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Prestera. men varför? - Makulera. men vad då? för att etablera mig, nya versionen som ändå klänger och sträcker sitt håll på minnes handtag för att ju en dag skulle jag säga att detta allt var värt att kämpa för livet vilkets meriter har blivit mi
The Tower lies in rapturous silence, The Margalite Palace ready themselves for wrath and ruin, The Two Houses of the People and the Consul look on with trepidation
It started with a box. Left in that parking lot. No one around. No one might stop. But that box was special. And soon some would see.
I think he knows I’m alive, having come down The three steps of the back porch And given me a good once over. All afternoon He’s been moving back and forth, Gathering odd bits of walnut shells and twigs,
One wading a Fall meadow finds on all sides    The Queen Anne’s Lace lying like lilies On water; it glides So from the walker, it turns Dry grass to a lake, as the slightest shade of you   
The shirtless man by the ticket counter  has already broken the gloom here, his crowd   of two boys and the cashier with the Star of David    gathered around and mouthing astonishment
Mitt hus   Det huset, biblioteket på Skogås, Och dessa vägar med musikaliska namn, Runt andas jag av fur och gran. Här, på fuktigt lövverket umgås Och leker, springer, babblar barn.  
  Here I am, the daughter of two Mexican immigrants, Scared for what might happen,  Scared of what could happen.  
  Here I am, the daughter of two Mexican immigrants, Scared for what might happen,  Scared of what could happen.  
We are being hunted Torn apart from our families We are disgusted  Is that really how its supposed to be  Hands on the ground crying streams  All we want is our family We Talk a different language 
I want to go back in time when I used to be free from cares and Mother would hold me close.   I remember when we came to that brand new world, America,  that sang of hope and freedom.  
  Seeking completeness I've come so far. Although, it has robbed myself out of me. But here, I have crossed what seemed, a bridge too far.   
​Traces of flickering light glimpsing over lightless faces lost in the lands they shall call home. Faces, therein lostness, close but not close enough, alone together under an unfamiliar sun, sinking and sinking.
آرزوۓعاشقاں و جستجوۓ باوفا سرخ روۓ دو جہاں اور رنگ و بوۓ مرتضی سیرت و کردار میں اور نکہت گفتار میں آبروۓ فاطمہ و ہو بہوۓ مصطفے حریت کا نام بھی پیغام بھی آواز بھی فکر انساں کا شعوری فہم بھی آغاز بھی
You're in love that I've heard? Oh, does he know that you have scars, That highlight the truth, imprisoned in bars? Ah! Maybe the luckygirl have got her wild card.
Sometimes it hurts to know the truth. It hurts to know that this is reality and you can't change anything. You try to reach out and all you get is silence. You try to live in that silence but pain is always the winner.
Why so scared little girl? Is it the tinfoil wrapped around your bones? My footsteps shaking your floor? Life leaving your neighbor's eyes? Being torn from the soil
Why so scared little girl? Is it the tinfoil wrapped around your bones? My footsteps shaking your floor? Life leaving your neighbor's eyes? Being torn from the soil
I have a fire within me An inferno barely contained within the crevices of my soul It creeps upwards, upwards, ready to come out Ready to scream out And I try to retain it
Tell me all about this name that was formed It was given to me the day I was born I want to know about the stories of the empire of old Floating markets, wooden sampans, shiny scooters
The boycott taking place and people protesting for my race, but what are we trying to chase if the president ain't leaving his place? No work and no school what point are we trying to prove?
At varying moments throughout one’s life, 
At varying moments throughout one’s life, 
the skyline shows hopepeople exclaim, but i sayi can’t see the stars
Sitting on her case worker's lap Smiling and clutching her book Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo, Que Ves Ahi? the judge looks down speaks sloppy Spanish She looks up, all baby teeth and braids
I’m so baffled. Lost. Is my life a lie? An illusion? Filled with such confusion. For I am the colour of sand, and tan But, I’m Asian raised to be caucasian.
The American Dream A run in fear The sprint to safety A jog for a dream A race with death
She stands on a ship Lost  A nobody  Thousands of miles from home With nothing but a suitcase  An address on a piece of paper
I moved to New York with a head full of dreams  Left behind what I knew and was scared to face my fears I told myself "isn't this what you wanted? Why are you afraid?" I finally understood the changes that had to be made.
I am not like you.  You think you know it all from the view. You think you know my story, so you put me in a category. "Illegal Immigrant" is all I am  I don't count if I don't pass the exam,  but no. 
here, ephemeral thoughts fading through a jaded memory; there, thoughts untangled, mimicking, hair without a key; glisten only once, abundant sun, graces few, know not what i might, but what is certain, through you.
  Silently in the back she sits, everyday in every class, Waiting for the bell to ring like a spilling hourglass. Her name remains anonymous to all except the teacher, 
1995, the war has ended, a family with a three year old little girl A family that looks as it has seen dark nights and even darker days A family that had survived a genocide in the 19th century
I am done with Having to shut up. Having to sit down When I want to stand up.   I am done with Prejudices and assumptions
The night-time has always elicited my mind's teeming thoughts. I wonder; allowing the opinions I year to share with others become vocal.  
Esa mujer que me dio la vida preciosa Esa mujer que me dio mi piel color de dulce mazapán Esa mujer que nunca paró de levantarse cada vez que se caía
Esa mujer que me dio la vida preciosa Esa mujer que me dio mi piel color de dulce mazapán Esa mujer que nunca paró de levantarse cada vez que se caía
Life is difficult itself. expecting for a better future Maybe for our kids... our siblings... our parents.  The trees are on fire  families broken  swings on the border 
When my ice cream has fallen and my eyes seems to droop. I look to the stars, and when the celestial constallations don't seem familiar or don't show up at all to greet the recital in my eyes
The sign out side reads Occupancy: Zero It kind of remindes me of my home Love: Zero Acceptance: Zero Entry rate: Zero Home sweet slaughter house You are here  
Whey Buttah, Whey Cheese! My grandmother gingerly sang as she rocked me high into the air on the swing set in the backyard.
Purpose of life By: Alondra Martinez-V   The Instructor said, Go home and write a page tonight And let that page come out of you, 
Limitless, freedom, happiness, peace These are the things we cry for Screaming from the top of our lungs Crying at night so no one can hear or hurt us.   You! You have been hurt You have cried
It was around the holidays and I was flipping through the channels, until I spotted a familiar face. It was Samantha Bee hosting her Christmas comedy special  bringing awareness to a harsh reality.  
Human   Young. Old. Of how much life bestows. Learn from the best. Or the worst. I thrive to do what's right. To stare on the stars. I awoke alone. A smile came on me.
Human   Young. Old. Of how much life bestows. Learn from the best. Or the worst. I thrive to do what's right. To stare on the stars. I awoke alone. A smile came on me.
When you are clueless what to do and what not to do When the wall ahead seems too high to cross When the road uphill seems too stiff to climb When the task in hand looks insurmountable to fulfil
When the door shuts behind me The walls begin to crumble  The word hope as left my reach as it flies into the submessive dark  How did i get here?  In a world that is not perfect 
When the door shuts behind me The walls begin to crumble  The word hope as left my reach as it flies into the submessive dark  How did i get here?  In a world that is not perfect 
Steam pours from thin shoulders Dimly lit, white tile reflecting moonlight Beams hit my skin Slowly, ever so gentle, Revealing to me a world both unknown and a truth that scalds 
My body is tense, my muscles feel like cold steel, I feel a knot in my throat, I can feel my heart rate rapidly increasing as I look at the eligibility requirements; I am in the top of my class, my GPA and personal achievements qualify m
How dare you have fun! How dare you go out and party! How dare you drink too much cerveza! How dare you smoke weed! How dare you sacar el mendigo e-cigarette and vape!
BROKEN YET STANDING! With your words sweeter than Berri you bury Me in the glum, How could I stop that tender voice that rhythmed that sound in the vains Of my heart??
I never knew I would leave that day. I never knew I'd be so far away.   It happened when I was a few years old. During that time, I was pretty bold.
I must walk through the biggest desserts in mexico to find her. I must swim across the dangerous rivers for her. I must learn to walk even without shoes. I must think of her as she gives me hope.
I must walk through the biggest desserts in mexico to find her. I must swim across the dangerous rivers for her. I must learn to walk even without shoes. I must think of her as she gives me hope.
They say she hid and flew, a long time ago:   Somewhere up north with the cardinals                     and she hasn't been home since thousand and four.  
Something here has taught people to hate a wall, That wants to stand tall over the hot dessert sands that blow under it. It isn't the physicality of the wall that's viewed to be so disdainful,
If I have one day left on Earth, I would choose to look at his face Cherish, treasure and replace Tell me Zeus, why you did it ?  
A curious silence  A desparate glare She stands in the creek The wind in her hair   What lies ahead? A world with no care The weeping woman has moved nowhere  
Adios Ayacucho Land that has taken my name and body and left me unrecognized and unrecognizable Who are we all but Alfonso Cánepa, forced to settle for other when we ourselves are forever lost?
                                                               Wake-Up Caro (Ka-Row) New world, new culture, moving to the US Wake-up Caro You’re no longer a kid It’s time to let go  
                                                               Wake-Up Caro (Ka-Row) New world, new culture, moving to the US Wake-up Caro You’re no longer a kid It’s time to let go  
I don’t remember exactly when I stopped being a kid   It seemed to have gradually ended    Like how a soccer ball slowly deflates with every kick
  Stereotype that hurts me   This is the evil partfrom me and my heart
  Stereotype that hurts me   This is the evil partfrom me and my heart
I started off so timid and shy. Conformity, humility.
There is a song that I was forced to hear The voices were often lined with not love, but neither hate This song is known far and near This song was never recieved with much love, but neither hate  
All throughout the years, both my mother and father have helped me grow. When I had fallen they would have picked me back up. I love my parents.
Change. My life is change. It is, Language, Feeling like an outsider in a foreign context yet being amazed by the unique utterance. An experience,
Prepubescent face, With eyes judging the world.  It becomes clear to him a life in which hate relates to the minds of many. A glow up from “When will we get there?” to
Madre, why can't you go visit Mexico? Madre, why did my uncle get taken away for going 5 miles over the limit? Madre, why are you so scared of this so called migra? Madre, why can't we just live like everyone else?
In the midst of a sunny afternoon  Playing with dolls, and my favorite cousin  Windows of a pink room wide open Acting out a life I thought I knew.   All of the sudden we hear 
Immigration, a controversial topic It is ridiculous how people feel entitled to owning a country when their ancestors were clearly immigrants We must not forget that the people that are the true Americans are the Native
I am from the vast landscapes Of the Horn of Africa I am from the bitter-sweet coconuts That fall from the pine trees I am from Somalia   The Country that breeds my heritage
From a family with nothing Skipping meals to strive Corrupted government Two beds eight people Always food less We had enough
Incierto by: Sebastian Batista   I am Sebastian Batista. I am Dominican, came to the US when I was 12, 6th grade. Uncertainty, everyone's faced it. How often though?
