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                                                       come to me thats what they say Stay here don't let me break  As i cry and weep i stutter  As if to say dont let me go  Astray 
I want to feast on a bowlful of stars, And bathe in the heavenly mist of inspiration, I want to avoid the backwash of death and ride its wave instead,  
Let me speak to you the words that reside between the lines of what defines poverty. Poverty....
I relinquish my vittles To the point where my blood secretes From my screaming pores "It hurts "they yell So I give until it hurts some more The reason to delve into generous endeavors
I was raised by Milk and cookies  aunt was cookin’ with me lookin to see if i’d learn,   Kind of Aunt… I was raised by 
Why do people have to die we just wish they could stay a live people say it's going to be okay but it's not  it's not okay we cry we hind and end up not saying goodbye we scream
It's easy to say I'm fine it's hard to say I'm good I'm doing great I'm doing better. Every day people always say or ask why are you like this your so cheerful.
PSALM TWENTY AND ONE OF PRAISE TO MAGNIFY THY LORD GOD, JEHOVAH ORI. 1)I'll adore thy Lord with my whole heart ♥ and I will sing His praise in His sanctuary.
Sanely baby, and certainly you're that which my heart ♥ craves. My soul traveling on the highway reaching you. My original copy This Lovecraft is unstoppable. For the sparkles✨in your eyes dazzle.
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
Lord Cares! These Goes To Those Under The Foster And Orphanage Care. The people of the most high. Even when thee father and mother are no longer here. Thy Lord be always there.
I have sat on the throne of envy, yet you oh gracious one love me anyway. Lord God you took away my affliction and removed the chains that ensnared me in utter misery.
Who is to blame? You, me, the state, your bad luck or our poor choices? Countless dreams scattered all over the rails of track number 9   A chilly night When everyone else was sleeping
Yearning to become someone better, That is one wish all children make. But what happens? When some wishes Turn into ashes; Without even trying. Then all get lost.
Hood influence in destiny who I am to complain It hard to compete, I have to take the part to triumph I raise my head up to find a better door than a window not to block my view to succeed
He sits alone at the street light, Again Freezing rain drenches him Like a titanic waterfall falling from the clouds. He doesn’t have a mom or pops
  The heart beats, but     I can’t dance anymore, Its music is bitter within Like a sting on the foot.
Life as a young kid was a great struggle In this substantial world, where the major rise and the minor falls. Our motto to achieve greater heights.
Money and fame; hell of a mixture. Been missing for a while, now the time for me to chatch up Sipping up juicy spotlight, shaded by money trees, Groupies posing for pictures, shots from a selfie steak.
In life there are people that will hurt us and cause us pain, but we must learn to forgive and forget and not hold grudges. In life are mistakes we will make, but we must learn from our wrongs and grow from them.
Life is carzy. And totally unpredictable... It's going to push you over, Kick you while you're down, And hit you when you try to get up. Not everything can beat you.
To learn while still a child. What this life is meant to be. To know it goes beyond myself, it's so much more that me. To overcome the tragedies, To survive the hardest times. To face those moments filled with pain, And still manage to be kind.
Let me live within the moment. Let me feel all that I can. Let me cherish life for all it's worth, With everything I am. Let me see what's right in front of me, With vision crystal clear.
The lady who has loved you as you've grown. Will always love and cherish you for all time. She has the greatest heart ever known. She watched you grow through every milestone and held you during every bedtime.
If I could write a story, it would be the greatest ever told. I'd write about my daddy, For he had a heart of gold. My dad, he was no hero Known around the world. He was everything to me, For I was his baby girl. I'd write about the lessons.
I always have an energy that radiates when I am with my people who understand me knowing that I trust them as they bring smiles to my face including laughter good vibes is all we need 
  My gravitation... I'm drawn to the harmony like a junkie to cocaine; allowing the rythem to flow through my veins; numbing my pain. The beat contain purification, it rinses away all form of
POEM BY: ALICK MUSHEKWA® ©2020 "ARE YOUR ARMS WIDE OPEN?" 🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐 Lord, I want to confess that I wronged you and am a sinner, My mind has been troubled to an extent of growing thinner.
Hunting in exotic lands Today we made an encounter To never go home she cheerfully vowed To never ever think of her childrens arthirstness To deprive them life and never send anything
I am from moving boxes scattered, littered on hallway floors From unpaid utility bills, arguments and slamming doors I am from tax return Christmas gifts and food stamp Thanksgivings
My inspiration comes from The days of the unknown That are destined to come Created all by my own My kids laugh and play Running through the park Nothing gets in their way
Who is the hungry one that we all feed, who is the hungry one that asks for more, who is that hungry one that takes more, for we are the hungry and not the starving, To take action is the way to live, To take Risk is our method to be fed
Dressed in grey and black attire Waiting at the ready “Do you need help?” “Have a nice day!” Aged eyes and pursed lips  Forced into a smile.  A family at home? A life alone?
Inside where the fire rages, a blasting inferno of a furnace, I hold desperately onto clumps of coal and gasoline— trying to gather all the fuel I can that will blaze way to my future.  
The opportunity to do what others can’t Inspires me to win. This might come off strange and self-serving. Some might call it a sin.  
Hear the belly aches, Of the child that wakes, Hear the silent house With the lights still out, And the cries of a mother  Who has no other but the Kids she bore and one begs for more while she
I tell you of a secret, a lesson I learned very young. A message I’d like to share, in hopes of helping someone. It did not come easily, good things usually don’t,
I tell you of a secret, a lesson I learned very young. A message I’d like to share, in hopes of helping someone. It did not come easily, good things usually don’t,
A child sits on a dirty floor  The wind howls through the door  This is where the child calls home  On the street where the child can roam  Her estate is a dangerous place
It won’t stop here. I’ll keep going without fear. There isn’t an easy way and I don’t care what they say. Through hard work my way will be paid.
Being born is a blessing.  Being a kid was depressing.   Tears dripping down my skin with no stopping.
  Nature Inspires me to be free and beautiful  As the wind blows through the trees,  People inspire the need to seek knowledge    Similar to a library,   Fear inspires creativity and change
To surprise you with these bars would to be to let you in on my scars leaving your mind set while same time still pulling people cards so let your guard down when you listening all truth with no gimmicks i say the sky ain't no limit.
Cover my earth mother four times with many flowers. Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds. Let the earth be covered with fog; cover the earth with rain 
Waking to sunrise  As I inhale every breath  Unsuspecting what the world holds for a test  Risking to take any oppertuity in my path   Watching the world revolve  To making money and paying our dues 
She caresses my cheek as if to reassure me. But I do not know  that this touch is sacred for I am too young to realize that her touch is not forever. She smiles  as if to reassure me.
Watching reflections chased down walkways As it’s cold and rainy on a day like today When normally the mood would be ruined But somehow - the reflection turns up the spirit
Poverty   My Arabic teacher looked at me yesterday, as wrinkles slow danced with darting eyes, and he sighed. When I compare the poverty I see in towns here,
A Navy Seal inspired me. There was something in particular he made me see.   He said life was hard, And many will quit. We won't get very far  If on our hands we sit.  
A Navy Seal inspired me. There was something in particular he made me see.   He said life was hard, And many will quit. We won't get very far  If on our hands we sit.  
Life is tough, life is tough and I've had enough. But I'm not giving up!
The teachers keep on sayin There’s a red white and blue dream  But the only red and blue we see fight round that white man referee   
my throne be,In a cubicle, utilizing this desktopcomputer watching, metime, zips past,like a racing carjammed, fingersrush through, the traffic of these wordsdriving the clock, killing time
Sleep has become the most delicious donut Dangling in front of the treadmill Like the meal  I was reluctant to eat Could've saved that dollar for yet another bill Like rats  They just keep coming
The sounds of joy during the holidays The warm climate, nothing like the cold december i know Music bounces from walls to walls Kids laughter laced with nothing but joy They who don't know what a christmas dinner is What christmas presents are or
How can you love someone when you don’t know what love is? A question that sat heavy on my mind for days Maybe love is something that come naturally to you 
Yesterday, I awoke, I opened my eyes to a stranger, a poke. A stranger was tapping me, I stood up He sat down with the morning news and a coffee cup.  
Children of the lion. Biding to be free. The motherland of the people. Cries with the trees.  
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown So Jill came tumbling after. Jill up to run, called 911, and frantically waited,
To be honest with you kid, you can make it out. I know life gets hard, but smile dont shout. If things get hard, just remember hold on. You won't have to keep fighting for long.
I’m from a big city into a little town, There were gas stations at every corner you turned.  There were sometimes wonderful flowers to smell.
Decades decades decades  Each tick of the clock we evolve Gaining insight, losing primitiveness We promised to be “American”
Barren wastland,  Starved. Limos on my shoulder. Empty save for self.
In a quiet room, stars descending down Hung on strings, fashioned from old planet’s rings An alarm beeps, much before all the town A sleeps boy awakes, groggily sings
Nephthys only ever wants to see the night. The dark, soothing blanket that reminds her of when her mother used to dance in the halls of their home, all rich ebony skin and pearly white teeth and bright eyes. Before she left.
texas.don.g.nutt,59.poem,my block my street my hood my block i hang on my block my nine milly cocked im reloaded ghetto soldia still reaping my city b,m,t still a g to a key on my street my hood its strictly understood all for my good  my block no
MY People, MY American people I am just a child, ten years old, But my cries for food and help were completely ignored. People I have seen in the news,
What is it to be an adult?  A grown-up? Oh to be free, to have control over all the little  details and choices  
I had a messy complicated life  Some would say it's like a blizzard everyday But yet still ….. I love seeing smiles on the faces of others  It makes me special 
Poverty, underprivileged, deprived, and depressed. The struggle of no warm water and your stomach tends to rumble
Poverty, underprivileged, deprived, and depressed. The struggle of no warm water and your stomach tends to rumble
Did your parents get a divorce?   If so did they fight a lot?   Voices booming, things breaking, tears shed   Or did they just split with nothing to be said?  
It is time to wakeup before mom and grandma remember not up the volume to loud on the t.v. it is only Saturday rush to get bowl of cereal remember dont spill the milk
Cold, frozen chicken strips laid across my dinner plate as my eyes glazed with a cold solemn   How many frozen meals had I been subject to? How many cups of instant noodles had I digested?
There's a lady I know that stands on the road Everyday I watch her struggle with her load I watch her banter with the other women as she sets up She laughs as she unwraps corn and drinks from the same cup
A bird’s journey starts outside the nest From Fledgling to mature thinking back to before it could fly What lies beyond the branches will show the bird best.   With the winds of possibility beating against the chest
Youthful Transition As a child, my mother held my hand On this ground I stand With spaced bushes And houses that gleam. The sun was always shining The sky was always clear
My life Who knew  I certainly didn't My life It's consantly going up  Down Right Left A rollercoaster  There is so much happening It's crazy It can be good crazy 
Give mother a hug Father a kiss The time has come We have talked about it Many times before But the time is now Fke a smile And turn away Start alone I must leave everything I know into a world one I do not understand Hoping to find out Who I trul
I watch the man bend over his patch, a fat gunny sack at his feet. He combs the earth with his fingers, picks up pebbles around tiny heads of sorrel. Clouds bruise in clog the sky, the first fat drops pick- mark the dust.
I don’t know when it started, or how it all began, But God created families, As only our Lord can. He was teaching what it means To love, homor, and okey. He wanted a strong bond That we don’t see too much today.
I sit and look back to how far I can remember, And you are always there next to me. Each and every day you were helping me grow up, And making me be the best that I can be. Your love was forever strong, your cuddles forever tight.
Kids, one of the most amazing things created.  Very important, very adorable.  Always a kid? By heart, yes; by age, no.  Kids learn, in fact, we all learn.  Kids or not, we learn everyday. 
Looking back when I was young Lullabies were the songs I sung   Looking back when I was naive I was careful no to be deceive    Looking back when I had no money A simple gold coin was like honey
I've always been growing Didn't know when I'd be "grown" Till the day I saw her My one and very own   She was tired from toiling The kitchen no longer clean The rooms were a mess
There is time for more And time for less Time for war And time to seek refuge Time to collect ration  And time to starve Problem is there is just no time  
Stuck in the middle of optimistic and depressed I wonder if life is just one big test But what’s in between the good and the bad? I wonder if it’s the things I could have
In the beginning, 
  Reddy, you are beyond doubt mine Valuable like a gold mine For with time you have emerged To be victorious composed
You ever thought your world first started as a fairytell? Dreaming that life existed beyond paradise Except it didn't... Just a hardknock life Poor in pocket and rich in dirt
Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away Thorns in the roses Roses in the thorns Beauty in d
Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away
Ay Pablito,La cosa ta’ dura Pablito!Yo me esfuerzo un poquitoy solo me quedo con 50 pesito’,pero no te apure’ por eso mijitoTo eso cambia ma palanticoY con la ayuda de diosito
You say you love me But why’d you leave me You said you need me But you didn’t feed me You say don't leave me But I'm just too deep
Some day's ago a year for one this year for one as well i met two amazing people i met a heart of card's female and a knight chest peace there male othe knight was broken and the heart of cards was lonely an sad a bit but how i met the heart of ca
The Do's and Don't Your Needs and Wants  You have to seperate the two I had one parent at home instead of having two  I had one pair of shoes while other had a few I had to accept less 
I desire to run, but the Conceit, the Rulership, the Lamps, The Drinks, The Turk, The Business and all the Rest of Le Petit One’s (enemies?) scare me. The logic is flawed in how flawless it is. Logic in our heads cannot be made that way.
   Years of confusion coming to a head Fourth grade, kicked out of our home. I've cried over that house of memories And suffered a longing I'd never known.    For a year I had my own room
My work duty first had me weary the car was supposed to work in theory these two had the future looking weary unknown to me, adulthood was merely one giant query 
Life as I knew Growing up in Philly All this crime was all but silly Dad was never there  Nor was he anywhere  But mommy was in sight  She made my world so bright  As a kid I didn’t know 
What is the meaning of this? too poor to even buy a case to a disk wish i had a girlfriend to call honey but nowadays the girls only want money to be honey What is the meaning of this?
Take 1 Fighting, flying, fun, and frightening Home was rough, and school was nothing.  Together as four was better than one.  To grow up with siblings means that I've won. 
"Breeder Of Slaves"
They are so lucky They get to get to come home To a new car, The latest iPhone, And a home as big as a hotel.  
Warped champagne flutes and crumbling columns Chipped white paint and wine-stained curtains The aesthetics fade and the only thing left is you You can’t take it with you
"Run!" Papa yelled and yanked me to the shed. Mama was ripping her blankets off the bed. I grabbed Little Ann a rag to protect her pink face.
You know that feeling when you’re in a room and it’s dark enough to be comforting to your eyes and you can hear the rain, thunder and wind outside.
I shall crave A sandwich, With layers of flavor. But I’M NOT HUNGRY.   To remember something that’s good, The taste of a familiar scenery,
Toy Shop The widower sat and twiddled his thumbs, In the shop they started together, Littered with trash and forgotten projects.
pastel colors brush the sky as water color memories fall on my cheeks the sun sets on all things even dreams i must wake and realize i am sick i am dying i have to leave   breathe.
What ifThe little jokes are a sign of the crush he’s gotAnd in your cute eyes he is deeply lostBut his shies,Won’t let him say a word,However hard he tries?And what if
All I want to do is lay here and stay ; Thy kindest hearts always pray for a change ; But God don't answer when the skies are gray; The child inside me cries for no long range .
She is there carrying the woods In the dawn morning, stepping her foots The cool breeze teases her, Tries to touch her, move her hair, Comes close to her, she is helpless The bright yellow rays fall to her,
I fear that the cycle continues That poverty runs behind me for most of the race But always ends up the winner I fear that the cycle continues
he was a black male
tell me the difference between you and I while society explains to us that with our own eyes we're to expect greatness from wealth while the poor focus on being fly BUT WHY? tell me why
Pull the cloak im so broke yet “woke” Haven’t spoke had to joke I'm not a pessimistic I just stay true with the statistics Let's face it i don't have a chance so give me that glance
don't mention my name in your tweets, don't mention my name on your FB, cos my name rings bells in the streets, had a BM and a kid but they left me, and everyday when I wake I feel empty, crown court to the cell where they sent me, and I got to sh
I saw this girl in the jeepney She was begging for some change Giving some envelopes to the people where they can put their alms And she sang giving some sort of performance for the people's generosity
Now here I begin by telling you I do not have a lot of time and feel the end creep closer and closer carried passed the minutes winding.
When King John went to the templeSo faithful and humble   He raised his hands and looked at the skiesHe spoke and spoke nothing but lies  
Billion dollar dreams
At our firm, we are found out around different ways to deal with handle any yahoo issue which is upsetting you and keeping you from utilizing your yahoo account easily.
I come from shootings homocide  only “real” will survive  well I’m here to say that’s a lie  u don’t guns to stay alive  u don’t need gangs to fill the void  they leave u like your a toy 
A friend once told me To wake up early And look up to the sky. The golden sun would light up The purple winds. Revealing the hidden creatures above,
Dear Jane, I said I would write to you, so here it is. I want to say a lot of things I can't possibly fit on a page. Things I can’t think off of the top of my head right this second.
A butterfly. A caterpillar Seen as beautfiul. Seen as Ugly. Seen as helpful. Seen as Useless. One in the same. Worlds apart. Raised up to be great. Dies before living. A butterfly. A caterpillar.
The water from the river trickles down my face The needy and helpless girl, a family disgrace Mud in her brow, goodness in her heart Never knowing what to do
The Special And Awesome BirdA Poem by Nicolas Hunter Whose bird is that? I think I know.Its owner is quite happy though.Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,I watch him laugh. I cry hello.
Ernest Hemingway: "A man can be destroyed, but not defeated." You are starving Hoping for good news After all this time, Nothing has come good   Your home has been torn Time has disappeared
To my mentor, You have been there always to show me the route, You've made me stronger, no doubt, You've been been my key to success,  And always made sure that I didn't.......digress.  
She's the land full of milk and Honey,tapped and untapped natural resources,discovered and undiscovered talents.She's got what other lands are crying for.Despite all these, it's unfortunate to know that 
As I am being swallowed by my own pity And bathing in my own filthiness of my poverty, Let me tell you I am embarrassed…. But, my dear friend is always there to embrace me
I  I  And I remember when unity and love wasn't so far away from our heart
I could of feed my baby I could of sent her to a good school I could of avoid abortion
Suffering of a Mother Why do you love me when all I do is make you suffer? Is it because of a title that the world has placed upon you
e profanity. It's suppose to be one of those deep poems that's suppose to hit those who are struggling and just want to be great in life.)
