Human Rights

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Who am i , you ask?  Dust thou art,  to dust returnest, Is our destined end, the death of shadow, but we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, to leave behind us breaths of light, Footprints on the sands of time.for this, I will not die an u
Gives this a title-A tale of injustice, in the light of day. Bob Menendez, a proposal made, To protect transit workers, a law displayed.   But where's the law for citizens, the road unsafe,
There is hope for another day,  A chance to learn from past mistakes, A chance to let a smile fill your face, A chance to let sunlight shine your way.   There is hope for clear, blue skies,
It's not that I want to be a boy like you say. it's that I'm a boy that wants to be a girl like I'm supposed to. I want to chop my body off and start brand-new.
It's not that I want to be a boy like you say. it's that I'm a boy that wants to be a girl like I'm supposed to. I want to chop my body off and start brand-new.
I have travelled far and wide, yet never met thee journeys have been shared your presence ever with me
In Uganda, a land of beauty and grace, Where the sun shines bright on the people's face, There are cries of anguish and pain, As human rights are violated again and again.
So you call yourself a patriot? One who supports this dreaded land?   You find yourself proud of this Of all we have destroyed?
why do legends die its just life  life is not fair i know you have to face it if yall know juice wrld passed away yall haters can say whatever you want rip two the sucide people
Shaunsterkid yeah we are in a legend gang dont hate on us please me and LILANDONHELBIG and Tripple3ddd are in a legend gang yall can hate all you want im going two
im living my Life im trying my best for everyone they are hating im sorry im doing my thing im sad i m just tired of people talking lot of stuff bout me i cant stand it anymore im having the worst day ever my friend peja Anne
im living my Life im trying my best for everyone they are hating im sorry im doing my thing im sad i m just tired of people talking lot of stuff bout me i cant stand it anymore im having the worst day ever my friend peja Anne
It is trans day of remembrance Another vigilAnother memorialMore and more lost each year
No, I don't want kids. And no I don't want to get pregnant And no, I don't want to get married to a man and No. No I do not want to have sex.  No. No. No. No. No.
Ready for what ain't been before, I ain't for war, fly high, I aim for more, let the rain poor, headed to the main floor, See God in my sight, Christ in my light, cried so many nights, you can find me in the city with many lights, gave my life to
Flower in my hand, power in my hand, waiting for the spaceship, don't know when I’m going to land, taken from the motherland, things they don't understand, leaving with nothing but what I came with, I plead the fifth, that's my language, light the
The world shaken by grief, diamonds and pearls taken by thieves, the birds awaken the leaves, troubled minds, humbled by the kind, it take effort, to remain forever, they waiting for the downfall, look where I found y’all, memories of a new day, t
When you see you breathing, it’s key to believing, they proceed with deceiving, we succeed with achieving, this is real I ain’t dreaming, how can we heal when you scheming, in the motherland we keep it real cause our heart is gleaming, prayer hand
I can see the love in your eyes, I can see the love when you cry, all I need is you in my life, people looking for a reason, we don’t believe you this season, what does it mean if you don’t have love, behind the scenes I saw the dove, only praises
Why must I lose everything I own?
Why must I lose everything I own?
One shot one bang, don't you know that's all it takes, it pierces through the skin and flesh, all the life fades away, and it kills,   all the dreams and goals,
Dura hipocrisia. Os canalhas também estão aqui. Aponta para eles e grita: Seus idiotas! As lágrimas que deles escorrem são de aço. Oh, almas congeladas e sedentas por estéreis cumprimentos
Doces lágrimas de sangue Espirram e queimam a dureza dos hipócritas. Minhas doces lágrimas de sangue Destroem a hipocondria dos incautos...
I'm finally taking my body back.I'm taking back the rights to my body I'm taking back what you did to meto my friendsTo the people i didn't know
I Had a Friend   I had a friend Her name was Gittel. We played Together. One day Gittel Didn’t come out. She didn’t come
Poem about Kashmir Doesn’t your conscience stir you? O! You silent witnesses When the bullets pierce the children of Kashmir, When their pained cries echo, Doesn’t your conscience stir you?
...And she lost it she packed a bag and left Leaving it all behind  All her family and friends  To do what,   Accomplish something real?
Trying to avoid this calamity Can’t seem to outrun this insanity Barefoot walking through a city of glass
stand down stand down they say, dont be so loud your too young to understand if only they knew about the kid whose parents would never accept them for who they are
stand down stand down they say, dont be so loud your too young to understand if only they knew about the kid whose parents would never accept them for who they are
Do you ever question if life will ever change?
Do you ever question if life will ever change?
This dick ain't freeYou looking at me like it ain't a receiptlike it never made ends meeteating your leftovers and raw meat THIS dick ain't free!Living in captivity raised my capped salary celerytelling me green is all i needevidently all i seen w
The book was seen as dirt "I don't wanna touch it, it'll mess up my white shirt" They saw it as useless, unusual and stupid But they didn't see what beauty it hid A black book with a natural look
Remember one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember make sure to eat and drink your food and take yourself your a amazing person keep going I'm proud of you and live life like no one else is watching and make smiles no
To dream with the black man in one eye and the white in the other,
Kids not born with a syndrome, could still inherent trauma  A whole people over four  generations, treated like lower fauna   
A crying little baby, The old squeaky wheel - Ask dear and you shall receive!
Our world is a mess seriously Little kids are now all so spoilt brats, who cry when life isn't fair... but life isn't fair they're attached to devices as if it's the only thing keeping them alive
  A man with many names was destined for change He was a revolutionary with a merry promise To Overthrow 2000 years of imperial rule
Be the Sunflower in someone's life, Be the reason someone else smiles, Go the extra mile, It might take a while, But, Its worth the wait and the risk it takes, Understand Your Destine to be great,
My son I found you lonely haunting pains! I lost thy life in duke of forest brook. Why could not see I coffin float there moors? Where did they take to bury my heart and groom?
BLIND LEADER We are being leaded by a blind man Who Behave like a woman How can you used our resources To make it Valuable for substances
BLIND LEADER We are being leaded by a blind man Who Behave like a woman How can you used our resources To make it Valuable for substances
People behind bars wishing to join the stars tormentors laughing and smiling while children slave away crying bystanders watch sad yet scared while people's hearts are bared
Losing someone can be challenging. The sorrows stay within you.  The heart will cry; the brain will hurt. The love will be lost and never will be back.
by:a 13 year old girl you'll never know   We have all been there and down in the dumps, we have all felt down and stuck in these slumps, we have all been "to pretty to be ugly" and yet still somehow vice versa,
  Color By: Michelle Barrera Pink, Blue, Black, White. Colors are colors, Yet they cut like a damn knife. They destroy families. Friendships. Marriages.
I hope it's broke me this time I can't imagine coming back They have to pack Me in a casket So much times elapsed that I feel like my head's a basket I've been moving like a tortoise
Every time we get angry a roadblock emerges somewhere in the galaxy. This roadblock thwarts our arrival at peace and a war is born forlorn inside of us.