  When you stepped off that plane With your darkened eyes And heavy suitcases And rumpled clothes Your heart was full of Dreams
We come from a land filled with a loud and colorful noise echoing in the streets; timeless traditions; a love between everyone in the community, regardless of differences.
I remember the days when you were nine. Where rainbows cast a kaleidoscope line. Our homes were safe and borders clear, no longer the case, alas our fears. I would hold your hand and guide our way, down dusty roads past fields of hay.
I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I discovered I was Mexican Of course, I always knew But snippets of realization Sprinkled into my lifetime of 16 years
I once believed in the American dream. I believed in it because of its hope-- Its guarantee that if I worked hard enough I just might touch the fluorescent green light.
I look back and everyone is staring They can't seem to keep their eyes of me When they find out that I have a family that came to the U.S.A. from Mexico They say that they should be deported,
They say my people are descendants from a dragon and a fairy who gave birth to 100 children  who later became known as the Vietnamese people.   My origins are a reflection of my ancestors.  
The pilot says We're landing in thirty minutes thirty minutes to prepare for a new land a new language  new people. Should I be excited or scared? I left my friends, family,
I tried to sound like everyone else But my accent, like sand trickles through the narrow neck of the hourglass Kept seeping through the tiny pockets in my speech
Growing up I was known as the foreign kid. My clothes were crawling with a different language, My voice was tinted with an accent, My favorite singer was a middle-aged man
I used to run and hide When thunder came Once I was stopped By my grandmother She asked me Plain and simple
When I was thirteen I took a plane over the sea Under the clouds To my grandparent’s house   Even now, years later
"marry someone who can give you what you want" They say jokingly, but it stays on my mind. "Why are you so uptight, live a little more." My parents fled for me, and looked back one last time.  
they come from far away leaving behind everything they know hoping everything will be okay some packing nothing but a photo  
Let’s pretend there was a time where life was always easy where love never became a war, and hope would never leave me.   What does it look like?   How does it feel to never be afraid  
Huntington Beach, California, isn’t the most exciting place on earth. Aside from the beaches, the city is just a collection of suburban homes.
We don't need planes trains cars or wheels for Mars.   All we need is feet a bathing suit and twelve kilos of jails on our backs.   Messengers, we are. We go to...
You talk too much, and you blame the parrot. You learn to hiss and you learn the origin of the snake. You find a vessel and all you think is to pour all your fustrations and blame into it.
I awoke from a dream About everyone else And not about me I saw people struggle and fear What brings happiness or tears?   At first, I was afraid Afraid to open my mouth
There is a wall plan, And it is being applied. Then money isn't there.
Something in me changed the moment I inhaled the wind that whips across my mother land. Immediately, I felt the strength of the gale inflate my lungs; my pores welcomed the brilliant sunrays.
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
Breath of marble   And how could we continue to ignore the nature to us fraternal,  in the black martyrdom without land, of the crucified migrant to the mast
Her Paper VoiceBy: Sophia Huynh  
The United States is a free country. People come to it for a better life. Each immigrant comes with a family. A husband settles in it with his wife.   Unlike illegals, he does not break laws.
Let America be America again. Let it be the true plan we believed-- We should have left America alone to be a native home. We invaded a village of teepees and buffaloes,   (America was a true native home)
Young me didn't know you were going to leave, But you left. You didn't leave on purpose but forcefully taken away. You left us for two years and I didn't know what would've become of us.
People call me a liar and a hypocrite. It hurts like heck. I've been through Hell's fire in a literal sense but I'm came out white as snow. Born a beautiful black girl but still a slave
In the eyes of the president, I’m a fucking rapist In the eyes of the president, I don’t work for shit In the eyes of the president, I’m a drug user
All that is left of us are whispers of blood, of cries of mercy, of threats of you and the man knocking on the door.   We think there is more; ashes, photographs, memories, but
The wall with two sides, the land of the free and the land of broken dreams. At the age of nine I had to learn what separation really means. Driving to the bus station with my parents in an unknown land.
I had a nightmare a few weeks agoI was a child Limited to a cage with other children Voiceless Unable to conjure words an
Dear mom I know that I am loved  
I know what it is like to not know where I'll be Wake up tomorrow without my baby Immigration at the door going knock knock I know all my friends just left the block My boyfriend not knowing when It'll stop
The people that see us, Don't really know, The suffering memories, We get to hold, Deep in our hearts, We can remember, The pain that it cost, The pressure you get,
When I leave my corazón de melón, You're the reason mommy will be alright. Alone you won't be.   Close el diablito out of your mind. Your decisions lead to your futrure. Eyes are meant to see the truth
We don't talk about her Her tough brown skin lingers in a corner We don't talk about it Her species can be found in cages   They don't talk about me My culture is dehumanized
I’d love to rest my head on my mother's shoulder but, She wouldn’t understand and tell me instead, be strong.
Because I'm a immigrant i cant do things i wish i can do Because I'm a immigrant i desire many things that these citizens have 
My Father By: Ariel Tapia My father is my hero He has given up so much his education, his childhood, and his family. My father left school in the sixth grade and he started to work.
I am from red soap and red skies I am from limonada con tehuacan I am from the heart of Mexico city and the outskirts of Izamal I am from my abuelita y her abuelitas before her
Ridiculous I was back then. Weak was I back then. No potential even if I stood on top of Kilimanjaro!   Where would I be, if not at 9 years of age I stood on top of my father's shoulders?  
Surrounded by voices; I was a <murmur>.  Fear had stolen my lips away, Locked them in a vault under the sea-   Why?   My mind was confused.
You’ve taught my people that our presence here was crucial You recognized our strengths and knew we were beyond your flaws, didn’t you, America?
Run mama runThat man has got a gunHe’s gunning for your sonWhat has your son done?Nothing, he’s done nothing at allThat’s the problem, he lives down the hallHe smokes grass and sits on his ass
Look among you, bless all you In The desert running on a boat stuck at sea some won't like us some will love us I am Human I count I prey I love I give I take
I see you, old f(r)iend It was about time I came back again I am crawling on my knees Begging and pleading for you to love me   Please, I need you My sweetest     amor
A mentor is not always a person you see. A mentor can be anything that motivates me.   I think of a land that is near the Baltic-sea.
Take my hand It doesn't feel the same Cause in my dreams, you always stay Never close, but never far away Hold me in your heart.
Where do I belong? Where is my home? I am not like the people of my parents country And I am not like the people of the country I was born I do not share their ideals I do not share their skin 
Your tears fall so hopelessly from your face,  You wrap your arms around me in desperation,  Your smile hurts me so deeply,  Your hazel eyes filled with tears grasp me and hold me, 
CORNEA. it is the Fourth of July and I am sixteen years old.
America. America. Is an harmony with a sweet melody where the streets are made out of GOLD That’s what they told me.. uhhh?
I, too, sing America since I was brought here at the age of six. My only home is the land of the free. I, too, follow the laws and regulations like a U.S citizen would under the constitution. I’m known as a dreamer.
I express my identity through poetry. Who I am and who I hope to one day be Bleeds through the tip of my pen In a rush of eloquence, My stream of consciousness.
Elegant words Magnificent stories Gracing the pages of yellowing paper Worn out by the years of nimble fingers pinching at the pages  
Elegant words Magnificent stories Gracing the pages of yellowing paper Worn out by the years of nimble fingers pinching at the pages  
Elegant words Magnificent stories Gracing the pages of yellowing paper Worn out by the years of nimble fingers pinching at the pages  
I run in the face of disaster After the fire was set     Ash and smoke still dance in the air   And the road que nos daba tanta fe y esperanza
Wrapped in the blanket azul of her birth, the little girl spells inmigrante beside inmate with a stick in the dirt on the border between cage and patrolman earth.
They swiftly move and claw throughThe saucy red meat in the glistening black pot.They numbly tingle from the chiles and jalapeñosEmbedded in the red lava enveloping the white meat.She dips her thick fingers into the sauce and gently presses them t
I sit in class I listen as the teacher talks I read what the teacher talks I read         America the land of opportunities  I read
I'm everywhere you think Uniting and seperating families  Giving peace and war Expressing hate and joy I'm everywhere You will never escape.  
I'm everywhere you think Uniting and seperating families  Giving peace and war Expressing hate and joy I'm everywhere You will never escape.  
How can I describe my stay?I thought am here to stay,I thought I got no house rent to pay,Despite been in the wilderness,I feel on top of the world sometimes. How can I describe my stay in the wilderness?Even when mast Gen goes off,And no network
 How can i describe my stay in the wilderness?The mixture of joy, love and sadness,Sleeping and snoring in darkness?I slept on a very flat mattress,Wilderness pay!
I am Jackie Le I live in a large household and this house holds me; nurtures me. It is where important events have taken place and at this pace, with my family, I find myself in this castle where they've
We come here in hopes of a new life,we come here in hopes that we'll surive,but we're not welcomed here, we're pushed aside told,you come from the wrong country please leave or die.
Everybody has heard  The moving to another country for a better future It isn't easy is what they say But they were still on their way Huffing and puffing on their journey through
Accommodating my mind so i could rate myself as to being fine as a dime.
He tells me I'm lucky to live here That we’re safe and welcomed by everyone here That we have a future full of fortune and success
They say I look foreign. They say I don’t belong. So where is home? The place I have grown to know. The place that has nurtured me with all my values. The place which culture I have adapted as my own.
How do people expect Someone new to this place, To learn the language Without putting sounds to a face. As you get older those things take time. To learn the rules and make things rhyme.
i’m exhausted of the numerous times i had to direct your mouth to utter my name they have never seen this combination of unusual letters that are originated in the alphabets.
Gimme a Pix o' PIZZA I want a Pix o' PIZZA Hungry for a PIZZA Waiting for a PIZZA Hurry for ma' PIZZA If you want a tip a' Hurry with ma' PIZZA
You insist this is America You insist we speak American Honey, have you looked at a map lately?
I will not be silenced. As a hispanic male I'm expected to be quiet to you officer, I'm expected to never speak back to white authority, I'm not who you expect me to be,
Dear Beautiful America, A scared girl she was when she crossed the border. Her parents wanted a better life for her…more opportunities She was too young. “Illegals” and “Aliens” they called her
To the ruthless killer that changed my life,  
I hear the never-ending cries of oppression, The shouts for reform that fall on deaf ears, Within them, the same streaming tears,
You spoke of freedom and love Helped people get ahead Fought for what was right Became a nation of change You saved my country twice From colonization and war You were the beacon of peace
You spoke of freedom and love Helped people get ahead Fought for what was right Became a nation of change You saved my country twice From colonization and war You were the beacon of peace
          Winter is leaving soon- are you prepared for spring? Another year has flown by- not ready to slow down. They say a new year another chance- a new year filled with opportunities.
¿Como estás?How are you, man?I'm thinking about you again.  
