like it was sent from above. Only to find out, he who I loved
In a loveless patch the seed was sown A barren field of thorn Then tears rained down from Heaven's face Where heavy hearts have scorn
Never could I have imagined,the love and contentment. As I hold my hope in my arms,As I look into the eyes made for my hope itself.Her skin is soft, her hair is wispy and her eyes look for me.
With her beautiful, big, brown eyes and little button nose. With her cute little hands and small little toes.   When everything goes wrong, when I feel sad. When the days are long,
MINE! So territorial about MY bundle of joy that YOU gave ME on accident. YOU wasn't man enough to reap what we have pleasurably but mistakenly sewn. I had to work before I had MY son.
Let me start by saying, "I'm sorry."   I didn't hold up my end of the deal. For real, it should've been more than a temporary seal  or a one-sided deal. I can only imagine the pain that you feel.  
Will you look like me? Will you love me? Will your first word be mama? How will you know I love you? Will you be proud of mommy? Will you cry all night? Will you look past my flaws?
For the development of a nation, peace is most important, and is needed before development can happen. children are a vibrant set of people in the population of a country, and if their talent is properly directed,
I loved you even though I didn't know you I held you even though you were never in my arms You were with me even though I didn't know it
Here she comes, With her bouncing curls, Unaware that she's my world   She lays down  With her head in my lap. Yawning from her too short a nap.   Just thirty more minutes!!
Momma Loves You, She Really Does  
One night changed my life forever. I dont know for the worse or the better. Nobody knows what i have to endure. I sometimes dont know quite for sure.
This generation Did you know that 17 million teens become pregnant each year?, or that 2.5 million teens die EVERY YEAR because of alcohol?Makes you think doesn't it?
When I got the new's of you being born I felt a sharp pain in my chest like my hearts being torn I can't decide if I am happy or sad And I am considering if you should even call me dad
As the wind blows through my hair I sit and stare without a care. I look at you and have no worries. It's just us and all the blurries. How could we be in such hurries just wanting to share the touch.
She was moving, tossing, and turning as the hours go past all through the night "CLICK" bathroom light. Rush, she gets on her knees what's this pain i'm feeling she begs god please something i cant deal with.
All I need is to see her perfect little face, to escape from the dangers of the human race. All I need is for her heart to keep beating fine, to make me feel like I have hit a goldmine.
Edit your memory 
I never got to hold you but I will always remember The beautiful moments we had spent together One day we will see each other Up in heaven where you stay Where we could be together all day
For you I need to be heard For you I must a round I cant my life because I'll let you down I may seem restless right now but  be sure my baby, mommy will always be around
16 years old, It's a girl I'm told 18 years go by 34 years of age
When you told me it was just a kiss I believed you When you told me you'd be gentle I believed you, but my sister's life told me different The pain in her eyes told me that what I was going through,  
9 months ago you fought for your life 9 months ago you cried your eyes out 9 months ago you screamed for help 9 months ago I started my journey   8 months ago you hid from the world
There, there young one there shall be no rue  for I too  make mistakes as the clock ticks little did she know mistakes come with beautiful blessings he may ponder and leave
One. The amount of parents the baby will have. Alone. Singular. Individual. Mother. Two. The amount of times I have seen my dad cry. Three. The amount of times I have seen my dad cry after tonight.
There's day I can barely breathe living up to these things...I can't just let this go, the need is just so strong Trying and trying to let go but it seems so wrongTo live up to these things.It's complicated.
little man are you there little man can you hear me cry little man can you hear my cold heart beating little man little man can you feel the tears stinging my face
All I ask, is for you to bow your head Actually, pay attention and listen to the words that’s about to be said I know I barely put my hands together and get on my knees
Your aspirations hang onto me like wishes Swelling the stalks of dandelions They are carrying themselves on the hope That silver frosted florets can make it to life   You offered up your dreams
Hello  Can you hear me? I was never told  that to this world will arrive my soul   
Fear. Embarrasement. Being Judged.The feeling of walking through the halls of my high school after the world finding out I was pregnant. A feeling I never want to experience again.
I Am a sister I Am a Daughter  I Am a victim  I Am a mother I Am a first time college student  I Am not who i was I Am a better person then I was I Am ME
Theres a lot of ways I could describe who I am But when other see me its a whole nother thing Is it becasue the shade of my skin is darker than yours Is it because I cant afford what you have
I am the physical being of regret,From the day I was created,I was nothing more than a debt.A father which I hate to call related.
The life of a teen mom , so easy to keep out of doing wrong , At least you would think cause Now its not you being on the streets or not going to school because its no longer about you
Love is an obse
Her, How her smile is so bright her heart so mellow arms keep me warm at night sunny like the sun thats yellow the way her hair sways as she walks in the room ill be with her always
I am the product- an ultimate mistake. I am the screw up- should've dumped me on someone else; now, it's too late. I am the statistic- only I defy the odds. I am the dropout- I should've followed god.
I just dont UNDERSTAND 13,14,15  Worried about boyfriends and girlfriends as if its a cool thing 13,14,15 All i wanted was my mom to let me hang out with friends But today everything is different 
being pregnant as a teen is not right teen girls need to be in school being bright why not wait til you get married because YOU have to deal with that baby you carried
I keep telling myself that it's all going to be okay, I keep saying  it's going to get better with each day. But its all a lie. How can I move on when I caused you to die?
Oh, Baby   Shining light Dazzling smile Shimmering eyes All sounds too cliché.   What is there to say? Such joy Unknown bliss Unexpected peace  
eyes filled with tears , she checked again and again dread burned in her stomach she sat on the cold tile floor of the bathroom clutching the test   she found the courage to tell him
And so I told him to go 
Someday the distance between us will be gone.
Baby girl, I know this whole thing must be hard for you A new life is now living and growing inside of you
I thought I was Grown  messing around ,being involved with boys that I  had no reason to be around, coming home late smoking weed ,and having unprotected sex  having no type of thinking of using latex
It's funny because I said I had dad issues
My son you are extraordinary
A child she was; a special little girl, different from the rest;
Movements in my stomac,vomit , headaces so the first thing i do is get on my knees Put my hands together in pray to the sky, Asking god please
Pain is the only feeling that is constant
He is really cute... He says I'm cute, too... I know he's hers, but I just want to be together. His unfaithfulness to her isn't a good sign, But maybe I should go for it...she's so blind.
Grant me the moment, the lovely moment That I may lean forth to see The other buds, the other blooms, The other leaves on the tree.
You were safe in my tummy So warm and loved Mommy sang to you Mommy held you The doctors said you were gonna be A BIG baby I was so proud of my little girl Then mommy was hurting
Is one's true love ever found? Like the fact that everyone knows that the earth is round   Haha, very funny you might think But if you think that's funny, your attitude must be real stink  
I lived with a friend of my mom sleeping on the floor But , I'm making it
I sit here and watch you grow... My little angel very strong you go.
Who am I? I don't know. What am I? I don't know. How old am I? I don't know. When will I die? I know, I will die today, For my mother is giving me away.  
you were just 17 when you had me my daddy was always there never wanting to flee throught the year as i grew up you were over there parting i up i longed for a mother who was never there
Without a Face, Do I Still Exist?  
Dress codes can crush dreams, I saw it the first day of school when my friend walked in obviously pregnant. She wants to hold her daughter as she walks across the stage,
A nighttime fantasy more brilliant then any before
mother, oh mother,
Tisha was only 13 addicted to being abusedLife was a joke slicker to be amusedShe didn’t know it was the liquor he abusedJust think that’s the reason he can hit you and be amused
Giving birth at a tender age was not me intention, 
The door slams and the shouting starts The fight moves like ghosts in the dark She throws her hand not knowing his is stronger He grasps her throat not knowing the mark he will leave
I am a Fertile Woman No I am Free Smart Small and big A giant in the mind A penny in person I am an athlete of the brains race
It wasn't like this before, nothing had haunted my soul.
It wasn't like this before, nothing had haunted my soul.
I go from crying to smiling,
 Mothers raising mothers  Generations inside each other   Like nesting dolls  There’s no more substance to it all 
In The beginning it seemed like i was everything to my family members.
I wake up, and rub the tiredness off my eyes; pack my stuff for school while comforting my daughters cries; I take each day as a giving gift; Even though I lost so much my happiness won't shift;
I met a boy who turned my world upside down, the next thing i knew life came crashing down. He said he'd stay and that he loved me, i ended up alone carrying his baby.
He wants to love but can not love He walks the streets like the boy society thinks he is Pain is deep it can not come out, Pain is deep it must stay in He must not hurt a soul again
She was the life of the party, the star of the show,
Friends are the best way,
I wanted it but yet i didn't i told you we needed to use one but you said it'd be fine when you found out you left you wouldn't come back wouldn't send money i got a court order
Teen Pregnancy A mistake they say A miracle to me His smile lights the room His laugh lights my heart Young and dumb And reckless Fake love Resulting in true love And
Warm bodies touching   He grabs my hand to kiss me   Is this love tonight
I know your tired of raising your children by yourself your baby need some pampers but dad brings a can of milk.. but YOU GET WIC... I know your tired of raising your children by yourself... But push on woman push on your strong...
They all stared and laughed as I entered school that day Teen mom they said with a chuckle and a grin Ha your life will suck, they repeated again and again But I ignored the words that brought the pain
Mommy loves you lots
A new year, a new day. A different hour, a different moment. Each day, I still wake up to beautiful little people that make me smile. Being able to inspire and teach them what life is about,
My perfect life.