This year mi nah garn care This year mi ah care less What dey wan chant, wah dey wan do Dem wan see we dead inna sufferation But pon di water dey wan we dead we are sail
This is a poem of a diffrent type yeah thats right I made sure the mouse is tight next time I might just grab the mic. If I only had one million dollars I would help spend it before I gave it to scholars
Spy of high, its a poor's Cry Spare the Honest ,do not Pry   Don't You know it hurts so bad when my blue bird just can't fly   talk to the nobles, say my sigh i am so naïve, don't know to get by
Yet those doubting clear violence Have they no moral empathyTo suggest atrocities are justified? Do they see any errorsIn the analytical obvious judgment?Hatred never possesses an alibi
The warmth of my tears is known to my heart For my cheeks are not privileged The sound of my cry is known to my brain For ears are forbidden
Deep underground there lives... My angel. The angel of hate. Hate for all those who think they are great, Superior by the colour of their skin, Superior for being rich. The fact the disrespect other lives
Elderly man asleep in the hospital bed Moving so slightly His respirations become the only sign  He is not dead   I move his feet back in the bed as they slide out every now and then
you ask me, over and over you ask me. but why, really why, does it matter? even if I cover my ears and yell, and shout and scream,you raise your hands and tell me i'm being dramatic. I act out and ignore what you try to pry from my hands,something
To be different,  Is to be labeled a freak,   No one can understand that you’re just unique.  They are trying to make you feel ashamed 
Your silence speaks louder than words What happens today changes tomorrow Speak on injustice, rise like songbirds Your recent post, you put on a good show
My mother was left to take care of herself Barred inside bare, cold, gray walls Shut in from proper attention from the doctor She bore my labour pains in secret
Hail to the undying youth Dont shoot, don't scream Impoverished homes, successful businesses Silence of the people Kill me not, for I am afraid
Love ,play simple life Arogance in the air so wild Sisters and brothers sold away so far To lands never seen black berrys so ripe
the last thing we need in this country is division These masks don't protect us' its all a allusion In all reality for the last 5 months covid has broken us down From our businesses to our everyday lives all around town.
We walked a path, but not together You walked it while danger slept You walked it in sunny weather You walked through on fields of heather You walked while the streams ran wet  
I’m inside a filter, on the outside new beginnings On the inside a fatal past No change ever occurs Not that there's any escape  But the clasp is held shut
The whole world is craving a feeling that will take lots of skill It feels like to reach this we must climb up a hill But knowing the journey will take lots of skill
I'm driving the speed limit, car clean, I'm clean, everything is up to date But I'm still stopped by the law  I put my hands on the steering wheel "Officer why am I being stopped?" "I ask the questions" (aggressive)
Bare feet wandering around the city, Smiling ear to ear, The sound of their laughter between the chaos and the smoke, Their cries unheard in the city of dead at the crack of dawn,
Bare feet wandering around the city, Smiling ear to ear, The sound of their laughter between the chaos and the smoke, Their cries unheard in the city of dead at the crack of dawn,
Ethnicity is not a crime. Gathering together for justice isn’t either. What they did was wrong, it was sickening, it was cold blooded murder.
Hong Kong China crunchclash of ideologies—iron mixed with clay . . © 2019 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Baby boy, I can’t even contemplate what you’re going through, and when you go out those doors I always worry about you, but hey, I know I raised you with morals and values...
Power is not hard Power means that you're always right Power will corrupt  
it grows in the belly it grows and kicks,  abortion is the cruelest thing it is murder of the unborn, little life, legs,arms,tiny mouth,and eyes yet to form,
Can you tell me  how I’m supposed to support  a country  that puts children in cages?  Can you tell me  where the line between 
Ever wonder what it would be likeIf people could be who they are?To live free instead of living behindThe mask of society in which they live!Ever wonder what it would be likeFor people to realize that love is love?To live without fear of being jud
So when the world stopped turning  And everything in the wilderness sat still Where were you? He God above the heavens said stop! And the killers stopped killing,
Don’t calm me over with sweet melodies of song verses Pacify me with  we’ll rise, we’ll rise..we will rise
THE ULTIMATE PRICE Ever felt much weight on your neck That makes it feel like you can't breathe? You can't move your neck? I have
Society judges males for being who they are. Show emotion? What are you, weak Doesn’t show emotion? Good luck getting a girl Has a higher pitched voice? What are you, a kid
Teenage females are never good enough for societyNo boobs? Grow some, no guy will ever be attracted to you.Boobs? Cover them, don’t be a slut!Skinny? Don’t be anorexic, guys don’t like sticks and bones.Fat?
They hear your happy, they go and find a way to make you sad. The hear your debt-free, they go and make sure you have more bills to pay.
Behold quickly I come  Blessed is he that kept  Beautiful piety Be strong but not rude.  Be kind but not weak. Be humble but not timid. 
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A night so Cold and bright. If I wasn't locked up tight, I'd see the twinkling starlight. So I left to image seeing, Them in my mind's eye. soaring with them I fly, in the spiraling of their Galaxies.
A story about, A girl who was bullied most of her Young Life. Sexuality harshments always made her feel strife. Just kept her head down and walked away, Shedding tears and pain that she locked away,
Caregivers grief A holding your hand, stroking your hair letting you know someone is near. you may have to go on your journey alone,
When I grow up,I'd like to be a political doctor And go down in history books for unveiling the mistry of helping this ailing nation. A nation so ill that the will of the people is no longer an issue
We cry out for justice, we scream and we shout. We cry out for justice, we cry very loud. We cry for missng people that haven't been found, we cry for innocent people getting killed everyday.
Creation is always on time And life is too Priceless to be stopped on a dime Abortion is not of God and it is a crime Yet women lineup what no penalty no fine Let me abort I mean murder mine
when the people that should be there for you the most, are the ones that hurt you the worst, when only dreams are your everything, when llife is a broken sail boat rocking each and every way,
You forward my calls You tell all the lies Everyone believes  And it all transpires   I just need you But you don’t want me
The family of four They threw me away Didn’t want five They say I play Too many games And bring sorrow
Paint  by Jaylen Espinoza    You paint me every day Since I was born Tell me what I am  Who I can be
Who is it? Is it the mail carrier? The bank teller? The dentist? The Chrisitian? The news reporter? The artist? The Buddhist? The construction worker? The bartender?
Who is it? Is it the mail carrier? The bank teller? The dentist? The Chrisitian? The news reporter? The artist? The Buddhist? The construction worker? The bartender?
They are warriors for a just cause, Their great character deserves applause, While the memory of them is bittersweet, In our hearts they will never be obsolete.
Best Friends   I feel your pain for not seeing me in months We aren't able to let the feeling fly till the day we see each other.  We are miles apart but through and through, 
Best Friends   I feel your pain for not seeing me in months We aren't able to let the feeling fly till the day we see each other.  We are miles apart but through and through, 
Isn’t it lovely,  To be happy all the time To do whatever you please To feel no pain
We march the street with dominant determination in hopes of not only making a change, but curing a crisis. Within each stride we ride our roar amoung thousands of fighters who share that encore.
I heard your scream, you turned and tossed against that monster and looked at me, things being soo unfair i wanted to ask are you okay, i'll ust turn away and maybe pray,    
feeling pain, outside it begans to rain, listening to the sound of maybe a crane, i think maybe right now i am going insane   the noise and sound, listening to the rain pound, looking down,
You stand up for what you believe is right, but the world looks down on you, it's alright. You will face many struggles, but others will look at you and chuckle,
I hope y'all listen close and listen well  Listen, hear, and understand this tale I'm about to tell  I'll do whatever it takes, but if you notice that my voice shakes, 
lost,refraned,shaken,and broken half of a whole or thirds, something missing and lost, unable to fly away like a bird, experiments done not realizing the cost.  