From a lifetime of curiosity Eyes have reverted to blindness The darkness that has been settling Around your lenses Eyes that have now Fogged with misconceptions
Life, so sunny in my home country but yet at times so gloomy born in poverty, better is seeked forced to immgrant to a alien country but better it is, learned the language my kids will not suffer 
When the pain hit hard I cried tears of bloodFeeling like my soul was crying with me Anxiety ripped through me like a floodFor my pain was wide open for everyone to see  Many had felt the same pain or felt it strongerSeeing your mother being taken
Dear dad,   Your presence was barely around Making your voice an unfamiliar sound I wouldn’t be able to tell you apart from a crowd
Dear Trump,   I'm a weed in this land of the free  An invasive species sucking the decency of each grain of soil that comes before me  I must be eliminated immediately before I spread, before I grow roots  But my roots dont know any other soil    
Who are we? we are humans we are mothers fathers sons daughters who are sacrificing for thier love ones everyday
People say we are no good We have dreams of being criminals, Getting pregnant at fifthteen, Selling and doing drugs, Being gang bangers, Rapists, Stealing jobs, Dropouts, Low education,
do you know who i am? i am the immigrant who came to destroy the wall i am the person who will wash the car i am the person who will clean the house and pick up the dog shit
I dont know I go with the flow I hope I win Because I need the money
A Butterfly In Winter   How dare you dance in this cold temperature? Are you being neglected by mother nature? For some, you might as well be an outcast Alone out there, how long will you last?  
Am I The Same? For me, experiencing life in college Was the ultimate challenge I’ve always considered myself to be open-minded To always see the best in people
Querida Mama, I hope one day I will be brave enough. Enough to tell you that I see your pain  and although at times I have been ungrateful to you. You  who have know me my whole life
Sahabat, bila engkau berkenan kusurati, hendak sekali hati kecil ini mempertanyakan.   Apa yang telah menjadikan hari kemarin terasa begitu memikat? Mungkinkah karena secangkir kopi hitam pekat,
People gone are they Yet still stay I Illuminating them in my salitued My friends. My family . My country........My people DEAD. They remain The knots of my home are submerged
You are not mine You belong to others Others who mistreat and abuse They take you in Chew you up Then spit you out like garbage You are garbage At times you can't even fathom the site of yourself
Standing at the mouth, seeing the belly of the beast. Steps I take toward the impending digestion. Strange people. Getting lost. Go here, or there?
In a small town cafe, The cold table top Starkly contrasting against the Steaming cup of Coffee Between my numb hands; Sitting here now
Liminality is living between two inversely related worlds Where cultures and the clashes of civilizations collide in me, Where the gun and the sword attempt to clash into each other but leave dust in the wake  
This Island is dead. It's taken its last breath In the form of the last wind Bringing unknown traces of other civilizations.   It's closed its eyes forever No longer seeing the outside world
Dear Heaven, I am merely a stranger in search of a home Your customs are rather unusual Those of which I am willing to assimilate Stories of your angels have been told in my land for ages
I’m finally beginning to come to the terms with the fact That I live in a world where most people would rather build a wall than a bridge That dreams are not for children
A Sonnet I don't know why ...... I don't know why it happens to me. My mind spins around someone It incessantly thinks about one. Who was once unknown to me.
 father,I was gonna read you this letter,But I don't want to anymore I'll rather read from my heartfather,The only father that's been there for this familyThe only father that I've known  I gotta tell you something I ain't about to sugarcoat this
Dear Mr.President We got a problem You can't represent Cause your life ain't at the bottom   You saying its protection
Look at me.  Look at my white skin, the way it isn’t caramel looking like my mothers.   Look at my sisters how their caramel skin makes them different from me. 
Life now a days for some of us it's all party and games, For others it's all about working and achieving our gaols. But did we take a moment to thank God for waking us up to see yet another day in our life ?
I see them, my parents The effort they put into everything, working hard. Working hard for me They endured hardships that I could not imagine Without them, I would be nothing.
Privilege is realizing that You have no gag reflex over a porcelain bowl So privilege becomes cubed ice for dinner And a bag of Cheetos for lunch
They had me… They had me… They had me on my knees… begging for me to return back Begging to redo my shameful mistake To redo my past To redo the few minutes that I had… to regain their trust.
37.1 trillion cells 23 pairs of chromosomes 46 chromosomes total 4 stories   The pigment of my skin, a reminder of the humid city my family came from.
Land of the free , They sayBut are we ? They say Be who you want to be We say But we are not from your country They sayPlea.For you are guilty ,They say,“You are illegal” They say,“What are you to me ?” They sayWhite cotton teeThey say Made in the
You came unto me Because you love me   And because I love you I will protect you    And because you love me You will defend me at every opportunity   And because I love you
Darkest art the days I have live, Painful are the thoughts I think Pain runs throughout my bones Sadness creeps upon my heart For I crave the privilege
music is more harmony  than color is movement observe this world  as an empty rhythm  with every concrete monument and every cherishable movement and scream balance into 
No matter what I have to overcome I will reach you No wall can stop me from helping you No barrier of language will stop me from hearing you
you snatch  out of our open palms with smiles that burn knowing that we have no power to stop you you take out of our closed fists with smiles that wound 
My soul sailed through the sea sacrificing some time maybe all its life, where my only place in society is to survive, where the sunrise sits in the sand. The sweet smiles swing saying bye,
To cross the borders of hell, a rigorous flight of stairs, one can only tell, how happy you are to be here.   I honor you for your strength, to reach the corner's of hell's end,
My Overalls by Jasmine Exinia   Dark blue jeans Minnie on the pocket Skechers lighting up when she stomps Little girl in overalls just having fun
Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, for giving up your entire life for me. Thank you, for letting go of your family back home. Thank you, for sacrificing your time and money to be good parents.
I am the knight that saves the princess,  I am the knight that slays the dragon, I am the knight that is reverd by everyone,  I am awake. I am the boy who roams the halls like a zombie,
                                                                       900   Before crosses of redemption, and burning candles
To my ancestors, I wished you would have never come To this dreamland, imagineland, make it what you want land. Your hard work and broken backs Trump doesn't give a shit about your land
Gracias Mama For my Nicaraguan roots For leaving tu lindo Managua Gracias for giving up your dream and passion as an international dancer I know I won't ever be able to give you back those experiences you had traveling around the world to perform 
Ringing bells, tied to the wings of a knight’s nightingale,  Is it the melody of the bells or fraught cry of that gale? I wonder now, subduing the space amid spring and autumn
This nation is closing in  The borders are suffocating The immigrants have to leave But, why?  Isn't this the land of the free? These people just want to breathe. So open the gates
Algo está pasando Que hemos visto antes. La gente está temblando Tienes que poner tus guantes Y prepárate a luchar Que el presidente está ganando Que sigues ciegamente como ganado
Every single day without fail a voice would blare out the words to an anthem that we loyally repeated, Right hand over our heart Left hand behind our back
1992marks the yearmy grandmotherfinallymade it to the United States. 2017marks the year she becamea citizen. somewhere in betweenthose yearsI realizedAmericadoes not look like me.soon after came the realization thatAmerica only lovesa familiar fac
I spoke to a woman about America The greatest country on earth (Or so I'd always been told). She told me of the other side, The story of the foreigners, The immigrants (People like her).
I breathe, I bleed but so does the rest of America. All of us bleeding red, all of us containing the same skeleton within. Melted into a pot, here for the same purpose To strive, to succeed, to seek opportunity
My parents marched to the land of the free in hopes of a better future for their children It was the United States after all, the country made up of immigrants
All the same are we Our society brings us together Except color, race, and ethnicity Braving through the stormy weather For a life that is better
Full to the ceiling Parents and children alike Some get sick Some get stuck Harvesting tobacco They were bought with guns Full to the ceiling Parents and children alike Some are rich
Where I’m from, The ocean hugs the coast And kisses the sky To remind the sun and Moon That it is in charge.  
Land of the free And home of the brave That’s what they’d say. Yes, That’s what they say.     But then like a plague
My Friends, Sam is at his greatest hour of need. / For our dearest Uncle's prosperity we must reaveFrom those who would threaten it. / Courageous Soldiers quiver under bedsheets, neglected.
we are ghosts in america. invisible, empty, alone. "land of the free" only applies to those born the part. they have never felt lost in a place called home.
Our forefathers wrote of 'America the Beautiful', a land where all are free. Sweet land of liberty, your land does not live up.   We say that we stand for the immigrant,
Dear America,    I find that we are not color-blind in a nation; nor are we race-blind. We live in America, a nation that follows a set of rules written on a slab of paper some 230 years ago.
My Parents fled from Iraq To the great U.S of A  Seeking Religous freedoms, while keeping Saddam at bay Michigan is where they settled Had children who grew and mettled I gazed in awe at the Great Lakes 
What if you could fly, soar in the sky with the birds  flying by? What if you have to leave your family  behind to maybe never  see again? What if you have to walk 
Red, White and Blue the colors that once stood for truth.  But what are we teaching our youth?  The country that is proud to be called free and home of the brave.  But only brave if you learn to enslave?
  Land To Land  I Flown To A Place Unknown A Place Of Blue Skies Of Many Lights Memories  Disappear With Tears Without A Cry  America They Call It A Place of Blue Skies 
21 Or To Any One   There are 21 parts to my life. One Is May 15th, 1992.   Two The number of countries I have lived in, But subtract one,
“Is everyone in the car a legal American citizen?” Passing, time passing Voices exchanging in the air passing People in cars and on foot passing Passing through the borders  
The wall is up. The barbed fence stands A barrier to the Promised Land. The guards do watch and seek a fight. The dogs are fierce and long to bite. A man who's poor and looks to hope
Why are we turning back? Was the scar from the trail of tears not deep enough? To plunge another knife, in our tarnished history? We are the epitome of irony, and all our immigrant ancestors would agree.
The land we live in is the “land of the free,” built on equality, a progressive mindset and a strong democracy but deep in this country lie flaws hidden within the cracks.
Oh beautiful for spacious skies For those born in thee For any folk who now wander here Are stripped the chance to be free America, America God would look down on thee When you crown thy good with brotherhood
Diversity is what makes america great Each culture threaded in the american fabric like clockwork Blood and sweat soaks the american soil we walk on Hope and desolation fills our hearts but we continue On
When I landed in America I couldn’t believe my eyes The place full of dreams and endless opportunities was now in the palm of my hands My parents worked hard for me to be the woman I am today.
We are amazing We are free We have been born here and that is all we need to prove it We’ll protect you, feeble ones Our might is strong
Noble white hands go againstThe wind. Playing with the tanned sand,Slips from her ivory hands. Tiny palmchatsMingle, mimicking the sand and hand,As they fly far to another land. Now, I
  Pinto Beans   I learned to cook From mi abuela   The squeaky wheel Ran loud   As ten pounds of beans
  Pinto Beans   I learned to cook From mi abuela   The squeaky wheel Ran loud   As ten pounds of beans
Adrian R. Clark 420 Evergreen Rd. Pacific Grove, 93950 (831) 346-2191   Pinto Beans   I learned to cook
America is great, Full of perfect people, Speaking perfect language.   They say speak child, you are now free. For here is America, the land of opportunities.   So I speak.
It’s recess time and the school playground is filled with laughter. The kids are reciting tongue twisters like the pledge of allegiance.