I could say,   "Mama, Mama, Mama, come help me"   but you are so busy living out a Colorado fantasy
I question if i am making the right decisions.. When i look into those tearfulled eyes My child I have walkd thro hell with you still growing in my womb.. but why is it now
Dear Beautiful 
Twenty-two respecful woman Grew up fast Got married at 20 Had a baby at 21 Dont get me wrong I am madly in love with my husband And I would die for my baby girl I am a free spirited individual
Lonely is not a word that I like to hear,  it echos in the vast silences that are filled by lies,  Lonely is a storm shadow cast over an empty jungle gym,  
This hopeless embryo Resting in my womb breathing inside of me kicking as if to say "hello im still here" hearing the sounds of
Mary-Mae is just 17
I feel alone, in the most populated places in the world I feel sad that im misunderstood I didnt know how bad it was to be livin in the hood. School motivates me to succeed 
It will be hard and there will be doubt but you don’t give up. You are weak to the words of the wise around you and second-guess yourself.
The girl with the corn flower hair called to me on the summer wind And begged me for a favor Tell no one where I have been this eve and whom these hands have held And in return I promise you a reward most vied to savor.
She's conceled behind the curtain, listening to the footsteps of her prey. In her mind she wonders just how long she'll be around to play.
I have a weakness for boys, but what female doesn’t? Want a guy to make me the spotlight, like Jennifer Hudson
You wanted the best for me, You wanted me to grow up in sable home, You wanted me to have mature and loving parents, You wanted me to have a future, You wanted me to have a chance of living a normal life,
A baby is a baby no matter what your age, No matter your experience, you're prepared all the same. To love another being is a miracle all it's own. Teen, adult or elder. We all are capable.
You What a word the word you Break it down itno "Y" "O" "U" It asks a quetin, "why owe you?" These three simple letters have a whole different meaning than the word they compose You
im being asked what makes me tick? being a single mom of one a college student a part worker being an intern at 25? no none of those things makes me tick it makes me grow
I am a young school girl,
Why do you say I am not alive I want to live and get a chancet to thrive I depend on you so you can do what you want with me but because I'm small is no reason to kill me My heart is beating just like yours
Mama, there's something in my mind, something dark, something unwanted It writhes in the middle of the night when I'm alone and you're asleep, It kicks. I can feel it kick. and I don't want it  
I feel it moving inside of me My mistake, my blessing, my baby I wonder if it knows how I feel If it can feel all of my fear I should have known better they say It was all my fault they say
  You put the dirt on me
Believe me when I say that mothers know best,  now I'm homeless and pregnant with very little rest.  She yelled "Stay in school. He's nothing but trouble",  but I was inside my love-filled bubble.   
Pregnant as a teen Mother at twenty Its hard, so not easy, Lost sleep, no naps, Tears, screams, and whins Being a young mother is very hard But I will always love being a mom
Mississippi. Stems from cherries drop by thousands.  Young mothers filling our streets. 
Not much with words but I can give it a try I want to express my love but words go far and by We are on the same page on the same line looking at the same word
I pour my heart out to you I show you every intricate detail of my feelings. I spare not a single experience. You see me with a tear in my eye, and you ask me   Why does she get to you so bad?  
Her belly slowly begins to protr
If someone moves in darkness With no one there to see Are they there at all?   Alone in naked starkness Content as could be Are they there at all?   A sudden pain disrupts
Pregnancy is beautiful such a wonderful thing  but what if you're a teen? and you can't have it? scared and alone  with nowhere to go should I abort? Should I run? what do I do?
Baby Girl!! What are you doing?!! Do you care about your life? Being a mother isn't easy Being a single mother is harder Being a single, young mother is damn near impossible.
In the bac
Dear Absent Fathers I waited for you in the windowsill  Elbows bruised purple from holding my hopes up but you never pulled into the driveway to save me and
Shattered dreams and broken hearts .. torn up papers and lovers lost hoped for happiness... settled for hell keeping love locked up in a heart like shell.
Great night for fireworks
You are not alone Same feeling, different situations
I was a mistake They didn't mean for me to be here They had tried to use protection They had tried to take care But Daddy screwed up and it was broken And Mommy's test was pink
My Child If I shall have a daughter, I’ll tie a rainbow in her hair.
I despise the way you make me feel like a nasty hangover, I'm hungover on you. You who touched me so soft and sent chills up my spine,  I thought you'll always be mind.
When you look at me Jay My world stops completely You make me feel special Especially when you tell me that you need me
as i feel you leave my body i begin to cry. the pain is unbearable knowing you are rotting in me. as my stomach contracts i weep, i dont want you to die. i want you here with me.
After nine long, strenuous months their eyes finally meet. She can’t resist but to cradle her in her arms.
As I sit with a new baby in my hands I look around and ask myself where is he I already know the answer And he's never coming back I left eveything for him My family, highchool, and college
I made a mistake but that mistake wasnt my giftmy gift just was a little sip of what life didnt predictmy gift was birth but my struggle was hurt and shame
16 years old on the street Has a baby girl From being a freak in the sheets Wasn't unprotected But, the condom broke 2 weeks later it was positive So she told her folk Her mom was disappointed
I am a teacher, a nurse, I am a caregiver, I am who I am. I am a singer but not a dancer, I am a driver, a maid, I am a conselor and a cook. I am a correctional officer, I am a fixer, I am a provider. I am who I am.
We didn't think it would happen to us, We thought we had it all under control, yet we knew it was a possibilty...   Oh! how dumb and naive were we, We didn't think,  We were stuck in that moment and 
Struggle is only a word dedicated to me. No person believed I had a wonderful future in store for me. i struggled with a job a baby two school years in one; but I managed to succeed. I inhale my breathe as I look past the stess.
Love. Conception. Birth. Home. Parents. Care. Argument. Divorce. Split. Visit. Homes. School. Bullying. Depression. Fear. Frightened.
I sit down, New baby in my hands. I look around our rundown apartment; “Where is he?” I whisper to the sleeping bundle in my arms. I already know the answer, He left; Never coming home.
This life comes with so many demands..but it seem as if you  lost your understanding of being a man..but how can you be that which you have never had in your life..a man that can show or tell you the difference betwe
It was just a boy who made a mistake, and a girl who let him There's not a thing wrong with it, and you try to call it sin? The fact that he's underage makes him less of a father?
I am a hardworker, holding jobs, getting good grades, reading to stay educated. I help friends and neighbors when I can, I am a shoulder to lean on, a tissue to wipe away tears on. I am
Another day, another way,
  My daughter will never own matching socks.
Just know that everything will be alright because I am gathering nutrients; Like your intelligence, I will be bright Like star lullabies of insouciance.
she loves him he loves her and was ready for the next level  one kiss on the cheek and holding hands yet this wasnt enough for the love they shared  the next level was the way to go
  She holds her baby as he screams and wails
Diamonds would not compare to the blue in your eyes,
18 years young. I had a son with his mother. I say I had him because I've said before today: he is the child of my mind. Like an experiment. The condom broke you you see. But I take full responsibility. It is real facts. So cut the jokes.
Blinngg!! blinnnggg!!! My alarm pulls me out of my dream and exposes me to a cold shower. I prepare breakfast then, check my schedule for the day while packing two lunches. Meanwhile, my boss is snoring in bed.
The baby can't scream His lungs are too small But with my help He could grow to be strong and tall I'll love the look every day From those babies eyes All it takes is one job
She told me last night A whisper on the porch Her face was a smile, Masking her tears. I wanted to scream I wanted to hold her tight And tell her it would be ok. I wanted to throw something
It took me by surprise I swear i didnt mean for it to happen But that few seconds of fun turned into my life time of happiness. Not at 18 did i want to be a mother but i swear i feel in love.
I never knew a job can change my life. Being able to make a difference in a persons life. I had a job of my own which was to be successful in life.
MTV never gave her 15 minutes of fame.  No million dollars for her. No house. No Car. Paparazzi didn't follow her around with cameras.
I always knew. I could tell by the stares. I always knew. I could tell by the laughter. I always pretended not to know. Naive I guess. But somehow I always knew.
"But I Love You And If You Loved Me You Wou
Killer, the killers of innocent lives... Mothers that don't want to be Mothers'. Decisions to kill A life not wanted to be Still a mother nonetheless... Mother of a hopeful baby...
You hear the words and you smell the cologne It draws you deep because you don't want to be alone. His words are like the calm wind in the spring He just wants sex; Your heart doesn't mean a thing.
Half naked pictures, 200 likes Taking selfies with your son Statuses speaking of you "getting fucked up for the night" And your life has only just begun You're a slut in everyone's eyes
Her hands are shaking, soaking with sweat  This cannot be happening, she thought  I know he doesn't even love me  Two minutes were up She could hardly bare to look at it positive.
The innocence of our generation is gone, long gone, It has disappeared, nowhere to be found, Society and its children has become corrupted, Corrupted with sex, drugs, and STDS,
Children growing up too fast Hurrying to have sex before they go to class
Little blessing Blessing little blessing from God above Blessing little blessings to nurture and love God Almighty Creator of all
"I've never done this before can we just take it slow?" "Yeah don't worry girl i'll be gentle." "Wait.. you have a condom right?" "Nah but it's ok I'll be sure to pull out...."
Seeing you In my dreams you are sown. Features like him Yet details are still dim Blue will be everywhere Anything you need we will give you Along with unlimited love and care Fighting the urge
Is it pleasing, I have wondered To make schemes of going under Noses, chins, and suspicion of The ones we claim to trust and love.