Mad at No One Mad at no one, not my mother She does not remember And it is better that way Mad at no one, not my father He is dead and I never even Knew the man they found in the water
Our house was described as ugly and run-down But in our hearts, it was held as high as a king's crown Memories lay when we would laugh and at times frown I remember our house pointed to the beautiful break of day
what is change? how  can you change? when changing, comes  learning comes? what is change, if you learn the power of words. what is change, what can you do just by say.
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
You are there beginning through end You encompass us before we are even given a soul You shout at the thought of the fears we do send
I guess we living paycheck to paycheck. Apartment 1A3. House smelling like weed and smoke. Little kids with no shoes on . Mama yelling "get yo behind in the house !" Daddy coming and going.
LG Realty can't see the realityActing like displacement's an abnormalityKeep taking our people's landFuck your development plansY'all putting profits over peopleFucking shaming our bald eagle
Words here and words there just tell me which one is best Which memory should I consult? Tell me what you suggest.
Life and living, No one knows the differences between the two. Endless nights with spirits in hand or standing in the church pew. What defines life or living? Praying for acceptance, or be the exception.
Vulnerable groups WHO’S LOST CHILDREN?   At dawn there is a voice, A whisper like at my doorstep I come out, but no one is there Right on my backward, A child like cry is heard
As I read a poem about life, I realize that other people go through like me, Some people have  pain and strife, Yet a few have so much hapiness which they can see, Still others fight for what they think is right,
As I read a poem about life, I realize that other people go through like me, Some people have  pain and strife, Yet a few have so much hapiness which they can see, Still others fight for what they think is right,
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
thank you for glancing at me then looking away like you didn’t see me   thank you for kicking me
There goes the pop shop, on the corner of 42nd with pop rocks, where the Candy Lady beckons
I love how I don't need explanations. People do what they want without hesitation. Yet all my life, people had me waiting. Give me a moment of silence for all of the realization.
Emotions kills when im around you, no more being soundproof, Im lucky ive found you, my heart beats fast, when im around you. My booming feelings of being Bless were a great success.
Lets go back too them old days as a young teen growing with senioritys having less worries about conflicts occurring. A Mickeys beverage build my self-esteem of a human bean thats betraying me.
Being Mexican/American had left off to a tall cann being gripped in the right set of hands. Im describing the average working Hispanic man like a depress person popping a xan. Address the feelings to your life that keeps drilling.
Leant back in my chamber Yet onto those of white painted walls Little did I peep through my casement Could see nothing but a senorita in haze
The street urchin you see to the left is me, You dont have to know his name because it's not that important, Every morning he deleted a full memory of the last 24 hours of his life,
There was a girl,And that girl had a dream.So, she might give it a whirl,In hopes of leaving the mainstream.*The dream would take her to places,Where poverty hits like a hurricane.She will see the pain on their faces,And watch as they harvest for
They are some of many billions Some do walk-ins, some do sit-ins   One eats plenty, enough for four One is but a raw, empty core  
They are some of many billions Some do walk-ins, some do sit-ins   One eats plenty, enough for four One is but a raw, empty core  
The beautiful city of Miami, right? Palm trees, Red Maple trees, and Black Mangroves Yet there are aslo uncut grasslands, infertile soil and abandoned land Clear beaches, National parks, Huge Malls
How do I cope with the scope ofMy desperation:Sights set on life, ending survival,The machinationsOf hope? or just a revivalOf respiration?They tell me, "It's easy. Just breathe."
Im taking it in The world All it's ins and outs Im wondering why Its broken the way it is All the hate But also All the love Im taking responsibility For all my own pain
We know the story starts “once upon a time.” Maybe not now because this story is mine. So, I was sitting in a tree, When a girl came to me.
Dear Children of the Privileged, There you are, standing fierce, Your mind ringing with the sounds of marimbas and maracas,
It is I, but you probably don’t know me. Because I am a somebody nobody sees. Of course you may see --as we are all capable of doing-- but your eyes glance over me,
Dear America,   Take a walk in my shoes  Get a look through my frames  One step will leave you with regret A single glance would scare all lames Peaking through the stone Wreaking of roses
Twirling in confusion and inert anger,my introverted self can't continue in this loophole,It was seemingly inevitable that this would all crash at the roadblock,Consistent trials have all been deemed futile.
Once my friend’s mom made me a lunch Never had I ever felt so very touched Simple gestures go such a long way Especially when it’s by such surprise   Smiling and carrying it proud
Dear Family,   I am doing this all for you And you probably don't even know Because I always keep pushing through And never let my emotions show.
If waking up was such a nightmare, Then why go to sleep, Cause every night we pray to God, You have our souls to keep, But when our feelings come around,
  I remember growing up life wasn't hard. We had nice cars, big house and living right. Waking up in the morning hearing my dog barking and seeing the sun rising.And Thank God for another day.  
                                                     Dear Past Dear Past been through so much I thought it would never last.   Six years old seen My momma got abused
Give Happiness From a smile to share, Or a hug to give out. To A little chocolate bar. It comes from family and friends. Give happiness.
Dear Daddy,   I am so, so sorry, but I can not give you what you desire.  
Mister Earl Duncan: A grandfather to me, A riveting man, A generational key. Dustbowl survivor, Collector of junk, M-cycle driver, Full with lots of spunk. He was quite obese,
My Nikes are special They aren’t like any other pair of shoes I’ve ever owned They come from a place far far away It was either the beginning of August, or the end of May
I want you to help me I want to help you Stay away I'm sick of you   I'm sick of you
A town divided I understand I see a town divided you know, you against me  South side getting the short ride of a long route that never seems to stop  Our streets hoarded with paper as far as the eye can see 
Dear 1929, No shoes, no food, no water, The Great Depression is here. No toys, no games, no clothes, Kids like me have so much to fear. No roof on top of my head at night,
Dear America Why, are our young men with strong bodies, Corrupted by hunger and greed. Why, do the young women with hearts of gold
I AM FROM I am from that WOMAN over there And  from the place where CANCER forms I am from   I am from where black lives MATTER
As you start to rise, success can come at a fatal price,the risk outweights the chance of a changing life,As each day passes its once step forward or stay behind.... I remind myself of the things i seen, with the cautious thoughts of that could ha
In the blink of an eye, it can all vanish, it could all appear. Where do I go from here? Do I let go? Do I keep on? At the early age of 5,  we learn manners. In the blink of an eye
Dear Life, My name is Sammi. I surely hope, you remember me. I was the little girl, who used to look at you, and the world, as the nicest place in existance. But, I was wrong.
Life has kinda been a jungle to me kinda like living in one or something  Wondering why my father, never came back after his hunt  Always haunted me Would sneak up on me  While my back was turned
Isn't it Funny? Isn't it funny how we seen Jojo, Peanut, and DoBoy hugging the block standing on the corner.
Dear mother,   You were naive, and young, and not ready for any of this. But you wanted this. You wanted this, unprepared. Blinded. I was handed off,
Improving technology just to keep us distracted  So, we don't notice all the bullshit wrong in the world  People falling for that
Bastard son, raised by the streets with Thugs, Drugs and Guns Writing Poetry to paint a picture of my life So i can show you what i've been thru Violence, Corruption, Death I've seen it all with my two eyes
We hail thee(by Irusota) To the children of the Streets Who sleep under the bridges Come sun and come rain Anytime and everyday We hail thee!
I have been wondering, about life and flow The flow of, "How things work" Or about how I wander from place to place Wondering if anything really going to change Nothing will, nothing does
My life is an object flying through outter space. Formulated by amazing accretions Stars, big balls of hot gas burning hotter than fire.
I live with depravity, Pressure like gravity. Why can't they just see I want to live happily? Surrounded by poverty, The cravings of obesity, Those dreams of reality. Why can't they just see
Dear College, I am desperate You make me desperate  I am desperate for an acceptance  Just to accomplish what I was destined I am desperate for money Without it, my college experience will be crummy
She gives us the last of everything I try and resist When she gives me the last Of everything She always forces it on me Promises me it’s okay
Ich habe aber man wünsch. Es ist freiheit für jeden. Leider, dass kann nicht. Es tut mir leid, meinen Freunden. Ich kann nicht für dich tun. Wir haben alles tun es mit, aber wir nicht einsatz.
Wind Evening chill A shiver Food is that of the smallest mice would eat The dream Shelter Somewhere nice Impossible Times of us fading away Times when some could not move on
My mother always told me You're royalty But I had so many questions for her like: How are we royalty but we can't find a place to sleep How are we royalty but we don't have any money We went from riches to rags
I hope you know that within our hearts the ones you gave us through birth and nurture that even though we did not have fancy vacations or expensive materials that with your love
“I love you” Three simple words but with deep meaning I never thought I would say this to anyone Don’t think that just because I love you, I would leave you so easily Don’t think that words are more powerful
we are the children born of machinery. conrete goliaths, strobe street lights dimly lighting a path never walked down dark, vacant streets that bend and curl into oblivion   ni de aquí, ni de allá  
Life is a game played by fools A tug of war between two Puffing like furious bulls Constantly searching for a new clue The rope being made the fool
Because I love you, I tell you goodnight every night.   Because I love you, I tell you silly jokes just to see you smile.   Because I love you, I share my art and my day with you.  
Lately life has not been treeating me well, Matter fact i can compare it to hell, When your in the mist of the struggle, Seems like all the bullshit doubles,
I am not that smart I am not that popular Please give me money
I met you out of chance You looked up to me with the eyes of a serpant but the spirit of an aging flower fighting for the life you once loved   As the night falls and the lights turn on
I came to this world empty-handed, But then filled with love and care. I came to the world as a fragile doll, But then grew up with strength and bravery. I came to the world as innocent as the air we breathe,
He was no longer in control, I felt his pain. He took the bite Like a headache He allowed his energy to give way.
Once upon a time there was a boy named TImmy. He grew up in the hood always stayed on the block, he didn't know anything but how to sell drugs and kick rocks.
Once upon a time there was a boy named TImmy. He grew up in the hood always stayed on the block, he didn't know anything but how to sell drugs and kick rocks.
  Goldilocks, Golden Locs Beauty runs down her back, Moving with her every step in the wind, As the wind smacks her beautiful black skin,
They’ll scream and say I robbed them But don’t speak of how they robbed me Though I suppose it’s hard to recognize Your slave once he’s been freed.  
she was looking for in spare parts or corners not change; but something to put in her pocket that would grow warm over night pressed against her skin something very little
Once upon a time a girl stood in the cold streets selling her matches.   She was all alone in the cold winter sidewalk as adults passed by
What would you change? The way the inner soul endangers itself with an impulsive allusion. What would you change?
Cinderella danced away, but no one would come her way. Her sisters watched and laughed in pain, while sipping fancy champagne. No beautiful flowy gown or exquisite glass slipper,
Once upon a time, In a modern, utopian world, There was no such thing as "hungry". Every human being would go to sleep each night healthy and satisfied.   Once upon a time,
Once upon a time, the beginning 'O' was never embroidered with gold, life was void of materialistic tangents; our modern albatrosses   But sufficied with compassion,
My mom always said to me, "It's time to grow up. You aren't a kid," but inside of my mind, it goes a little like this:   These Brooklyn streets raised me,  up from two to six feet,
A ring of ire, a plate of golden hue, Black streams of pain and worry just for you. A flame so bright it blinds the mind from truth Beneath the mask, you are decaying youth.
The Tiny Kitchen Maid By Kaelynn Calac She be nimble,  she be small Her smile bright, complection dull With eyes of ice and hair of straw That Tiny Kitchen Maid She works all day, spares her play
The Little Match Girl was dead And she knew it. Because when she lit her match No Wind blew it. The Little Match Girl was dead And that was good. Because when she was alive She had no hood.
She is afraid of fading into history of being an unknown story among the classics of forgotten churchgoers who live on their knees   She doesn't know how she's going to pay the bills
When you look at the night sky and inhale the cold airOf a cold night in the great city...You feel refreshedFrom sitting in that small apartment all dayCluttered full of your brothers and sisters
I have no more strength than a brittle leaf just fallen off the tree. I will crack under the pressure you put on me. A snap of a twig, dry from old age. She takes on another drop in wage.
Mother America, why have you forsaken me? Is standing for your anthem never enough to hear my plea? Haven't you seen the calloused heart of your abused, gay foster daughter, Mother America?
Money fell from the sky, trickled down the rooftops of the rich. Cold, hard, cash clanged on the sidewalks and watered the oak trees with budding dollar bill leaves.
Land of the free and home of the brave. We take the world's pitiful and their worst. Freedom and happiness is all that we crave, The poor, however, are forever cursed.  
America The Great? America the great Why can I not relate? The world is on a bend  There seems to be no end.  I wish there were something that could be done
Not my fault, They say Not my fault that you could not make something of yourself, in a land that gives Everything... Not my fault...not my problem... Not my fault,  They say
Not my fault, They say Not my fault that you could not make something of yourself, in a land that gives Everything... Not my fault...not my problem... Not my fault,  They say
I lived in the fast lane, pleasing just myself. I didn't know what it meant to be poor. I had money, clothes, food, house, but felt, Like surely life meant something more. There had to be a way to feel true love,
Welcome to America Aland which I’m fromPromises of FreedomAnd yet freedomFailed to comeWe fought through the painAnd miserynow its time to be truly freeand redemption is closerBut the battle is far from Over America, the land of opportunityThe lan
The shivering little girl Stared at the well-dressed business man Her chapped lips cracked from the strong breeze That blew across her raw face
Drunken blackguards stumbled out of seedy, dimly-lit pubs at all hours of the night; all manner of men jostled and bumped one another in their passing. Streetlights flickered, shivered, and swayed against the piercing chill of the breeze.
I come to tell of a love story   but this isn’t just any other love story   so let me romance you with my words   This isn’t the romance you see on the tv  no far from it   
May your freedoms exist in writing and enchant you with hopeMay your liberties inspire a change in your soulMay your fantasy of a perfect reality be taught in school classrooms
Poverty leaving Americans in the street 
“One nation under God, Indivisible, With Justice, And Liberty for All” “One nation under god”? Try one nation divided. Rich and poor. When did we get so misguided?
Old craked streets, paint chipped lines People line the streets waiting in line Hope we don't run out of food Yet we've run out of money   We are poor 
It’s not you… It’s me… No, no, no-- It’s most certainly the other way around! Listen, sweetheart… I love you But you need to change, first.  
Everyone looks to America and say "They have it all together, everyone is happy there." But have you ever been here? Have you looked downed streets that the media tries to hide from you?
The pristine white stripes represent those who run this great country,The red stripes are painted with the blood of anyone who believes otherwise. 
Why should I ever meddle in other peoples affairs?Why shouldn’t I settle for anything better?Your choice or mine will not end this disputeFor back and forthback and forthbackandforthback
Here the people die And here the people lie But America the great That dream will never die Politics and politicians living it up all of their lives But the rest of all of us, we don't live, we just survive
They show us picture perfect scenes upon those flat, black screens, yet when i look out the window, all i see are those starving faces hiding in those dank, cold places they somehow call their homes.  
I walk along the Mississippi shore  wondering more and more why the gulf is ever so murky and the sand so dirty  for years I saw over time why its tides don't shine It reminds me of the masses
Ripped jeans are a fashion trend now days; and honestly it helps me get by whenever my classmates ask me why my jeans always have holes in them
America the broken, shattered at our feet in recent years  we've had to fear when we walk down the street our children cannot walk to school  like they did yesterday
I am a member of the Unseen Society No one documents my hurts and pains No one reacts to my triumphs and gains
America great? With unemployment rates high? No, I do not think.
I simply visualize a place in'harmony...on my way home from work. But these torns have grown over my'path, constantly... stepping into climax!
In my vision I see Children on swing sets Laughing with joy Chasing each other on turf   In my vision I see A little boy who falters
It was the Little Things that saved me, the Little Things that did. The Little Things that stopped me from lie, sin, and fib. The Little Things, the insignificant,
Determination,  It's the driving force that lies deep within my soul.  There is only one goal, success. Two jobs and a full time student, overwhelmed with stress.
The sound of whispering began to fill my endless January thoughts, My once assured mind ended up in knots My mother's necklaces began to disappear My father's every glance at the door was traced with fear  
Christmas time the family packs up Hundreds of miles to Detroit as it's called Every year another journey etched into my memory Driving down a dusty road, abandoned buildings surround us
Baltimores a jungle baby!!  Growing up in a jungle you learn to survive  Living like a worker drone in the queens behive  Dad gone and all I asked was why? How could a god leave his children behind?
Approaching the difference in such an amazing way, approaching the difference by giving of myself, approaching the difference in all of us.. one day at a time. Growing up through
Life was not the piece of cake  the slice that just melts in your mouth. It was more like trying to cut a rock  with a plastic butter knife My mind was so stuck in this square box 
Everybody who has trouble in their lives try to search for their own answers Somethings they might have to ask the people around them for advice or comfort  
Looking in the mirror, I see this girl staring back at me Who is she? Me? No it can't be. She struts with confidence how can this be. Certianly she's not me. Oh but it is Take a look
"The Giving Me"   A year has passed and I reflect, I stand in the mirror and see new eyes. My project I organized Has put me in check.   I looked in my closet and soon discovered
  Who knew one year could do so much? Last year, a senior in high school waiting to grow up, Had friends and people that I used to call my “Big Bros”
There is a prison in Guatemala Tucked behind the mountains to hide The men born into gangs and slums.   I visited that prison at sixteen.   Inside there were no chains or shackles
My trust, developed from pain. My trust is developed from blood stains. I praved the way. He paved the way. They paved the way and I still used to be ashamed. I  was tried working hours and hours of my life just to get essential needs.
Who are they? They won’t let me know. I was just 3 When they took me home Now I’m 16! I ask who they were.
As I consistently remind myself that  for a seventeen year old, I don't feel as if I'm living up to life's fullest potential  'Cause every time I attempt to rent's due or cent's few 
I got this most visouse urge to sex ya ,The game got me over worked so sorry for presser YA,Will not have a need to get bezerk.I wont hurt YA leaving steamy notes on bathroom mirriors.Dancing butt necked while the candle lights  displays are shado
I would like money Money pays for my college College helps my life
Need Speech deemed unimportant, dented. Bleed That which you are presented Need When not provided, crumbling commences Bleed You will, and be rendered defenseless.