Dear Donald Duck, We are not rapists . We are not drug dealers. We are not bringing crime.   Mexico will not pay for your wall. Mexico will not come to their knees. Mexico is Free.  
I don't want to take your jobs, or have your money- I don't want your welfare, property, or clothes. I don't want to take advantage of your health care or social security-
I remember when my grandmother used to bathe me in her pink granite 90s bathtub She would pick me up a cup, laced with BPA, and fill it with lukewarm water Never too hot, for it might harm the child
Born and raised the American way, A proud patriot with no shame. The stars and stripes will never go away, As long as we preserve this dame.   America, America, she’s in pain,
My hair is long I don't care I don't go to the assemblies  I'm not scared yea They're looking like no and we're looking like yes
Hello, desperate, dirty immigrant!We regret to inform you that thisSuperpower Countryhas no space, nor resources to take you! However, let us tell you what you're missing out on In this delightful nationBefore we send you away: Are you a woman? Ou
I was told a story  about a man a man who we will call david. we will call him david because he too is facing a giant and just like the david whose story we all can tell our david too will overcome.
If freedom were a cape and bravery a mask, This country we call Great, in its glory we would not bask.   For there is no hero beneath the suit, merely a guise,
Outside of these walls, I see the world falling. People of this so called great country is drowning. The hatred is radiating off of souls, the words said to eachother are foul. When will the anger die down?
We are the country who Pledges our allegiance to A flag of Purity Valor Perseverance And justice
You told me I was free, Free to be whoever I want to be. Free to fly, Free to succeed, Free to reach for the sky, Free to love  
Give me your tired, your poor But only the ones we're looking for Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free Provided they're not from a desolate country
Once upon a time their was a happy young couple Who lived a content life in their homeland One day a war broke out making lots of trouble Despite the hard times the couple got married
Excited is the man who wants to go to the land of the free, leaving behind his beloved country. Little does he know it's not as it seems. Sees the television's reality,
​America the great, the free, but are we?
I would like to think that the words:   “ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”  
  how you say, Hello! in American? I am your guest and Hao is also my father's name born foreign new jersey california carolina lemon drop that's yellowface to you my friend but its
America the great? No thank you, we already ate The lies you’ve told to immigrants To avoid giving them grants To flourish and prosper in what you call
A child of an immigrant knows stength, We see it every day in their eyes. A child of an immigrant understands courage, We wouldn't be here without it. A child of an immigrant is proud,
To Astor Place I always race, With book in hand I swaying stand, Beneath me screeching wheels pace, And forward clangs a makeshift band,   Countless nations from Central Station,
Once greeted me with open arms, Now they're reaching for their arms. A country made just for my kind, They're actions now seem not so kind. A safe haven for those who were persecuted,
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario In the heat, she cared for seven children.   My grandmother felt prejudice quickly,
  “Or are they from there?” “What does it matter”, I ask For about the millionth time. Why does one side not care and exist on the left?
America America My Country Tis Of Thee For youthful lemonade stand lucravity Amongst summer in the suburbs Hot days of basketball with the neighborhood gang
I have heard of a legend, the tale of the great Of a great land’s mother, who shall forever liberate. You.   Your arms were open, your arms were free,
Behold America, with skyscrapers tall Which cover the once spacious skies And which glass shines in the sunlight That gleams on teary eyes
Behold America, with skyscrapers tall Which cover the once spacious skies And which glass shines in the sunlight That gleams on teary eyes
Two souls live in my body One has endless American pride The other likes to hide American I am called by brilliance Mexican by my appearnce Land of the free and of the brave is for the snobby
Rapists, criminals, drug dealers. Is that who we are? Is that our projection to this nation?   Hardworking, loyal, and persistent.
If there are people out their emotionally chained Far from being free With nothing to gain How can you claim to be 
Alone, but cloistered tightly with others of the same ilk Called names and hated for taking jobs and committing crimes That others will not do, but that's ok, the shoulders are wide
It lives inside, searching for warmth Lurking, slithering, hiding - a presence to many yet a stranger to All Alone in the shadows, it fears for its life, Searching, Searching, Searching, desperately seeking a way out - 
O say, can you see? All the hate and bigotry? All the people that flee? From their home country?   Do you see them standing there?
  I was given to you as a gift wrapped to impress I came to you after months of tedious stress I straightened my hair and my nose to make myself worth your time It worked from the smile you had when I arrived
Her mother always joked, "Mija eres hecha en México pero producida en los Estados Unidos."Darling you were made in Mexico but produced in America.It was a family joke.But not quite a laugh when you learn the truth behind this story.A preg
Build a wall! Our brothers and sisters of the South have thrived Under the shadow of oppression, located In the "land of opportunity," now fear for their future as they are
Hand over heart, head lifted to Old Glory. A flicker, a single thought, crosses my mind. I remember, I remember when ash rained down like new fallen snow,
Welcome to America!  now turn around and shoo. Take all these papers  and come back a year or two. Liberty is in our pledge, yet still we cage such truth. We come so close to the edge,
Where I can walk down the street and get shot for being me Where people shout at the top of their lungs for me to leave their country Even though the border crossed me  
when my family came to this country,a ship sailing across a thrashing sea,my great-great-great grandfather changed our last nameremoved some of the vowels, altered the pronunciation
I will no longer lift my lamp Beside this tarnished door. My arm is tired. So few believe In what I stand for anymore. Once I was a beacon Of hope and liberty. I stood there proudly watching
We say the land of the free And yet we have a scandal about our President’s Pee. This doesn’t seem to be very fair to Me.  
America A melting pot of people Where the diversity is what is put into it, A variety of cultures that come together to be one.   America A group of people united under a single idea Freedom.
  You’re on our land...   Will we hold each other’s hand in hand?  
My grandmother saw America not as a land of opportunity, but as a last resort. Taking off only when there was nothing left Leaving because a twenty-six-year-old with four children cannot provide on a dime.
America, America, America Can't say your the best can I? Trolling around thinking its your planet huh? In god we trust dollar bills We're full of rust money heals One time, two times
You came here all alone To make this place your home Left everything you know   Had to start over again Build bridges and make friends Needed to succeed in the end  
My country tis of the Sweet land of an impending war. Now here's the thing,  We call ourselves the land of the free,  But that freedom is only given to those Who make it across our ocean or over our wall.
America was great Thats what we knew But changes, changes, changes Ruined everything through and through Terror is on the rise Fear brings hate So how can us people still say that we're great?
Welcome to your new job as my bodyguard The road ahead, I know it will be hard But when I ask for your help I know  You’ll say, do you need one of my hands or both?
"Go back to your country" They say.  Everytime I complain.  They don't realize that this too is my country regardless of what they say.  I have the right to complain, regardless of what they say.
    Marred cement   Defaced creamy sentiment   Dessicated arid air caressed the hairs on my tinted skin  
16 hours was all it took, To make the change from where I stood. I wanted to go back to that familiar place, But who would have guessed, That after two years I wouldn't regret my stay.
Sretno novo leto. Hvala, također.   We sit at our table of three After mass in our language (held in the real church’s basement)
There's a group of people, living in silence - in the darkenss Many are aware of their existence Many are not Who am I to shine light on them - shine the truth It makes me sick to the stomach
Jittery, nervous, yet excited, with giddy anticipation coursing through my veins;   Scared, uncertain, yet determined,
There are immigrants on the streets being taken away by higher forces with badges placed tight There are undocumented in this coutry fighting for their human rights There are protests around every corner looking for a change
Tuesday, August 19, 2015(Date poem was born) I see the walls falling down Fire and tests for which we'll be bound Losing our life over one another Forgetting that we have a heavenly father
There are many ways you can see things, for me is through my eyes or through my heart. In the end you dicied the way you want to see this poem, through your eyes or through your heart.
There are many ways you can see things, for me is through my eyes or through my heart. In the end you dicied the way you want to see this poem, through your eyes or through your heart.
SOMETIMES I SHRINK Back from it all. There are a million bows to tie. Why should I be studious? Maybe if I were a kid again I wouldn’t be spoiled rotten. I never claimed to understand potential.
Growing up you are taught right from wrong, They file up the bad from good,  She couldn't speak no English so they often called us hood, Waking at 5 so she could work her eyes
Does your mother strain her brain for words and correct English pronunciation patterns the same way you strain your eye muscles  at the minuscule black letters hovering from the 
Ojos de tapatio - Maura Velez I am from the throat scratching stomach burning brandi in my father’s bar and the smell of carne asada cooking on a gray grill on a summer afternoon
The sea, the big and beautiful sea. Could strip a proud man and bring him to his knees. Ignorant to its power, and helpless to its beauty.
People around me Flock like locusts They whispering As if were rats on a putrid lake They say about me Things I had not done For I corpse at front of them
They make no fanfare traversing the lands Using the night sky’s cool cover The ancient ones followed the stars To hidden oases scattered across the desert
 Relocating to a new setting can be a touch fascinating together with a bit active undertaking for the persons.
Relocating to an alternative site is often a amount fascinating in addition to a little hectic mission for any most people. It's exhilarating as they simply are going for a new place together with, will like the cutting edge spot setting.
 Concerning moving your property, you have got 3 solutions. Is working all by yourself, out of using some sort of truck to help preparing labors, doing all packaging, reloading, unloading without hiring somebody.
As I get up in the morning I greet the day. And although the sun is shining, A smile does not grace my face. I go to school as I usually do, Saying Hello to my fellow youth
Stars/// eyes meet mine across the crowd, calling for migration,temptation, must be just a friendly salutation, I tell myself, butallow for a moment, the idea it could be more.Across the border
I am going to paint to you my life My pale color complexion gets me liked Blonde hair gets me praised, My brain gets me good grades
[Hook] I'm so exhausted . Can ya see I'm frosted I tried too hard an' lost it Now I'm frost bit . Bitch you just crossed it Please get da flossed kit Fuck aroun' an' i tossed it
I grew up loving dogs. I grew up loving every single breed of dog and investing so much time learning about dogs. I know more dog breeds than the average poor child of an immigrant should know.
As an immigrant, my voice was stifled. Spanish? Unacceptable English? Complicated   I precariously discovered Hip-Hop culture, Eminem, Biggie and Pac, you can only imagine the shock.
Abroad I battle challenges with hope Despite the nightly toil and days alone, The songs of poetry to soothe my soul The world of words to make me whole once more. Left I the motherland four years ago
 Employ the men who left their homes. Afraid, astray, alone they fight.Return, return, insist the moms.  Frontiers assault and chill the bones.Nor friend nor foe, welcome the light.Employ the men who left their homes.    Avow their dignity and pay
Is it worth the stress, danger, and one's own life to come to the land of the free? Is it worth it for "minoritiies" to feel like they are less than everyone else?
  Yeo boh say yo? I say into the phone, Quickly and quietly But still the room grows silent and I wonder
Often broken dreams follow a broken heart, To watch everything you thought you wanted slowly fall apart.   All the awful comments you had to hear and endure, Have pushed you to become demure,
I see them wake up every day,  both very tired. They both feel like no longer pushing to do the hard work that the people that are born here , put them to do , they put them long hard working hours .