Your tiny fists rolled before your release.  Don't loose that grip.  You're born sucking.  Relying on my tit.  I nourish you.  Your tiny body listening to my heart. 
I was young and scared Alone and afraid Lost and shy Until I met this guy he flattered me and told me I was pretty I wasn't ready, he wasn't raping me etheir
Her palms are wet Pulse pounding in her throat. All that runs through her head is the decision she has met And it is apparent the steady bump is much more than a simple bloat. Seventeen with the world at her feet
When you think your life couldn't get better,
I have just one question... Why Why must you killer her or him Why must you harm something so precious... rather it was your chose or not they nothing to do with you... They was sent her to be an angel to someone which may not be you...
Love or lust the line wears thin It slinks and curves its way beyond its medium Freedom! yells those tied by this thick bramble of vine like string Til lust and love becomes one  
I don't have kids But I have some friends who do, Always looked at as just another teenage mom, Can never excel in life because they have a child, Before having dreams... Now living to that statistic
eyes wide.  suprised. wishing, hoping its all a lie.  scared.  shook. dont know what to say. just thinking what my parents would say. disappointment and shame.
I love you, but you'd never understand I promise I never meant to hurt you, I just wasn't ready I love you, but you'd never undersand I didn't think I would do it the right way, so I did what I thought was best
This is for the young mothers out there who struggles, Those mothers who do the most to make ends meet. Mothers who push themselves to go to work and school, not only to make better lives for themselves,
Who protects the sinners And shields them from nasty scorn Though they did not commit an atrocity Some view it just that way Some others seem to glamorize it With money and TV glam
“Pretty.” She whispers and I snatch the necklace
Thump. Thump. Thump.   Eight days, only eight, Your heart beats already. A mistake, she calls you But mistakes can be miracles. Will she adore you, or abandon you?
Walking down the street, Angry eyes i do meet. Filled with wonder in their eyes,
She crys at night to see his face. As every memory appears a tear falls. Her world is a dark bleak hole,
Look at me! Can't you see the roundness of my belly? The widening of my hips? The puffiness of my face and the swelling of my feet? But yet, I know that you can't see
I feel you inside Your movements give me meaning I love you before we meet
We made the discussion to bring something so special so precious into this world I didn't do it alone but now I seem so invisible to you you walk right thru me with no feeling or sight its like we was for only one night I wish things will get bet
Sitting in my bathroom, i read a positive pregnancy test. 17 years old is all I am with a future ahead of me. Part of me is sad and disappointed in myself because of the hurt this will bring to my parents hearts. Evidently so was joy.
Would you do it? Kill a friend? If you killed a child, Would it end? An elderly man Wheelchair bound, Would you knock him To the ground? What of a dog Battered and beaten?
Forever was the thought
I was ten years old, tender by age but not slow. I could start to notice your imperfections, but somewhere along the road you showed me what it was like to be a man.
You twisted the flaxen grass around your finger and gave it your most radiant grin, And from it came with roots and shoot,
Pain rips through my body, I scream,  But no one can help me. I did this,  Life as I knew it was over. As the last contraction tightened, I pushed with all my might. My new life was starting,
Goodbye my child --Who isn't a child-- the laughs we'll never have. Your tiny hands I'll never hold, your dreams I'll never pave.   I never asked this burden to bear, I thought I never tried.
Ghetto Princess.
counting coupons       counting stretchmarks
She creates a new life. Part of her's goes into it. That is quite a price.
never let someone tell u who u need to be, always do what u love to do and never let someone bring u down
- Hay beautiful...you not like the rest i like your smile your vibe im trying to make you mine- He called me beautiful instead of bad called me gorgeous instead of sexy
  Forever, atleast that’s what you said.
You are the flesh  of my flesh  the heart in my chest  every beat tells the rest    little feet play the drum  in my soul each song my nerves tune along
I thought about you today. I think about you every day, actually. There’s so much I wish I could tell you… It gets hard not to cry.
Only fifteen, so they say you’re a mistake. I feel you in my belly as my heart begins to ache; I made a bad choice, but still I get you as my prize. Your daddy walks out as I wipe tears from my eyes.  
There she goes again, diggin' herself deeper in that hole she's in. No self respect, left her family and friends, set God on the back burner and when you ask her why? Her reply every single time is, " well... i love him."
 I am from my birth mothers choice to give me up for adoption. I am from her realization that drugs were more important than me. Her mistakes have taught me right from wrong. The person that she is, is the person I will never be.
That fuzzy feeling -- When beauty first awakens
I will never be mad not for what I did
I have come so far, It has been so long, I hope you know I meant to do no wrong, I put myself there when I was sixteen, Made some choices that I can't bare to explain, Living for you today,
What is life on the way
The baby sits on my whomb  I cry as I lay on that tomb No heart beat No movement What has my body done to you my sweetest? Nurse comes in and out My heart cant seem to beat My soul has left
If you make a poor decision; I'm the one affected. If something goes wrong,  even if it is not my fault, I am the one blamed.   You'll blame me for your life sucking even though it was your decision.
Cold and lonely, Pregnant and scared, Single and lowly, With not a word shared. Not aware how to feel, Don't know where to turn, Not one bit of help, Til my child is born.
Its hard to explain .Creating feelings just the same. Histerical . Im sincerely ,genuinly ,in love!! BOOM!!  Hit the wall of reality .Betrayal,killing silently .Now your locked up and away .Set in stone .How did it get this way?
To the world a child is born. Then that child has a child.  But all too young for responsibility, that child that  had a child that she is shielding from the street.
I hate to say you were a mistake, because you weren't.
You said it all And I just listened But I feel as if I just took a fall You said how you loved how my eyes glistened You told me all it took was our first time It was the very night you said you loved me
To My Dear Son. Precious child of mine, i was willing to bring you into this world
My son is my one and only son The one I take care of not for fun or because I have to The one I take care of because I want to.   My son looks at me like I am the greatest
At a young and confused age She is lost. Everything She has ever known is gone. She's on the edge of breaking. She just doesn't know what to do.  She tries to find relief.
It all started one day just an ordinary day the first time they got together the first of their new forever Their love was expressed as they got undressed Still just another ordinary day  
There is a little girlcrying out for her fatherlittle does she knowdaddy doesn't want to be botheredShe cries her tearsnot at all silent
Her belly grows and grows, but nobody knows. Sweatshirts are too small, the inevitable becomes apparent. Waddles through hallways, up flights of stairs, back aches.
Nervous, afraid, unknowing a young girl but fifteen looking at two pink lines.
People think that life is easy, that nothing is hard, but open your eye lids a bit wider and take a good look at how imperfect life could be; Observe this peaceful watermelon
I walk around alone and I observe everything around me I see high school girls walking to class with big bellies ready to pop One, two, three, four, five girls walk by, how could this be?
Why do I have health in the 12th grade? Girl's in my school started getting pregnant in 9th.
Maybe things would have been different if we were not in high school, if her age ended in -ty instead of -teen...
No one to talk to, Nowhere to go. Mommy is overly religious. Daddy will never forgive me. Help me. Please help! I don't need shame. I need advice. I need a hug. I need empathy.
You are faced with a choice, for some will disagree with whatever choice you make. You need to focus on what is the best for you and your off-spring. If you decide to keep it, why ? what do you have to offer ? If you decide to abort them, Why?
Life was inside me. I felt the bump bump, I saw the movement deep in all of me The movement that reminded me that I could give life
They say they cant hear me. Do i really talk low?   Am i just that odd ball in the classroom.
Reality Television,
From the top of the treeI was born a seedFalling. . .From the top of the skyI was born to leadFalling . . .From the top of the rope
Proffesor Smith adjusted his coffee colored blazer and pointed to the dust covered chalkboard. “Can anybody tell me what happens in the second stage of meiosis?”
I acted happy because what else could I do
    Little Feet, Tiny Hands, Heart that Holds at Every Glance  , My love    youuomnfhagfihnsd       yououoyj jbhag em youy you   my mym   Mymummm        
Why must we hide our shame? Our dignity, ourselves? We carry ourselves with pride but we are yet to achieve our bravery. We make a mistake, we are called harlots.  They stare, they whisper the " new gossip".
People say when you get pregnant at a young age
Born of innocence on a warm summer day. Only the love of a mother can keep a heart alive, No father to cry for or dad to say goodbye. You grow up wondering why.
"Tim and Sally began to get wild,But, Tim and Sally did not
Walking these halls, I realize, these kids are starring at me.  But im not strange, I am actually very beautiful.  Is it because im pregnant?      Its not my fault.      It wasnt something I wanted to happen.      
your cheeks are stained with tears they reflect your feelings of fear but i want you to hear my words close to your ears for your time is not near to me you are dear   your wrist are red
One and a half. I thought to myself... A beautiful being I did not know I could Craft.   Expectation. It was my senior year in high school. Yes I remember well, all the "Congratulations"
Sixteen years old now A new baby on the way Wish I was older   Boyfriend has left me He won't even come near here Because of this child   Wish I was careful If only I had listened
mommy, mommy, don't let me go.
I gave it up... to the boy of my dreams... never treated me wrong once...
Broken home. Young mom of two at twenty two. Girl you're a fool, just another statistic. More mouths to feed in that welfare line, no she said not today. Lets go to college I'll lead the way.
i dread the break of dawn with it it brings heat ache i wonder what i did wrong to deserve the disapproved look the piercing insults you hurl at me don't you ever tire from it all?  
Stretching your own skin. Laying on your side. Turning pages on an ebook. Reading about the baby. Reading your way into motherhood. Passing by the years go by. Wondering where innocence has gone.