Forgive and forget, But not too quick, You gotta know what you need Before you can contort the decree.  So value your time,
When you begin to ask why, first think about how you got here. Then, gaze with those pure eyes what wonders you have accomplished. Without you history cannot be made done,
The deadened grass crackled underneath my bare feet Stepping on stones piercing the soles of my feet For once I strayed from the well worn path My blood being spilled for the pleasure of cruiosity
Here upon this old woven chair She sits in the land of the inbetween Perched under a wooden sign post The one rooted into muscle that sits between our ribs   There at the very tip toe top  
Every night I look to the stars above Just barely seeing past metal bars Now consumed by rust  
red, white, and blue what does this mean to you? parades and pride, a country you take in stride. that's what the colors should do for you.  
The child will seek his old novel friend, After the trials and tribulations have began. The man will cry with the daring old book, Feeling the mistakes he perhaps underlooked.
But more than broken pieces, we are the world still breathing. - Btp;
most of her works are serenades to miracles that occur daily.   some of her works are cows will be cows will be cows. named miraculous.    the miracle is
LISTEN LISTEN ... Middle Class England ... !!! Come On Now ... !!! It's NOT Immigrants Bringing England Down ... !!! It's Your Own Government That's Causing FROWNS ... !!!
By thou insane pamper, hob nob with blue water, Reborn in your nap, Smelling death over lap.
Christmas, Merry Christmas, The Happy Merry Christmas, Many gifts with good hope, Coming Santa on Antelope.
Really, said she             my grandmoher Protest harsh                 Just come in the legal way... if gay means happy...                    homo... Sapiens For my Enertainment
                           love and hatred has it same colour, but only you should know                                                   the differences between. 
I need to be heard for it is common courtesy, The basic need to share my thoughts, An explosive volcano inside me. We always brag about our free country, Exclaiming everyone here has freedom of speech. So why do we ignore when people are talked ov
Light replaces dark Dark replaces light Light, the first thing you see Light, the last thing you see
Pens against paper Creating words of history To never forget  
Sun cast black silhouettes standing proud on cement auction blocks Sweltering heat make dark skin sweat in mid morning dew
(Pt. III) ... After the 7/7 bombing ... This is the 3rd part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
For we were trapped in the faceless conformity, of a place that we are foreign to. The feeling of being lost overwhelms us, as though we may never be found.
Whether a mile or two, those far away, appear out of the blue.   They appear in my mind, but what I see is not human, rather a feeling unfortunately assigned.  
Bending in participation with stimulation.  Yielding, swaying, resisting, obeying Resolute in rejection of interaction. Protesting, afirming, challening, refusing To sway or to challenge
Do You Believe In ... ? Freedom of Speech ... ? Freedom of Thought ... ? And Freedom To Teach ... ? Or ..... ? Freedom To Do ... The Things That You Please ... ?!?
Did I hear you?So early eyes still shut,Leaping up from a deep slumber,Conversing so calm,Wanting to tell me,All that is unsaid, The pain in your voice,I hear with my heart.
"Akonadi, the people’s activist." Akonadi is an oracular goddess of justice and a guardian deity for women. Inspired by a Ghananian goddess.    
No tree bends the same, No individual grows in a uniform frame, No branch sprouts equal leaves, No person has a similar seek, I see the world through my glasses, You see it through yours,
a bad deed done for a good cause is still bad, violence is never the answer opening your heart up to causes is better, all of those people that were killed that's sad, or adrressing the issue to the senator in a letter.
she ignored me and got angry later, I didn't care because she seemed like a fake friend, but she acted like I was a traitor, I wanted to tell her that our friendship needs to come to and end.  
 Read all about it!  Read all about it! We must do something about this  But here I stand My voice rings out Freedom has yet to be given out
In the dead of night The moon shone bright  A lone soul raced In search of the light She was being followed by her prey And had nowhere safe to stay
La Boca the mouth Mi Boca My mouth I speak but I am hushed Callate me dicen No one should be allowed to speak   tienes poder Lo tienes? Do you have power? No.
They wish they were stars, but that's far from the truth.  Those falling lights are not children proof.  They live in a world, surrounded by offenders. 
They wish they were stars, but that's far from the truth.  Those falling lights are not children proof.  They live in a world, surrounded by offenders. 
After high school, I enlisted the United States Navy. I wanted to serve my country. Make my family proud. It wasn't until I returned that I realized---the more I witnessed, the less I agreed.
What Shall I say about their senses, What Shall I speak about their Tenses, They're all above the God judgements, May be they are Gods of Themselves.
POETREY (REFUGEES)   United refugee organization Is the UNO
The world of mine would investigate invisible lies, Only to imagine dust and flame. The heat would smother my glass heart  And pray that it's strong enough to survive.   Yet in the world of pain and demise,
It should come as no surprise the injustice is a tale as old as time haves and greater-thans ignore broken cries. They take and take, and punch and climb- // Over poor, broken, helpless -- not leaving a dime
Digging underground to Passage, onward. Sorting the forest from the trees. Moving steadfast to Freedom’s Way. Watching our backs on prostrate knees.   Reverencing wombs to heal carved scars.
texas.don.g.nutt59.poem,righteouness,so right mine right mine steady better then you no fedia this one stay so ready sharp as a machette like i work at mr gahitti, splatter like sphagatti this is the one so right i get down  for me so righteouness
texas.don.g.nutt59.poem,righteouness,so right mine right mine steady better then you no fedia this one stay so ready sharp as a machette like i work at mr gahitti, splatter like sphagatti this is the one so right i get down  for me so righteouness
Have we lost all the civility This much is not certain Be it war or death or famine The world has changed for better Or worse, some say  
I draw faces in the sand.  Against the grainy, coarse complexion, of this rocky shoreline,  my twelve year old hands are barely able to caputre the essence of president Obama's 
Sisyphus, With calloused hands and heavy soles, Pushes his boulder up the hill. But his boulder is not one of rubble, Of granite, of shale, of sediment; It is the Boulder of Progress.
So what if Ragini was once Raghav. She has every right To live a normal life And love like everyone else does. To laugh when everyone giggles. Even if it's about her. Man, haven't seen anyone sportier.
We are women of colour living in a world of terror   We sometimes feel inferior  Useful only for our exterior   
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
Burning Simultaneously   When I knew I wasn’t a kid anymore August 2nd, 2015, 3:00 am.   How can one learn to forgive a mother?
Voice what does it mean It can be communicated through a song, or a scene When feelings come out through our art our voice gets the chance to be heard and it’s not reduced to just a few words
He seemed odd to me. That’s what I was told to see. “Don’t let him near you”   Now I see the truth, Does not matter who you love; Just know I love you.  
Why are some of achievements celebrated aren't we man but many to which we see ourselves of a lesser altitude of the creation of man that we recite comments that say a black child can do it as though a black child was never capable of being a huma
I pace back and forth.I beg to get support.I'm screaming, watery eyes.They assure, "It's alright, child. Smile."
I pace back and forth.I beg to get support.I'm screaming, watery eyes.They assure, "It's alright, child. Smile."
Of human ignorance I am almost in despairFor racism is around me everywhereBut like they say sheer ignorance is blissJust like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
Six years ago, two little boys invaded my home and stole my heart right from my chest. The little ginger haired devils appeared in my life out of nowhere and they took control.