Need Speech deemed unimportant, dented. Bleed That which you are presented Need When not provided, crumbling commences Bleed You will, and be rendered defenseless.
So long ago I barely know Much of It now I remember not Of what I thought So long ago I barely know
Day in and day out it feels like the same things, wake up hear about violence in our schools and sit back with our hands in our pockets, feeling the tearing pain as someone special cries over the one who left them for someone else.
This past year has made me more of who I want to be I am more confident in my own skin I have become more open with people I find myself doing the things that make me a better person
One day, have Next day, have not  One day, live Next day, live not This is known as reality A word so heavy That even a giant couldn't carry  One day, I had it all
A Plea From Across The Sea   Across the deep blue sea I hear the pleas of those in need I reach out and lend a helping hand Only to see the smiles..
     I see the struggle      I see the fight      I see the might        I see the strength
What makes me feel good is knowing I have survied another day in the hood; I could be commiting a crime but instead i'm spending my time, making a rhyme so that I can invest in my life,
A pick me up from a friend Maybe real maybe not That leave on the ground That bench that your sitting on the gental breeze that just blew The suport is all that matters And when a person comes along
waking up hoping everyday wont be the same as my eyes open i can see the hate and as my body moves i can feel the pain because i am my past and no matter what i keep getting up even if its not about any cash
No roof on their heads Sleeping on the road, not on beds Invisible in the eyes Of the people with fame and everything nice
Everything is peace in the morning light All the dark swept up at night.  While big kids sleep, the youth: secure All outside by morning's lure.    Toddlers walk by broken bottles,
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
i sit down and open a book just a plain old book with worn edges and a hint of sorrow i write in it today yesterday tomorrow i hold it in my sleep and i have it in my dreams
I hate my life but "Greatness From Small Beginnings" Overcomes true sadness
Over here it's a bad place to live, all the deaths, people can only forgive, everyday there is shootings, no one can do anything about it but mourn. Now a days people are negative,
Life as we know it, well its hard I will tell you that, running into trouble everywhere you go, correct me if I'm wrong. Can I be blamed if I'm angry, is it our fault if the world is the way it is
I stand hand in hand with titans  I stand tall proud brightened wearing a big fatty smile that say that i am enlightened but before i go into the story and get you all frightened
Is Garbage Dump My Childhood? I know not Who is my father When I was only eight years old Mother's love also left me alone Still I remember Inconsolable face of mother
I wake in the morning and think or feel that I should question myself, question myself on “What am I to do today”? “Who am I”? What will my future in 30 years look like”? Why is my life this way?
The world is a garden Where the positives and negatives dwell. Where beautiful things can happen; where caterpillars morph into precious butterflies,
Walking on the chiseled stone,She ponders what she must say.In blind fear for the unknown,She trembles in the hallway.
When the rent is past due and we're struggling for extra money  I have poetry.  When I'm sitting in the dark with lit candles but the mood isn't lovely I have poetry. 
It felt like we were stepping out of a coming-of-age fantasy An assault on my senses, the sensation was too much to bear. We walked into the cracked pavement that was washed under the sun
I fell asleep, completely alone And before me arose an ocean of riches And as I began to walk through them clutching my new found riches to my chest I looked up at the fiery sunrise
In the biting cold I walk, Barefoot and in tattered attire, My dirty pants, ripped at the knees, Folded at the waist and tied to my body By an old and dirty rope coming apart, This is me, this is morning,
There are angels in her hazel eye's, relationships ended to no ones surprise. Her children would laugh and often they'd cry, they ask for "daddy", but hes not in their lives.
I am the early bird Leaving my nest on the daily to catch my worm But I am not your usual early bird, For I just never catch the worm. The early bird that’s always unlucky.
Dear America, Look past your built in pools, There are kids lonely and afraid beyond them, They have seen life sized doll pieces scattered on their lush green lawns, They have been taught to walk like soldiers,
My sweet degree Oh how thee lay. In a distant time Who is to say. How it is I am to aquire thee? By Hard work and Sholarships From the masters of Poetry.         
The luckiest to be born, is that of poorman he learns the treasure, of everything he can those born into all riches , have no true understanding of richness
I suppose I would like You to know that I am sorry. That’s how all apologies and the like are supposed to begin, With that admission of guilt or regret or something that tastes like bile
Whether we dying in prison or we dying in the street we misgoverned but government's that want us six feet deep Terrorist threat or Americas concept to set your mind make you confused and upset
You and I originate from the same place Seen the hungry and the poor Close to touching death's face I remember as if it was yesterday Young with bombs ready to explode Non stop laughter and play
"1929"   News would ramble Always Our background noise We swallowed paste Mixed with age Before even the sun
  I always knew there was something about you But never had the courage to really know I would see you here and there But never would speak to you A hi and bye
Between You and Me Is air full of green., Not oxygen and dioxide but cash sewn into our breathing oppurtunities. It is corruption, the basis, of what makes You and Me different.
I struggle constantly, just like everybody else. Eyeing myself in the mirror, I look plump in all of the places I shouldn't. I want to work out, but I've got other things on my list that I'd rather do.
Never give up Two years ago i was a rebel student  A clueless human Who thought didn't have a bright future  Because i thought i was too stupid For school Because my mind was polluted 
What is heart mind and soul, Light a match Heart of coil Do she even know It burns, Mind of confusion, The battle of insurrection Fears and Substitution The wall of protection,
Who would've thought that I'd be where i am today, remember back when certain people couldn't even look me in my face, now when they see me they smile, i turn like I'm running away,
And here we leave, we leave you with your unhappy lives, your unhappy eyes, and your unhappy gossip. And As I wonder how amazing my life will be, you will too. Only worry about me and not you.
I am Rachel I wonder where Detroit will be in 10 yearsI taste the organic foods of Eastern MarketI see the ever-expanding skyline of Detroit, day after dayI want a beautiful cityI am the future of Detroit I am Rachel I understand the poverty throu
To disregard the silhouettes and pain There is one thing that frees my shame The one thing I would die without I need it now, and there's no doubt, Its my family that keeps me strong
you have done so much for us taking care of everyone, providing for your children, even though they are adults, your support will always provide
Take me home.                                            By: Josee S. Etienne
                                                   " Foot Work"                                                  by CaneGo-Hines Most wars start on the ground Mines started with just one sound
Movin' so many times, I ran out of fingers to count the shoe wear. Messing up everywhere So now I'm a kid of  No-Where Land. Everyone reppin' sides, while I be reppin' time. Time to go;
As easily as we live and breathe We steal, cheat, and lie A great man with a kite and key is why we deceive I must make piles before I die  
Everybody has a strength and a weakness in their life that they have to deal with as a blessing or a challenge. But the one thing that I think is important and absolutely need is shelter.
The poverty of poets. The poets of poverty. Every day you see them on the street, Not even making ends meet. What kind of life?
We are the dead the waste product in the eyes of society we are the shadows, overlooked by the majority we are the vitims, murdered by the law when we cry out, backs are turned eyes are blind and mouths muted
Yes, I have a mother without a job. No, quit saying theres nothing she can do. I understand what you're getting at, But you dont have the right point of view.   She does the best she can
White wall meet White wall meet White wall meet White wall.   Follow the cracks into crevices and caves
I knew her one time, met her on the street outside our library Her black braids entangled, an greying Her scent of peppermint and wood reeked loudly Her voice even stronger against the strong bearded wind.
The three necessities necessary for a human being are food, clothing, and shelter. What about Love? Without Love there is no chef who came from a poor household where every night his mother
One day but not today Someday but not soon Living my life and facing the moon Caught in the light ready to say goodnight Leaving home because he left me all alone No phone calls, text, or emails
Yes I'm poor but rich at heart i work 2 jobs to take home a little dough and enough to feed my dog he's all I got and all I want  Yes I got my siblings working the same jobs
What if i told you that i would change nothing not to be rich and not to get ripped i wish i could change something but that is something that needs to be made
 The sounds of roaring fire Falls heavy on mistrials of ones individual mind Essential to those never had the nothing Spinning lives!   Darkness of the hiding cries
It started when i was 5. The feelings. Now as a kid, a cute one at that, i knew i couldn't be choosing between one parent or the next its just that,  my dad buys me the things i see on TV
I hear many voices in my head;some telling me to go,others telling me to stay. Yeah,stay on just for a little bit longer cause that's the only way to be much stronger,mashup enough strength to go all the way and that's all I hear them say.
Land of the free & the home of the brave No, I'm not talking about America, I'm talking about Somalia Before it was broken Before we used our power with words and not swords
a broken heart is a past and a present in this lifeless place where there is only one way to go and it is only going forward
My First Semester is done! it was really Cool But my Bank account has me looking like a fool no one said it'll be easy , even less said it was cheap  So let me just tell you what college means to me:
As a young girl I wouldn't have been surprised if a roach came crawling out of my mouth As a young girl I wouldn't been surprised if my pillow was made out of rats.
We've become a society that has blurred the lines of gossip and news.  How did we lose sight of the issues we continue to face?  When did reading about someones life become more valuable then the lives that are suffering 
I grew up in a city where people where poor  The streets were filled with swindlers and whores Crooks and crackheads lined the streets
Enjoyable. The lessons that I learned. The hard work ships are something that I affirmed.
Enjoyable. The lessons that I learned. The hard work ships are something that I affirmed. The unbearable pain makes me get what I deserve.
More than what you see when I walk by Not just a pretty face with brown eyes Well put together yes indeed Yet struggling to provide for a family of 6 who is ineed
I complain, over the smallest of things.Women whine, over the size of their rings;But all around the world, there are kids who die.I promise, I'm not telling you a little lie.  
I am from a family of all girls,No video games just lip gloss and curls,I am from a mix background so we are all different shades of brown.I am from backyard play dates with neighborhood friends,Bar-B-Ques and snacks being tied by one leg.I am fro
I am the scars my parents put on me as a child. From the abuse mentally and physically. Little did they know they scarred me sociologically too.  
I am... I am scattered. Moved around since childhood slowly loosing a member with each new home I am independant. always alone 
Look me up. Thumb through the pages of your thesaurus. Look closely. Beaten. Battered. Broken. Defeated. Heartbroken. Look me up. Thumb through your dictionary. Read carefully.
I am sitting in class Looking forward at the teacher From the corner of my eye He is sitting there Staring on at us, not saying a word He listens intently at every word spoken We all know he is there
Deep breaths, Tears and gross sniffles Air lacks oxygen once again This time with no back up tanks in the corner Reaching Grabbing Counts back from 10 Wait! 
Is this how to you starting to feel like I'm not here for you no more like I don't exist in your world so your just block me out for life why can't we just start over
I am not the person you said i'll be Are you strong? this world is to believe, be strong have power, intelligence. dont be the person that they said you'll be. Are you strong?
We live in a world full of death and destruction Funny, how it was God’s instruction Tell me again how it was God’s design Tell me again how it will all be fine
I was a boy, I was a kind one too, but things change. Living in a neighborhood like mine. things aren't like they used to be. There is no more peace, there is no more security. People kill,
I never had a job, I never did much work I never even traveled, no more than Mexico
What is life really about does it paint a picture in your mind shines so bright it makes you blind lets just stop and rewind time is something you can't get back but when the time ends the world turns black many people say they have stacks does i
I am a black teen living in a community of depair and poverty Growing up in a household of 3 Foodstamps wasnt really supporting me Finacially money really wasnt coming my way
"Comete todos tus vegetales," my mother would tell me As I sat, after school, at our small dinner table in our small dining room In our small, two bedroom, one bathroom house.  
I Want To Be Somebody.
The rain drops divided us.  The wind pushed us away. The cupid couldn't find us. Have patience, we both will see the sun and the rainbow thru the gray sky. Your the only one who caught the center of my eye.
The world often is black in color
I am Junk Light your butane lighter I am the lifeless husk
Let them know that i said this Let them know i do not fear them any more Let them know  i am ready to fight them.   Be him Igbo Be him Yoruba Be him Hausa.
  The paper crinkled between my fingers. The lost valuable trash that had fluttered up at me flapped in the crisp, biting breeze.   The dull, familiar color of green is what I recognized first.
Days, weeks, and months go by We carry out our entire lives Rarely stopping to think about The people we don’t know; the people without   Yet every ninety days We somehow find a way
This little city that we live in I can’t stand a day That’s why I moved away So I can take a stand today My tongue gets nervous I have to plan for what I say If you try to take a stand
There was a little girl I knew Born to a drug addict, the youngest of five, Forced to survive on rubble and scraps Because checks were stretched thin                Between sins and rent.
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
Darkness Proceeds UsCrawling Between All Of UsNever Stopping Us
  LOST IN-LOVE   I use to lust a lot of females they weren’t the right kind 
Growing up in town,Where there is so much diversity.You’d never think a girl like me,
It is not the victory; it is the journey. Evolution comes from failure, not from getting it right. Resiliency makes the person, not success. I respect perserverance over flawless attempts.  
through car windows
My life isn't bad I don't wake up at 4 in the morning I don't harvest crops 10 hours a day I don't eat less that what makes me full I don't worry about paying my bills but at the same time
I love my mom but she lies. On my way home from school I ask her if everything's fine she says yes yet there's an orange eviction notice on our front door.
 *Inhale*         Hold.              *Exhale*                  *Inhale* This is awesome.     Breathing,           Eating,               Seeing,
We are the chosen ones.
i shall say  there is no other way to play  rather   than speaking  like o'lae i am only 17 but speak like im  above 20 dont let  pain take you out the Game
Rich man  you have a girl on either side of you, how come your mouth seems to be making more of a Nike sign than a smile because just doing it doesn't seem like life anymore.
The greatest of inspration come from our experience with family and friends. They are what motivation of an awesome future and greater succes. They are the foul to the soul. Always treasure them in heart and mind.
I escape Alert Powerful And provoked Tamed no more by the man I most hate Hated the places with which my eyes were not fated Fate was a word my imprisoner tried to take
I’ve known heart breaks that builds you up day by day  inch by inch.
  As you find life's not what you thought And money doesn't come in like it should When you have nightmares of tomorrow When good dreams aren't so good When your heart aches
  J   Momma told the judge I’m a thug She said I'm smoking too much I’m drinking too much But she still ain’t had enough She wants me back home 
No food or water, Children look around for help.  Will they eat tonight?  
These streets are filled with hate... These people is filled with blood... Shedding on the sidewalks and on the curbs... Each blood spot is telling its stories to its love ones... These streets are filled with hate....
These streets are filled with hate... These people is filled with blood... Shedding on the sidewalks and on the curbs... Each blood spot is telling its stories to its love ones... These streets are filled with hate....
My flaws are as perfect as can be although I mistakes they always humble me I've never had lots of money or fame  but if that's all that matters life is a shame my clothes may not be fancy and new
Life is such a hectic ride Full of surprises and awesomeness Awesome was the moment my eyes first opened And I was greeted by sunshine’s bliss I made it again through the darkness of the night
Through the darkness Of a power bill Overdue and unpaid I stayed strong Through the temptations Of marriage Offering me a way out Of poverty I stood on my own
How is it that all of us poets live separate lives, never meeting, never speaking, never working together, yet our voices are so similar? The way we all write, there is something that unites us,
im out here struggling  trying to make end meet , i get a little drop from the government  from time to time put it doe's nt help much because  I got three daughters and two sons  that have to  eat, 
Do click beetles ever dare dream of flight; and wings become feathers in their mind’s eye? The dragon spouted winds care not their plight,
Life is like the rain on a window pane sometimes it's tough but when it lightens up just enough for you to see the sunshine soak it up, when you leave the darkness when you unleash from the harness of fear , the fear will come out of you and that
The pallid distance alit with smoke Grey haze, an ugly smudge to match The ugliness around them. It was acrid, pungent with A tear-bringing spell to cast amidst the fields Of burning eyes and burning hearts.
All day long!
they looking at me like he never gonna make it gave me a barrier I'm destined to break it I'll take it give me the good with the bad i had worse they say he not all the way there well at first
Wasteful beings we've become 
My life is my canvas Everyday a new struggle Everyday a new scar  
Come listen to my truest thoughts and my truest feelings. While we are die-hard living there are people that are shining and people that are crying.
  In a passing, bleak moment
Here, I stand. Here, I stare Like a beggar yearning for a meal. Incessant cycles of foolish decisions, My mind agrees to no longer empower My regression. Finally, I decide to fight for and steer
If I had money where would it be? They say money can't buy happiness but no one seems to see for me I have spent my life care free--- money free Parents to support everything
He's on his way.  Trying to get paid for something that matters to him. He's on the way on out the door because he got fired.  He's making is way to the dope peddlers down the block.
I strive for perfect in a world of imperfection and my ex girl believes the only time she got affection was when we were sexing because when it was done it was back to the block where me and my crew was flexing now around here a condom isn't the
Will I find Salvation Once I find Redemption  
Everywhere we go, money here, money there Everywhere we go, it's jewelry or hair When you don't have something it's not fair How others have everything they get to wear
Not a care for anyone else But a bunch for themselves They spend loads of crisp cash While some look for it in the trash
Everyone is so obsessed with virginity.  They ask: Are you still a virgin? How come? You're not? Who'd you lose it to? When? Where? How? But I ask back  
Eighteen years old! Finally realizing that my life is not my own. I wait until mama leaves the house, so that I can finally be me. I close my bedroom door and drop down to my knees.
My feet fly light and the sun shines bright On the day of lovely leaves. Whispering amongst each other, many secrets shared. Smoothly shifting between one conspirator and another,
The flawle
a faith disgraced by a nation based in fetishization racialization nocturnal whores hounds of war profiting off each other Stupid fucking humans Stupid fucking rulesKilling off each other Leaving only fools  
  When I wake up in the morning, “I tell myself that I am beautiful”.
For better never worst, Whatever to see a new year. Maybe another hurst.   Children always come first. Facing your biggest fears. For better never worst.   Dinner followed by dessert
Jonny's something flawless. Cause I'm not falling I'm the opposite of August. Nothings stopping profit from residing in my pocket Sike, I'm broke as pasta before diving in its haunt of hot water
While people get dismissed Pissed off, with bad problems Solved by a payoff played up With bad bargains We cremate in carbon copies of unclear scandals
i Come, from a family of adapters.