I’ve been sitting in the school library  for what feels like forever.  Going back and forth in my mind trying to decide what I need to do.
Who will I be if this is to happen... If god or whoever it is up there Allowed for something like this to be where inside of me could
I am 7 years old. I play ponies and house and dress-up. I sing and dance and have my mom put on my make-up. I am innocent.  
The two magenta lines do not lie: one look to scan the color, another glance to determine its meaning. Arm shaking in fear and eyes jangling in the sockets, searching for the unnamed.  
I watch her sitting there in class,Her hand on her chest.And I feel a twinge of sympathyFor I know she needs to wretch.
Who is to the blame for this belly of shame? Is it the man that I trusted? Or is it what the lies and the lust did? Day by day I walk with my head hung My heart hurts my emotions numb What should I do?
I met this boy Jimmy and he was out of control  but I loved him so I left a few things roll some things that I probably should've put my foot down to but Jimmy made it seem like I was all he knew
Life gets hard as a Teen. We don't always know where to turn. With a friend like me. I'll stick by your side.  I'll always be there to be your guide.  Share your problems.  No matter how tough.
  I loved everything about you your smile  your smell I was addicted at one point  so weak and even lost  I could never look into your eyes  afraid of what I really saw
Those little hands will never know
Is it worth it? He finnesed me with ease Anything he wanted was his Love, sex, money, drugs ----anything for him He said he'd always love me, no matter what he'd done
There's one there, And another over there. Bulging bellies fill the halls and block the views of the whiteboard. It should be a shock to hear of one, Yet everyone's taking bets on who will be next.
Missing in action was the answer to the question I kept asking Where's my Dad? Always searching for a father I never had He was never there, because he never cared
I am a teenager, but I'm different. Instead of being selfish, I take care of my disabled brother everyday.  Instead of disobeying my parents, I show them my love and respect.
She sits there in her seat, ears open to hear the lesson of the day. She waits for the hour to be over. The students all around her focused, while her blue eyes teary, she stares at the board.
Look at me, and all the mistakes I did. I wasn't thinking that night, and now he left me. But look at you, my beautiful baby girl. You've given me a chance to start over. I promise to make you proud.
Pregnancy used to be a beautiful thing Now everyone is hooking up with their highschool flings And growing their own wings: Getting pregant   
High School was supposed to be the best time of my life, till my dad left my family and I turned to drugs and alcohol to survive. My friends were bad influences and my grades were terrible,
My mother dropped out of high school The students all stopped to stare Her stomach was big and round And the teachers did not care. If this were to happen today and believe me I know it does
I'm feeling aloneDiseveledNothing in my head is leveledNow I'm on my ownOur relationship is deadI'm so sorryThere are some things that should be left unsaidThe race was onAnd you left me dazed
Take a chanceRealizeAll the romanceCould have a resultLose a lifeTake a pillAlthough you never willrecover from thisa person you could've metThat you'll always regret
Her black, moist hair flows like an elegant river. As I watch her and all that dwells within I violently quiver. I look her up and down not knowing if she realizes I am around. But yea, so I am and I pray that she is my sacrificial lamb.
to be a big sister there are so many responsibilities. You are the role model and You have to do  everything right. littles sisters and little brothers annoying as They may be,
Children are blessings But, waiting till the times right   Saves passionate love
A girl who now must be a woman Stands to face the expectations and damnation of a closed minded society Don’t you think that maybe she is weighed down enough by her own responsibility? Must you add you judgment and hate
I am young and BEAUTIFUL. I was once a child having fun and being me. I began to love and seek for the. He approached me with such a soft touch. I began to wonder if this was just lust.
You told me it would be fine Nothing bad would happen My friend told me the same But my parents warned me I wouldn't listen  Until now   You were supposed to protect me
My love, my other half the light soon to shine in my eyes         and awaken me to an adventure of a lifetime, a ride of the century and the joy ill feel for so many years,            the thought of you my one and only  brings tears to my eyes , a
Many people judge teen moms without even knowing them and many teen moms drop out of school I am a teen mom and if i can do it any one can if someone judges you ignore them in this world sometimes we cant think about other peoples happiness but of
A mother with youth carries youth, forced with abuse to love or to hate left in abortion clinics in terrible mental state. So now she’s a statistic left in the darkness to fix her mistake. Or create,
When I walk down the halls, nobody knows the secret im hiding in my heart. It happened to me a few months ago, but you don't know. I make you think everything is ok by the smile on my face.
I wish you would have told me that having sex would be this hard Yea, you showed me the basic steps, but never the affects He was my first, my only He made me feel so comfortable
  Through the looking glass you peer.    You see bodies with faces.   Judging by their reputations.    The pregnant girl you label as “slut,” was raped. 
Look over there! It's a girl with a bulging belly But no one in this school ever seems to be medeling  It's beecome so normal for us just to ignore it We've got classes for it, goodness, why are you trying to condone it?
It's bad when your fourteen and sneaking out at night to give your mouth and other body parts for two dollars worth of something to smoke.
dare i say if nd piss of thousands of women marching no man no cold assassin career attackin life changing paper chasin for me! I would much rather lather lavishishly in the morning aromas of
  I never got to see you It's killing me, this secret I keep inside I will never get to meet you All this pain I have to hide   I was only 15 years old Abortion was the last thing on my mind
She was once so young and innocent Her life so vibrant Love was fresh and pure Never letting her down   The pain was not noticed,
That night I left work I was scared I knew something bad was going to happen I took a cab to his house   When I got there We went to his room and started drinking
Birth control.  In school they teach you, Birth control, No condom, no baby, But maybe an std or HIV.  We are young, we are naive. We are virgins, who want a bad boy.
I replay the day. Everyday.  I looked down at the tests. This was it. There was no more doubt. It was now replaced. Fear. What would I say. How would I say it.
Feeling lost, lonely, and confused isn't always the best thing or a number one option, But it is the only one when your deciding between keeping a baby, abortion or adoption.
You are me. you are that part of me that loves that beautiful part of me that part I thought could never exists that sweetness. You are me. you are my beautiful surprise
buetiful blue eyes full of wondor staring up at me like i am the only one that he knows. with him nothing else really matters i can be who i want to be and never be judged.
Pressure, Pressure                                                                                                                                                                                                               You gave it up        
Young, beautiful and brave. Chasing after a young man who only puts her to shame, tears her apart and throws dirt on her name. She allows him to because she was never told any other thing to do.
When you are feeling the urge there's no need to act teens get pregenant, it's a common fact when the time "comes" you'll sure know it keep it in your pants, and dont ever show it.
Respect yourself and your own body Don't give it up at home or a party Stay young as long as you possibly can Babies are a lot of work young woman and man. Keep your youth and grow and mature
O No! As an adolescent, you are now stuck All the things you wish to do is now like Chuck Happiness is now a blind side Now it is time to change someone's back side   Why judge?
Young and lonely young girl stuck with her head in her chest soul leaking through here face.     confused lost and not understanding why . she had giving herself to him behind the bus ,
 for once I want to walk into school with a peaceful mind for once I don't want to be judged all the time  for once I don't want to lose a friend, or hear of a murder down the street for once I want people to open their eyes and hearts that are ma
It all happened so fast. A beat of my heart. A stroke of my soul.   I looked down,                   Eyes closed. I sucked in a breath,                   Lungs filled.
I am now a young woman, I have grown out of my princess heels. I left my tiara in the dirt, and traded it in for a shield. I'm sorry daddy, I told you I loved you above all, but I didn't expect that boy to trip me, I didn't expect to fall.
She was a good girl  an innocent child, new to the world thrown into life with no clue what to do  she tried to stay pure, she tried to avoid the real world problems and troubles
You call it love. I call it lust. You say their perfect. But I can see their flaws. You say it's time. I say it can wait. But you don't listen. I tell you to be aware of the consequences.
Lockers, classes, books Glam, mirrors, look Boys got her took Girls got her shook Judged and misread Lost and mislead Tight jeans Looks and no means Attractions wanting attention
I'm confused. I thought I was safe? Now I have to run just to get away. I made a mistake.  Just last night. I thought I could do whatever I like. But now I feel some sense of shame. 
I am dreamy and imaginative. I wonder where colors come from. I hear the paints softly hum. I see my paintbrush slowly make smooth and gentle strokes. I want to know if this will turn out right.
Back in the day when everyone was wild and free All these long haired, peace lovin girls would have babies. Instead of the natural age for having a child at twenty - five or on
The first day of school, your starting to drool He seems so perfect, he seems so cool red as a rose trying to hide,  Why in the world are you feeling so shy palms are sweaty , shortness of breath ,
Why do they judge her? And y'all just let it happen? The heartache and the pain, please remember when it pours its rains.   They don't the situation, she could have gotten rape.
He said "I love you", and repeated, and repeated, when he kissed away the tears, and kissed away the pain that night. He said "Shhhh. It's okay", and repeated, and repeated,
There she is. Yeah, that girl. The one that got pregnant. The one that had an abortion. There she is. See her walking with her head down? What a slut. Whore. Yeah, that’s the girl.  
To a mother, the feeling of being stabbed in the back is a treasured ghost One minute, it's here, apparent and known The pain increases every second and you become paralyzed by the person committing the crime
Oh my heart is beating Does she know I'm here? I hear his voice, I hear hers I love you mommy, dear. I'm growing mommy Can't you feel it? What did you scream at daddy? You can't deal with it?