Here I am, A “changed” person But this change didn’t come overnight , alright  See, I used to be so gullible and sweet, with little to no teeth  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sweet with a bit of heat 
I’ve been through a lot in my life a lot of pain a lot of hurt a lot of asking why like why am I sitting here on this earth when everything I do gets twist and turned and everything I say makes something worse and everything I try just crash and b
a chain reaction has happened between face,But now its time to go out and race .  the  truth ,the reality, the life of humanity we all are one and one are all so i dedicated my self to live my life ,to carry on a new legend of now not the past not
There it was, The spark that which ignited the gas, Why does this always? , seems to differ. does this hearing sense require a transfer?  I felt despair from the cotton comfort,
Today: Sleep, wake, fight, repeat. It’s all we ever do. Rest, rowse, run, restart. Neverending… Neverending…  
Stories of gods Received purification. Smoke waves My voice FORBIDDEN. I had young dreams.   My knees like water.
i feel sad. i feel sad because the world is angry. i want to use my words to sooth its temper but paper isn’t enough. and when i shout them,
don't waste a single second of your time trying to convince someone what you're worth
rich or poor black or white straight or gay man or woman child or adult,  we all hold power as inferior as we may feel our lives matter  black lives matter gay rights matter
The wind blows solemnly through my bones The crows no longer sing their songs It feels like a blizzard in my mind My psyche being eaten away by frost bite.    I’m losing my mind
He must be several hundred feet off, but He weighs on me already Do I head the other way? I only say that because He’s homeless. What a selfish Trick, huh?
As a child you're painted a picture perfect story book fairytales with princesses and princes  being painted as superiority  more or less perfect and humble  and you believe it  but I can't blame you
Out of the shadows we come as a roar With pen and sound my people soar From the field to the stage From our minds to the page This separate but equal  Will never have a sequel Take a back seat so you can tell  What exactly is our hell- And our rev
Health never lies in this time and age With little to hide and memories that fade Death and Life fight out in the day, Waiting for something to ease the pain  
Everytime I'm pushed around like a Ragdoll, You're addicted ,for you it's alcohol. Everytime it's you,only you . Who determines what I should do ! Why can't I just be me and you be you ?
Arise on your on feet its time to start the day Rise to your feet and  let them lead the way  Rise to the challenge and do your best  Once you done your part let Him do the rest  
Call me Elliot That's my name Unusual, yes but all the same A rebel cry against the gods My future present, despite all odds   Call me Elliot Take my hand A crashing wave against the sand
Mama, why did this Mama, i was to be your hope Your happiness and life It was not my fault Mama, was i even there? When grandma talked to you Warned you of the bastard? My unseen papa
Mama, why did this Mama, i was to be your hope Your happiness and life It was not my fault Mama, was i even there? When grandma talked to you Warned you of the bastard? My unseen papa
Life is long Like a race We have to run We need to beat other runner But what’s the purpose?   You don’t have to run When you don’t know your destination It’s okay to stop
My parents fornication Resulted in procreation In her womb began my formation But the debate of my termination Was the topic of their conversation Which led to their separation
Humanity used to be beautiful,But it is poisoned by sin.Hate grows as Man lets it sprout,It causes hurt, suffering, and deathStop this deadly disease For the People of the World.  
Nothing is more beautiful  Than a father in total aura Of his young daughter   
It's like eating ice cream on a summers day. It's like watching the first snow of a new winter. It's like feeling the wind through your hair. It's like a happy ending I've always wanted. Losing you....
Starting from the very bottom is always hard, and sometimes it makes you question reality. Making you believe there is nothing more than ordinary people, doing ordinary things.
He slunk behind the blows, harsh rasping thoughts swirl, The phone buzzed. He thought, rifled his sodden jacket, scrambling. Which ringtone was it set to. He struggled, to get his bearing. Hell.
Feet dragging, limbs hanging, eyes distant in their sacks. When old women's families send them here there is no looking back. They heap their sorrows, pray for tommorows, The halls are dark and dumb.
                                                                           The Struggle:                                                   (Marginalised Anglophone Cameroonians) I stand corrected; Yet I am molested;
As i sit still/ in d belle of d beast In ma country in Africa /were d youths only knw defeat In d claws of d leaders is were we all dwell A better hope 4 a future I say farewell Dey suck all d wealth 4rm d oil
The world is ignorant Of a nation here from birth Full of culture, tradition, and history Thriving in the threshold of tribal family And stripped of all they knew.   The world is ignorant
Dreams   I.   Dreams begins with a spark That ignites the flames deep in the dark
the carbon hardens after sinking farther into the dustthe earth compresses and turns a mess into a value of lustby forming a stone that can survive intense temperatures
The top of my head only reaches their chin But I can measure against the greatest of men I wish my pay was based on merit And not the chromosomes that I inherit
Many voices are heard Around the world. The politician cries for war, While the activist calls for peace. The poor cry for recompense, While the hounds sniff for plunder.  
Humanity is blessed with a gift Of different cultures, different ideas Of uniqueness   But are we really that different, you and I? That we don't deserve all the same rights as you do?
 A little Hispanic boy holds his mother’s hand.
I used to hate my eyes becuase I thought they had no color; The emotionless black marbles that sleep inside of my skull were always a blight in my head, no matter what my mother said;
 A little Hispanic boy holds his mother’s hand.
Blank faces Blank minds Blank thoughts   You are blank You believe in the slate You believe in the state
   an ode to the Aztecs   The skies cry alongside us for our fallen brethren, for the abuse of our land,
There’s a winding River in my country. A River that’s red.  Muted screams rise from its dark waters. Screams of the dead. Darkness hovers over the River. It makes it hard to see.
When I look at paper I think of this cruel world, Separated by race, Unlined by unity, Words not being fit well for the community.   Two lines separating each side,
                                               The View from Below You stand up for what you believe is right, But the world looks down on you, it's alright You will face many struggles,
As I struggle throught this land Of hopelessness and fear, I pass a sea of faces- Ones that hold no cheer.   I cross the sea of betrayal And over the bridge of doubt, into the desert of despair.
How are we to be free when the color of our skin is stereotyped? How are we to be free when our religion is criticized by others?
As an infant, their eyes are filled with happiness  their head is filled with innocence their heart is filled with gold. As a toddler, their eyes are filled with curiosity their head is filled with imagination
A Weapon You Can't Ever Take  by: Kaitlyn Whitner I own the most powerful weapon ever known to man Just like all other weapons  It can be used for good or used for evil  
I’m mine own. I’m supposed to be like my family. I’m seen as one with them. I’m told that I act so different from my siblings. ‘They are friendly, kind, accepting’ but that’s not me.
I’m mine own. I’m supposed to be like my family. I’m seen as one with them. I’m told that I act so different from my siblings. ‘They are friendly, kind, accepting’ but that’s not me.
What's that sound? I can hear it from far away Whats that yell? It sounds like its coming straight from hell What are those stomps? Are they coming all for me? One Place  One Punch
Our world is in disarray, wouldn't you say? When our kids learn to hate, how to argue, debate, But never to love,  or to challenge their fates,   We look at people as numbers and figures,
Floating... Sinking... Falling... Nothing but air beneath us, nothing but the sky above. Our words like the air we breathe, stuck in our throats, nothing coming out.
Let me tell you about the impact excluding people from history has. For many exclusion becomes a solution Making things taboo Remember the statue we were supposed to look up to
Shut up because you speak funny Shut up because you look different Shut up because you listen to weird music Shut up because what you believe in doesn't exist They told me to shut up because I am different
Who you love does not matter. What you choose to be does not matter. The color of your skin does not matter. The language you speak does not matter.