O’ mommy   In the blink of an eye I can lose everything … I can loose you or Daddy … so  I'm gonna hold you wherever we standing, And hold You tight and never let you go or take you  for granted …. I don't want loose you or daddy  .
People think we are delinquents ... just because were looking  for a future .  Tell me do I look like a person with drugs, do you see me selling anything? Why put me in a stereotype when you don't know  me. 
This world is such a sad place You should have left me there. I hate to see your sad face You should have left me there I watch you struggle to make ends meet
  A poem inspired by the militarization of the border as well as the Chicano Movement.     Las hierlas  
Discrimination against our fathers and brothers that come from other nations, just to build this better nation Get called rapist, drug addicts and criminals
The place I call home -Jessica Jazmin Michaca Silva I come from a place where families are always united I come from a place where music is always blasting at every corner
Coming in a country Without family Coming for searching For a life better For your future. Coming without money , And without clothes Going to church Praising the Holy Father To ask him
  (States the Pledge of Alliance)  E.A.D Stands for employment authorization document (card)  Take a real good look at me I seem like a regular person right?
Away from California, the land that I knew Into the heart of Texas, with a culture that was new The city was humid, which made me feel the heat
I feel the smell and the color change, heard the sea back then in May,  The sky, The sky so pink in spring, and in summer air so blue, sometimes turns gray, almost black,  but it is still July.  
i grew up on the streets of albuquerque when the sun hits you hard son of hopscotch players, soñadores, border-crossers life was beautiful  
The times of release Freedom And happiness Not to worry about any thing Just...........,....just mine Time bounded only as yours I hate the fact
 Onward to the castle he goes. Packs his things, hugs his parents, thinks about the dream one more time before he goes. whoever searches the king's castle, only scorching days freezing nights with hungry beasts and bandits await those.
It is an evening full of smiles and laughters but at the same time an evening packed with hidden sadness. You'll probably not gonna see these people in a long time.
I should not be bitter I should not be green I do not even know my fate  But I see you around the globe I see you. I see your charmed life I see your opportunities I see
Close your eyes   feel the love around you but then back to the real world.   You not the only here,  who lives with fear to be  separated. Gone to be forgotten  and treated like a non-human. 
In this world, clams make pearls, it's a pain, for human gain, its painful enough to make one without bluff. but no no, we have to see purity, maturity full round flawless ones,
Endless nights I dream of myself standing at the end of a lake with my toes in the sand, the water my fears, and the sky in my hand. The ripples whispering, all those terrible thoughts,
The biggest and brightest of flowers Bloom after The longest and loneliest of rains And The loudest and proudest of voices Come from the "weakest" and the "meekest"
Ah, Mexicans.   We grow up yelling viva, not knowing we were already dead. tan skin in a vast sea of white is all we'll be being Mexican is knowing your culture
The American Dream...   Dreams are images, emotions , sensations created in one's mind. The American dream is where everyone has the opportunity to achieve success,
                               Depois daquela despedida                            nada nunca foi o mesmo                            muitas duvidas surgiram
Do I look like a criminal or rapist? I'm not a criminal and I'm not rapist I am angry. I am angry that people who support Donald Trump are proud of it
Growing Up from Oriental displacement, The American Dream became a long journey. Being the eldest of Three, Made me became the Tree. Playing Sports differenciate me from the rest.
At a glance, I seem like an average girl in an average life I may seem of average intelligence and average splendor At times I feel as if I am one of many Yet, we all face some struggle We each fight a battle
I was once told that America is the home of the brave, and the land of the free, So ask yourself: Who were the founding fathers of the American Dream? Were they not from families that came overseas?
I am as a hybrid, A mixture of two cultures merged by fate. I live and breath American, Yet I look and am Mexican.   I am not from here,
If you can stand again After falling down so many times     Then you still have hope If you can accept one more challenge After loosing so many times      Then you still have hope
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I am America
One more time I laugh out loud Thoughts of Rome, sun and clouds My dreams harken back to Italian nights Piazza strolls amid twinkling lights My memories still fresh from a global summer
I left a place so cold and cruel A place where death was haunting I came across a vast ocean So cold and blue and frightening I swam across to save my life To keep my soul from dying  
You leave me here alone. Dying out of frozen love. You are my strong strength when you hold me tight, but my weakest flaw when you let go so loosely.
The Commute
Sitting in Starbucks Drinking my veggies Posting words Instantly accessed By no one Or Anyone Worldwide While refugees Huddle in fear Seeking help From anyone
Telling me to go back to my country Won’t hurt me But it will hurt my family They suffered Walking Running Across an empty Desolate Hot desert No food Fear Death
I am American just like you I seek for opportunities, Freedom and happiness just like you  I seek for my generation, just like you. I am as human and as equal, just like you. I am the key to our country
I am American, Not only American but Hispanic. Cultures joined inevitabley,  Treated inequitably; Because ONE of both are immigrants I am the result of their love YET treated unfair
I’m from my mother's cooking
Every day my mother would look at me and smile She would tell me to get dressed and eat She would take me to school and tell me she loved me While she went to work, I studied at school
I am tired, I am hungry, and I am weak I have looked high and low, but nothin has seeked Every day many drop one by one All continue to drop for more months to come Why must we starve huh? Why must we suffer?
I am tired, I am hungry, and I am weak I have looked high and low, but nothin has seeked Every day many drop one by one All continue to drop for more months to come Why must we starve huh? Why must we suffer?
I am tired, I am hungry, and I am weak I have looked high and low, but nothing have i seeked Every day many drop one by one All continue to drop for more months to come Why must we starve huh? Why must we suffer?
I am the Magpie. When Winter came, I flew South; “It’s warmer there,” they said. Will I ever see my home again?   When Winter came, I flew South, But I will return home in the Spring.
I am from croquettas de jamon, From guava and cheese. I am from sandy beaches heated by the bright, burning sun (Beating, glistening, warming my skin, tasting like freedom)
Pack your suitcase, get on the plane Barely four, barely knew my name   It's time to leave my home behind In search of freedom and peace of mind   Brand new country, "paved with gold"
When people look at me they judge my appearance. I don't mind it, it's human nature. It bothers me when these people choose to define me by their preconceived ideas. They do not understand history behind a first glance.
Like many others who came to this country             from a distant  world, I pushed my way from Bangladesh             where there are many conflicts and there is no safety.   I am like a clementine
Just wonna live the American dream; Fame, power, riches it’s the American scheme. Everyone is trying to get their spot in the light,
Why don't you look around yourself  Why don't you tell me what you see  Why is it so hard for me to tell 
“Canciones de un Pájaro sin Pies” En una isla, Un hombre dio a luz tres hermosas aves de su cabeza. Triste y muriendo él les dijo esto:   Eres hijos de una madre inmigrante, hijas de agonía.
Now I'm not political. I dont vote. Not even old enough to have taxes to do. But some things have been said that simply aren't true. Now i'm not Mexican. But I am a minority of a minority Black, Hispanic ,Native ,woman and left handed too.
Brought into the U.S. barely lived a life only two years old Didn't have a voice but now I pay the price Don't see half my family but I study every night What good is having good grades
You have stolen our land, and buried it to the ground. You oppressed us, we were banned. Always misunderstood for being tanned, not a single word from taking my house. You have stolen our land.
Around the World  
The wrongness of my mispronunciation of my native languages only makes me more Afrikan More Afrikan than I am to put in the effort I am Afrikan through blood and not by my birth
Asian shame painful, generational patterns,
Words unsaid at home,
  It’s frustrating, immigrant parents,
I am from the unknown, from the sweet nector and the pillow of comfort, i am from sweaty skins all around, (rasping,damp,sun biting my skin) i am from the iris, the oak tree, birds here and there
The stray winds from a far-off place Gather round over a still pool And here the surface breaks.   (The mirror is briefly smudged And the face is now clouded. The ripples clear; a new face smiles.
I was crying all the time, She couldn’t be there for me. The children were sad, My heart was hurting.  
To board a plane To leave To arrive To walk in to a new city’s terminal To feel fresh To be awestruck To meet strangers To be a stranger To be moved and excited To be fearful
I am the Great Bambino, No wait the Great Bamboozled, They got me out here like you are good for nothing man just useless, A confused young man where no where to go
Fields of Green Mine, in my mind I tend to them Labor of love and ambition No one sees my work No one cares All but me just seem to forever gaze on; simply stare Worried about tomorrow
Fine Ingredients cannot hide from a soup resturant quality, and character hide within stocks, herbs, oils, and flavor compatibility reveal the final meal edible creations, delectible, hold your mind through
I came to U.S From the New Spain
The walls are caving in I no longer know where my home is. If I could change one thing I would change the color of my skin.
I wade into the river of life  Trying to catch a fish 
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. We cannot walk alone.
Once was America the land of opportunity Many welcomed in by the Statue of Liberty We opened our door To the tired, wretched poor But why do we shut it again? After all immigration has done
when I think of the word "Life", I think of a flower. The seed gets planted, gets water and get shine on by the Earth`s light. It then gets fed with pain and heart.
If you try to ruin my day, I will make your evern worst, And I will smile in my happy day, I won't care about what you have done to me.   If you want to talk about me, Behind my back you can do it.
Why are you so sad? My friends always ask me that You should be happy you are here. I am, but something is not right.   I moved so fast here, that I could still feel
In the lap of Himalayan range it lies, still I remember when I close my eyes . because of melodious voice of the raven , My mother and motherland is superior to heaven.   Beautiful home under Asia ,
In the lap of Himalayan it lies still I remmember when I close my eyes  because of the melodious voice of reven  My motherland is superior to heaven    Beautiful Home under Asia 
I am an immigrant Or so they tell me. I don’t feel different, Like an alien. Yet I am an outsider Looking in. I am afraid to do anything Apply anywhere For fear of rejection.
Noises surround me like the streets of New York,
Knight life, not night life.  By knight life GO KNIGHTS
Appearance, Is what we all care. But identity Is what really matters. I didn't realize this once, And I wanted to be like everyone. Then I bumped into confusion, And I lost my confidence.
As a boy of three,  I watched with every breath, the rise of my small body.
The first ones to learn, the first ones to go The oldest children are the first to know The American dream, enticingly close To our immigrant families who love us most
i knew myself,but you don't so why you try to create my future you may write me down in your notebook
Ain't given a chance For romance With education Ain't worth living  Without giving To this nation That doesn't want No talk About immigration  Especially those without legality
He said Chicos, les voy a decir estoy en ingles:
Another iron python hisses Billows unnatural poisons into the air Burns passed scarred jungle Monotonous percussion strikes old Indian lands   Cyclope eye staring passed souls too insignificant
They unwelcomed us,
My Dear Life Who Am I to live? Have the light's turn black? or is it just me A brown person Whose hopes are crashed Figuring who might have caused this Is it my color or my nationality
Being an immigrant can only lead you so far Trying to break the bars and making everyone equal Crossing the border can be hard Everyone deserves an equal education
“This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper” T.S. Eliot – Hollow Men
I fear... Not that my parents will disappear but that they will be taken Just because they ain't makin'... enough money to stop being undocumented ALL they want is for us to have an education
Why can’t I get a chance?