Quadrant I avouches positivityNo matter what angle you gaze fromEvery daybreak, we wake up in the origin
Infinite number of uses Touching, holding, & transportation
We all are born with no filterBloody, cold and scared,comforted by the maternal love,the one which loves with no conditions 
My last pay check how will spend it?  I look at my last pay check I know I won't forget it.  Because it's my last check and thoughts of how to spend. 
You ever get the feeling that you're alone and no one cares, I've been there and i often have blank stares You know the stares that have you thinking what else could go wrong
I've seen a struggle seen by too many other human beings, I realized as a teen Lower middle class, half black, half white, they call me in between
People are fools. They do each other hurt, And like my father once said,  "If the world were covered with gold They'd kill each other over a handful of dirt." People are fools.  
Sitting in the pale, lack of reminiscent memory covered bed sheets, of a musty condemned motel, lying on the outskirts of Ureka, Nevada. Four eyes and two hallowed bodies
Here’s the issue. They tell me to be a clone,   But I just want to help those who moan.
"The Spelling Bee is tomorrow kids, go study your words." Watch me win the Spelling Bee and beat all those nerds Later at home I took it straight to the dome Read the dictionary till i landed on zone
I hate the word 'selfie.' '#nofilter' and '#iwokeuplikethis' irk me. I know what you look like but what do you do? I live for the children that I don't have yet. I slept in a snow-cushioned tent in the mountains,
Going, going-Stop. Going- Stop- Going. Thoughts, thinking, going, going-
I've borrowed and taken and ripped away all they had to offer nothing given back or repayed They love this parasitic monstrous horror their caring love never fades
Everyday I wake up, thanking the man above for another 24 Another day I get dressed, inspite of the storm Many people see me as a joke  When honestly I am just trying to make it out this so called joke
Thinking about my life
What makes me flawless? Maybe it's because growing I didn't have a lot, only less
I always wonder if It was only me dreaming that Im going to live successfully. But i can't ague for being in poverty,  because mommy crying, "I sorry baby".
I am Ramses An Rock Angel I go by many names But it's always gonna Be Ramses Or BATMAN
I walk in and wrinkle my nose. Ah yes, what a familiar scent. Sterile like a dentist office, Inviting like a grandmother’s living room.
Today success is measured in numbers. The number of followers you have, The number of points you get on a test, The number of copies you sell in a year, The number you see on a paycheck.
Everyday. Everyone. 
Sometimes I feel like graffiti on a wall Why do foolish kids waste paint? In this life like prison Where the government holds a shank To stab the economy On so many levels
Feeling more than I ever felt been before.I'll pay for the food And do the chores ,pops pays the bills we in debt For sure, mama ain't around so I don't love her no more, I'm rope, and life an death is playing tug-a-war brother in jail in a small
everybody clap your hands
Spray paint on the curb 
The knowledge and the aspirations we all seek
    The pain in my heart went Away because the day you stopped caring was the day I said okay. .. Noo you said okay.. you didn't care at all.
Living with a single mother that tries her best to make it work what a great civilian No dad in my life that wants to help he moved on with a new family now he makes millions But even without his help we will make it work
Written by: Juwuan Dennis We the people. Land we people live on. Live on and let live. To waste time is throwing away a clock. Because the tic won't toc. Cure Unfindable by even a doc.
The woman behind the curtain, Now who could that be Everybody seems to know her except for me. Oh yeah I hide behind a curtain, a very thick one For if I pull them back I know I will be shunned.
The Message in a Bottle By Tapiwa Mzumara     Standing in front of a crowd
Born a winner 
I grew up with a mom but no dad But it really wasn’t all that bad She was there all the time that I had a problem in my life Maybe she’s here even shedding a tear because this isn’t what you normally see
Hardship seems like every day.  Why is my personality being forced away. Overrated interragations fly my way.  Like I'm a coward who can't see through this haze.  You told me to try.  I'm tryin' 
I rest inside the view you see, Inside the streets cracked concrete. I sprout from glossing dew. The way you see the suns fatigue, When the days ready to renew.   I am the busy man keeping you afloat.
I come from a place where just living is hard to do You’re walking down the street worried about someone busting their tool And that stuff on your plate, that’s hardly food
Most people have bought into the thought That we can control our own destiny. The idea that your life is left up to you, and mine to me. But what if this isn't the case? What if we are left to chase
As my feet stand here in the nation of corn fields,
A golden road of opportunity had arose since birth.
['Hope, an idea to believe whether to keep going Despite what happens in their life To keep believing that there is a light within darkness And to see that everything will be alright at the end
I stare in the mirror, seeking recognition My eyes meet the eyes of a reflected premonition My façade melts; I lack normal pretension The reflection looks weary of its own dimension
She Was A Girl Not The Average One You'd See On The Street . (A) 
those beautiful eyes that make me crack a smile even when the skies closes up on me. everythng i need hates me, it torments me. i lack many thing and even after all this shadows
My Eyes Are The Seers Of  Treasure, Among The Limbs When I Dream Of Leasure, The Brain Is Wealth, As A Thieve Is To Stealth, The Future Is For The Dreamers,
A man used to own half of a Piggly Wiggly store.But because of a girl, he doesn't own it anymore.She was half his age and she only cared about his money.She spent all of his cash and he had to file for bankruptcy.
go to a forest see the trees when you ar lost you are found and
So I, just woke up and really hate what I'm feeling.
  While the rest of the world sleepsI am up and on a journey to where..As the birds sleep, the crickets chirpAll I see around me are sleepy eyesRestless bodies yearning for a warm bed
I rhyme my words who cares they say
What you get for Christmas is always asked I asked my friend An iPod, shirts and more she said I asked Lili: What you get this Christmas She looked sad a bit Nothing...she said
A whispering wind, Speaking words of wisdom. Listen closely, Because it’s there. Teaching us slowly, How to be fair.   A voice of greatness, Teaching us lessons.
The hardest thing I've ever done is keep my smile It's hard to keep a smile when  you're eight years old
I see a reflection in the mirror. Is it me? The girl looks lost and confused, timid and small. 
As I was born, i didnt know how my father or mothers past life had been torn Poverty had strucken their lives and changed their way of thinking My father seeing early sunrises till late evenings
there are sinister deeds in the mardi gras beads all one can view are the seeds of these venomous deeds and the one most prominent, the seed of greed cannot be seen by a person not so mean
She walks three miles to receive water You walk 200 feet or less to the fridge   While your life expectancy is 68 years Hers is 45 years or less   Water pipes and wells provide little to no water
The pulse of my soul flows slow and deep
Happiness is like a freshly  paved road, Absent from all corrode Each new addition already planned, Every turn colorful, nothing bland   Each new direction is made, Sure the consistency wont fade
En las calles de nuestro pueblo, esta escrita la historia de nuestro tiempo. Con puros palabras de alegria, escritos en grafiti en las calles frias. O con figuras que imitan la
I, too sing America I am the castaway’s son. They shoved him out of the way When hardship came. But we laugh
  I am a thinker and a artisan of worlds, I wonder if this will work, I hear the pain and sorrow I go through,
A ringing sound awakes the y
A ringing sound awakes the young mans ears  Rushes to a room with a desks and peers  He sits slowly sits like the desk is a form of lava He remembers hes not that kid that yells for mama  
STOP! WHATEVER IS DISTRACTING YOU... STOP! Live in the moment and listen up. I am talking to everybody, and I am hoping all of you will take these words to heart, so please, please,
These weeks move like minutes These days like seconds I gotta value my time 'cause time is of the essencne Lost in the present looking for a past The highway to heaven im riding first class
Never before have I seen such joy, Joy in the midst of sorrow, In the midst of pain, Of poverty,
All is fair to those who know Our time will come and we will go This world is long  But time is short It feels so wrong To displace or thwart
Lost in thought.. for the first time your mind and body aren't connected and your head floats in the air its glorious..daydreams..for the first time theres hope for a higher power.. not a god not a being at all..
I've never been to prison But you could ask my father if you wanted to know If it was any better than the home he abandoned us in
To Be Heard, That's what you want
You can't make it Basically I can't fake it Insufficent funds In debt by tons How can I survive Can my money revive Scholarships are what I need This one can help me suceed
I walked outside in the cold with only a jacket to keep me warm Although it wasn’t midnight just yet the streets were silent I looked outside the bars and saw two lights Whizzing past each other with great speed
Modesty is my curtain Service, my Great and Powerful Oz Giving without receiving 
I Am The Ghetto
Growing up , My mother had a bad work ethic . Money management poor , so there was times when it got hectic . Me and my brother we always wanted but never acquired .
we live day by day and see no change  we cry, live and die 
Looking out at the ocean,  I see the waves rolling in. I stand here upon my perch,
Im from a city that you heard about, but you never go to , babies having babies, growing pains of what i go through,
Plunged into my ears like relentlessly ringing sirensMy mother cries for the pain medication her lack of insurance deprives her of  
She is from tearsAnd all her fears 
I know him quite well. I am so shy to tell him the truth. Inside my heart let him dwell!   This shy love begins to jell, Hold the phone, I stand in a booth. I know him quite well.  
Sitting down at the table looking around I was nowere to be found
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray for eyes that do not weep sweep sweep sweep away the dust of cries banging to come out of that deep dark closet door in the back of my heart so my pain can be free
Lately I’ve began to cherish my life a little more than usual When I breath I can taste the air When someone talks I can feel their words
Monster in my closet when I was a kid creeping back in my head now that I am older. Monster in the closet when I was a kid was that fear of the unknown, the fear of getting older.
I told the world, one day I would pay you back, Super 8 our laughs and falls so that one day I could play it back, but now I don't even know what is the point of doin' all that.
Damn I am so tired of being broke.
College is something I just don’t get, It just doesn’t make sense You spend money you don’t have, Just to try to get a little rich  
i live in a neighborhood   where the streetlights blind us of the stars   and semen flows down sewer grates like rain water  
Tonight By: Kaityn Lovell Tonight I would be dreaming But not tonight The wind is blowing and the sky is filled with lightning
Motives by Scapegoats   It’s those who hope we fail It’s my Browns and all my Blacks
And all at once,every cell in its crimson tributary  thronged to my aching heart.  My chest swelled with the anxiety of a hundred fizzing bottlecaps, fervently awaiting thier emancipation. 
You may only have Two Feet but A step at a time is All it Takes.
When did this world become full of greed, wealth, and giving cruelty to the ones that don't have it?  How do we give a raise to politicians,  and leave our troops with no breakfast to eat?
I am what kill poor communities You can see me anywhere you go I cause gloomy evictions Many are homeless now
We are trapped,  We are lost,  We need to get out,  But we do not know where we are, We are slaves to the rich,  Lets get on the piss,  Lets charge the gates of gold, Lets break te chains,
    My footsteps echo off the empty, abandoned houses I walk alone, no street lamps to light my way
I go to sleep waiting to dream To get away from life everything seen Fighting each other they love what they see That's what they want beg and bleed for some feed Oh well I'll just start slanging some weed
Let me start with a bit of history, Some facts about myself, I enjoy blissful tranquility, So my patience seems to have no end. But no matter how deep my patience may be, I am still a human being.
We are royal fools.... with no food  We are royal fools.... with no clue
To have faith is to defy logic. It takes faith to think positive. It takes faith to believe that there's a Creator
She comes home to an idle scene. TV blaring, refrigerator buzzing, aimless loitering, productivity lacking. Useless channels and ideas demand their attention, making them numb.
Money There's so much of it in the world but why don't I have any of it? Why does my family struggle so much when others have money coming out of their ears? I'm stuck trying to figure out
Everyone has dreams to make it for their familes get of the hood to live good well some people was born into this world with a sliver spoon in their mouth
When young you're taught not to fly beyond the edges of the nest so you spend so much time just wondering what's outside? Buildings are made to contain us only giving us glimpses of what's outside
They say money can't buy happiness
I am technically free.Enslaved to no person, no one controls me,
Im done with youFed up with the pain you put me throughBlood continues to pour from the stabs in my backFeelings worn on my arm, as if it were a tat
Sleepy with the summertime,
Sickness, poverty, nations of the illUncured, losing the battle not at will   Nations crumbling beneath our feetNations tearing at the seams  
A few streets down away from this perfected outer shell of blissful indulgence that we have created lies a city of distorted faces, starvation, violence.  
As a man it seems we have lost strength, everyone talks about growing up withought a father, but why bother! All we see is drugs and women and all the dirty pools we can swim in but in the beghinning , it was all about not sinning.
What is this? Nothing comes to mind. All there is just unjust and so called “justice”.
Insignificant problems – Lexi Moreno   I stretched my arms towards the sky touching my limitations The sun beat between my shoulders eliminating my hesitations.
As the bus left the center Of Peru’s great capital The cathedrals and buildings All drifted by as I stared At the landscape all around.   Large mountains in the distance
You couldn't achieve your dreams now you wanna live through me. Looking for my lost thoughts with wall in front of me. How can I achieve when you don't believe in me? It isn't my fault your dreams didn't soar like the trees.
To grow up dirt poor that is what I knew. The thought of not eating adequately, having toys, and things other kids had is what makes me wanna pull through.
Heart beats                   You wake                 You fake                 You break                 What you can’t take   You eat You smile You sleep
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
I have never owned the roof above my head,And that in itself is rather sobering.From birth I have been renting my right to exist in this world,
  A never ending line of bills Needing to be paid at the end of the month Debt is in the trash bin. Poverty is as stifling as the Miami heat on a Summer's day. How can I make it? How can I go on?
If this up and coming where will we be going? 
eyelids conceal the scene while the sirens create the pulse of the streets. She peeks through the blinds- a world embellished in riches and greed. I was conceived- Two Seeds not a peep.  
I rise like a dead man alive; A walking, talking, breathing, eating Corpse that's trying to revive Its human sense of dignity.   The house is full of mine and theirs, The furniture, the memories.
People treat life like it's some kind of game
What is better than money? What is better than sex? See, these questions I have no answers to So move on to the next Who are the one percent? The richest? The people who pinny pinch? Hmm
When I open my eyes, darkness surrounds me. Closing them again I feel free. Imagination is everything when you have nothing.
Who do I hope reads my writing, filled with unremarkable class? Easy. The ones with the biggest checkbooks.
Our connection to the server has been detected. Our minds reflect and only dreams will thrive with their foot up off our necks and it wrenching hearts wrenching for me to see
 There are many things that make me think. Where to go, what to eat, what will to me in the future. Sometimes I feel like I might sink if I don't find the link between my questions and my life.
Brothels and brick shops Legal slavery and dirty faces
  When they flew across the Atlantic with two kids at hand When they only hoped to lift their kids up higher than themselves When they had nothing but a dream
Speak Your Mind Slam Sterling Klein
I grew up with ignorant bliss Surrounded by such selfishness I was foolish and happy, but for so long   I still remember turning thirteen Discovering life in different means
The work day has begun It is ten at night The absence if sun
I'm looking around  I see the world is a wreck Nobody wants to work  They want that welfare check Wondering why their kids don't  Have any respect 
Every tear 
Sirens, sirens, sirens In the city of Angels But where is the light? Gum ridden sidewalks Palm Trees And cracks in the pavement filled with hopeless citizens It's hard. It's hard.
We see things unfair, But do not seem to care. We pretend not to see, think "At least it's not me". But it is.   Some look back with subdued pride, or even defiance in their eyes.
Buying and selling,Buying and selling.It's the law of supply and demand.The more is demanded,The greater the supply. 
Libations and vibrations Thinkin down the moment no hesitations Everybody's filled with great restorations Displaying them requires superb manifestations Doing what you please is like a testament to the revelations
My stomach is empty for their rights I am cleansing my body of political injustices The system that teaches me is robbing others I am the voice of those who work under you This must stop
I want you to prosper. I know things seem bleak. I know you don't want to go on. I know that you don't want to wake up. But you have to for your own good.   Trust my 50 cents.
From the beginning to the end, your the women that will be there. I seen my life go into shambles and I seen my world become gold, but your always there. I've seen you struggle, I've seen you cry. I know how much you try.
Why is life so hard these days? I keep trying to figure out how to live successfully in different ways. I seriously want to shout.   You guys don't even understand.
You ever had the feeling that you don't exist on this world. T
Remember, To not to forget nor regret, Every moment we once shared.  
In my lifetime someone's action doesn't always explain why they did it. We can't tell if a shooting is malicious or self defense ,a gun to the head might of been cruel but who was the victim and whose the criminal.
My Smile Everyone around me was always so happy. My smile was fake
Came across this website, looking for money... That already says so much, that it's not even funny After honeys, whips and chains, Versace in particular. NIGGAS we like to call ourselves,
I didn't get where I am, To recieve what I have,
To think how frightening it would be; to think of literally nothing. Because even thinking of pure darkness, is comforting than its absence. Because even darkness, is not empty.
He is my strength and salvation, Of whom shall I be afriad,  With his power I fear no evil, Living my life courageous and stong, Each night I give my life to Him as I pray,
The nature of Urban Romanticism
My love for God is majestic.          God's love toward me is the same.               It is magnificent and spectacular.              Someday I will be with Him,                          Not because I go to church,              Participate in act
I have lived through sorrow and grief.I stared while my family ripped apart.I watched my mother fall,to the depths of hell.not once,not twice, but many time.paying debts and bills all day.
In Life, theres things we can not do like tell someone we hate them even if its true. In life theres things we just have to do like get a job just to get through a week with very little food.
I sit here thinking of others, Many of whom I’ve met Many of those whom I’ve met became successful They have dedicated their life to success They carry their torches high, Proud to be who they have become
Life is like a shadow by Aymin ShataraWe chase it,it runsWe stop,it comesSun up , we goSun down, we comeNever stop, we want it bad
Swing the Axe, Swing the Hammer, Swing the Sickle 
I'm  driving  home  alone  
I sometimes forget I'm a poor kid and when I remember I get angry  I get angry at the people who decided that being poor meant  you're less I get angry that no matter how hard my parents work
We are, we are Hanging by a thread But we are definitely Lucky we're not dead   We're not dead, And with that said, Let us enjoy our daily bread And live rightfully so.
Stuck on a block, where we get locked down.... Then I frown, because the smaller kids, get locked out...
From showing no pityto playing on the streetfamilies attempt to escape povertynobody recognizes realitybecause the streetscreated enemieshomies backstabbingpolice attackingimpregnated teens
I saw,  I saw only black in my future. I felt, I felt my purpose disappear. I heard, I heard my father cry. Cry in the way where no son should hear. I see, I see my mothers eyes,
*This is based off the novel The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga (The White Tiger is a window into a world of poverty, greed, and corruption. Balram chose to show this through letters to the premier of China, Wen Jiabao.