Oh Voice, my Voice, where do you hide? Why are you afraid to make yourself known? To stand up for your rights and declare your stance And to rise from the flooding swamps would be at least ideal.
I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the segregated states of America And the life sentence of Cyntoia Brown By the dawn's early light
The design,of self equipped treatment inside.Bullet proof on the outside, unaware of my i
It’s a stormy day for many,For those without a home.For those who’ve traveled milesAcross the raging foam.For the mother and the child,Who've been sent far away.Who’s every breaths a challenge
So, she took the kids. But I took the fortnite dub. Now this is epic.
How many more kids have to die? How many families have to cry? When will the U.S. open their damn eyes? No matter how many children ask there parents why their best friends couldn't still be alive.
It's feel like heaven. goes in like a fire. it's shattered like a blossom flower . burn like a flame of sadness .
We are a human being Want to treat like the same Were asking for respect Knowing that were not perfect Yes, we commit a sin Yes, we make mistakes Yes, were having trouble
There once was a lass who liked fashion.She said, "See the lovely bashan!"It was quite linear,But not very skinnier,She couldn't say no to the ration.
Unapologetically Me
I am tenacious and lovely because who said I can not be both   I wonder if there will ever be a time where we will not be suppressed and be able to speak whenever we want to  I hear the roar of people who disagree with flappers flaunting what they
Open your mind Ditch the confined Of the nine to five Waiting on the weekends To start the process Again, and again
Old and wise or young and inexperienced, Religious and spiritualistic or atheist and agnostic, Homosexual, bisexual, or otherwise not straight, Male, female, or transgender, Rich and famous or poor and unknown,
Inequality revolves around the idea of stereotypes. Black, White, Yellow, Red,
Men have to be strong and can't show weakness they say Real men do cry and yes they do feel pain Hold your head high and don't be a little bitch He also can feel used and hurt like shit
My fight does not stem from the desire to overpower My fight stems from my roots embedded in the rich earth of my motherland My struggle stems from the recognition that evil will always exist if good stays silent
Lives flying, silent cries and teary eyes What more pain could you bring The sweet whispers of lies The passionate song that Death sings The lost hope that soon flies Along with those majestic wings
The Bill of Rights- our First Ten Amendments They ensure our Rights and Freedom Limiting the Control of our Government Giving us Powers when we most need them  
Poetry has taught me That I am lucky to be free. I am lucky that I may speak, That I may sleep, That I may breathe.
Wrapped in the blanket azul of her birth, the little girl spells inmigrante beside inmate with a stick in the dirt on the border between cage and patrolman earth.
who am i what could i possibly have done to deserve the right to judge who in this world has acheived that status who am i to restrict your marriage who am i to prevent your love
See what am seeing,Are you feeling what am feeling? Despite freedom of expression I'm not allowed to express my feelings,See them, registered thieves, registered criminals.  So many times I wanna stand on my feet,But Mum called me, my Son!
  America Ten year old girl Blonde hair Blue eyes   Afghanistan Ten year old girl Brown hair
Judgment, I give Voices, I hear Stories, they tell Shoes, I stand in I stand where they stand I say what I know I voice what I understand I see judgment
There's a break--a bright day near Remain open, don't shut your eyes It seems far; the light tries to run One day we'll catch This journey is far from over\  
I hate this body,  The body that contains this soul, I hate this body just because the way it behaves, The way it moves, The way it expresses,
Overtime, society has built a picture of what a girl should be like and what a boy should be like based on religion, morals, natural instinct, and power.
I am a marble statue Forever youngA broken reminent of by gone times A bittersweet reminderA silent echo of times long gone
He makes me feel like i am on top of the earth  The way he talks  The way he walks  The way he says my name  But i know i can't have him either way  My love for him is forbidden 
A soldier out of time a man who commits no crimes  take away everything he stands for  you'll wish you hadn't  because by then you're done for  The shield  the uniform 
Working to support ourselves living in safe neighborhoods  fighting to protect our rights  there's no way a dystopian society shines bright  while all we do is cuss and fuss let this be a warning 
Injustice is irrationalA daily distastePolitics, Police, and other participantsAttacking one raceThey’re starting to look like hypocritesWhy is equality an anomaly? It is very odd to me It hurts, because some consider it to be comedyI pray for bet
Waves crashing, the smell of salt in the air, and the grit of sand beneath my feet, I feel it. Y’all, when asked a year ago, what one thing I would bring if I was going to a deserted island, I threw up the word brother as if it were word vomit. Lo
"It's a curse, a friend of the grave" they judged a black, and guessed on someone's soul at its color, but they're the most worst, whom are ready to let millions of innocents die in the bloody lands,
The scariest things in school should be my test scores. Ask yourself, is a child worth more than a gun? The answer should be obvious.
You are the reminder of a life that i was never meant to exist in, the life of shattered mirrors and holes punched into walls.
When life had turned upside-down . and memories and good times have been destroyed in this town . the town of our minds thats been torched and molested by those who could care less . who could care less about the destruction and mess .
anger   a word created to be bold in ALL capital letters however anger does not create big things it destroys small things
Kind words are misleading, A fistful of sand, Thrown into our vision, So we won’t understand,   That the gaps are wide open,
I take a knee In solidarity With my oppressed brothers and sisters For I am not free
It's not a lackIt's not a vaginaIt's not where a penis ought to beIt's where I choose to stick one-or notKeep all your fraud and imagined penis envy out of my vagina.
Pizza huh yea, I eat it too.... fun fact try to keep your brain in tact So Sweedan, 1979 right I "felt gay" so i called in to work sick and it worked next time you call in
You’re no less of a fan because you hold back your anger No less of a man because you tie up your tears and hang 'em In a world full of noise it’s a blessing to keep quiet
dear dad,   one hundred eighty nights ago i was happy i was fearless i was unbroken   i stand in the dark alone and wonder all night in my vision  
Power causes trouble. Too much for one person I believe. Which can end very badly.
For The Land:   America: With all your beauty and grace, your Miss United States, Your pride and stars and stripes and stunning monuments dedicated to (racist) presidents past
Dear President Trump, If I were the president,I would end discrimination,Provide a safer and more equal life for everyone,And abide by what’s stated in the Preamble
Do you think about it? As you’re picking up your fruits It seems so easy… we don’t think about the roots Countless hours under the scorching sun As pesticides are flying down like missiles at war
I'm stuck,I don't know which path to take,They tell me it's all wrong,But it seems perfectly okay.
To Your Highness, who sits in his throne Once a year. The rusty crown Waves its golden scepter, now opaque, As a hammer shatters the national pride
On the Day of the Sun, I heard Democracy talk about Shapes and sizes, Spite and spleen, Color and cologne Word and litter Hair and lip.
A porcelain girl inside this world is trapped with hate but filled with love. All is against her, for the light is pure and good The dark is death and evil.
I stand outside. Outside of the boundaries you set for me. Why am I outcasted from this "perfect world". Yet, if this world is so perfect, why is anyone outcasted? I'm tired. Tired of feeling alone.
Dear Humanity,   The lips she used to kiss  Her same sex lover with,  And the binary she dismissed Made them all loose their mind 
The lips she used to kiss  Her same sex lover with,  And the binary she dismissed Made them all loose their mind  in bits, and hiss, and scream,
Dear Courtney,I can’t slam anymore without thinking of you,And everytime I touch a copy of the book you wrote, I get chills and I hear a familiar voice in my he
I want to express what’s buried in my heart But words can be fickle things that trap and hurt I want to use them to describe something wonderful and chaotic
“Terminally ill” is it a term or a state in which a person can exist — ending without end or is it a statement about the state of our government?