I want to be different, different from others. My cousin's don't know getting pregnat will cut your education short, I want to be different, different from them. I will be the first 
You saw the world at a young age Now you headed to a job that don't pay minimum wageBut you putting ya life at stakeWith the money you'll be making you'll probably enjoy a steakOnly 18 but now you gotta make decisions of a grown manA life in your
My life was short My life was cruel. Winston was my brother But he hardly felt as one. I never was a child I never lived my life. I was robbed of a past I was robbed of a future.
sincerely, mom You're one in a million and a complete secret Through me, you are their life Bringing me peace and love, I know fate exists I'm carried through knowing you're out there
They say we girls who have baby's at my age are dumb and miserable. We are looked down from society, we are the unwanted cavities found by mothers in their child's mouth. We become the deserted and lonely,
TITLE: ***My unborn princess*** As i walk towards heaven, all I see is you. The sky is as blue as it can possibly be, and all I see is you. The clouds are as white as snow and still all I see is you. Nothing is as beautiful as you, my dear. Your e
   The quiet girl sat in the back corner at her desk. She was more shy than all the rest. The bell rang and as she arose her belly was buldging. She could not see her toes. We filed out of class, I the last in line to leave.
She walked around with her head held down. The risk of being near people, Gave her fear That she would be judged.   She put her hand up To her stomach. She felt a kick at her belly.
Teen mothers sacrifice one thing. They sacrifice their heart, mind, body and soul To provide for the ones they know Can't help themselves. Teen mothers Are living, breathing, honesty machines,
a girl in this alone  the boy walks off leaving her behind  young love found  the dark road  she cries, he parties  she is a senior who  is fixing to be a mother  she is upset, confused 
My heart has no boundaries but has been in pain for a while It looks to you to fix it but the scotch tape you used just isn’t working anymore. It needs your love and care but it gets worry and sadness
I took a detour.  One that lead me to lust a beautiful blue eyed boywho pounded me so deep in to ravenous depression,that in my twisted state of wrath I wholeheartedly believedI'd never live to see color again. 
Fluttering heartbeat Like a butterfly in the clouds; Nobody sees but he's there.   A smile in your eyes in a portrait in an album form the past I found it.  
Its HARDHard being a girlHard being a virginIn the 21st Century Its HARDHearing "You think you're too good?""Oh you're one of those holy girls?"In the 21st Century
You love him? Are you serious? You going around school gossiping about y'all sex life! Are you serious? You talking about we gonna get married and have us a family! Are you serious?
You wear pearls, A tight lipped smile. A prim little skirt, And glazed doe eyes.   You’ll help me with homework! Just show up to class! But there’s a child in my belly,
You told me your secret, I told you it was wrong. You acted like nothing had happened, I acted like my world had stopped. You said you had an appointment, but didn't go, I said you should have.
Mother would always shout... "I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out!" It always made me laugh, but it never made me think. What if i looked down... and saw that plus sign colored pink?
Everyone, everywhere is gaping at your mistake You can hear their critical statements and feel their harsh stares Teen pregnancy is no piece of cake   Responsibility the father won't take
Child birth is NOT a mistake Only if YOU think that is  Your DECISION to be a mother Your decision is based on your actions Every mother is different on how they carry their child
  Mommy, you forgot. I watched all the mothers and their children walk hand in hand out the school gates.  On the cold, hard concrete I sat Waiting for you to realize there’s something you forgot.  
  Mommy, you forgot. I watched all the mothers and their children walk hand in hand out the school gates.  On the cold, hard concrete I sat Waiting for you to realize there’s something you forgot.  
it all happened at the dead of the nightwith me not putting up that much of a fightor even stopping to think of my decisionjust knowing that him i did'n wanna be missin
Beautiful blue eyes as blue as the sky, Laughter more joyful then christmas, smile more precious then life. You are my world, my life, you bring light into my life more brighter then the Sun.
Months of carrying around extra weight, body ridden with pain because it is time -- Childhood is but a memory.  
You toss me you throw me you use me yet I love you
The cuts on her wrists and the warmth of her hello do not match. The tattoos on his biceps, don’t match his morals. The images she portrays with her G-String and her long auburn hair.
Everyday a girl loses her virginity, because he says "you mean so much to me" After she does it, she doesn't realize, that the decision she made could ruin her life
I wish it had been a dream. I wake up in the night. Covered in sweat and full of fright. The pain is terrible. My thoughts unbearable. My muscles contract. I have to face facts. It's not my time. I feel a chill run down my spine.
Remember that first day of school, where I was so distant?Transparent to what you see, because I was hidden in betweenof that Jock and that Preppy boy that seen to be more important than me.
At first everything was bright and sunny, No one knew, but you started to grow a tummy, The three of us were there for eachother, That was until you became a mother, We were still there but you pushed us away,
Time to make mistakes, take a chance, kiss the summer fling, and hold hands till sun set. I'm here to grow up not down. Kiss the stars and wink at the moon. I've got a heart on full health
As I had you in my stomach  I never thought I could love someone so much The kicks, the hiccups, keeping me up at night You were finally born in april Looked at you for the first time I fell in love
Watch Ciara walk down the street with her green hoodie, and buddy at side. She lives all alone 'cause mother,sister,brother,daddy are never at home. She is actually very smart, straight A's in school.
This poem is dedicated to any one who's ever lost their lover to the grave or to a jail cell. They might be, in the streets or in the studio making beats but We hold 'em down because it seems they mean well.
 I am not used to this pain that my body has gained. My comfortability has come to an end.My sin is the sin of a seed that was sent to destroy me before I even began.I would rather that I returned back to the old me.
He came into this world with a smile on his face. Eyes wide open with a blessed heart. He came into this world weather planned or not. He knows he's loved with a big happy family.
Always touching, always feeling Constantly swimming in my veins I can feel your breath in mine, see your pain in my eyes
It's not easy I know. Going where nobody likes to go. A touchy subject that's for sure. But do you even know her? The struggles she's faced? The heartbreaks and pain?
A passing glance in the hallway, an innocent smile, Who's to say there's nothing there, We hang out, we talk for awhile, There's no telling what we're thinking when we stare,
These worried weeks I layed in bed The crazy thoughts that stayed in my head Drained events the walls registered Deep holes I need to remember Lies and truth in my sheets
Born to a young woman of only 16 years,Should’ve aborted me and suppressed those tears.Went against the grain and gave me life,Stood by my side to help me see the light.
Your teeth are clenched, your head down. Your nails sink deeper and deeper with every sound    Your pace is rather brisk, for You feel numerous eyes staring they penetrate through your skin
Hush, little baby, don't you cry, because you could never be as scared as I. Once upon I time I had dreams, now I lie awake and listen to your screams. Please, baby, your mommy always loves you
You pregnant and you just turned 13 teen , you just stop playing on the playground .  One night after the movies he got you in his bed , he said he loved you . Untill you told him that your pregnant with his kid .
What is this feeling So strange and alone My fingers cannot move And my heart has turned to stone.   The aching in my head The darkness full of pain The weakness in my lungs
What's wrong with this world all these babies having babies Barley grown up and got a raise they own baby What happened to when we used to look down on this behavior
Fashion me in a complex mind puzzle that will ensure to test the greatest minds Double the mulitple problems when your own has left the herd and escaped with a face full of future regret
Soma)tic Exercise
you think you know the future what's coming, what's going, what's approaching - you think you know the little secrets the little lies aren't news to you - you think maybe you can outrun it
Sometimes in the middle of a calm seaA storm rages in the most violent way. A hurricane begins in the peaceDeath comes from the still of life In the greatest timesIn the most awful ways
     I created this new phrase called, ‘’ if you leave wonderland to go to candy land, then expect to leave with something unpleasant.’’  
Teens with children Basically babies having babies Having to face their biggest fears The fear of being a "bad" mother The fear of judgement from their peers The fear of being a single parent
  To Breathe is to relieve the stress never to compress the lies the pain why such a strain,on the mind on the brain but when those tears rain all we can do is breathe.
My stomach is growing Like a bulging balloon. It inflates with each month- Ignoring my protests. I watch my own body With increasing disgust. Each day I pray for blood emerge
Nine months,  Nine months I spent wondering Wondering about that opening The opening that was said to come, when I reached the end The end that I anxiously waited to begin. Cuz,
Will she pass the test? Become just like the rest? Nothing but a statistic. Why did she risk it? Now she's full of fears,  Trying to hold back the tears. How will her parents respond?
Beneath rusted swings and burnt yellow slides That curved between laughter and orange horizons Laid her hand in his sweaty palm She leaned her head on his undeveloped chest Magnolias before they bloom,
Should I write you letters, or a post card maybe.. Do you even listen to me, or do you choose to make me wait? Dear God, are you listening? I can hear it's heartbeat, can you hear mine too?
At the age of 16 thought she had love she  was only in love with the presence of him his face , his body, his rep it was a mutual infactuation the relationship progress to only create stress my friend
She is the product of a febuary romance.Taking a glance at her persona, you would never think that there is pain deep within her skin of dirt.
(Are you living oblivious to oblivion,  Or do you turn a blind eye to your decisions? Do you close your blinds when you see the light, And open your mind to the lies that often be in the night?
The first day I saw you, you were the size of rice. So tiny, so little, with a heart beat already! I couldn't even believe it. I fell in love with you, I fell in love with you and I didn't even know you.