I see life all around me. Is it me or am I just seeing images made from my brain in the life I see. Are the feelings real am I really here in the life that I see. No one will ever know cause this is the life that I see.
Tick-Tock 3-4 Hammer, saw, nail, and hat Sweat on brow, and tampered back Leathered hands with blistered feet No school or past for extra sheet Tick-Tock 3-4 Mindless, rhythm, unskilled, work
Ever since I was a youngin' I always had Big Dreams I would walk down the block and have fantasies about expensive things I would make Lamborghini engine sounds pedaling my bike I had envisioned the luxury life as a tike
I remember it like it was 
Child of poverty Child of immigrants Doesn't know any other world until it's time to go to school In Boyle Heights, you're just like everybody else except maybe not as brown
Its my first day on the job At Transylvania Co. No on here is human
From dawn to dusk Unable to seize Unable to capture Unable to freeze. The 8:30am heat.             It has awaken to burn Your sole. Pigment.
Work five to nine I shouldn't wine I'm earning money for college Not enough I must acknowledge Papa Ginos only pay's eight fifty an hour  Doesn't give me much power Meanwhile my grades are slipping
When I was young, I had so many dreams. So many dreams, that I coud not make a choice of a perfect one. All was special and perfect. Cash wasn't involved, neither cries, neither downers, neither anger.
When I was a child I was unaware Of all the wrong in the world and how people didn't care Now that I'm older I only think it is fair That we help those whom have nothing to wear.
I see them I ignore them I passed by them I see you  Having a sign "F*CK THE POOR" I stand up Saying that's not humane Stating that he should help Walking  few blocks down
By the color of your shoes, I'll know if youre a crip, by the way you hide your
It starts at birth, who you're born to, what kind of status your parents have It depends on your neighborhood, where are you from, who are your friends
Grasping trying to get everything out the way, Not knowing what life will bring today, Sometimes I feels as if Im slowly withering away, Could even say i was traped in some ways, Longing to break free from my mind,
Its a hot desert day My mind all it wants to do is play These games I cannot say My heart feels pain Remembering those days When my ancestors used grain Is it modern slavery day? All this hate
Underprivileged are privilege. Privilege people are not so privilege.
Look about the world See how you are blessed Not many can compare Not many can attest This world to help, my only goal Let me give you what I have, Everything I own. 
Where disease has left the mark of pain, I can and must wipe out the stain. Where the need is deep and most profound, That is where I know I'm bound.   As a doctor trained with special skills,
All we have is Night
Graduate is to complete To speak is to be heard To meet leads to greet greeting gets you where?  
  I was walking along the streets one day And saw a man with a dog; Except the man was homeless and the dog was dead And the man was dirty and the dog was not breathing
The world is covered in a shroud of suffering, consumed by fire and stricken by poison, families deprived of life,
I was just 19 when i finished highschool and didnt quite know if i could get into a good school. The ambition I have put me on a higher level then my peers making me realize that i can make it without having fears.
Spare Change, spare change? Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, anything The poor family asks every morning Holding out their tiny tin can to passers-by In the same raggedy clothing
Mother, I am sorry -- what can I do? Sadness sweeps over me as I look at you. Don't sit there and cry, Mother; the yelps from your heart Are screaming out in silence towards us in parts.
If I were the Almighty and Powerful from above: Poverty would be eliminated. No children would ever sleep with a vacant stomach. No parents would ever become slaves: toiling from dawn to dusk. Crimes would dwindle.
Little kids running around with their bellies full
Nothing Nothing is the answer you get when you ask what's wrong.  
In this world many things could change, many women and children are living in dismay. Let love win and make a change, show these beautiful people a better display.  
A step to a better world   Is to let the sails come unfurled.   Life is too much for any one man   We must do all we can.   Let our spirits soar
If I had the chance to do something new,
Everyday we live happily with money,
Wandering, Lost, Here and There Where should I go to sleep? The night is cold, and I am almost bare. In the darkness, I just weep.   In the morning, I wake
I walk down the road, have to run and hide. Why can't I have fun and survive? All my friends think drugs,guns and illegal money are right. I want to survive and live on to stop these fights.
If I had to choose I'd choose to change it all my mind 
If these fragile hands could craft the future of your children, I would set a fire under every pair of Levi pockets, The tears you've cried into your brand name shirt sleeve,
They sit there all alone/ the poor, the sick, the homeless/why does no one hear them cry/it seems that life is hopeless.Why can't we take a single day/to reach out and show grace/to help out a fellow man/to look them in the face.What a difference
The world today is filled with hardship and poverty,                  filled with people struggling just to get by.                                 from the United States to Europe, poverty is everywhere.
We are human and we will always be changing, our needs are always changing, when one need is filled the next need now has room to make its voice heard. When we
This is my first time writing a poem and i dont know how it will go To star off my name is Antonio I am 17 years old  I am graduating in a month and dont know where to go??
Tiny arms Small Hands Distended belly Ginger hair   The small girl tugs on me On my arm, Shouting “Muzungu!”   The small girl pulls on me On my heart
The change is yours, The future is your course. We guide ourselves, As well as those to come.   Stop complaining, Take a stand. Words are not louder, Than the action at hand.   
If I can change one thing about the world what would be I would say where to start poverty strickin lows violence abuse depression starvation and weather crisis so many topics that need attention
Watching Encountered among the daily realm  Time and time again.  She stumbles into the next motion
“Another defeat makes the soul weary,
A world filled with poverty Both hidden and seen. A world filled with poverty From sea to shining sea.   And I, so privileged Yet so oblivious to it all. I believe I am unlucky
Her son walks Seven Mile 
    Just as yours does     Have you walked barefoot on hard soil? Have you slept outdoors during all four seasons?
Money God, why does this world have to use Money? Money Blinds people Robs people Smites people Kills people Money mean privilege Money means options And money
Sometimes I feel like a shell of what I should be, Just unable to see what others can see. They're all so comfortable and happy, While I remain bitter and sappy. Hundreds of others can instantly connect
    Why do I think?  Why do I think?
When I was in elementary school- age 8 I was taught to “ be all you can be” Our minds were like architecture; like the baskets we weave   When I was in middle school – age 14
“Hey Ella! Nice to meet you!  Where are you from, what do you do?” Where is easy.  What is hard. What do I do?   I hold her hand when she says “Ella my stomach hurts” She’s 14, and she’s four months  
Becoming a nurse. Being the helping hand. Reaching out. Going beyond. Stepping out. Leaving the country. Helping others. Make the change. Be the change. Be the helping hand.
If money is the source of all evil, then we must be living in hell Corporate America is in control and I compare it to jail Since we are all victims to it, somebody show me my cell
Most would change the big problems on this planet Poverty, disease, war, addiction But all these things crawl from one simple part of man Greed It causes poverty, those with little are robbed by those with profits 
The world in shambles Not everyone can see, but those who do suffer most Sadness, sickness, Hunger Children suffering, without a chance to live Children that could change the world Stuck, Missing, Poor
The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze outisde, The town is full and everyone is smiling. Of course everyone is happy because the sun makes everyone happy, There is no such thing as rain on a sunny day.
  Around my neighborhood Around my street From the city in which i live in to the shoes on my feet Poverty is at an all-time high People are stuggling to get by The thing that i would change
Dear greedy money lovers Oh man do i got some questions  Please tell me why our lovely educators teach lessons for our future generations  But barely get paid enough to feed their wonderful creations
Give me a man that wants a chance! Who is willing to do what it takes, To liberate himself from the confines of himself Present a chance to him, an opportunity for greatness If he aspires for something greater
People don’t seem to know They never seem to understand All the pain I refuse to show When I hold a little brown hand   I see the pain in their eyes Surviving from day to day
  The change shall come as people say hello.
The trip to the Grocery store gave me change,
these timeless days ,stay the same . i wish they`d fade ,or begin to change .
As I look around my town All I see are sad faces, young mothers and kids that can't be found Sad mothers, wayward children or those that have very little It pains my heart when I see this But I know I can't help everyone
In a world full of manipulation discrimination, and accusations one can only have Determination to avoid tribulation conform to society day in day out petrified to speak up and be counted
My smile is hidden in concern. My words are trapped in all the worry. They have received all the glory for my talents and my song. Poverty tickles my toes and brushes my hair.
You don't have to be a president, CEO or master leader To change the world. To change the world, you only need a small intention, a good heart, and a fierce passion of contribution.
Think about it   You want new clothes, a car or phone You beg and demand
Think about it   You want new clothes, a car or phone You beg and demand
forces of Darkness quever never ending tales       ocean waves carry distant cries  The never ending ache on our backs      sleepless night with dancing bits  hope are here for an unchanging soul
Not many people get to have the job they love. Some people believe this job is something they can’t achieve. My dream job is to serve the God above,
  And now here I am. Struggling to connect to a place. A place my parents called home, In this foreign land. I watch a man bathe himself on the sidewalk,
BlindedBlinded by what is filled in your pockets,
A feeling felt much fonder
Poverty?What is Poverty?A disease of the mind?A physical pain?It's a chronic financial droughtIt's hard to control.We need jobs, we need them now.
Propaganda prevails Lobbyists loiter on the law Eagerly awaiting their unjust deserts; why has logic been warped like so? And all the while we wait as the beam of balance tips
One Job May Change My Life I will no longer have to sacrifice. Working hard to get this degree This is the only way out of this you cant disagree. To see a smile on their face To get them to a better place.
They say if you want to see change, it must come within. We run our minds thin
"Free the people!" Says the man in Washington, "For equality is key." Economics runs the world, But can we save this beloved country? Can we initiate a movement where, As a planet we can save,
Society needs to change The list is long and The reasons go on and on  
He eats from golden platter, three courses served by his butler She eats what is stolen, some bread from her brother He shouts, "Call the guards! There's a thief on the loose!"
What I Would Change An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic   There’s a lot in this world That just needs fixin’! The economies, the governments, their laws,
Growing up a spoiled child, unknowingly. Struggling with degree in hand to find herself.  Struggling with second degree in hand to find her career. Stumbling upon the life of a poverty-stricken self, unknowingly.
one job to get where I want to be have no worries, I can be free one job will get you out of debt noone will make any threat  one job to see someones face brighten
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
Her hair is matted, there is dirt on her face
A beautiful view a big check from my new job a new life awaits  
Babies in Haiti have bursts of hungerAnd heads filled with wonderHave an appreciation for penniesDreams as big as anyWorked hands that American children could never understandbut…Have clear eyes
Poverty can come in many different ways,   It has no means or matter of days. 
I never did anything wrong, but every night I face the angry beast of my belly. We fight for hours and hours and hours, Until I finally cave in, I'm starving. Momma can't find a job,
What is poverty you ask? To a person who has had to sleep on urine stained mattresses,
The change for which i wish Is difficult to convey I would change life itself to be less work more play Human beings would understand  that work can be such fun up beat music on factory lines
Feelings of sadness.
Its main reason isn't to make you feel well Its purpose isn't about making them feel small But instead see the backstory on why they had once fell. To feed them your attention as they take you through their hall.  
Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Franklin
Traveling afar A crowded bus Moonlight bright A world unknown Unfamiliar faces Destruction, despair Sent on your behalf I am a missionary   A dirt path Fragmented steps
Who needs a new roof If you can't afford a house? Who needs a kennel If your pet's an invading mouse? Who needs teeth  If you can't buy food to eat? Who needs shoes
If i had the chance to change one thing id change the way the world thinks   we think too lightly upon the problems that surround us daily dont care about them  
Their eyes, I can't seem to shake. Their eyes, they look with beauty and grace. Those smiles, that delicate innocence. That desperation, you can feel from a distance. The warmth of a heart.
Where oh where did my pencil go? Oh ho so where would it be, Joe? Off the desk, maybe?  Perhaps it ran free?  Ah-OOof! What did I trip on? OH!
There's many problems that we must face. Some are small and others are huge. Most of them we can solve our selves. But what if we can't. If I could change anything, it would be to end all diseases.
The gap keeps getting bigger. he rich ad poor on opposite sides of the world The poor are too lazy to get off their behinds, They are having children like chickens  
All is lost, gone, destroyed. You stand. No! You sink! Down, down, down. Succumbing to the indomitable pull of despair.
The power to make a change is,
If I could change anything, Anything in the world, The world is what I would change. I would change people, People and their motivation. Their motivation to help others, To help others out of desire,
As the morning has appeared The air is clear, the sky so clean My lungs breath in, a sense of victory My pockets full of little things Like paper bills, in shades of green A family has gathered 'round
Stumbling on a grassy knoll, The weary man, rests his bones. A tumble, roll, sprint, Rushing, panting, theft.   The humble man, who takes no blame. A common person with no name.
We can change who were are what we will become how we act and who we interact with
As much as I hoped that I’d join the best in Stanford,
  The apostle Paul, in the first book of Corinthians and the thirteenth chapter said: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a
The Struggers
Los Angeles,
I ran across the dirt road, breathing in the fresh village air as I took in the scenery;
I am set in room  I am finding sholarshipe  I found you at www.fastweb.com I ready to write poetry   
On the exit ramp,
Bring us now where the chilly wind Blows, where the snows Sigh, where the hot co-co Tongued snow fakes 
I cook and cook without any recipe. This is the spell of Master Chief.   I give you my love without any word
Tick-Tock-Tick- TockThe world, can never stopLike sheep- they always- flock Consumed with liesTheir eyes be blindThey never hear the cries 
You say I'm a wimp? That I worry for nothing? I say I believe in peace And love widely.   But really, I don't. And I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm anxiuos.  
I will write it 
I will write it 
I never said I was a winner When it's my time to run My body freeze like tongues stuck to poles in the winter I always wanted to be in the center, But my center cause me to be buck-eyed
You think the world changing
Satellites and lines 
Stretching out that horizon sky 
 Searching for what? 
Limbos and escapes, highs or holidays 
 Grasping for just a moment…what?
I envy the people beside me. They have the newest, the latest, the flashiest, I have the cheapest I could find
It's another rainy day in the small town of Ashtabula. A town that once prospered, but now has nothing to offer. Gray factories, once booming, shut down. Efficacious men hang their heads in shame.
Tears run,And shadows crawl,For all of those who've lost it all. Food is less,And hunger more,All our hope is out the door. Sorrow hearts,And weakened souls,As we hold our empty bowls.
Your petals posses a rich vibrancy that glows within,You remind me of my dad,He has a beautiful complexion and rich tan skin, 
With it we define, the meaning of life The need to realign, without much strife To impose our odds, beyond our right
1.      Late night trains going by a dark apartment 2.      Cold Campbell’s from the can 3.      $5 left in the back of your wallet 4.      Goodwill
My mother sits and talks.She explains to me our loss.She explains the things which are wrong.She explains how our road is coming along.I've understood these things,
So because my skin tree tones, my thighs are thick and my hair doesn’t reach the floor I’m not acceptable, this is my generation. Were your shoes has to be worth more than your rent and your clothes has to match your shoes or you define as poor.
The sleepy streets blend The overcast sky.
The scent of steak on the grill,    The tire swing, swinging in the wind.  The laughter of kids in the pool, 
Look up high, up high in the sky...Clouds that float, birds that fly. Now look down, toward the ground...I see nothing, yet hear a joyous sound. My head turns left...My head turns right...I look back up into the beautiful light.
Myrtis I have a name I knew it once My mother gave it to me I knew her once too
Heart pumping quicker Fingers sliding on glass The picters are clearer and so is my desire.    Ive been surrounded with culture,  great food and dreams.  I've seen others make it, 
Once upon a time, you was just a kid dreamin’, schemin’ trying to make a dollar and hide ya three cents from the man.
In Africa, the sunset is not like Athens where the colors come out at night, after the city burns hazy red with car emissions.   Or in London where settling light is damp like watercolors that
Lines of bodies piled one behind another, Sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, Looking for a few walls to cover their heads, Hoping a few mouths could be fed.   But there was no room in the inn, said Jim.
Children fall one by one Their fate bring them into a dramatic stop Many children are at risk They don't have nothing They only have themselves They live in a world of violence  
Time ticks and flies, while we sit and watch as it passes by. For? Who knows a bus, a job, or a man.. Somebody need to get up and make a plan! How can we waste so much time,
Everyday I see them Shuffling in their line Eyes looking downward Never meeting mine The bargain struck between us Yet we never spoke a word Neither of us acknowledge Just live within our worlds
Money vs Survival
Money vs Survival Another worry versus another worry Seeking money to survive veruses just survivng Slaving away versus Living away Tears of hardship versus Tears of real life.
I take a step. Through the war-ridden streets, Of Hargeisa, Somaliland. My hands made contact with walls; They were covered in shots from the civil war, That preceeded my existence by five years.
Messily spray-painted eyesores full of hate and vulgarityCover the decrepit buildingsTiny, rundown houses are full of the poor
#yowo Knowledge is light As the road to more knowledge brightens It grows dimmer, as I reach the end of our supposedly free education Taxes are taken out to pay for Elementary to High
When i was a little girl i had Koolaid staind Teeth Two puffballs i used to sit between my mommys legs and get box braids Wacthing the flintstones on tv
They've pushed us here, thrown us down the basement that is poverty  Then they locked the door, but it's time for us to find the key There's so much more, so much more for us to achieve  
The blanket of black as nighttime falls Diminishing remains of the modern scene Fade away as shadows dance along the walls Is the shining city really so pristine?  
I hear you speak to me I can hear the decibels rise The waves reach my ears Yet your words hold no meaning To me. They are hollow As lifeless as a doll, With painted sincerity
Sitting, Simply sitting
Stupidity is a luxury And quite frankly, Like most luxuries, Only the rich can truly afford it. Wealth, money, filthy lucre. Would you trade the world  For circular slices of metal?
So reads his sign. So read so many signs. So many signs on so many streets. So many streets with so many eyes to judge him. He, the lazy vagabond, the unsightly blemish 
   Find me, look for me, where are you? Can you find me? Can you see me?  