The Dull colors that blasphemes the vision of one  Only block out what true colors are emitted from the sun One sees little but feels an immense twist and pain 
We live in a world where hate is still here We live in a world where you can be an unarmed black man but still get the nine bullets to your back Speaking up equals speaking back
Condemned by the nature of society, The status quo that instigates conformity. To rebel is to take the forbidden fruit, To enter the garden and be dragged through the Inferno,
We are not our brother’s Keeper but that does not make us his Executioner. What right have we to take other’s lives from them, like a thief in the night?
I am a beacon of light, Through my vains and heart, We're no longer apart. Stars shine bright, Take me in flight, Let me burn bright.
Dear Dreamer,   The day you found out that your future would be determined by a few documents and a serial number,
Pain makes you strong, it will be with you lifelong, when everyone will say you are wrong, you will stand headstrong...
Carnage raging through the streets Bloody, murder sheets Hate burning in the hearts of man Blood shed by cruel hands   No one stands up for the many without a voice
Carnage raging through the streets Bloody, murder sheets Hate burning in the hearts of man Blood shed by cruel hands   No one stands up for the many without a voice
Life is not sitting in your room Afraid to step out the door, Afraid of the world at your fingertips, Afraid of opportunity, afraid of change.   How can something so beautiful, be so cruel?
I am the granddaughter of an Imam, The daughter of an Imam’s daughter And a businessman. She who knotted together all ends And sewed a smile on her face Is my mother. A strong, independent lady
How much money is too much money? When your neighbors become your competitors? When your competitors become your partners? When your partners become your subordinates? When your subordinates become your slaves?
1776, The time of independence was declared, the patriots no longer willing to stay 1861,  The fight for rights begin, a goal, a rightful freedom is clear as day 1865,
The Schism You’re a bit lost now I once received A ridiculous notion I temporarily believed Soul oppression, it did achieve  
Dear Ajit Pai, Please free internet Money can't be the concern Equity for all    Sincerely, The People
Dear Ajit Pai, Please free internet Money can't be the concern Equity for all    Sincerely, The People
Is the Lord really blessing all the trap niggas I can hear the deafening silence, visions of serene violence Ideling in a unsteady position, I can feel the resistance 
In one year and two months,  My memories were engraved in the dawn of time  Where love is not the only thing that moves people.  I lost the feelings between the quenchers of  Glory and Self-righteousness.
Have you ever asked yourself "what does freedom mean to you ?" Have you ever wondered "if anyone can really live freely?"
My heart does carry out order is underMy brain, a stout controller, powerfulHad planned a complex project earlierSending order to do as potential; To circulate blood through artery net
Hi, my name is Kai and I am gender-fluid. Well, that's not what my birth certificate says But it's who I am nowadays. I enjoy living in my own fantasies. A place in my mind where I can be anything.
Why don't they just shut up? They don't know a single thing. They have no clue they are my problem. I want to stay away from every single one of them. I don't care if they are "family"
Fuck all that you know , All you know is just programming , Keeping you controlled so that you are blind to the real reality .
Dear Black,  Do you hate yourself as much as "they" do?  Are you aware that people are killed on account of you?  I was told that you create division and you're not at the top. 
Am I not human, For having the courage, To stand up, And embrace who I am?   I am no different from you, We eat the same food, Breath the same air, Is it just because I wear a binder,
     No One Will Hold Me Down No One. No One. no one Let Me Say This Once More No One Will Hold Me Down  Not Even My Own Mother Who Do They Think I Am? I Can Do Anything
Don't forget my name. Carcass is the name. Carcass is the one that owns the game. All the golden chains and fame. On the top dome. In the biggest seat it is my Throne. See my wings i will defeat.
What does one say when their words are just tossed away, Because in society today we have LOVE TRUMPS HATE It’s no wonder some people just fall to their knees and break
Because I love you You used it as an excuse to get to me I let myself fall for you Only to realize you would never pick me up Instead, you ran over my withered soul   Because I love you
8-23-17 Why are these thoughts so rough on me All these problems made from blood only Making it harder to think, harder to sink Into the person that's made for me But I don't need close, never been an
I walk out of my house with a smile, I feel today will be great. During advisory I rush to the library Because of an unfinished essay.   I sit there and type Typing as fast as my fingers will go.
Problems, drugs, criminals YOU are labeled  with labels that infest your world and as you search for escape, I will fight with you Because I love you   Rapist
Action is a form of expression reveal what type of person we are each individual has a certain action  with our actions we intend to be careful careful so no one can get a wrong idea about that individual
Because i love you, doesn't mean i am gonna jump to your every beck and call. Because i love you , dosent meam you get to abuse me with your thoughtless words. Because i love you, is the reason am even here living with you.
Because I love you I’ll stand with you Because I love you I’ll help you see things through Because I love you
The face of racism Uses words to kill all that is good on earth, without glancing back at the damage It has the ability to claim countless lives in mere seconds, then continue on
There was this girl, she was my diary. We got to know each other in so many ways I worried too much of what people had to say and think.
Because I love you I will s m o o t h out your hair whenever you get frustrated Because I love you I will watch movies I. Don’t. Like. Because I love you I will go on adventures with you  
BraveEncouragingCommunicationAdventurousUnderstandingSupportiveEmpoweringInspirationalOutgoingVirtuousEmpatheticYoung-at-heartOpen hearted Unconditional love
And in this moment you know your words are not your own  trapped in your mind your mouth becomes a prison of words  that you dare not speak for you know in this moment you are weak
Healthy Relationships are very important It is very important to lots of people Healthy relationships are important to me I really want an signaficant other That is a healthy relationship for me
The systems still fucked It's gonna change The truth hits hard We can't be silent I can't be silent.
I wish I didn't care all the time.
My heart hurts for the hate in this world.   I am baffled by the ignorance That non-Christians don’t deserve life, That non-whites aren’t people, too, That non-males are inferior.  
Love is pain Love is kind Love is honestly a waste of time  there's no true love's kiss  or a frog turned prince because love is absent in today's kids  Love is hurt  Love is cries
Because I love you I don't press When secrets slip between your eyes Because I love you I wait for you to tell me Because I love you I hold you when you cry Wipe away tears with tissues
Because I love you out of the mouth of someone who truly did would mean  I want to help you because I love you I'm here for you because I love you I would never hurt you because I love you But out of yours it's
A life being held from living, Is a life not worthy of living, A life barred an chained, Is a life forcefully taken away, A life unhumble an ungrateful, Is a life being lived unfaithful,
Soon you will learn That there's so much to learn, That life is much more Than the books you return To a library you hide in And can't ever protect you Like the loving arms
If you know what is right And make sense of the wrong, If you can stand back up after destruction But not make someone fall to their death. If you can pave a road And allow others to travel it,
I am blessed to redeploy I am possessed by the spirit of writing to skip earth ploy It boozies me like reefer And later lands me in the arena of raddled mood to refine How my world define life
We didn't start the fire,  That's what they say. And each generation, Must suffer and pay.    Don't ruin the country,  I love or behold!  Ruin, decay, destruction...
Never will I waver,  From love of this land,  Never will I fail,  To stay and stand,    Shouting with a great voice unto all:  "This land, God's joy! Justice for all." 