Will you choose to see the 57,000 children fleeing on bare feet hopeful of the American dream?
I wish for America I wish I wasn't here I want the land of Freedom Freedom from fear. For the place in which I stand Cannot compare; I want the land of Freedom
We don’t see the blood splattered across their shirts, Or the cuts on their bare feet from the hundreds of miles They ran to get here.   We see a child covered in dirt.
Please stop throwing insults at me You’re bruising my already brittle body Dehydrated and weak After months of trying to reach the American Dream
He is a Latino Boy
Abandoned yet hopeful,
   My heaven awaits for me in the infinite skies.  There I can soar where ever, there I can jump from cloud to cloud, and there I can free fall without worries of ever touching the ground.  That is my imaginable heaven.
A country for the free, it was supposed to be To be unique and new, equality to all With innocence upheld, Lady Justice was blind New labor laws intact, kept the people alive
When I was young,I wasn’t scared of spiders or clown masks.I wasn’t scared of horror movies or ghost stories.I wasn’t scared of big dogs or dark rooms.I was scared of The Men in Green.
A love for you is beyond compare Those words I wished to share Moments are memories That keep a heart beating Take a deep breath I keep bleeding love Love for miss Marie
Life can change in just a minute, One does not even imagine what destiny has prepared for you. Leaving behind your parents and friends, Going to a new school, meeting new people, speaking a new language.
My name is Tecun Uman I am a legend An ancestor Carried as a sacred bundle A spirit A memory By my burned and burdened children   But my progeny starve They feed off my spirit
My name is Tecun Uman I am a legend An ancestor Carried as a sacred bundle A spirit A memory By my burned and burdened children   But my progeny starve They feed off my spirit
I'm feeling fireworks on my lips i can't believe you look at me like this i see lust in your eyes and you look at me like I'm your prize im really nothing at all So why won't you let me fall
The sun beats down Hot on her pale neck As she pauses and brushes away A single droplet of sweat Not a cloud to be seen Nor a breeze to be felt As she adjusts her sleeves And tightens her belt
We're jumping over a gate today, Just so we can go and play. Playing hide n' seek from the cops, Looks like it's time for us to hop.   We're jumping over a gate today,
Aren’t laws and regulations supposed to be great for our country? Well, I am a clear example that this is not true The government thinks that separating a family because of immigration issues is ok
Someone start the countdown to the breakdown of my people,
Diversity. We live in a world of diversity. There are different eyes, different lives, different people. We walk in different shoes and we talk so different. We can accept that we are different, But Why can't we accept people who are DIFFERENT.
I see my country's flag Snapping and unfurling above my head In the light summer breeze And I wonder, What do people across the globe feel When they see their flag flying high? Many are proud no doubt
Everything built up, bottled up. Feeling like there’s no way out. Needing to be set free To show your true potential.
I miss the era of blissful days, Lost in a time of lavender and ocean spray, Together we could do anything, I thought you loved me,  
When my father prays, He kneels to the floors, Bows his head to the cross, Clasps his hands together And presses the knuckles of his hands To his cracked lips.   What is he praying for?
Immigrants shipped into the American Dream plundered of their culture left as empty shells crushed by greedy hands tossed into melting pots molded back into shells carrying America within.
I just want to be truly free Why doesn't Lady Liberty  accept me?    I'm one of the huddled masses you invited me here,  beckoning, seducing  you wanted me here.   
  February 5th 2009…6am  Daddy? Daddy where are you? Dad?! The house moaned and whimpers echoed throughout the walls.
Oh, the things I've done, Working before dawn, midnight doubles for fun, College is helpless when you're an immigrant's son.   Oh, the things I've done, License expired so the bus is a must,
Ten years on this side Two kids and a long-term partner. He speaks the language and follows the laws, But he is second class Because he lacks legal status.
Momma says, "Education comes first." Momma advises, "Do not marry for love, marry for money." Momma scolds, "When I was your age, I was herding cattle" Momma yells, "How dare you complain, when I have given you all this?"
My mind has been lifted; my time has been lifted, Not knowing what, cuz the feels been shifted. The time is now, the time has come, When beginnings end, when the end comes. The fighting starts, we argue now,
From country to country   When I was two years I left my country I left to Asia to a better country After seven years there we became angry
Because my mother was an immigrant, and young, and single, I've been written off. They say I am most likely to drop out of school and become pregnant out of high school like my mother.
Who misunderstand that we are all people? The constitution says that ‘’ all men were created equal’’.
One immigrants girl's dream to one day    to see the world in her own way.   Education her only escape from the everyday   "No you can't " pain.  
Under the moonlight, you can see fresh footprints  walking into a foreign land, chasing a dream. Dreams, the owners of these footprints chase, unique, wonderful, tear jerking dreams, and some
I am going to tell them what’s up Something to think about while they sup About good policy Nothing really fancy I’ll advocate refilling our cup
I try to speak my mind or like, let my mind speak. Does my mind need speaking for? Sometimes I feel like my mind and mouth do not communicate ahead of time. Maybe my mouth might be doing it's own thing.
"Is it worth it?" ...You ask, "Wasting your time, Is it worth it?" And my first reaction is to laugh
You come up and say hi politely But in your mind, you're probably thinking "Why is this illegal in our country?" Because people like us come to thrive Our parents,  Grandparents,
Jose had a dream that he would be  an educated man Jose had a dream that he would live better than his parents  Jose had a dream that he would give back to his parents 
The engine on the lawn mower roars to life, Behind it, a homely gardener emerges, The sweat on his brow glistens in the sun. He stops to rest and turns to the street,
Waiting for the  Dreamer on the sidelines  To make their move 
Go to sleep, close your eyes
Dominicana. Y gringa. Decidete.   So I am both.
In the beginning, there is frustration. Faith is weak, as you find no peace to keep diligent. In the beginning, there is exhaustion. Life is tearing at your priorities,
I live in a foreign country, I call my home.                                                During the day I walk behind invisible walls,
I know I am not alone, In this struggle to be who we want to be. As a dreamer, I dream of the day I won't be classified as different. Of the day I will be able to drive without fear.
If there was one thing I could change, There’s no doubt it would be To keep my parents here with me.   And no, they haven’t died. You can’t bring back the dead. And no, not arrested,
Because a war make Hmong People  Have place to live like other people  Because a war make Hmong People 
Living down the street is that immagrant, the one that cuts your lawn, no the one that paints your house, 
On the frontier line
I live in the dark,
Put you hands down NOW  this isnt happening NO! yes, or i will shoot
Put you hands down NOW  this isnt happening NO! yes, or i will shoot
They swallowed tears before I came to Angel Island,   their America stained by the leaking blood of those who stilled   their writhing flesh with a hanging noose
Her aching bones are broken more than ever before. I see her struggle every day just to make things better than okay. Her sweet face smiles again just to help us get through the day.
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
I kept asking myself every night, why her. Why MY mom. She's struggled to set food on the table For all four of us. They came in pounding loud on door.
The way he smiled, It got to me. Leftover mangu, Extra salami, Say cheese.   Straight to my heart, Chills through my spine. Oh, his bright smile, It said to me,
They say you can't dream in color   But if that is true then why are my dreams so green Green shoots sprouting out of grey dirt Green dark forests in every direction filled with green dark pine trees
An incomplete family morns and weeps
Hello to everyone who reads this. My name is Alexandr  Socolov. I’m from Moldova, Chisinau.
fresh fruit in the day broken bodies by the night let's give them their rights
And what if I say that the president says a dream with no advance? And that families are lacerated because of the separations? Aren't we all illegal immigrants? Maybe we should learn from the Native Americans.
People will never understand. People will never understand unless they’re in the same situation. People will never understand unless they’re feeling what you are.People will always be quick to judge.
She leaped from the dirt covered alleys To the asphalt paved roadways Leaving behind her A distant memory of poverty And entering A world of opportunity  It was a long and grueling 8 years 
My love for equality is so great,
I drive past the dirt houses Each one passes by into distant memory But I can't forget the people living there In tattered clothes and crumbling homes. I am rich in opportunity They are poor in hope.
Everyone has a dream Though not every dream is heard   Why are they really here? So many stories to be told   Another face gone Another smile lost Another family affected  
Who am I, you ask i am one, one who makes the impossible possible i am a fighter and a lover
The clock’s hands are slowly turning to the next tick, Each and every second being savored Never turning back to relieve them again.
    Life can change in an instance   Who would’ve that right now we could be  countries apart    They don’t realize the pain they have caused  
I am a dreamer
Once, a boy goaded on by his friends yelled “BORDERHOPPER” in my face. (I must have a very large stride, then, to have hopped the Pacific Ocean.) To be fair, it was middle school.
She works harder than ten men combine Working night and day till her knees break and hands swell Living in a cardboard box with only the clothes on her back
Before I was three
What tempts a barman in the small hours?
So tell me again how a piece of paper makes his tears any less real. Tell me how ink translates to all this blood shed. A piece of paper gets so many buried in un-marked graves.
Every day you look in the mirror and you see the same person Yet, every day you are different. Whether you like it or not you are changing.
The sun, up high warm breeze. humid. take me away.   snap. flew out, new place cool foggy nights.   looked back, people anew. no one knew. i cried too.
I am boy  I am 18 year old I am went to school everyday Ever the day, I was sick I try to do my best   I am person have Dream of going to college After high school  
The cants and wonts, wont stop me,  I bring overdue glee, to my forefathers on the fruit fields, when I ace a test or get called the best, their sweat never in vain,
Clothes of cardboard, Souls of stone Cracked faces with the tears it once shone Walking in the darkness Fear is pale Being thrown back like an animal to a place I don’t remember
She walks alone on A crowded street, with nothing And everything on her mind.
In the name of Allah,  I start this letter, As a child I dreamed of many dreams,
Dark, dusty, desolate night,                                                            Desperate to make a better life for his family, The migrant set out on a journey to the border. He wasn’t sure if he would ever see
From grass to grace just failed. oh! Ain't no grace in what i face. I Traveled overseas to see a change. I guess now i know what they meant when they said
I am from one of the world’s largest cities, crowded people, houses, and schools.   I am from singing nursery songs that I beloved,
When I was young, I remember staying up late many nights tossing and turning in my bed.
Do you know theres families being seperated?  People being hated, cause a green card ain't incorporated into their belongings People longing for a better life, they risk their lives, it's do or die, some call it suicide 
  Salty drops, that are so called tears, Police men, that are so called friends, Families being split up by deportation again.  
a bottle of water broken upon desert sand  begins silent night  
Asian-American immigrant Born in the East, thrown to the West My best was all I could give For the past five years I've accumulated fears Fistfuls of tears that fill the tank in which I'm drowning
Berlin, Berlin is all I see,   Berlin, Berlin is where I want to be…   Step with heel and toe first I walk towards majesties   Not knowing you, the nameless
We huddled together over something clear,  without a yolk:   egg whites   squeezed so tightly into their rubber pin, we mistook them for mirrors.