Two years ago his flesh implanted onto my flesh; his blood was half mine & half his. Two years ago I was outcast by everyone except him & him.
so i am 16 years old  i found out i am pregnant wow.. im pregnant  whats going to happen with school  now i have to find a job im scared to tell my own parents that im pregnant
you can't see me but you can feel me, i can hear you and others can listen to me, i don't know you but i love you, please give me a chance to meet the world, i'm sure it's as beautiful as you,
As she looks into the mirror she doesn't like what she sees She sees an insecure little girl with a heart that bleeds  Well I don't know how long it'll take this little girl to mature
Rolling over mountains Sky revolves as I view the clouds Voices are floating by I could hear them if I knew how Looking straight Leave nothing behind Peace is unattainable
There is a girl whom we all have seen. Her hair is black, her eyes a beautiful shade of green. She is beautiful on the outside, but the inside is unkempt. She has been constantly trying to hide the tears she has wept.
What ever happened to the innocent hellos? And the guys mesmerized by a girls eyes.. The days where you had to ask a dad for a date..and he decides yes or no.. And a first kiss meant everything..
Feel sick to my stomach Forehead crinkles Mind is blurry I ask again "What happened," Broken record in my head Close my eyes and try to rest  
Help Don't ask, don't tell Scared Adult life? Really? Alone Good- bye to you too Stubborn I don't need this anymore Ironic You're broken, but I need to be saved Stop
Some people say loves great But, is it or just people all mushy and gushy With hearts, chocolate Lovie, Duvie dove Have you ever felt that way Most have and it ended badly
what if shes pregnant themood swings the stomachgrowing bigger?it must be evident damn! shes my first lady but no president what she has waiting to evoke with time is heaven sent. im aware of whats to come but in the moment im the first to run.
How can you know a person who never got to be? Or try to think about their face when you never got to see?  I got to have you for awhile, To bad I didn't know. You had to trust me with your life,
Your road is ahead But the bump in the middle Stops you dead, young girl
I have no rights I have no life I have no fun Seems like im shown no love I think of ways to make things right I keep trying to better my life Everytime I make a move, according to you
Though for the last few months Everyone looked at her With judgement and disgust, She felt beautiful. She did make one mistake; She admitted that. But that didn't mean that
Surprised at the sight i lay.................. Confused at the words i ignore........... Time can't wait and neither should i I gave my all and you let it fly As a heart beat you live your life 
I am lost. I am alone. No one understands. The shadows are taking over.   I am lost. I am alone.
The bubbly laugh of a baby boy, A beautiful smile of a toddling two year old. The innocence of a child is something we take for granted. To think someone could decide to end the budding life within themselves..
My own life is nolonger mine! I like it this way and its perfectly fine. I am more than blessed, you see; These tiny humans NEED me! My own agenda has been thrown away, because THEY are my own- night and day!
The “A” Word   Now lately Daddy's been counting days  Mommy’s wishing she could count sheep She's saying "let's reconsider", he's saying he's not going to keep
You make me laugh. You make me smile. You make my life have purpose. I am nothing without you. Before you came into my life I was a mess. I finally had a reason to change who I was. You gave me a reason to start my life over.
everybody has there own idea of what teen mothers are but rarely are the ideas happy they say i am stupid, they say i am a bad person they can't see how hard i work for her the apple of my eye
Every moments have their seconds and their seconds make our dreams. I know it sounds complicated but its simpler than it seems.
  When the world is spinning A bit too fast And as much as you try Your heart’s path comes last And you remember the days Of trying so hard to try To follow those dreams
The floetry, the poetry The words no longer flow like trees The pain he felt, the more we see The links of him down to her "v" The moet she pours up as he Feels that the love is all she needs
Why would you creat a life when you are not even husband and wife ...........Babies having babies who would have known when you yourself is not even grown.........Teen pregnacie what was you both thinking how will you support them with no job no h
Tried it a few times; didn't think it would hurt Never thought that I'd get caught in my own dirt You said that you would love me You said you'd always be there but now that i look around you're not anywhere
  It's getting heavy I think I'm bout ready to break down. I'm holding on to my last breath. Lord knows I don't wanna drown.  Your love is what I thought I needed, but instead you gave me hatred and my heart quickly receded. 
But as she looks in the mirror she sees the consequences Tears streaming down her mother's face Disappointment perched upon her father's lips Anger fashioned into the shape of her brother's fist Uncertainty as she places her hand upon her stomach
I was scared. I wasnt ready. who were you? Who would you be? I didnt plan for this. It's all to real. We went to the doctor. No one knew. I'm scared. I seen you today. Your tiny being. I felt it over whel me.Love/ Your growing so fast.
There's a beautiful girl with goals and aspirations. She puts all of her trust in a guy. He lies and he cheats but he constantly repeats, "I love you you're the reason my heart skips a beat". She is very intelligent but just blinded by "love".
I am sensitive and in loveI wonder if my life will ever change I hear the squish-squash of clouds walking I see candy-land I want to love him all over again I am sensitive and in love  
She struggled with it. The decision. Yes or no? Is this thing apart of me. Is it my responsibility? She berated herself. She hated herself. She despised the things she'd done.
Baby girl I can’t imagine what it’s like for you He got you pregnant now inside there is a life in you All those days, remember, he used to call you boo
It has been said that you can't have yin without yang No pb without the j No thelma without luise So answer this please How can there be a me without you
Baby The baby seems to want to be here Baby, you like the way your predicatment has caused your downfall Baby will pick you up
 The assignment was to write a poem or advisory addressing an issue teenagers would find hard to talk about with their parents. I chose pregnancy.                                                                            
I miss my baby I wonder if he is okay all i hope is that maybe, just maybe I will get to see him one day It's been three years too long I was just fifteen giving you up was wrong
Time went by so fast Where does time go 10 months ago is a thing of the past It doesn't seem that long ago With every day she has continues to grow She has changed so much
Meeting him wasn't anything new  i liked him and knew he liked me too we went up to his room, just to play a video game  he was different , he didnt like the fame Drunk? No we were sober
The Jocelynn Effect What is life but a journey, A journey that can teach much. Who knows where it will take you, Far away, or close to home.
 Lily hears the cries of her team mates as she rounds third base The rush of adrenaline, sliding into home winning the champion ship A celebration is in order for the victory
Times are hard, Hearts are broke, no one knows what lies ahead, maybe a miracle. Her hearts shattered and beaten, It shows on her body, No one believes it Hes killing her.
I look back at my life and see that, I have no regrets, I did things that I might have not liked But it was an experience. An experience which brings a lesson, A lesson to a blessing.
You look at my belly, then look down on me. You call me a slut, floozy, loose, and so much more. No one understands the fact of me never knowing what love is. Love did nothing for me.
Levels of defeat Tears of Crime Thinking to thy self should I do time Where have I gone Where will I go with this thing inside where will i know who will protect me whether to kill again
I could feel her growing, breathing, becoming. Becoming a girl born to a girl. Yes, 20 years of age is said to be adult, but responsibility and accountability I lacked. Sophomore in college.
(poems go here) I feel it... Kick Kick kick Inside of me Your apart of me Sweet child of mine, please forgive Forgive me for having to bring you into this world For only having love to give you
Days and days go by Weeks and weeks past Still hurt by what has passed A life that I can never get back Mistakes are made that are hard to face But at the end of the day I still feel the same way
I remember the day you were born, I was just a kid myself, afraid of so many things… but most of all, afraid of loving you.
Stay here in me The warm comfort of your soft soul Mold against my body, And here, is when I feel most whole, Your heart less than twelve inches away From my own heart You make me scared and vulnerable,
This is natural, they say Its all for the best I cannot move past this heartache This pain in my chest Those days were surreal Did this truly just occur Happiness turned to sorrow My life now a blur
To my anonymous adolescent, I’m sorry. Sorry for suppressing your existence and never giving you the chance to clock in and serve your time here on this earth.
We were bestfriends ever since we met at chruch, the best part to come is the the newborns birth. It's a beautiful thing from Heaven up above, I know it's going to be pretty like a dove
Positive. It's positive. How can this be? I was so careful, so vigilant, how can this happen to me? Two pink lines have turned my world around, but I can't think of just me anymore. I have a baby to keep safe and sound.
You never thought about it You just acted by instinct I get you You got lost You had a choice and you said you consider it before Still you did it and 9 months later the results you saw
I left the birthing house a while ago. A haven of mournful mothers and cries of new breaths pierced the air— absent the slap of fathers.  
What happened to playing Barbie's? Have the girls of my class fallen that low? To not think of when they played with dolls?
your heartbeat racing and you palms still sweating but its no big deal they say. and you wake up guilty and you feel so dirty but its no big deal anyway. when your belly's swelling with his child, he don't want it
I was sixteen Not too young, but not too old And I had a met a boy who I believed would be my husband, the father to my kids, my soulmate Again, I was only sixteen Wasn't too wise, but not too dumb
A new life
In the presence of royalty, she bows down and worships thee, Kissing everything from his eyebrows to his feet, Thinking that he’s real, and loves more than her sex appeal,
Just an hour of ecstasy On a foreign bed with stranger You didn't know the name of Because it is just one night Nothing happens to me, that's what you told yourself when You got out for the night
A Face, In the mirror, Can't be mine- Too much experience, Too little time. Cold eyes, Not a wife, And barely a mother, Of a dear child who needs her.