Once upon a the hood
I wish I didn't know that dandelions were weeds That fairies don't live among the trees I wish I didn't know that people can't fly That time passes by and by That we grow That we age
Power to agrabah! It's citizens victims of a dull and old tyrant. Power to our workers, who never asked to endure the heat of the desert.
EyeThe definitionof the eyeeach of a pairof globular organsin the headthrough which peopleandvertebrate animalsseethe visible parttypicallyappearing almond-shapedin the animal's eyelidsThanks googleThe eyea unique devicevalued by someandunapprecia
Ravenous, uncouth fillled with rage On a low-lit night sprawled and lost Stands a king to be, panicked, distraught Soaring with disgust at fates new page   The new king he must be, a king this dawn
*sirens going off*  So I surrender, I raise this white flag Because I do have a right to be black I put my hands in the air to be free But can I truly be free if its only color that you see 
I am the girl who is only 5 feet. I am the girl who is ADHD. I am the girl who is white. I am the girl who most people don't notice. I am the girl who has a hat full of pins.
Never have I asked for this, A dungeon with a twist. Never did I want this, A chain lays heavy on my wrist. Never could I pondered this, A life on the list. It was never supposed to happen,
The voice within Movement is power, but the voice is the ruler.What you desire is derived from the mind,a human's voice is the gateway to world domination.This five letter word has a greater power than a humantouch, look, smell.
they were merciless, as they shot innocent human beings, for accused of using drugs   they were merciless, as they use make up stories, just to say they were right,
Once upon a time, there was a princess named Paisley. Paisley lived in a far off land called Deretaga. Deretaga was a small island in the Bermuda Triangle.
Once upon a time,
Once upon a time, there was a kid I used to know. I was a homeless man. I would sleep in a neighborhood park. And there was a kid that used to live in this neighborhood too. I never knew his name, but I did knew quite about him.
Red riding hood but with a twist, A boy walking home with skittles in his fist.  With a red hoodie on, he meant no harm. But to the wolf, his skin was an alarm.  As he walked faster in terror,
If there is any young lass to which people can relate Between the fantasy kingdom and beyond, It is Mulan the strong, the beautiful, the different. To enchant us, she needs no performance or wand.
Let's get back to being human As we lost it some way back We devolved to war and warrior; Let's regain the human track Let's get back to being human It's who we're meant to be
When I was just a little child I began to see I had a special family Who is always there for me. A family that stands by you No matter what you've done; Who picks you up and dries your tears
All I want in the world Is simply to be free But that magic moment ends Whenever you're with me   Why can't you understand What is plainly understood About the things we face
The mirror doesn show Who deep down we know It only shows the outside. To become who we feel, To little appeal, We must spend hundres of thousands of dollars. Our identity we hide
Ever since Aurora was young, She knew she was a little queer. She was so confused, That she shed a tear.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if the world had equality?   If we all had choices and freedom? Now I know what some of you are going to say Going to preach Going to cry We are equal But I disagree
Once upon a time When the world was fresh and new When man could touch the sky To tip their hand in the blue Without burning from the sun Where a castle shined from all lands
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful girl. Her hair smelled of rotten pine, Skin rotting off in whirls.   "Beauty," the Prince said
Thank you to the people to the person who carries me to the one who lifts me up when the world beats me down Thank you for the shoulders who catch my tears and hear my cries
I am one woman In a sea of million lives lost, I was a mother, a sister, a best friend,  but that will never be included In your story for the news,  so here is the truth, 10000 years In shackles, calling us other than our name, i ám left with one
One can never control someone, If they know they are controlled. But you tell someone, What they think they want, Then they aren’t anyone at all.  
All around are people, too Busy to Care about anything except the moment they are in, too Distracted to notice that they are not the only ones that Exist. They do not have the time to see the world
Young blood spilled on harsh ground Anguished cries of a hurting mother and father A surgeon’s plea for a steady hand as she Questions why a babe was shot tonight
I want to go home. But I have not. And you cannot want for what you don't have. So I'll stay, I'll be silent and not make a sound.
Once a mighty prince Saved his beloved sister from death A death so evil So wicked So sinister—bereft   Of all human compassion
Our world is full of diversity which is unique about life Helping and caring for each others is what makes me feel alive The land of the brave and the free We stand for whats right for you and for me
All humans are born free and equal yet it never seems that way, Hateful words of society corrupt people from day to day “Dress how you’d like your body is great!”
  Sleepy the Woke Poet on this sheet niggah I stand up for what’s mines I can not take a seat niggah and its a cold world so I pack heat niggah blow it one time
Will Or Rights? I have the right to stand down when asked to I have the right to be silent when authority tells me to
You don't know me You may never know me but that doesnt matter.. or does it?   Does anything matter? Life and death; beauty and beastly;  healthy and sick. 
I am a child born into the space Forced to live a life style without escape Following what I am told to do and not to do Social expectations on what’s jank and what’s cool
O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, A white cop shooting an unarmed black boy on your street in Florida? What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming,
"Love wins" and it still rings true, But the headphones go in and people watch cat videos on Youtube; Freedom of speech where you're free to speak If the words fall in line, otherwise they turn the other cheek;
Who am i if i can't touch th sky... Who am i if i can't cry ... Who am i if i can't believe in me Who am i if i can't try... Who am i if i can't Lov Who am i if i can't be happy Who am i if i can't change
I composed my song of unspoken apologies Echoing like the ancient lands’ mythologies   It sang of red, white, and blue, Of thinkers, speakers, revolutionaries too.
Land of the free, home of the brave A prideful, great nation built on the mounds of forgotten Native American graves Built on the backs of still unnamed and chained slaves But of course, everything has changed
In school I used to say ---”I pledge allegiance,” to America, a country I now, struggle to remember my allegiance to.
How can I pledge allegiance to the flag when America has never been great   How do we stand for the Republic when the fourteen points of fascism have become a checklist   How are we under God
When soldiers come home with body bags instead of victory, Their family can only withstand so much grief. But when protesters line up at the funeral with signs that say,
Oh say can you see, the state of our great country We claim to be the land of the free and the home of the brave But our behavior is abysmal and disgraces our Flags proud wave
"Make America Great Again". I thought we were? We were never great. 
America's the freest place around 'cause people can disagree It has always been supportive of me since freedom is the decree Just don't get too lax You still must pay tax But hey! My rights are guaranteed!
From Healthcare to Crime Unemployment and homelessness Oh, America the greatest country We come here for acceptance only to be denied by our failing immigration system We come here for job opportunity
America wears her garters in the red light Polishes her face with old cake She’s a pretty girl Appealing to all in her crowd   She’s a beaut in the dark A swine in the light
Trump became President and I got askedAre you proud to be American now?I never boasted that I was AmericanBut by the questioning of "now" and by the given smirk, I could tell that the answerWas decided for me
Split can you really hide from the lies buried inside the ties of america? or are our forces just ready to collide.   the US is split hatred for one another
Lemon-lime, life is sublime. Twisting and turning, color assorting. They don’t believe in global warning because winter is cold. We should just sit back, head down, and believe what we’re told.