It was during one hot summer’s day—the Sun—ripe—Fat—That a droplet of sweat—fell to the grass—lifeless--dead—flat—
Silent tears stream down my face Forced by pain they flow freely The pain of life, friends, family Pains of abandonment, poverty, hardships, failures
My life is full of love and care but to say it is perfect ...i don't dare, I can't say i am desperatly sad but the lack of happiness drives me mad, I've been very patient all of these years
That was the day I died insideThat day, his last, I fell apartThat was the moment the world stoppedAll that time gone wrong, it finally stopped
He looks up at me, big brown eyes I say I have to leave And I do I am not from here I am a visitor, a stranger I have a family at home, a different culture His brown eyes fill with big wet tears
We are Losing Depressingly falling into a downward spiral Almost impossible to see until our flaws are acknowledged Our potential is endless, yet most of us are blind to the truth
I wake up see the challenges of the day They wake up twenty minutes late They see their mom Packed lunch; picked out clothes; prepaid day prepaid way
Never has a man cried so softly As the sound of a single tear hits his cheek
Man, the American dream sure did have us
  I did it! For the first time in my life I did amazingly well on a test.
  Truth being told sometimes is unforgotten butIs common to meAnd right about now I'd
No such thing as Cold?  Nonsense. I see cold every day. Cold is the way my mother looks at me because her life ended when mine began. Cold is my room because we can't afford to pay the electric bill.
We're livin' in a world today, Where its streets over home Heartaches where pain rome…
It reeks of an attic, Collecting dust, frantic In a great weight. And the certain fate, That my mother will wash it, Comforts me and my grit. I'm covered in another's past
Just a young black girl In a hazy world In a small town, nowhere to be found All the violence All the poverty How will I excel How will I make it Will I triumph to victory Or fall among the rest
Tears dropping from poppas eyes. LIES, about this country streaming through his mind. Inside, feeling worthless and insecure as I hold his hand to let him know, one day I'll free you from all of this.
Living life as a teen is hard sometime it feels like I'm suck in a brick yard I try to look through it but that wall is not invisable To be honest its my parents acting like the wold is transmissible.  
interesting, the value of a penny it takes exactly one hundred and twenty five pennies to get on a bus  today I have a puddle of pennies a couple of quarters a dime and five nickels
As  men we are viewed lessAs equals we are given l
There was a little boy named angel, He had a friend he didnt talk his friend much, and now he regrets it he wishes he spent more time with him, and i will tell you the story
A white piece of clothing embroidered with colorful flowers and made with the most delicate fabric by my grandmother is on the hanger. The flowers range in color from red, to blue to pink. I see the headpiece that I am supposed to wear.
Every day we hear it, about the destitute far away,
Trying to hide how my stomach feels How long has it been since I had a meal?  The Money is dust. Hunger is rust: robbing me senseless,  caressing me senseless. Hunger, that foul fiend!
    18   Hooray! Suuu baby now Sukkie Sukkie
While i walk down their street the smell is un-missble tarps stand as children lie lie of hunger and disease their stomachs cry but their faces still smile why must people go through misery 
In the darkness they lieIn the places we hideNot wanted nor desiredOn the streets in the coldWhere the piercing sidewalk behind the thundering street becomes a hotel bed
Here I sitHere I sit in a bed no bigger then me,With blankets tossed,
They say to truly understand someone, you must walk in their shoes. But what if they don’t have shoes? What if they walk. Barefoot. For Miles. In the scorching desert heat.
Sometimes I wonder,Why people hunger.Than I remember the kind hearts of December, How they give, and sing,and how that makes some people's hearts sting!They are Scrooge,
Mommy, why are you crying? Why is your hand on your forehead? What are those papers in front of you? What are all those numbers on that page?   Mommy, please stop crying. If you cry, then I cry.
The trees leaves breezz , the sun shine , the birds sing,  kids are playing, and little boys chasing little girls. Seem like everything in the world is working good but one problem.
They told us we are created equal But,
Clean, white, and comfy;
when our life cycles ends? what is left? nothing but our new generation me, you and them  whats our differnce . we all come together and die and rott why not make a difference
Nobody should have to live like this: Working three part-time jobs trying to get ahead; Struggling non-stop trying to make a living; No time for anything except work and bed!
I am from the S on the compass Where 90 degrees was casual weather and winter barely existed A loving household, a family oriented place
long roads my socks with holes naps for days waking up eating suger cookie how i remember my childhood days. racing down the block full speed my four wheeler giving up on me it roars and sreams
Sleepless Owl in the eyes of the sun.    Mocking thy simple existence in this perpetual world.  Starved by the thought of food, craving the ruby red taste of wine.  The owl saw this miserable creature and made a faint smile.   The owl spoke," I kn
Restlessly propelled bus tour through poverty's playpenInhaling the vile stench of minimum wage and food-stampsAn unholy concoction of $8/hr in a $960 cramped studio apartment fed by cal fresh's moldy government cheese
One week of the year  They asked to give up. To them this one week Was more than enough. An impact too deep for words to describe
  Bird’s joyful chirps and children playing, Constant friendly greeting. While passing through, color Is bursting from every other Laughter, grassy field, and face. Always clean, always safe;
“Everyone needs to match.” “We have to show that we’re a team.” “It’s only 20 dollars.” IT’S NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS Take 20 and multiple by 5 We only wear them once My mother works overtime,
From where i stood, Tecate Baja California. 20 feet from the line. 20 feet from a different world. from where i stood all was mine. i step across that fence and I'm swirled.
A child cries loud hunger pains A mothers in childs pose baring the shame My body is full of emptiness and mommy doesn't care She knows that prostituting won't get her anywhwere
Am I a she? Am I a he? Am I dead? Am I lead? Am I a singer? Am i a writer?  Who am I? Doesn't matter as long as I go by  Whether I'm a cook Or I'm a book I am nothing
I watch as light drapes over my being, a shower of warmth and comfort while cold devours fragile skin, Shadows of night vanishing from once loomed places of comforting darkness.
I'm sitting here writing this poem to help me get a better college education I want to do well so I can become a great man for this nation This poem right in front of me will help pave the way
At the young age of 12, I noticed the difference. Brandy was wearing Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Forever 21... expensive clothes. Holly, however, well... what was she wearing? Was it from a thrift store? Or Wal-Mart?
You don't have to like your life You just have to shut up and take it You can't make eye contact You don't want to make them uncomfortable You have to look hurt and innocent
Dear Congress, Why must you treat working class citizens like the scum of the earth? I am sorry that I cannot fill your pockets with my parents’ money. I am sorry that I want my voice heard instead of my wallet.
I gaze out my window to see rain attempting to come in, it hits the glass, but then trickles down in defeat The dark clouds loom above, and like a plague, it sucks the light off the land, leaving the world in shadows 
Here I am in this seat once again Geometry, Chemistry, all of it, in my head My life is headed in no direction I feel as though school is just a distraction What will I learn at the end of the day
EXUSES ARE FOR THE WEAK FOR THE LAZY AND THE MEEK. thats what my teacher says to me. yes sometimes MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK just doesnt fly. but tell me why, tell me how,
"Don't have a big head, the world doesn't revolve around you." There's no I in team, that's all that I knew. There are people that are starving, homless and broke. But that's only in movies, it was only a joke.
I See Smelly Poo. Everywhere. When I walk down the street there it is, Poo. From the wrong ends,
Life is nothing more than a tune lost in the wind We all strive to hear it as if deafness never existed Exquisidly I believe we live in an age where sobriety is lost And poverty is the cost
Walking up to the front door, I see your eyes widen with disbelief. “This mansion is your home?” I shake my head and unlock the door, “No, this is my house,” I correct you
My Life  The high school days come and go  It has sports, plays and even talent shows  My high school days have come to an end I remember the time in elementary where I played pretend  
Dream Big I was told to dream big.
In the Cycle It was just another day of school. Another day of being cool with my dudes, and being smooth for the ladies. It was just another day at school
Being thankful A small task to ask But not many make time Until time is up Gone and never coming back Being thankful Should have when you could Being thankful Small but mighty 
  Poverty has transformed me in many ways. It has made me someone humble. Someone who fights through cold and hunger. It has chaged my mentallity and gave me the ablity to overcome agony.
Love has no boundaries. Love is selfless. Love is scarifice. Love is charity. The rich in love reach out to the helpless.  The heart of gold grows in maturity. One finds passion and eternally grows.
To the kids in Chamba, India:
When I was young they told me money isn't real If so can I say no to this foreclosure deal? Will the hospital do free surgery on my heel? Is there anybody out there that feels like I feel?
A dull blue hat upon his headBlack ripped gloves are on his handsLost and somewhat confusedThere's this homeless man
"Summer assignments are in. Its just a $20 dollar book." I can already tell that you're judging me because I gave a sickening look I'm sure you can afford it no problem at all
In the hood cancer takes the best of usJail, drugs, and shootouts usually take the rest of usIt just be seeming like a God ain't there for uslike really who the heck be helping usDirty cops arresting us
I see the stars Covering all of my scars Don't know how, don't know why But when I look, I just want to cry I wonder how the majic works with all its little quirks
On twitter these days, there's a new hashtag trending,
So much inequality exists Budget cuts to welfare programs are like tightening the noose around the poor’s neck Being laid off is a death sentence for most
Love ?Life? If you can believe it But cannot achieve it Is it worth it To keep workin Stress is Stress Life is Life God is God Is it right how you choose to live your life
I come to class with a smile on my face but you are unaware i sometimes cry before i go to sleep you tell me to stop talking but you don't know im trying to distrct myself from negative thought  
  Schadenfreude a word in the German language with no direct English translation,  meaning: pleasure derived from someone else's pain   I am punished with no listening ears having nothing
At night she cried And woke up with a smile She put on a shirt and tie Screaming “I wish I had a guy To take care of my baby and I” She taught me to put a rubber on my dick
I'm from clothes, shoes, ipods, and iphones Lip gloss, mirrors... I stay fly as them all I'm from rice and beans, Prince Fried Chiken Fast food to soul food cooking in the kitchen
Out of place, he sits there. As though ignorant Of judgment and pity. Dirt in the creases of his coat, the pleats of his scarf, the wrinkles of his face Disappearing into his aged beard.
MeWho is me?Who am I to say the least toAnything?Am I youAre you me-Is me an existing being or is it allJust red.Because that’s all I see,All I feel is blackAnd all that I bleed
I am a person. I am not different from you. Yet, You look at me like I’m garbage. I’m not. Why does this have to happen to me?
I'm walking. I am walking. I am walking onward. Despite my struggles, I walk. He left us at home. And, hopes for us to follow. My heart is torn, Between the one I know best and the one I mourn.
Horrible landlords many have them.  Remember the sour smell in your bathroom. Mushrooms growing from the root of your bathroom floor. The unknown black spots sprinked throughtout your tub.
Keenan Rhodes Summer Jazz isn’t overrated… Summer jazz is where the black kids seem cooler than blue. Dem brothas sway in the shade and lean against prefabricated and rundown buildings.
I am a slave To our world's ways As my nation sold My very soul   They buried themselves Under a pile of green And took me along To pay for their deeds  
At night I walked along the railroad tracksof an unabandoned harbor running adjacentto the Penobscot. The cold air, crisp,interrupted by the smoke stacksof a paper mill, down aways. “Pan-Am Maine”coupled with graffiti adorned each train car.
My uncle once told me never to smell money; for liking the smell of money is selfish, I suppose, greedy, as if the green scent is blood in an ocean infested with sharks
Strong, independent, my wise words of thoughts The source of all my pride and joy The source of my pain The wrinkles that settle beneath the eyelids of a woman hard at work
She comes home to only her mother, and no father. Being strong is all she ever tried to be for Mom. She wants things, yet never asks. Money- a piece of paper with such value, with such power,
Our world is not made for people to knowOur world is made for our endevours into the unknown Everyone is worried about materialistic lifeBut every one ends up getting stabbed in the back with a dull knife
As I open the door feeling the crisp blackened air of the 123 and ABC’s as I sit in my prison chair
It's all up to me. It's all up to the students. It's all up to the youth. It's all up to the unemployed city workers. It's all up to the underpaid teachers.
Millions are out there. We see it every day. On the streets. In parks. Near houses. They're out there. Millions of them. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Desperate for help.
How is it going, my dear old friend? 
What's the weather like in your place

?   And how many friends you've made?   

Do you still remember the bygone days when we have suffered  
These teachers preach and presume on a system of material but I can't seem to heed the preachings then I wonder, if they ever been denied cerial listen better to Gandi's teachings  
Sometimes it all spills out like a vein being hit. Letting the ink cry even if the eyes dont do it. Writing to a wall about the problems of the world. Knowing damn well that the mouth wouldnt do it.
Dear Teacher, here are the things I can't tell you because the language you speak I can't bare to swallow, I hope you see it my way, getting out of the ghetto is harder than you think today.
i have my own memories brewed with sin,i did it for my family and i would do it again,one day i spoke with god, i knew it was him,"Son im going to take you where few have been."he took my hand and appered before a huge mansion,dont explain yoursel
  Lost in another world Where darkness covers my soul Bringing sadness to my only light Only to be held by the people who truly love me Wondering what have I done to be here instead of home
I can’t tell you what it is likeTo look in the mirror and only wonderTo wonder about IkeA poor boy in a third world underTo question why he isn’t the sameTo ask myself what I can do to help
Growing up can be hard   Unless you are the son or daughter of a person deemed a god   But for those of us who are like me and maybe you  
If I were in charge of the world, all diseases would have a cure. Drugs and Alcochol would not be made, Everyone would have a home to live in and sleep, There would never be any criminals. 
My heart, it is not BIG My thoughts, they are HUGE My expectations I am held to, they are ENLARGENED My dreams, they are GIGANTIC The respect I have for myself, it is GRAND
  The ball bounces against the crack of the drive Two little girls laugh as they miss the backward shot. Dusk disappears like their childhood
Oh Juvenal I feel your pain. Thousand of years have passed but our cities remain the same. How disgusting, and shameful can these people be?!
My skin is darkness, my eyes stars My soul pure evil, when flying at night. If I shall encounter you in my path Weak, lonely, ready to die; Your soul shall be mine  
Ambition   Trapped in a dark room filled with doom But I’m waiting on that spark so I can start. On a new road but I’m getting too old To be wait’n and contemplate’n on choices but I can’t hear
What if it were you who couldn't afford to go to school?   How would you feel? How would you deal?   Your dreams ripped away. Can't save them for another day.  
Denisha Hill                                                            The Damming of the Masses
  I am committed -no- destined to make a better life for myself I work in the day, I don’t have time that is free No, I don’t have an inherited wealth. I am overwhelmed and I wont tell you what I need.  
Everyday of hard work and dedication, constantly trying to get an education, we seem to watch our days pass by with no reason, but for one perticular season, it's our one day of  pleasin'.
  I was born lucky. Poor, cold, and hungry. lucky. You can't go to college Lucky. Your grandmother committed suicide yesterday, Sobbing Your grandfather doesn't want to know of your existence
My weave is Gucci My sunglasses are Fendi Do not be jealous
I gave my sister 25 cents to buy a gumball. Not much, But more than was in the bodega’s empty soup can labeled “Tips.” Her little crooked teeth and flaxen hair skipped out the door,
We sit on our cotton made, silk lined couches. We entertain ourselves by watching Hi-Def  TV on 62'' flat screen televisions, while eating a hot homemade meal, 
Struggle, worries, stress weighed down by what keeps me from rest clouded thoughts tie me down these troubles are so loud they dont make a sound too many stay slaves to this evil
  The world to see The sights to ponder The tastes to revel But yet, the troubles to be.  
Is money important? They say it's not, that it cant buy happyness, But what do they know?   Is money important? Money can buy a house for shealter, can buy bed to sleep,
Emotions of gentleness and pleasure Not indeed so beautiful Fire of love that burns his heart He has endured incalculable fatigue and cold and hunger   His future hopes, a creature of another sex; queen
On the cold, dark streets People lay starving and ill Dreading each moment
As I get off the freeway You hold up your sign Asking me for things That are for sure not yours And that I think are mine   Who do you think you are?? Whatever, its just a homeless person
I watch, as the world keeps moving, Unable to move with it, Forced to stay in the dark, unwanted, and unearned, No light, no warmth, no hope,
I acknowledge the problems in the world today, In response, I do the right thing; Graduate, stay out of trouble, get a job, get paid. Obstacles create more problems to overcome.
Open my lonesome eyes to see the days goes by tears dripping down my eyes my smile became a frown
Not once in my life have I heard someone say “Could you spare some change?”; no, they expect we will pay. They sit with their signs, black words in black scrawl, and hope as we each walk on by, one and all.  
I've sweat and I've bled, But never enough. The tears that I've shed Don't show that I'm tough. So many before me, And so many to follow, Will feel pain  That I could never swallow.  
        What I say to you is true, "It's up to you." Why do I say it like that? I am a woman with dignity and respect.
waking up to nothing praying to god just for a little something going to school just to be made fun of you ignore them because your tired of them of pointing and laughing, but inside ur breaking
When society does a 180 twist down on my headAnd I can't rest anymore, digest anymore except if it's a complete mealI'm drained of heating water, to cook noodles that cost a quarter
Beep. Honk. Verm. Said Old Gustie. Smell tells of burnt brake. I hope life ain’t so fusty.   The jerk of the gear made Dustie cry like-Oh. My. Goodness sakes! Beep. Honk. Verm. Said Old Gustie.
He loved alcohol more than your love Like ever guy ,he said those words that made you cave in Guess he thought it was enough To make it work To fall in love  
French Revolution People begging Sickness spreading A child left alone A chase across a lifetime The rebellion begins Love blossoming at first sight Souls ripped apart by fear
Be a mastermind. Be one of a kind. Be the best of the best,  and you may fly.   Become a better leader. Become the overseer. Become better than the rest, And you may rise.  
Come all come thee come listen to me.                                                                                 
All these DREAMS I am having. They are all free, yet worthless. Some seem sorrowful sometimes And some seem serious sometimes As if they were worth of being dreamt.   I have realized the hard way;
On the daily walking out the door is a risk number one thought on mind is rich but distractions occupy so priorities switch  from woman being anything almost everything but belittled too bitch
I usually don't do poetry but like a bee trying to get honey...I need this money. At the bottom is currently where I lay, trying to find money for college to pay. Fighting through the struggle now, but I know I will make it through the fire.