Within the first month When I went to school in America I realized an unacceptable truth
We can't chose where to born. We can't chose where to be. We can't chose where to live. 
“Lucky”   One day at school hands shot up across the room, for show and tell.   Lailah went to Disney world. She had her mouse ear cap on and pictures glued to a piece
They call me a dreamer,
  I never have a free weekend to party or have fun I work in the fields and don't stop until the day is done  From six in the morning till seven at night 
I have stopped counting the number of days when I feel unable to do anything But sit on my bedroom’s carpet and allow my fingernails to create moon-shaped marks on my skin.
Fairy tales date back to,
My grandfather, Roberto Hercules Gándola, has instilled within me the fortitude to take on unfamiliar challenges.
How different the city lights look
If I said I was from the small island of Hispaniola, where life is always difficult, but freedom is something we all have, would you know where I’m from?
i have always believed that this is my home until you told me so to dream or not to dream  it is not as easy as it seems forever a team you taught me then i come of age and 
While I am able to work and stay here for now,  There's still some disadvantages that make me mad. I'm not saying I deserve the world, Neither that I should get sympathy.
Why stay? To get that better education For what? To be someone? Who are you? I'm you. We live in world unlike other were people treat us bad youd like to see?
Born somewhere Don't know how to spell the fucking place Grew up in Texas Figured my life would be here Case made Nothing but America in my trace No! No! No! Can't go to college 'cause you a fake
Violating laws Upsetting  age-old customs Freedom calls   Tyrants shake with rage Demanding death or capture A life in exile   But we must prosper This for our children’s children
Laying on my bed, I stare blankly at the wall. Silence surrounds me, yet it sounds like screams in my ears. What is the point? Why try? Bitterness engulfs me, and I wonder
roses are red violets are blue started cliche just for the view can you say equal can you say fair
I am a Mexican girl living in the U.S. I wonder what it would be like if my mom hadn't brought me to the land of the free. I head all kinds of stories about people that try to come here for a better life.
All I see is violence All I hear are lies All I want is happinness All I get is hatred Untames and Untainted They hate me And at times I hate them All I want is a chance
I ain't no poet
Alone I wil rot I am safe in my own home Yet I feel so empty, so alone. Each day I feel it creeping and crawling, Into my heart, mind, and soul. Like a black blanket of fog, rolling down a hill.
She stands there Day and Night. Never waivering  Never backing down The rivers water lapping at the  Island edges. Stars twinkling behind her high Crown. Face forward
life is full of opportunities if you're in the land of the free where dreams will come true as you will do become someone important and you will achieve big than an ant
Repeated kindergarden No big deal Older than my peers Okay Can't drive Can't work Why? Blame them all My parents included Deffered action My blessing Paid twice
Struggling from a poor village, many dreams of freedom and peace. Im off to make an effort to this privallege The day has come im on my way to succeed. Days and nights of struggles and fear,
So different from my homewith tall buildings and paved sidewalks and the people with strange dress, speaking a language so peculiar.When addressed I simply nod, pretending to understand. 
College isn't easy But you can't ever give up Show the ones around you that you can Be a person that will learn new stuff today And be a genius with it tomorrow Lifes not perfect
Perfectly positioned Southeast As a greeting to oncoming vessels I see your faces as clear as you see mine.   You are, huddled like swine,
    Hispanics are considered a minority because most of them are not educated and barely make enough to reach the minimum wage. Living in a world where that’s expected from you can be tough
  You looked into my ten-year-old eyes And taught me my first lesson in the life of minority Judged not by who I am But where I come from   You stained my education, that day
I writhed across the stars, one night, dreaming of the fars Where in tropical nations, conceivably, the sky turned gradations Of warm colors for the same sunrise, I see, but different bird cries probably
I can speak three languages In one sentence. I can understand five, Being spoken all at once. So why is it that I can’t help
Coming to America To the land of opportunity With no visa, no green card guarantee No papers I say   I went to school Elementary, Middle & High In time for when, College came around
  Telling the untold story of my childhoodRewinding the despicable memories that withdraws me from fully happinessTo me when I was a little girlpeace meant warand joy meant agony, because it came with sacrifices Rewind.......... Back to the time w
My village had no electricity and one pig.   This is the story my father tells when he thinks I am finally old enough to listen. It is too recent for once upon a time, too private for
  Taken. Taken against my own will Country of freedom? Ha! yea right Not living in peace because of One, color change.
 Bernadette Irankunda.  i was only a 9 year old girl . coming to a country i didn't know  , didn't speak the language. Here I'm. i get picked  on  for my clothing , for not speaking English etc. kids at my school use to bully me. push me around.
You tell me to dream  Yet you take away everything  You tell me to dream And still I'm not good enough   You say no one can stop me Yet you do  You say no one can stop me 
Angie Brooks who was ironically born in the month of May gave birth to four is as gentle as the stroke of a newborn who from the start would grow into a exquisite wife, mother, and friend
I'm from the capital of oil producing place I'm from where people live in actual homes and not caves I'm from a country where back then was peace and felt like peac
I walk and fall but I continue to work hard all day in the field Picking and chopping to try to survive wearing a hat and scarf as a shield And till the day end I will try to strive
All we want is a better future, not just for our self... but for out families.  Why cant they let as accomplish our dreams, for a better tomorrow. Why cant we have the same human right?
  I can’t sleep. During the day I’m tired. At night I’m awake,  I’m not hungry, I just want to drink. I don’t have money. I want to be alone.
Dreamer I am Fighting everyday The news just show horror Children crying and screaming, calling out for mom or dad
Run the whole world why won't you.You think you so slick. Thinking that your ableto do what YOU think.Make people's lives So unable to get ahead. So go!Do it then!Make me cry,but you won't brake me down.
Gnash my teeth again. Returns the memory of leaving behind my cradle of flowers, where I was born.Back in the distance of a horizon where my eyes cannot reachmy memory runs to where I grew up.
This story starts at a town The name of the man Juan His family nowhere to be found A coyote come to take him away  
  Oh that “America” starts with “A” A sign of starting anew Perhaps that’s why each new immigrant Exemplifies ambition too For whether peasant, master, order, or disaster Origin discriminates us not
People staring mad irritated of they're lifes going fast, i put up my music untill the full blast, they dont take a breake to smillie, i even look at the clouds and give them a complement,
I am a child of the Americas, A fusion of the rich culture of Italy Defining me only begins with my heritage   I live and breathe the "City by the Bay" The only city I have ever known
The Wet feels like dying, The Wet is wet from crying, The Wet bulk loading the undocumented that would not be charged nor required legal.   The Execution of a role has been a fugitive
Five floors, a cherry tree, and my room on top. I ran down the stairs. I kissed the empty hall goodbye. We drove off. Only visible the rising mud of the ground under the screeching wheels,
This land has been alterd every corner i turn i see my people suffer the fire in our soul heavily burns. we've been building a land for generations a place founded by love, peace and communication
We came here to work, not to steal, We are dreamers, not robbers, We came for a better life, but they don't see it that way, They threat us like criminals, when in fact we are just looking for a better life,
It’s kinda funny sometimes When I’m chatting online with my friends Ranting about the immigrant child life Trying to make my case to those who don’t understand   Funny because all my messages Come out
    i.   Feed the dog tortillas con leche   tongue laps creamand corn   “Where we come from,”
I'm giving my all for a sligh chance that I might make it My dreams will not be frosaken. I'm fighting against the odds. Is it worth it? I think so. Meanwhile, they awaken They try to break me
I am music and one of a kind I wonder if I am not myself who would I be? I hear the repetitive strum of guitars
No matter what your name is, where you were born, what language you speak, where you live, the amount of money you have, how tall you are, how much you weigh, what your name is, what you look like. We humans are all the same and equall.
Split by countless miles Through messages in files They share such feelings To lively build their authentic eyries  To never be forgotten These feelings they have gotten
I am from outside, From playgrounds, trees and bikes From kids playing in laughter And smiles on faces so bright   I am from couches, From computers, chairs and stairs
The rain slowly falls, I quickly run for shelter. I see you sitting there, alone. You look my way and your eyes beg me for a minute. Dark and desolate; they persuade me to release my grip and listen…
When I left my birth country Cuba, I swore to myself never to look back. I was a child of four and yet I learned two valuable lessons that night that I left Cuba, One: Parents lie, For I was not going to the beach,
Laying in bed I can't sleep  There's so much going through my head  I try to fight it But I'm too weak  So I just lay there  And then I weep   As I mesmerize our times together
My Yah Yah came from China He sailed across the sea He wanted to come to America to live in the land of the free When he arrived in America they would not Let him in
 Just dust I am, but God did mold my soul I saw the light but I was born in war My place of birth, no food it bore only war The crops did die; the men did die and die My mom did flee, my dad as well and I.  
My spirit calls out to my parents How I long to mend This relationship that got broken amongst the tides of assimilation And those years of miscommunication. This song goes out to my Dad and Mom.   
Everyone says two is better than one A couple of treasures is greater than none They say, "You're so lucky, you can do both" encouraging, empowering, influencing my growth 
“The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful…” - Genesis 6:2  
The American dream, to a boy of thirteen seems to be the only way out of the heartache and cloud, he wants to acheive the visions he sees, tell his story of his way out.
By day and night we struggle to fight, we strive for something more, than taking the flight, we work as one to cross a zone, through day and night we run from home.   We're watched from the outs,
          The reason I breath is the determination to leave the circumstances I live in now, born in a country where starvation is the only way ,  where there isnt a future unless you leave , they say that education is the way to make something of
Latinos Africans Europeans Asians They came tattered Worn and dusty Seemingly worthless; America borrowed them Torn pages Ear-dogged pages  Stained pages
There is a deadly order where people do not have the right to speak for crossing the border they are considered freaks.  
I write for the ones Who cannot speak for themselves For they are not given voices But left dusty on the shelves They make our country stand In a spot so unreachably tough Yet as hard as they try
I write for those voices which are constantly unheard, I write for the many huddled masses within a democratic nation that have no rights,
sometimes i cant think stress is just too thick illusions of blown rich but not even have license walk everywhere i go follow a lonely road impossible i cant not grow until the reforms born
A DREAMers dream that of no other  just whispers echoing through cold stone walls  yet louder than thunder  DREAMers, dream on those beautiful dreams change the world, make it turn
Staring at a wall in isolation you are not alone, trapped in a place that can never be a home, dealt bad coins and with your attempt to use those coins to live; your a criminal, bad, a misfit and to some you don't deserve to live, because what is
  Carried a miles-distance are these desperate cries Tears collected as one, as the assembly weeps Weary bare feet drag along dry soil under heavy skies Envisions of hopeful forthcomings, leads the discarded in flee
They've enjoyed our waiting They've indulged in lies They've prolonged discussions They've listened to our cries   I've lurked in the shadows too long
Multiple Individuals Allow a Musical Invasion, Miami. Where keys distort the image of reality each note on the brink of insanity Where people aren’t people but music, I my own harmony
Everyone looks different but they all have the same dream A dream that they have to take chances at A dream where they might ride solo A dream where it could be their last
(poems go here)Ser Inmigrante Mexicano no es cosa del otro mundo Significa trabajar tres veces más fuerte, dormir con preocupaciones, vivir con sueños,
There's no such thing as justice b it's just us wishing justice just was you see? or so they say as mothers and fathers are torn away "immigration! what's your status?