I was a teen having a baby by the age of fifteen Somehow I was excited to find out about my pregnancy When I should have been crying for my dreams The dreams that now have to put on hold
Dear bun in my oven, with love that never dies I save you this here laughter, cause all you'll hear are cries This world you're born into is rotten Rotten to it's core
Everyone keeps staring at me My belly swells and my feet hurt I didnt ask for this change I didnt ask for this experience stop staring at me please judging me in your head whispers in the shadow of my back
You crazy girl, you wanted this didn’t you You wanted to hear the sound of the condom pop Letting you know his semen had dropped On the other hand your heart was throbbing
Aborted... It was all fun at first, Every kiss, every touch. Expressing your "love" With kisses and such. But he wanted more And who were you to deny? You gave into temptation
He said I think we better head back To that place we call paradise He wrapped a sweater around her shoulders Seeing how her arms were cold and bloodless.
Two lost souls tangled in the rapture of youth, One spoke lies while the other breathed the truth. A fantasy of love they both had fallen for, But the boy was too imperfect; the young girl yearned for more.
A life of person that has yet to change Although we are all changing never the same, never again continuing to learn and grow how he will never know what it is to grow
up or down right or left i walk.
Hello Mommy, I'm here waiting. You found me yesterday; this is exciting. You don't know me yet, but I know you. I can feel your love so strong and true.
I love you he said And she gave in to his will A baby is born
I feel so stuck Contemplating why I should give a f*^% Intercourse an early age pushed beginner's luck And now it's crazy Cuz I'm bout to have this baby I ain't ready, but abortion ain't an option
Refrain, Abstain, the words we are told. A game, A game, the loser behold. His morals he left, his values he tore. 'Till all goodness cleft, and no conscience wore. An oath he did promise,
Let me live. I like to party. I like guys with a hot body. Let me live. I want to go out. I want to kiss guys. I want to be with the cool kids. Let me live. I want to do what I want to do.
when we're in the mood when we're in this place when the temperature rises and our hearts start to race and in between heavy breathing accompanied by low moans
I open the door and I see her standing there. I look into her eyes, and it makes me want to cry. Seeing her standing there, staring with her vicious glare. I can’t believe I used to say that girl with her vicious glare
In noiseless nights they woolgather an unceasing ebb and flow of bodies’ fluctuation. Like the way an ocean joins the land... Caressive. Tickles of imperfection upon islands of sand.
Looking through my eyes all I see is terror So many girls scared to look in the mirror Why cause they're afraid they might be showing that somethings inside them may be growing
The only thing I'm good at is being banged in bed sheets over the head Bodies touch emotions would rush but there's none No passion no good reason or ration Just for money to blow, a high rate hoe
I saw your little hand. And I dreamt of us, Building castles in the sand. I saw your little feet, And I knew our strong love, I could always keep. I saw your little nose. And it wasn't you
Start the fun filled nights the long weekends away the sex the drugs the alcohol parties every night? school in the background? Middle nine long months the swelling the hunger
When your life is tough, you try to be tougher. You pick the path you think is straight, But in all actuality the road ends up being a little rougher. And even though your life’s not that great,
We waited and waited, both too nervous to try. She said she was ready, so I thought; So Am I! When it came down to it, we realized the lies we told. But it would be our secret, to have and to hold.
It all started in the beginning. Creating this perfect world, that has no ending! A magnificent place with many dreams More than what anyone has seen
Staring into her reflection, is someone she thought she knew Crawling out of her eye sockets is rain and the clouds of regret float over her head frowning at the new, the new body she has
Every day on my feed I see the same thing The blues and the pinks and what will you bring Young girls in high school some even my age This anger builds up; I have to turn the page
All I need is me,myself, and I, And if I fall, its because god dropped me from the sky... Not giving me my wings im a angel in disguise... appearing in a women's stomach, im ready to open eyes.
There's a soul in her belly I hate to say it but my old lady's pregnant And I'd be lying if i said that I wasn't sweating it But at this time I feel I shouldn't be regretting it
Mommy, why are my hands so small? Why does everyone say I look like you when I don’t see it at all? Why do you say I have ocean blue eyes and run your hands through my hair when it’s nothing but dry?
It took two to create the seed That I nurtured for nine months So why is only one recognizing The responsibility of Being a parent?
Before You There was another Seed that was sewn Oh, the poor child Whose sex was unknown A boy or a girl Time wouldn’t tell According to gospel I’m going to hell
No words can describe the intertwining of one man and one women They frolic and play with no ambition, no hope just eyes straight ward If I were to say that we could not play today, she would ever speak again
(poems go here) What happened to that girl who was so quiet and so meek, although she was young she was very very sweet. I saw her at church her family knew mine, and she had
They labeled me, created an image of sin I was ripped apart then constructed with an evil eye Lonely, changing into an adult No one walked beside me as the sin they called, protruded from my body
i often wake up in the middle of the night and go to your bassinet and press two fingers lightly upon your chest to see if it still moves with every little breath you take to make sure you have not been
There is a war inside my head. To keep or throw away Will it hurt like torture or will be like sleeping and waking up to a dream long dissipated?
Waking up to screaming, fusing, and dishes flying. Looking around asking why my lil sister crying. Since I’m the oldest I gotta take care of the kids. I’m the one every night making sure homework did.
Pregnancy has a age requirement. If you cannot take care of the life that is growing inside of you, why in the hell are you having sex
She paces back and forth, Staring down at the tile Of her small, cold bathroom. With four walls that close in, Slowly suffocating her. Almost like the suspense That makes her heart beat fast.
Sick to your stomach Waiting for the morning Hiding the box And that protruding stomach. They said it was best in the morning And though you want accuracy It is terrifying to wait.
Everywhere I look around there is an inflated belly. Some are sad, tired, and in distress. Others are proud, happy, nothing less to be a mother, sad to carry the known responsibilities. What ever happened to waiting?
woke up feeling bad got up, then had to run the sight was so sad wanted help but none will come finally, it stopped but worry did not ripping, dripping, waiting, hoping
They were both in love, or so they said They did it every other day, in each others bed Every now and then, they would fight and break-up Then they would look in each other's eyes, kiss, and make-up
Empty the feeling no one really wants to feel But I feel empty alone but with friends around me I feel Isolated so cold that my mind is numb to the tears that I cry I could never have a child at the age of 17
(poems go here) I read a short story once, by a man named Hemingway about hills and elephants and a girl sitting at a train station waiting.
Seventeen, young and free, finds that she; She is losing everything All her dreams are history Going to have a baby soon Suppose to graduate in June Never got that Honeymoon
"The answer's contraception" That's all you hear today. Or "Just get an abortion - This thing is in the way" They act like they're our saviors, And everyone's best friend. But they sanction poor behavior
They say good comes with the bad Bad comes along with good Decisions to be made so little time Tick tock the imaginary clock ticking in your empty head
My heart pounds like a drum as the door locks. “My darling,” you say, “lets have a talk.” I must not write what was said and done on this innocent paper. Either way, God knows it will be known later.
They classified her as a good girl who only does bad things with good intentions. Like frequently being intimate with intimate lovers because they loved her. And she, love how they made her feel.
He smiles My life smiles My reasoning My hope My everything My one and only A child, a gift, a blessing The reflection of me My mini me My heart, my soul, my baby
I was concieved without intention without love or care I was growing inside of her she didn't even know I was there
What happened to the essence of waiting? Did it get misplaced along with integrity & respect? Or did virginity simply lose its value because of your environment?
You brag about how you got a man ,and how he give it to you all night little did you know that when you got preggo he wasn't gonna be the one when you got sick to be like baby leggo
Being a teenager is a temporary state of living. Six years and it's over. I stand and watch the other High School students Walking by laughing, chilling, hanging out.
I come from beige, Apartment number thirteen. I come from the empty lot, Lupine popping up In the desert of my childhood.
It hurts to think about you Day or night, rain or shine I don't know what to say I love you; I hate you Your mistake, your love, but why?
I can't say her parents did not care But at the moment she was dared. He strolled to her side with swag like Romeo But she failed to remember what happened to Juliet. He offered a drink and she took it
He sits alone lost and broken Pondering his words left unspoken Realizing what he has done Realizing he is to blame Knowing nothing will be the same He gives into his urge to run To hide lost in shame
My mother told me I was too young, To be having a baby on my own, But the father wasn't around, His true self was very well shown.
She is sick of pretending She says as she is drawing hearts in the window steam He was meant to be They were meant to be He left her alone in the night
My dearest darling daughter Oh you mean so much to me With your little baby smile That makes me happy as can be.
Happy Fathers’ Day Happy Fathers’ Day to me, My dad, and my granddad, Happy Fathers’ Day around the world, To the dads everywhere, You touched many lives with one anew.
Don't Cry Don't Cry at the fact that your body will have changes. Don't Cry because you're not alone. Don't Cry because the person growing on the inside of you is part of your life
Mommy are you there? Can you hear me? ‘Cause I can hear you. Are you waiting tables? ‘Cause I’m hungry too. You’re throwing up again I know, soon it’ll all pass over though.
Though you may be young, you're still strong enough to withstand so much. Nowadays young mothers get so much critic. Not just all single mothers, but mostly black single mothers.
(One more fight with her mother One more tear shed on the bedspread One more day to go One more question to ask God One more time to figure out the meaning of life
Young and Mindless I had it all figured out I had all the control. Had a ride, a job, a man But that wasn't part of my plan.
A dreadful quite A silent cry Her soul was drowned but never dried A mysterious man Her crucial love With no words said just simply left another sob another lost
the doctor yells young mother weeps they see the fear in her and in the midst of all the pain they try to calm this fear where is the Peace that doctor said would come when he appeared
After the door shuts and the footsteps die In the quietness the baby cries And in the air frustrations fly When the crying stops the mom sighs In the crib the baby lies Mom can rest now as she walks away
My daughter will never own matching socks. She will ride a unicycle. I will buy her one shoe at a time and never encourage pigtails. She will grow up with a “her” sink and a one door wardrobe.