  I Believe By Kara Young   I believe ima be the one to succeed achieve receive, while you lacking sacking think you a king when all you doing is crack, crack is whack and that’s a true fact
Too much force for a girl She pushin doors down And she walking thru a hood, where it’s goin’ down She told her daddy if she could she would leave the town Crown on her head and a noun to profound
I need a way out Tired of the way I'm living Prosistution was the way out Mom by day I know it's not meant to be this way I need a way out Approached by a man on his way out
And for your handful of success stories, I got a handful of death stories. A handful of arrest stories, brothas on the block- pushin rocks Thinkin' they're doin' their best stories... But if you can adjust shorties,
You know what we need? We need a modern-day Robin Hood. That is what we need.   modern-day Robin Hood is walking through the forest modern-day Robin Hood is walking through...  
In The City   I   Hello my name is Alex and I am a think-a-holic. I work waiting tables at a wine-bar on Woozer Way. No jokes; this is a modern form of torture. Furthermore, I am, occasionally, hopelessly, restless.
Shadows eclipse my weary soulBattle wounds can take its tollWhy am I to be this way?To make that choice this very dayThoughts driven by doubt revolveFears dimmed by peace disolve
I am untouchable Surrounded by the black gates Unsure of which to open “Let the people in!” Cries my heart Yet I am lost… Separated and gone   Write my name in the water
  What do you value? What do you fear? What makes you love? These are the stories I tell. The truth in which I hold so heavily in my heart. Come with me. Into my heart. Into my mind. The stage. Fall in love with my poetry.
i scrubbed violently at the grime on my skin filth dirt stain soot struggled to cleanse the grease out of my hair dirty oily unwashed
Do you think your life really sucks? Parents always after you’re my every move…….      
to cease to desist to stop the crimes to help the fighting youth to unveil the bride Truth and stop her point from becoming moot   that is our calling  
Les Enfants sont assis dans la rue L'ombre de l'arbre est une couverture Comme les gens marchent, les enfants sont inconnus C'est comme s"il y a quelque chose entre eux, une cloture  
poetry means to me sets my soul free with each every breath  reading love poem brings heart alive poem of dread release my fears and tears away  poem of life bring joy to the soul 
Harsh and cold Is the shattered concrete Click clicking beneath the feet Of jostled ignorance   Heavily breathing Pant panting anxiety Beneath these metal ghosts  
      My Last name is placed   in the prison system and the system not to graduate from middle school  .  They predicted that I would be a mother before I turn 16 and have a felony before
Backbone to navelBrain to dirtChildren 6ft. under on account of us...Scathing, burned, and batteredSealed with the branding of DEATHNo hope.Bones shaking, earth quakingBoom!
Too many feelings To express without crying Written tears will do
The fights… The rage the screaming the anger the shouting no time to really savor I’m pissed Real pissed Bout to throw a hanger Damn I'm always angry I'm trapped
Father, why me? I know I'm not perfect and I keep making mistakes but is this necessary? I know I didn't appreciate everything at every moment but why me?
peer pressure, a stereotype for teen but really what does it mean.Its pure pressure.
peer pressure, a stereotype for teen but really what does it mean.Its pure pressure.
peer pressure, a stereotype for teen but really what does it mean.Its pure pressure.
I worked hard to get to where I am now To purse my education in the years to come And to become unable to purse my education Due to financial problems would be an unfair call.
My story, my struggles, mistakes, heart breaks, path to nowhere self determined fate. Would all be useless… If I didn’t write
Growing up isn't easyThe struggles are endless. No one can mentally prepare you for what lies ahead,in 7th grade an enlish teacher showed me how to cope with the madness.
I know the change that tricklesIs like a diamond mineAnd my cupboards of canned foodCould feed the starving childrenBut I’m still barely livingHardly making enough to get byI walk to and from work
This Life we live  see its temporary  how forgranted we take things  how forgranted we take life  see we live each day  but not as if it's our last selfish and bitterness rise up in your eyes 
  Breathe I inhale the toxins of the world They weigh down on me like Atlas tear me up from the inside out I’m suffocating All the things I’ve seen are Nothing compared to living it out
Revolution is A mindset only found in the Blood of the angry.
Everyday i wake up i move much closer As i get out of bed my feet touch the street so many people on this road My heart grows bigger my mind still unique We were once children moving together
but I knew that the work was honest so I stayed  until the winter equinox turned the pads of my fingertips  raw.  and bloody. during my time in Monte Del Diablo.
Why is this so hard  Was raised like an uptowngirl  Now a poor college girl
  Crowds lined the dirty streets, to watch  the two lovers dance.   A flash of black sequin, all leg and red heel follow   black leather shoes step in time,
Ever changing, becoming something else. Beauty, wisdom, stronger with every passing second. Come to life once more.
The body and the earth shakes All the while the waves quake With untangible thoughts of a body So the sand breaks   Into grains in the mind Stringed noodles of a hallowed concubine
We prepare long and hard Sweating and in pain We arrive and the the air is dry and stiff I hear no language that I know And acknowledge my detachment from familiarity  We arrive to our new home After a bumpy ride In a run-down, old, moldy bus The
They say the world revolves around money. I think that you don't need money to be happy, but in order to be happy you have to be set financially. The world is too cruel to those who have nothing,
Help a sista out You know just what to do Write that check with her name Don't give it to another fool She needs it for more than just money For her success, ambition, and dreams 
Jobless   6 frigid years and I'm still unemployed why is there help wanted signs when there's no void Walking through Toys R Us for jobs, I'm ignored
The man on the street with his bags and a couple of things. Everything he owns fits in the shopping cart he carries back and forth on the streets. Cars honk him as he tries to cross the street and people push him down if he walks too slow.
    Walking through an abyss of struggles Surrounded by the midst of pain and defeat Stepping over the vines of temptation And nearly landing in the sandpits of destruction
You bloom in the fire, you flourish in the sand,  You bring your village hope, and give them strength to stand. When all is gone, and you stand alone, You shine as a symbol,
I wish the lottery and raises wouldn't bring as much joy as they do. I wish your happiness and satisfaction with life didn't depend on the amount of money you had.
Man I'm tired of living life everyday the same Struggle, putting in overtime and working straight doubles. Nothing has ever been handed to me on a platter, I'm just trying to climb a neverending ladder.
My mother thin in her yellow dress, the dress each Sunday saw. The large women sparkled, laughing in the glow of their prosperity, exchanging empty "bless your heart"'s. Fat bellies and wallets abundant in
Afraid. Body tingling, breath quickening Pulse racing. Thrown into the world, -A world that believes it will all be OK. Go to school. Get your education.
I want to be able to work hard to earn to be proud of what I have got to open my arms to others to sacrifice I want my children to not feel guilty when they say "Mommy, I want to be a lawyer."
Here I stand                                                                                                                                                   because im being                                                                        
  The scrawny man walks down the street Casually to the jewelry store. But before he gets there he is beat, And his fat wallet is no more.   The first man had just wanted To get a useless gift
Life, there's a battle to fight, there's a war to win. We cry, we hurt, we experience, we sin. Some are strong, some are known to be weak. We get through tribulations, but fold when rumors leak. We're lost so we write and find ourselves in words.
When one year old, the situation was cold. The thought in mind, was difficult to find. The story was told, in the newspaper sold. From then on out, my feelings in doubt.
I know you cant be here I know you dont know how i feel I understand that you cant be here But no matter what,I know you care After all my pain and hate I finally realized it's not too late
(poe     Things weren’t always so simple for me Sitting on the playground and wondering why no kids would play with me
Day dreaming comes to the mind, O beautiful sky clouds thy dangerous time. Thou children play in thy swings, O loud bangs take away the young angels wings. Death sliences the auroma,
They said they cared for our people in the streets... just look around and you'll see us all trapped in the heat... Sporadic tears of broken shears cut deeper than our darkest fears..
I write to stop from crying, my trials and tribulations make writing a replacement, to stop myself from dying. The pen and the pad replace my rope, my mind replaces the needle shooting through my vein,
My name is explicit and rusting on a spoiledExpired piece of prideIt can even make a sound that penetrates the sensesElaborates the focus of horror in the lensesThese eyes shine and have difficulty to cry
     Waking up and looking on,   reflections show the morning sun.   Pearls of wisdom rest inside,   coming out just to hide.   Digging deep can keep the faith,   all while staying true to base.
(poems go here) Kind of the way a baseball is hard under the scuffed leather. Rough and pealing into your hands and your fingers grip tight for a fastball.   Just enough grit to know
For years she was afraid to show her face afraid of what they might say so she hid always only a silouette nothing more, locked in the depths of the heart  growing bored of waiting to be released until one day she begans to stir because she can fe
A wallet, not only kept in my back pocket. A wallet, holding the contents of which I need every single day. A wallet, much more than a wallet, holding also the key to my emotions, when I'm feeling good the wallet is full.
Sitting concrete steps of this run down apartment. Looking up at the blue sky. Just flustered by my overwhelming thoughts."Am I stuck here forever?" I say to myself. I know I'm capable.
Oh mister Obama, what's the deal with you? millions are dying from you and you only have helped like two. Taxes and resources going down the drain this is why so many people are in so much pain
I write because it’s the best way to express myself. When I feel like no one is here to listen to the words I have to say; that’s when I write.
Who am I? Who am I? I’m still trying to find that out. I wake up every day with so much confusion, to where it is that I need to be in life.
To write is to feel, more than what you can hear.  Putting words into your soul, and letting it flow. Spinning your head round and round until you can't get off the ground.
I look into children's eyes seeing stories that are untold but seem to hold horrors unknown. I hear silent screams pleading for help when there is none .
  Contemplate capturing currency, Chasing it like creatures chaotically like it was an emergency. When your funds fill fellows’ fingers, Exiting your own, making you one of the malingers.
The Ripple Effect Sometimes I cannot help but wonder What really goes out yonder? If all our lives is not a blunder To pass never remembered like thunder   Into it we come wailing
Everyone is tangible/ Lacerations cut deep within one's pride/ Castigations fly freely from lips of an octogenarian idol/ Sorid, vile words were bladed sharp/ Everyone is tangilbe/ Aspirant to move forward/ Pushing through the cracks of the dark,
First day of kindergarden, the promise of new things. Proud parents with tears in their eyes, let go of the tiny hand. Child comes to the table as the bank page, eager to learn. School years go by, like seasons turned,
Look! right there , yes..everywhere. INJUSTICE , i cry INJUSTICE ! tears, it's not fair we are poor , wheres our hope? the world is crumbling everything is dying. What happened to our beautiful trees?
Fighting, but i'm weak with both hands. A vacation, eyes detect no beach, feet feel no sand. Double left handed, clubsy but talented. Can't get a job, did once but got fired because I couldn't manage the way my manager managed things.
Welcome to the under side of reality.The insomniac's life- the victim to causality.Understand that paranoid mentality,confusion and hallucination lie in the lack of sleep, dimentia coming after peace.
Some know those dark fights,
10+11 are the days I should stay home Your mother called. She asked me what you want for dinner, chicken or spaghetti? How can I be special at home?
I want money so i can choose my own misery I go to school so i can learn blissfully I get a job  so i can suffer regularly all this for a love of money that has no reciprocity
People living in poverty need so little to be happy, A single house Is known as a palace.
A ticket and a dream was all that she could see, An orphan, and hope for all that could be. Not even a hop, skip, and a jump away.   To arrive on a plan was more than they could ask for,
       If wall could talk, what would they say?                                                                                                                         Would they tell the secrets of those within?
  Patient As i am. Caged in sometimes that you don't know how to be a man. Thinking the devil has he's hands on me. I'm trying to run away but I can't.
Forget the world and the ghetto  too. When I wake up I get ready to lace up my shoes. Walking out the  front wondering if someone is going to shoot. Five weeks earlier my home-boy kirk was shot all over the news.
If you know the rules know em' If you have a plan stick to the plan. Times is hard than you think. My people stay hungry just to eat. Run to the top just to get there and there is a lot to see.
    Slippery ground And a curious mind Led me down a black hole Where darkness crept inside my soul.    Fallen deep into the pit. No way out did I find.   
It starts with money. The lack of it, We know it's funny, But bit by bit, It all becomes blood money And it may be hard to admit, Because we know it's just a penny, But to them it's many. For them it's food, for them it's plenty.
I know I hurt you in the past I just wanna make this last Cherish all the moment when were smiling and we laugh Some say we moved to fast and that makes me mad I know what's in my heart and the feelings i have 
Lord of the Heavens calm my heart Because it cannot have what it wants Calm the sometimes emptiness if the heart Calm the worry and the despair Alas! Oh Lord! Do not leaves us now!
Land of the freeLand of the apatheticLand of the dreamersLand of the broken Home of the braveHome of the hopefulHome of the better tomorrowHome of the bitter
People say they love so much and have big hearts, Yet they say how much they hate gay. People say how bad the world is, Yet they stick up their noses to aid. My brother has asma, yet he chooses to smoke.
Like reaching that star in the sky, Or feeling so limitless that you believe you can fly. High on life, because you know you have achieved
I write not for fame or foe  I write not for power or polatics  I write not for war or wreckage  I write not for ignorance or idiocy I write not for government or greatnes I write not for me, myself, or I 
Futures may seem dim Life may be hard and dark but Hope is still on high
This is not a rant, or even a rebellious speechI'm just speaking my mind, I don't want to preachbut there's a possibility, that i'll teach you lyricallymaking choices for yourself, will maintain your healthincluding your sanity, content and selfWe
the american dream was what i hoped for, wrote for, put all my timein my books and took notes for, white picket fence nice house and no help, but the way things going i dont think my timegone help, cuz jobs are lost, money talks, and tragedies are
A piece of paper rules our lives today; some try to deny but some are proud to say. This object that takes up so little space can, somehow, deem our societal place. But what is this object in the scheme of it all?
One step, one step That’s all they cling to Backs formed into the shape of commas Weary from the heavy burden of grief
"Excuse me, is the manager here?Why?(You should be able to tell by how I'm dressed but..)I'm following up on a job application..Ok thanks.." Hello, my name is [Your name here]
For lust is greed, and greed is contempt For what i believe, there no soul  I wonder about my sins To gander upon them is no thought within I cant stop, I cant believe For what is inside is killing me
Life is hard enough as it is. Something has to give. Struggling every day, but I thought that a life of luxury was the American way.
You smell the goods, You feel the heat, You sit there waiting for a coin atleast a crum for you to eat, When the cold creeps in, you can feel it creep through your feet,
(Fast sad lane of reality, other stories don't match with family, left lost on the streets with insanity, none realized the real, feel what empty stomachs got without a meal, split one time so he'll make at least a dime, bedless because of bed bug
in the eyes of a ranger the unsuspecting stranger working hard in life achieveing little or less of  your goals with the eye on the prize you never give up
I left them... Last night I had a dream the world was ending, I was reduced to ant size and lived with a snake,  she was friendly but scary,  green and alive, I am awake now, paying my credit card
Maybe someday  day I will learn: Nothing will happen unless I make it happen. I hate myself. These practical
Hustling through the streets; living dollar to dollar Addicted mom and missing father Alone and dead to the world are you Working. Always skipping school Greed killed the dreams you could have lived
At weekday’s start, when the glaze on the grass blades leaves, Mrs. Carol emerges from the plywood lined rows to care for her carrots.   A yellow bus speeds through
It's never loud enough. Never strong enough to strike fear.  Its only a whisper one that tantalizes your ear. She doesn't speak often  But when she does  you shall hear  words of wisdom 
My eyes open and I stare at this charcoal wall, my back aches, my ancles are stiff, and i cant even fathom the thought of sitting up and metally preparing myself for yet another butally draggish day..... I hate this.
(poems go here) Life’s bumpy roads and harsh realities Are what brought me to the refuge of poetry. A world where you have little money, Where the lady on the news talks about a new murder every night
These words, never heard, never spoken aloud, never sung, only written Only understood by those who are struggling to keep their dreams alive Those who have one arm chained to the ground, the other free and reaching
If today were the last day to live, would you call your enemies and forgive? or would you go to the shelter to give? something simple can express so much our hands together is a simple touch
Slip, slide, falling to black. Who will save her? Standing up on her own, What good? For she is alone. Through the ages she will remain. Where be her destination once her shell is gone?
A chance opens doors...a chance might become yours...but what we do with these chances effect our lives whether its cause great growth or a social dive into instability.
we like those speakful car conversations talking about relationships and songs that songs that were number one hits how life has changed alittle lyrically spitten versus of how our
My mamma said I was full of piss and vinegar there was no family pastor ,priest, or minister to save me from my life of crime and wicked ways my futures counted down not by years but simply days
I walk past wonderful, wounded people, with nothing of worth but the words of my mouth. Isn't there more than empty words? Isn't there more to life than this?
I write to express when theres no one left to understand, I write to those that are in the same postion as me wondering if anyone else could feel their pain, and understand their shame.
I am enrolled in a course that is taught by a man in perfectly-pressed pants and starched white shirts and powerless pastel ties whose speech and taint-less style choices speak to his belief that each new and wondrous discovery experienced by a ch
The more I see the more I know, it’s not where you come from, but where you go. Many times judgment will pass, like a lightning bolt it happens in a flash.
The fear of loosing someone you loved The fear of being pushed & shoved The fear of loosing all your possessions The fear of not having any connections FEAR NOT
The day's are like minutes, minutes you wait for and prosper. you think of the days as if they are given to you but it's the opportunity of giving thanks. We all depend on tomorrow as if a switch of a light, once you switch it, it shall turn on.
The darker corner of Memphis, TN Where prostitutes take their positions among a sea Of honest workers and school kids waiting early on the MATA Just to repeat the process at 3 in the after-
For all you birds atop the wires, Feeling as though you've mounted spires, Gawking and squawking at us below, Attempting to reap what we could sow, Yes we labor for your stupidity, Suffering for both you and me,
(poems go here) My pen sculpts a future Potential to work and to enjoy with one job My pen sculpts a dream Hope of proving my father wrong that writing is dead
Look, this is Life, this isn't a game/ You don't have a Monopoly on humor/ You're in Jeopardy of having a Hanged Man on your conscious/ Listen, every joke you make is bringing them closer to their Final Fantasy/
I never had a home, In fact, I never remember having a family. These people? who are they? I over heard something unpleasent, I could remember the pharses of "Adopted", "Brought here for a reason",
1. I have always wondered how long it takes 2. for a pixie to slowly construct a pixie stick 3. A pixie that slowly breaks away at a sugar cane 4. with a two sided axe 5. making every tiny crumb more and more unique
Your heart gets tired of all of the crap you bring to it Thinking its love but its lust you're bringing to it Torn up inside you feel so worthless Thoughts going like an emotional circus
Your swollen face is smiling, little boy on the streets, Dodging traffic with your friends, cold gravel cuts your feet. Who's rich and who's poor, you really don't care, Right now you don't know that life is cruel and unfair.