It's up to me? I thought I was just here to be... Why is everything changing so rapidly? And I’m just thinking slowly To myself of all these injustices Happening daily in my life without notices.
I wear a light blue dress with white Mary Janes and my hair is straightened It’s my mother’s big day we all look nice, she’s graduating   Graduating… Damn… That was Iowa.
nursing homes. senior citizens.  its where the money comes from  traveled from sudan to germany.  working for a living now.  rough hands, full of faith.
I see her every day Waking up with her tired body But empowered with the mind To go and look for the daily bread Exhausted, fed up with life in the new world But always sharing a smile
From fetus to 21st birthday, umbilical chord to college room and board, we’re dependent on the authority figure.
Little darling, so innocent.Oh, the things you can't control. I don't really know what that's like. Little darling, everything you could have knownOh, so close, yet oh, so far.
  When my friends ask me what my father does, I am the few that gets to say, my daddy works a chocolate factory. They reply with jealousy.
Why build borders, When you can build dreams. Why break down dreams, When you can break down borders. My journey was of a thousand miles And my heart kept going like an engine.
I don’t know much about the world, economy, politics and what not I didn’t know about slavery or racism at all for that matter I didn’t know about Martin Luther King’s dream and how the conquest for Civil Rights
Beads of sweat Running down  My forehead I cant think straight  Im face to face To my biggest fear    The one fear  I pray to god  I wouldnt come up against 
I'm going say this rhyme and it comes from the heart So you know I'm going play my part So this is only an art So if you get to know me then you know me You should really get to know me Sky is the limit
A cancer patient, An illegal student. They both have in common As much as they differ. Striving for a chance To continue the journey, A fight to advance Ahead in this life.
People claim land as their own but little do they know That they’re all late to the show this land has been lived on for years Now all I see are tears of people looking for an opportunity
On a mid day in April, you have made a decision, A decision to leave your country for my education. Tearful goodbyes and hopefully minds, Soon to be shaken by the terrible kinds Of difficulties and obstacles
(poems go here) I call myself Haitian sensation Insinuating my swag Because I know I am God’s greatest creation Parents came from not the greatest nation Red, Blue and White symbolizes that Flag
Here I am, Finally!, A second before I take that step, I reflect, My eyes perceive multiple worlds, They form into questions, Like "Will I succeed from this step?",
I write… To go on an adventure, To forward to the future, To hunt a treasure. I write… To walk the old path, To memorize the past, To remind me that true love last.
The American Dream Isn't that what we're all looking for?
Dreamers. Those who come with no malicious intent. Those who didn't even want to be here in the first place. Those who were torn apart from their home countries. Those who now call this land home.
Every weekend I go back to Glencoe, to a house that has a back yard and stairs that I have to climb to get to my room. I can find an ipod in my bedroom, a computer, and even a camera that I bought myself.
Bitter cold flakes. Laughs muffled by heavy coats The crunch of snow as we head to the car Holding hands Sharing a connection that began 16 years ago
Up ahead, amid the dirt lies the fence. Tall and wide, black and tied it stands. It's forbidden, it's inhumane. For it separates people, and people's pain.
We will never again label people like animals they said We will never again let a government kill millions they said But what about the immigrants I say
Can someone tell me what time is it? Tick tock, tick tock, The clock of my life ticks away, This is not a game, no child’s play. My life is on pause, with the gamer in control.
What. Is America? Is it the juxtaposition of pink toned flesh against deep caramel skin? Is it the way his tresses twist and turn whilst her strands lay straight and silky?
As a child you told me stories. Stories of princesses and dragons and magnificent castles Filled with flowers and little pink tassels. Even the ones about Superman and Wonder woman
Did you know? Did you know that right now, in this very second, there are people crossing? This very second, people running, walking, stumbling, falling… maybe never to get up again, all the water, all the life,
I hear the whispers in the wind. I hear the cries from a distance. I hear the shackles beneath my feet. Have been caged no longer free. Have been stripped from all identity, now I am withering away.
Our intentions are to find a better Life. We come to this country to work that's all. When we get here we are treated like bad people We aren't given a chance to explain.
Our intentions are to find a better Life. We come to this country to work that's all. When we get here we are treated like bad people We aren't given a chance to explain. They take our rights away and throw them away.
People like to bully immigrations when they do not even know their side of the story. Who are you to judge others? Immigrations come to the United States to live a better life. The Dream Act is a step closer for immigration
I love I wish I could be happy I wish I could be like the old me Where I didn’t care about boys I don’t know how I changes I just did
In the shadows I stand, Waiting for the day when I am no longer called illegal Am I from outer space? Is that why they call me an alien? I work harder in one day than most American’s will in a lifetime
His skin looks old, brown, and wrinkled; scarred by the Mexican Sun; His wrinkles are a chronicle of his life-long Wisdom. His hands are rough to the touch; toughened by years of toil on the Fields;
If You Think I Don’t Know What I’m Talking Bout’ Give Me Time and Hear Me Out; This Isn’t a Story Bout’ Death or Divorce That Separated a Family; It’s a Story Bout’ A family Being Separated by Bars,
I know of a hero An African descent A motherland vision Not a thing but a beauty Not a He but a She The only weapon she carries around Is a open heart hard work Caring Confidence
Time. When will it be time? When will it be time for a change, and for improvment For freedom and for safety When can my partents be free? working were they like and having a better life
My daddy built an empire with his tender, 18-year-old hands as he kneaded the pizza dough for $5 an hour for a future free of worries communism was over, and freedom suddenly became the softest slice of life
i am me old, frigid..some days young.. prisoned and free. Greyed vision for me A tanned skinned for you For this is all you see.
We do struggle like the rest, Trying to make the best. Living life day to day, Searching for the right words to say. Though we do smile, Remember there are things under tile.
My hero doesn't wear a cape. My hero, no, she's not in shape. My hero is not always there. But when my hero is, i tell her all i can share. My hero came from a a distant land. She is truly both woman and man.
Carried a miles-distance are these desperate cries Tears collected as one, as the assembly weeps Weary bare feet drag along dry soil under heavy skies Envisions of hopeful forthcomings, leads the discarded in flee
I pray of You tonight for a city of dreams, one where a wise man can ease his aching bones and halt his aimless running through this endless, tiring path – wandering, pondering deeply of the origin
They say the best way to get out is to go through, if you never had to go against it how would you fight it, if you was never taught it how would you have learned it, if you never read my words you would have never understand my words..
-With “New Colossus” (1883) – Emma Lazarus- “Give me your tired, Your poor, Your huddled masses, Yearning to breathe free…”
He prowls the lands in search of residences. One, does he cozen. All but one habitent is ornate in his presence. This cub, so petite, behests his expulsion.
They say, I ought not be involved, With the people here, The culture of my peers. Their ways are defiled, By their own makings, But you come from better stock, So you must not,
As my parents strived for a better life they walked a far distance, The United States wasn’t as close as it seemed, They walked and walked with the beam of light They knew that one day it would be right,
many people dream, but no one have seem the thing's that my mind have, i don't talk and don't show my self, i became a us citizenship because i want to became someone,my English is not good but i understand what people say, now 5 years later i la
The Cold Winds of Change Will Carry You, My Dear Friend, To A Distant Place.
As a tall lean and athletic Mexican boy, I look back to back to my past from which I was employed. How my family has raised me to this moment, Gratitude and Humility is all I have to show in current.
Because it has a 26-letter alphabet making up words that made no sense to me Because it has so many pronunciations that confused me even more than I already was Because it was not my first language
When I was younger, I read a series called the American Girl Diaries They were books about girls with red hair and freckles Girls with wealthy grandparents they had to dress up to visit
Soft golden handle. Large bronze door, pushing its breeze on my face, not knowing what can come my way. Open the door to simply see a start of a new beginning. No taste of flowers,
We stands alone, the awkward silence of our shadows but a toll in to the next step. Scars of hidden memories, tears of past pain. We never feel abandoned for we sees the big picture.
I am who I am. I’m no ordinary man. I am a nerd. I’m not absurd. I am a son of the Pharaohs. I’m more precise than sharp arrows. I am a math lover. I’m a person you should discover.
Watch how the masses rally and pound, making the ground Shake, United by one banner, the Latin Americans marching like a Hispanic earthquake
She is my life, she is my heart, She is not like you, treated horribly by her differences, tearing me apart. To you, she is not from this world, an inferior girl,
I am a Jamaican. You are a African American. I walk down a path unknown, You walk down a path unknown. I am hot and sweaty in the sun, You are hot and sweaty in the sun.
The american dream, making the united states seem like paradise Some die trying to make their way to the united states Once here it is no where close to paradise for most people
Little do we know, A Civil Rights Movement Is happening right now. During these times, Protestors remain silent, Hiding in shadows. Paralyzed by fear Of being snatched Away from family.
Hundred different footsteps echo in the streets Thunder! Lightning! Rain! all silenced by their heart beats The very ground they stain Fumes of sweat and tears ride in on the breeze
How many times will the wind keep blowing? How much further do we have to go? Better off finding a way out, never knowing how much time we have lost here.
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Hand over heart, The other at his side Tightly clutching a small flag. Dreams dance above-- American Dreams, full of hope And life And promise of a better future. Worries, doubt
The time has come, time to say good bye. I'll be leaving sad. I already die, while you're eating pie. The time has come. Walking through my path, looking up in the sky. I'll be leaving sad.
It wasn't always like that, the place where i stayed that night, it wasn't that ugly, that lonely, and that quite that not even the colors were able to make noise
In this great Melting Pot is there really room for more ingredients? Careers New Life Education They want it all Seeking far and low To become new creations Carrying stress and pressure on behind
i am the terrorist and the cowboy; the farmer and the capitalist. i am the fat man and the emaciated child. i am the controller and the laborer the master and the servant i am the bad and i am the greedy
No one had strength or courage. Walking on in the oven like desert. Living with fear frighten by the thought of getting caught. I have just one question to ask. Was it worth the sacrifice?
So much hate No need to fear The color of skin They just don't understand We're all the same Inside and outside A new day
A picture I took while in Canada, just thinking about how many people have come and went in this world. A watery world, what lies beneth the waves?
Last night, in my slumber, I had a dream It was an American one, one of exceptional encouragement And oh the intricacy of this grand scheme So grand, the world knew it was nowhere near forspent
This poem isn't made up to help others. It's from personal experience to help you all understand. Also, a quick note, it was in August 2011, I used 09' in the poem for rhyme.
Apparently if there is a god he keeps on smiling at my mother ‘cuz they both made it through as well by this time my biological father had been in and out of jail
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