Just because you’re pregnant, It doesn’t mean I should be happy for you It doesn’t mean its ok It doesn’t mean everyone’s ok with it It doesn’t mean people won’t talk It doesn’t mean people will get over it
(You listen to his words of seduction his whispers in your ears so softly pumping will he be there when you are at the clinic rotting not when he is in your bed rutting from sexual excitement trust me my dear your more than that twenty to thirty m
“Forgive me/ they were delicious/ so sweet/ and so cold.” -William Carlos Williams
Teen pregnancy Such a condemning cluster of words They suggest the end of dreams, the mistake of a young woman, and sometimes unending hurt People may stare, people may talk
Fearful with my standards And agile about my decisions Purity is essential to my heart My morals are my priority
Look at me. My broken ribs My broken heart My broken skull My broken pelvis and legs Do you feel any better seeing me lying there next to my baby? Chase is watching her for me
You aren't ready. I know you aren't. You feel as if you have to say yes or you'll be the laughing stock of the school. They'll call you a prude. They'll say you aren't "down". Does it really matter? I Mean it's just high school, right?
In my belly lies a body A body that breathes Every breath Inhale Exhale A breath that yearns for life A life that yearns to breathe Wondering What kind of person will I be?
I sit here alone, Afraid and confused This child that I bear, Leaves me not the bit amused This was not on purpose, I should have kept my head on focus. How can I tell them?
silent treament at home piercing stares shoot from your mothers eyes the one thing you promised you broke now everythings a lie you feel neglected and unclaimed drag miserably around because of all the shame
I stopped feeling alone when left alone. I knew u were there . I stopped my careless acts bc in the long run iknow u would care I stopped all the selfish thoughts & prepared for the responsibilities.
Blood Rushing Temperature Rising Are you ready for the possibility? No Birth Control No Condoms Your hot with emotions Are you ready for the responsibility? Sperm in your vagina growing
You're a strong young woman. You know you are. He's just some jerk in class that always has to have the last say. But there's something about his wit and attitude that you like. You know it's dangerous.
I refuse for a guy to tell me what I want to hear I decide what I want to do with my body It is a choice that I make on my own. Young woman thinks she grown enough to go against what she knows,
Momma always told me, stay away from that boy. Momma always told me, use your brain. Momma always told me, guys are after one thing.
I had a friend name Maria who was 16 years old she was a lost soul traveling down a dark lonely road Her mom was on drugs, her dad didn't care she never got love cause nobody was there
Not thinking, no dreams about the next day, only influenced about the present day.
  Excuse me Sir, why doesn't anybody love me?  I’m sorry for the morning sickness, but that was only to tell Mommy “I’m HERE” But Mommy didn't listen… Why didn't she believe me?
Today I am 17, soon to be 18 and it wont be long until adults will respect me, youth will reflect me. But I just sit here in my room waiting for Peter Pan to come. Before
Doc says go pee in a cup, You bring it back and he dips in the stick, All of this after a guy said sup, That lead to you riding on his prick, Now you sit there crying and worrying, Bout if you'll be telling
Teen Pregnancy It is deffinatly a stress It is deffinatly a mess Youre such a beautiful young woman Dont ruin your chances of greatness
Honey-tongued devil, words so sweet He once said he'd "wait for me" That was the plan, indeed, waiting But he would go if I wasn't ready to please He left so fast, he was in such a hurry
I feel your blood,the warmth of it thank you for creating me, I love how you take me every where with you. I am on the sea of love, you are my raft.
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some people disregard the actions they make. many tend to forget the opportunities they take. but when it comes to love, and the true definition. they don’t know until it’s gone, that something was missing.
Afraid to admit? Afraid what other people will think? About the truth? If its too deep? Well, i think your weak. I think thats a problem. You're brainwashed and blinded by love that is not true love. A boy who does not care.
Lost in the moment, you move against me. Fingers graze. Skin ablaze. Heart skips, heart jumps. Temptation seeking, you whisper, “breathtaking”.
You know I sit and remember when you were still a part of me, I went for months not knowing you were there inside of me. I had all the signs; I had all the symptoms And yet your mama was stupid, i made the wrong decisions.
A scent, Sweet like lilac. Is how it began, A small baby Bundled in heavy down. Scented in lilac. Squinted and rosy, Soft with birth. That is how it would Have begun. A scent,
Five minutes, Five hours It doesn't matter how long Just having some fun Until something goes wrong.
My head shakes. He says his heart breaks. Because he loves me. He insists. I resist. Because he loves me. I give in. He smiles at my skin. Because he loves me.
Who am I? Who is He? Who are you? Who are we? Who should we ask? Who should we tell? Who's going to listen, when we can't yell? Who do you like? Who do you love?
I was thinking of you today, Of who you might have been About your laugh and smile And rocking you in the den
He said he loved me He said he cared As I sit in this clinic i don’t see him anywhere
The day you were born, My heart starter to beat stronger; The blood flowed smoothly through my veins. The day you were born, The colors of life became vivid, The world made more sense to me.
Your way to young, you don't know what to do who's gonna love you and guide you through? The guy is gone that's usually how it goes Your mom and dad aren't happy and soon everyone will know.
Abstinance to Prevent Teen Pregnancy The practice of refraining from sexual activity for psychological, social or reasons religiously. Psychologically, you prevent the possibility of pregnancy, STDs, and extra responsibilities.
Her words strike like venom on a young, lost soul Burned inside a heap of broken promises, demanding yes and no, creating a foreshadowed future that bleeds of her past
There she is The kid on her hip I hold her outstretched hand It's been too long, she says, A smile in her eyes I fake a smile back Inside I feel sorrow A hole in my heart
Vegetables are good for the body So bring that head of lettuce my way Make my body nice and strong Keep me going on and on and on while I try to escape The Garden of Eden Where your roots keep me tied
A baby bump at only sixteen, A fake smile that tries to cover the frowns And the regret that lies between The what ifs of that night with the alcohol that drowns.
Once a girl so happy and glad now a burden to everyone even her dad Never thought it end up like this Especially after she had her first kiss.. Her mother's daughter and daddy's baby.
She sits there in the corner. She reaching for the phone. She pulls back her hand, Her time is like a hourglass sand. Curling over with tears, All her fears become real. She goes into shame,
Woke up one day and found myself 7 months pregnant My body was in an awful amount of pain It felt as if someone was draining it all away I knew exactly who it was
I am your first, The only one alike, It is there, Right before our eyes. I see it, Keeping us together, But also tearing us apart, From the core of our love.
Whatever happened to the flowers? The water lilies and poppies and marigolds, With their dewy stalks and folds?
They told us that boys only had one thing on their mind. They told us that only abstinence could save us. They told us to wait until marriage and to wait to get married. They told us every part of the male anatomy
Being responsible for another person is hard. Why would you want to grow up before you're ready? Wait so that your family income is steady So that when you are ready,
I cant believe i didnt listen why me why is this happening to me. i didnt mean to get pregnant. im only 17 i wanted to graduate with my friends and i eanted to be free.
He smiles so cute you caught his eye. The butterflies start to fly. Innocent and young your first date. Excited and scared you can't wait.
Wrong place, wrong time. Avoid trouble? Can't help but do just the opposite. Accidents happen and mistakes are made. Nothing else can be done. Have a planted seed and there are only three options.
She walked into the center, a baby on her back. Everything she owned, in a small knapsack. Mangled hair, a dirty face. Her eyes pleaded a sorrowful case.
I choose to rise above all the haters Because I know with the Lord I can be greater Than the people around me who bring Negativity
Sexy girl, sexy guy they have sex but don't know why A few weeks later she says she's late is this the product of their hot date? Oh no, oh no, it can't be true What the hell is she to do?
She sighed in despair after an anxious await For a phone call from her latest mistake. Rejected again for a night with the guys She sits home alone and puts up with his lies.
I stand in the shower washing my face, Trying to wash away the pain, the worry, the anger, the stress Trying to cleanse my spirit Trying to erase the sin I let the water fall over me
She was the one everyone awarded for not being the one to be in the streets like the others. Being with her grand-mother she was taught the Do's and Dont's of the world, mainly boys.
She Me I Sixteen Sixteen Sixteen She was They said I didn't She Me I Doin' it Screwin' it Losin' it Mistakes made Baby growing Mom becoming
The feeling of pressure amongst a couple The constant arguing and bickering, Their relationship being put to the test Their happy world starting to crash
It vibrants, the noise How about a shreking jolt at your stomach I remember playing volleyball and never been able to jump in the air Or care that I was two months late
When your hand pressed upon your parchment, And when my eyes read those constant Thoughts, my eyes couldn't look away. My heart had a delay, And my mind had nothing, not a thought.
She lives through dreams And nothing’s as it seems And everyone she’s ever known’s An actress She runs on caffeine highs And sugar coated lies Just to fake the days away
Yea i know i messed up i aint gone lie i shoulda stopped but i didnt even try yea i coulda waited and saved it but at the time it didnt even cross my mind look at me now two weeks late meaning no period of mine
She felt it one day when the clouds were full of tears. There was something inside, wanting to get out, wanting a life of its own.
  The thing that got me, was when you said, Let's not have sex. That line could have bought you a lifetime with me. but it wouldn't have been your lifetime. It would have been the lifetime
The Young Lady,
stop making poor choices don't allow the little head to tell the big head what to do these days, females are not what we call our boo it gets hot and heavy like being bury under a rock during the summer
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