Everyday I'm moving, and everyday I'm working. Gotta keep my mind going because I'm crazy as a circus. Everyday I'm thinking, and everyday I'm writing. Stand up freestyling. Always reciting something.
Who could personify such a word? Who is dirty persay? Why are they? Frowned upon they are taking dirty looks from cleaner people Here is the church Here is the steeple
At times I feel like I am in search for myself to find peace instead of all this reckoning that lingers within this restless soul of mine...
Los Angeles, California. What is it like? Sunny weather, super stars, flashing lights. That’s what people think L.A. is like. But they don’t know about South Central and all of its fights.
He stared at the paper in hand, Jaw hanging open. It wasn’t possible, But it was.
Pay check to pay check Dead end to dead end Choices slip away We are left hanging Just a few threads left Enough to keep us here And alive We move on from the past But progress?
when I was starving when I was left for dead when I was abandoned or
I write for the delinquents who repent. But they hard wired for barbed wire. Those weakened by the cement. That turns their hearts ire into gunfire. For the man who has not but cannot Stumble or falter.
The mental state of a young black kid is contended The fast life he has seen on the screen is addictive Having money and clothes is all he thinks about Plus the thought of cigars going in his mouth
The world we live in is such a disgrace! Some flourish greatly while others die Do not let your life be a waste!
The poor have plenty of mouths to feed, But have no money in their pockets. They have wounds that bleed, But no way to stop it.
Lalalala I don't know what to do really. I don't know if to rhyme I don't know if to squeeze I don't know....that's something I frequent. Science is my game And the more I learn, the less I know.
In the darkness my words sing, To defenseless souls, I give them wings. Every war they fight keeps them astray, Only tears I can wipe away. With my words of love and inspiration to all,
She was always standing there As my roommate, my soul-mate My best friend, and my daughter. She stood tall with love With chocolaty smile And with soft-beaming light.
Poor peasants plod along the paths: People paid paltry pittances By piratical plutocrats. Meanwhile, rich robbers rest In their rooftop resorts, Ringed by their revenue.
(poems go here) In the face of adversity I find myself engulfed in darkness Unaware of who I'm fighting But I know I must eliminate them For they are the ones holding me back from destiny
Maybe it was the black mold that killed me. The kind that stares at you from the bathroom walls or perhaps it was the broken sink, Exposed at the seams, inviting in bugs that
You're exasperating, Mr. Brisbane! You wear a pointy hat and new shoes and an overcoat with socks, but you forget, sir, that you do not wear a moneyhat or a moneyshoe or a moneycoat or
I ask for your assistance for life has played me a hand of air I hope I find the courage to carry on
Are you different? Are you alone? I know my answer. Are you a clone? Life isn't fair, Just another tragedy. In which losing Is the only strategy.
The little girl didn't know it yet But she was a dancer, Quite experienced might I add. She practiced without even trying. Everyday of every hour. A dedication ignited not by desire. With her ballet flats,
Stenches from take-out restaurants and people who should shower more often, Looking up to the sky only when buildings pointed that way, Crack heads and crazies and crooks eyes follow me as I pass, Enter the building,
I remember Africa. Sun-drenched days, Sweltering nights of still, equatorial heat, Blistering suffocation of a land with no air. Sweat rolls down your neck and back at all times.
He sat on the curb near his house, A park bench or cardboard box collapsed. The clothes on his back Well, there are no clothes only scraps. The ceramic mug that sits in front,
We turn a cold shoulder to one another Turn a blind eye to helping each other Tell you that "we'll pray for you" And in the same breath say "there's nothing I can do" Instead of actually helping out
It smells like coal my mother says "Reminds me of my childhood," she says Reminds her of family reunions Ashland, KY formerly a place of gathering (It is now a ghost-town living up to its name)
Look away, Look away, That I may not see the hunger, the stricken, the pain; I would much rather stay In my world Having every thing I could ever want -- But always wanting more.
On hands and knees my wrists move with the rhythm of my labored breathing, scrubbing these floors and hoping that working just hard enough can wash away the sins of this system we didn’t ask to be a part of,
The world is mine for the taking Every day something new Discovering who I can be What can I do? Born into a broken home Always fighting for the spotlight Never one for trouble
Living in poverty is war. Life itself is war, but when you mix poverty and life you get turmoil. Living a life in turmoil should be immoral, but who I am to say this ?
I can see him now, Itchin' in his pass-me-downs; Roamin' the streets, so discreet, as not to wear his shoes out.
I have a boat, all my own. I keep it next to my lake so large, the one we all know: The lake where the sun is never balanced by the breeze; the lake where the breeze in never balanced with leaves.
Apart from me, I am a part of you I am with you, but you were never with me WE, yes we were never one, you were more than half of me But I wasn't nearly that close to you Fear was my pending fate for you
Beast of the drum. Songs to hum. Songs to last, memories that pass. Sunny skies, waves passing by. Blistering heat brings a tear to my eye. Sorry I cannot stay, Stray, Runaway.
Dirty water, Children dying from drinking contaminated water Why don’t we do more? Let us help those who cannot help themselves.
A Lady holds her statue up to the air She educates herself without restrictions Her parents in place boundaries with each tear A lady allows her short coming , make her tensions
Life is rough and we all have experienced the bumpy roads keep your head up and hang in there you see those bullies? that storm that just crushed your home? the adversities you face everyday? dont let them get to you
School is out of my budget But the rich love it The poor hate it Because I can't make it The rich laugh at my struggle While the poor support my hustle I live within my means
How many times a day do we trust, that the plane overhead isn't coming for us? How many times a day do we hurt, and believe that the screams aren't meant to be heard?
(poems go here)
I made it Through the tears and heartbreaks I made it From those cold days and dark nights I made it From the abuse and fear Those hungry, restless nights I made it
I dislike losing. I will defeat the others. Make this haiku true!
To get there Rising each day the sun gleams bright Following the path to a better night Hunger aches me daily As I struggle to achieve Lifes bitter woes pull me Holding on to my beliefs
My Hustle Joey Goggins
I would teach a girl to see the world In all it's poverty, happiness and glory How imperfection is beauty and Being flawless is to be too perfect
Trapped in the world Of a paper cup Not a lid to be seen But no way up
Where I come from? I come from along line of strong women From picking cotton fields to pulling weeds out their own garden From loyalty and respect to hatred and discreet
The flower blossoming in the street As I stop to lift her up And shed a tear For the blood of many Was her only water A red flower
This work is exhausting Fifteen hour days on six hours of sleep six days a week, but I’m still going I’m still showing this city all I’ve got I’m not done here
Countless demonstrators, Over two thousand arrests, Good old civil disobedience and nonviolent protests, The scream of powerful voices as strong hearts beat in our chests,
We learned to draw We learned to listen We learned to hope Amidst the darkness We learned to live We learned to admire We learned to laugh Amidst the blackness
Guests arrive at Half past noon On the table did Lay a silver spoon Back and forth With all his might A man of service Of black and white
At a young age, maybe seven, I had a connection with the main character of a children's cartoon show, Dexter's Laboratory; both he and I enjoyed the thrill of invention.
I walk through the night, Searching in the cold. Trying to be their light, Offering to hold. I can see their silhouette, Shivering and scared. We have not met yet, No one ever cared.
Slam what you will but I will accomplish my goals. Ill be more than a statistic, do more than blow trees and smash hoes. Slam what you will but you have my word ill be something.
A normal day begins in the dark night, with what appears as stars all around. Do not get me wrong it is not stars, for it is flashlights and workers without a sound.
I am a princess. Them gaudy crowns an’ fluffy dresses-- they don’t mean nothin’. My castle is on the corner of Ninth and Elm. My royal steed passes underground, carryin’ all types to all places.
I will make it Some day some how Pursue my dream And never give up Money is a figure I can't control But my dream will always be there And I will never give up I will make it
The wind blows steady unseen but heard. What is this feeling of emptiness I to go to sleep with at night but soon forget in the morning? Did I pretend to forget Just to go on with my days, survive?
You see them sitting there Cold on the corner You can't help but stare But what will they care? They've lost their dignity They've lost their pride too So why would they care
Standing at an intersection Holding a cardboard sign Scrawled on with a sharpie Found lying around Cars pass And pass And pass This is humiliating Still they pass The hot sun beats down,
Heads sweat from the heat boiling above Bodies ache from the hard everyday labor Feet run quickly to get from place to place Cars come with extra zeros Children wail and hunger for more
Put your money not beneath your door mat But instead place it in your hat and let it sit there to burn off its fat Oh you aren't the first face to look at me like that!
Poverty Stricken with the bitterness of man's heart Blackened by the seed growing with fear What may end may only be the start Beginning of the end, transforming laugh to tears
You stand before Julian Alden Weir He taught you to pose He and his brothers each took their turn Hunched over canvas in the dim farmhouse Thin brushes touch upon your features
History the past When did they invent the cash? That would stimulate economies And create a large gap In between the lines You cant read like "Between the Lions" You cant read the fine print
Flashback to the year 1995, the year I was brought into this world. I grew up believing in love.
The city everyone wants to leave. I guess it’s part of growing up: Forgetting.
Every day we have a struggle, Where we will be tomorrow is always a worry, A smiling face and welcoming embrace, Growing old faster, I never feel that hurry.
Little Beggarman Walking down the street No warm drink, no food to eat His arms sore, his eyes dry out of tears His legs struggling to keep himself up No home to find shelter or refuge
This morning I woke up and all I saw was black. I never knew the world could be so cold and lonely. But now I watch as: My mom loses her job and her house. So I sit here, In my bed, Wondering if I am next.
Tattered sandals and baggy jeans a cardboard sign, three in fact I look at their smiling faces how can the homeless be happy? one of them compliments my eyes a mumbled thank you and I'm on my way I envy them
I've learned what an inane life i live. Nothing I have done is worth anything. I sit here under this rain hoping it will cleanse away my sorrow but every drop that hits my face just precedes to prove my folly.
The real Cuba lies past the manicured resort and censored travel guides. Behind the tourist district, a heavy stench lingers, decades old; decaying, dripping.
Raised on nothing no money to call my own sleeping on the floor so many nights going to bed hungry so many nights in a house with no lights
I looked up to the sky sweat drops heavy breathing am I heart stops I can't believe coming our way what I see TROUBLE RUN or do we stand my legs are weak leash in hand
Life isn't easy Nor did they tell me, That life is a struggle Many of you may think I have it easy. In reality... I'm suffering I drop to my knees and began to cry Tears down my face,
Going from day to day Filling my life with endless play when will i do something worth while, Something that will make someone else smile I am so selfish with my lifelong goals
Where is the city, where the pain is all gone? There will be no sorrow cries tears saddness poverty or hunger. The momentary trouble is alot to own, i feel alone even though I'm not God has my back.
As if someone is pushing against me Every effort made, shot down backfired with some kind of unknown karma Its something we all need to figure out Money out of question, with a family full of struggle
The people surrounding me tend to set me free Free from hardships and stress Appreciation. The music that fills my ears every note taking away any tears putting a smile on my face Appreciation.
I live in a hood where dreams are unreal People are idolize for drug deals and kills I refuse to fall victim to Cleveland's curse I rather fall victim to the jail system first
It is midnight. At this moment, a man with a syringe up his arm puts his head back in pure lament. He wishes to escape reality At this instant, a woman stands on a corner batting her eyes at cars with cheap paint.
We believe we are free But we are actually locked in Windows show us the outside world to make us feel like we are there We are really trapped
This is their house, these are their souls. The Horton neighborhood, a series of black holes. There are no children here. Rough times, little income, Take a look around, father is a leeching bum.
Suppressed filling of anger, stirred with every word. Tension builds, as the mind registers one thing; GO. Hands rise, thundering, BOOM, BOOM following one another as though a synchronized explosion.
Creeping through the silent streets Hood pulled far over his face Relishing in tonight’s take He has fresh, warm blood on his hands He isn’t shaking, completely composed
I am that little girl living in that little hole. Insides oozing out of me, insects creeping into my soul. Moans and cries nightly and daily, accepting my punishment, vulnerable…..gravely.
Someone asked me recently What would be Mlk's dream if he lived today? I thought for days on what his message would be I laughed at comedy on Boondocks about what he would say
who are we to judge? why must we all be the same? i am making the claim that we are all different! live and let live stop judging and start giving give your time. give an ear.
One. Two. Not minutes. I refuse to drive through. Maybe I’m one of a few. I’ll start with time. I could not go. But I won’t drive by that city. Even if its two hours. Just a quick hello.
Somedays I wake up and wonder will today be the day that god takes my light away.? or is it the day of a girl, a African American girl, a girl with bad teeth, a girl with bad hair and clothes.? Or the day
Eyes locked in concentration Taking every scent and sound Merging with the ground Silent and deadly as the night Moving with swiftness and grace Anticipation of a wild chase Heart beating the jungle rhythm
People Strugglin, Minimum Wage, Taxes due, Bills not paid, Tryna get the money for they kids to live a better way, Bill Collectors call ya phone almost every other day, What can you say?,
They all think that i be spazzin.. i just see shit for what it really is.. this aint my life i was just dragged in.. Love aint enough when you askin..
A president, an astronaut, that's what I had envisioned An actor surviving a 28 car collision A thread of untruth entwined into a white robe Strobe lights imitating a holy glow
I never want to see or feel what it is to be homeless Thank God everyday to know I'm blessed. The U.S., most don't care about the poor people but don't forget they are "U.S."
Everyday a struggle Find the strength to drive yourself Hoping for better days
We all know it The smell The feel How it makes the world go round The different forms: Paper Plastic Coin It defines us: Wealthy Poor Educated Laborer
Being broke a having you wishing money grew on trees And keys to Mercedes would appear from no where like a stray dog wit rabies And see I'm scared to love a lady
Children, Quiet nights, chubby toes, imaginary friends in class. Water balloons, ice cream trucks, green blades of grass. Children, Mistakes made, processing death, moving away with dad.
You Have to Run for it if you adore it it may be yourself someone you felt unlimited funds something sweet as cake and honeybuns run for it before you get caught by the chase of anothers needs
He sits under the stars late at night Up against a brick wall Breathing slowly Waiting for the feeling of the liquor from the bottle to hit his lips and travel to his brain Till he no longer feels cold
I am from dirty dishes, from tide and downy. I am from barbies with clothes I made on my own I am from cuts and scrapes, jumping in the pile of rusted fall leaves I am from a housewife grandmother
Sitting on the windowsill, she could see the massive House, with its azul swimming pool. Cool. These lawyers and bankers and doctors With their trophy wives taking dives, Into the drink. It made her think
The sound of bitterness falling down the wet road, The cracks and rips make it hard to walk; never to run, We speed up but splashes fall on us, like a heavy burden. No one can help; no one can see
No choice in the matter Unfortunately birthed into it Those who proceeded Choose to waste away with their gift Now the present is here Forgiveness is needed not blame Based on what's heard
It been here since the beginning, this isn't a sickness there's no cure I have nothing but myself, leading a desolate life full of despair. Tears, more like rivers There are no winners its not a contest.
He asks for drink he asks for bread, Some give love some turn their backs instead, "Alcoholic" words of stone thrown towards his head, "Those free from blame cast the first stone" a man once said,
the hand me down shoes never fit me in the first place ashamed of where im from so i lie about my birth place welcome to the ghetto cant you hear the sounds gun shots, water dripping from the roof into pots,
Living in the forlorn world of slavery, being discriminated against by some of the white race- due to my colored face.
Hold me down. Hold me down. Hold me down like a tidal wave swallows anything and everything in its way. Deprive me of material happiness, but leave me with enough hope that God’s blessings are on their way.
Rain Oh, temporal rain, why must your cloud our days and future so far from near is it hatred this unending vicissitude of yours I fear First you start, and then you stop plip plop plip plop
The Sound of The Midnight Train
most of us have experinced proverty. or you may be at that point in life where you feel that you are "poor".
Do not judge me for what you see. My ice cold expressions are my inner voice aloud. My black hair was never meant to be. This facade of mine is all I know now. I've already lost the soul in me.
My Fellow people, We Stand together Even through the tough whether! We get knocked down but come back fighting like bound hounds. Nergos we are called like domino's,together we all fall.
My flesh is moving, my heart is racing, and spirit shifting. Thousands of emotions conflicting, at war, roaring, weak, and sobbing. I looked to the "blue & white" and "let the rivers flow" . Lost sight of faith and reliance in God.
Around goes the World It goes upon wheels Death is a thing that every man feels If life were a thing that money could buy the rich would live and the poor would die But thanks be to God
for anyone who has ever said people are poor because they’re lazy
I'm a believer in miracles. I'm filled with boundless hope.
I am no Englishman But I conduct constitutional statements beyond imagination and time I am no senator But within my own moral enforce laws only accessible to wildest dreams I passed out millions
You're there. Sitting. Breathing. Breathing in all of the fibers of the world. Your world. But where am I? I am but an enigma that you dreamt up.
She's just like me, and that’s why I love her. Old, weathered and worn, Put through the paces twice over, and she just doesn’t quite. She doesnt know how to. Shes a diamond with cracks, she wont break easily.
here i am, little ol' me, underneath Your galaxy. there You are, up above, smiling down on me with love. Lord i love you, by and by. You are my love, my firefly. i wish to feel you, next to me. holding hands, silently.
The things people do for money sometimes just cant be said whether its applying for a scholarship Or ensuring someone doesn't make it to bed Its sad to see, the way people envy each other when it comes to dough
Materials have no matter, hearts are too big to hold. When there's nothing left to smile for, their smiles seem so bold. When I feel like giving up, when my world seems to fall.
When you look at COMMUNITIES You see numerous people Flocking together Like Birds in the winter When you look at SOCIETY There is brokenness and Deformity Compelled conformity And misdemeanor truth
To Be To Be me To Be black To Be a woman To Be raised by a single parent To Be looked at as if im diffrent To Be alone to be faded in to a dark zone To Be inspired
Inspired by the violence around me, Intrigued by the fatigue that is suffocating every breath, To speak out for the silence, loudly, To try harder and work more for my community until my very death,
The sun beaming down on us,tanned skins roaming andaccent heavy tongues licking piragua.Everyone is gathered;the children running with bare feet through the crescent fall of summer relief spritzing from the hydrant.
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