In America there are distinguished generations And a man praised those distinguished featuresA man named Thomas PaineBut if he were to see America todayHe would see darkness in his country like Bruce WayneYou see I was made in America Land of free
Our ancestors looked to the fifty stars in search of the early light of dawn, the light of a new day that shines on this land of opportunity and liberty.   I have driven thousands of miles on I-80
tell me, what what what would you do if you could feel?   killin our people do you see souls behind eyes? killin our people it’s been a dark night   you’ve got to breathe
America the great Sprinkled with flavored hate   What’s cloaked under a promise Comes out to be dishonest   Called the land of the free But how much will that be?      
one nation under god has been flawed since creatuin discrimination promoted and prompted since the dawn of the nations history differences frowned upon, conformity underlying the wants of those in power
i want to scream and cry all day but what would all my neighbors say i dont want to go on living like this all that matters in life i constantly miss unbearable itd seem this hurt to be
America: God bless you if it's good to ya. No rants about skin color but vent when the temp is up--why not? Freedom of speech clouds my inner circle,
"America the Brave," they say... The beautiful, the free? Here are some words DIRECTLY from me. You call all this judgement beautiful? You think it makes us free? 
My family migrated here, to America, through la Frontera A tough and dangerous journey, indeed, but where would I be without it Mami risked it all to give me a better life because she knew America was safe 
In all US history, we’ve never been good At treating people the way that we should. We’ve always seemed to make a huge fuss When someone looks or acts different than us.
Make America Great Again, America was Great.   America was Great, January, The third friday, The 20th,
I believe these are the signs of the times help me change your minds. Peace would be my mission, hunger would be a distant memory where we are living.
O Say Can You See My heart and not my body  O Say Can You See My thoughts, my mind, my personality  O Say Can You See  Love, Compassion, and Integrity    So Proudly We’ve Held
When I was 5, I stood with my hand on my heart and recited words I didn’t understand-the pledge of allegiance-to a country that threatened to deport my best friend and their family.
america the great... Is it really first rate? Are we really united as states? if all we share is hate- What makes us so great?  
america the great... Is it really first rate? Are we really united as states? if all we share is hate- What makes us so great?  
America the Great, America the Free, Right?   If we’re so great,   Why am I scared Of the shackles of student loans?  
  I am worried about the direction on we pretend we're on An imaginary line of success but were in the most debit we have ever been.
A nation that was started by immigrants is still being run by immigrants today. America will always remain great for as long as you want it to be.
Land of the free. Land of poverty. In this country you’re judged on sexuality, and ethnicity. In actuality, we shouldn’t be a theocracy. We got legality that we can believe,
As I’m walking out, I see a different world.I stay looking at the news, telling myself this isn’t real.I feel like I’m always gonna be asking myself why. Why does the world have to be so racist.Why does the world have to have so much hatred. Why d
America   Land of the... Oppressed Minorities, Sexualized children, Free Caucasian Males.   Home of the Bigoted, Racist, Perverted,
This country tis of thee Built on the foundations of dreams and liberty Corruption and power now threaten to overwhelm This country tis of thee I now say farewell For this country tis of thee
How can I truly be free If everyone in America can see What I do with my time This Big Brother I have Watching over me  Waiting to snatch me through the vine.
Dear America, You suck Opening statement: 'you suck' The common phrase of common folk; terrible I have severe chronic depression, insomnia, social anxiety, and yes, I identify as a pansexual
To live in a society Of Love, Altruism, Harmony; Where all my brothers and sisters not just by blood but by humanity,
It funny how the CPD claims that every new hiring is a step closer to securityBut they’re not even securing us.Betty can look outside her suburban windows and see white snow on asphalt
 In a world where children are obliteratedBy chemical weaponsWhere strikes rattle the brains and deafenThe sleeping innocent are threatenedA man faces ArmageddonYet, He claims tears of joy for his twins are in heaven
America, a country built on the blood and bones of those who never got to see the “Liberty and Justice for All”
It all started with the Drums. That steady beating that created towers and slums. Steady beating for those wounded and fallen, Drumming for those who were beaten and forgotten All were supposed to seen as a patriot,
We were born as numbers, and disguised with names. Statistics to the system, is God the one to blame. Born where freedoms are equal, and where equals aren't the same.
At first she was confused. She looked across the ocean and saw healthy people educated people mothers and babies together frightened people finding refuge and welcoming shores.  
What have we become? What in the world has our country done? Leaving us to sit and starve, Our lives they wish to carve.   How do people stand this, The government left with nothing to miss.
With every step I thrive With every word I preach I strive I know my heart is beating I can see, I’m breathing And everyday I thank God I’m alive
Equality, it can never exist, I’ve heard people say, “It’s impossible,” “Inequality is in our nature.” Boys will be boys, Bullies will be bullies,
Ode to the State   Ode to the love and to the hate   Ode to the world that we make   To the skies of gray
This is indeed another sleepless night,Craving the wisdom to stand and fightAll the violent crimes, rapes, and drugs,Which fill the earth with an era of mugs.  
  Although I have never really been oppressed, I can safely say that America is great. It isn’t perfect, no It still needs work
  It still needs work But we are a land like no other. America has everything - But sometimes not in the right quantities
Happiness begins with blessings from heavens above,Happiness begins with all that I prayed for,Happiness begins with what every man dreams of,My true happiness only begins with your love...  
Red blood seeps from black bodies White-hot sun scorches the earth The man in blue  stands proudly   By the dawn's  early light   Two men united
How far would someone have to push you To make your soul leave your body Only for you to live anew. Everything you touch, Everything you taste, 
O’ America what was your name before they stripped you of your identity? How does it feel with all that blood within your soil?  Does it displease you that people have ruined your good name?
Freedom of speech, but watch what you say. Freedom of press, if you say it my way. Freedom to assemble, But only if I agree. Freedom of religion, But only if it pleases me.
America, land of the free. A land of progress and originality; A land of justice, faith, and loyalty; A land of hope, truth, and creativity. And Yet, it's not all it's cracked up to be.  
America the great! Army strong! But we never seem to know  when we're about to go wrong.   The way that we run this place we call home, alludes many people
That soft, kind emotion is what I long for. That thing that is so precious not everyone can have. I yearn for that feeling one day, I desire that feeling. That feeling I know is warm and gentle.
Grown on the backs of others, our society thrives. We mistreated our brothers and took advantage of their wives.  
Dear America,  You kidnap me from my home and family in my motherlandYou stuff me under your ships for months and set sail for a New WorldYou ruffle my feathers and force me into your fields You sell me as a slave for way less than my worth You be
Dear America, What happened to the words you said? “…all men were created equal.” Oh, the lies you have fed. All lives matter.
to america, Who strives to be great                  yEt leaves those who differ even slightly behind in                            its wAke. to that beautiful, land of the free,
Head downtown and what do you see? There’s pigs riding horses all through the streets, They won’t walk around without a badge on their chest, in their own hometown
I exist in my comfort zone. In California where we are earthquake prone. Don’t often have to put up with the racism that others endure I wonder from what I see happening on in the news Is there even a cure?
Dear Millennials, just in case you wander into a voting booth one day there are some things you should know. One, there is absolutely no evidence that America has ever been the greatest country in the world.
America spews out hate to those who love "America the great" We deport humans that we call aliens if they immigrate when most of our ancestors did the same
I. a map blooms above our heads with ships ablaze and compass wide uncharted land still beckoning  killer whales dive under tide  
Eyes stapled open, Mouth taped shut, Ropes restraining my body, This is what it’s like in society.   Opinions kept to myself,
We speak the language of the Combine, Repeating the same stories.     We ask Google when in doubt and Work hard to capture moments we’ve yet to live.
Where is your mind? It's melted through the brainwash. You're left to pity yourself when no one hates you. Seeking kind words and crying in person, Public Whore. You disgust me with your advertised praise. Kill others to make a point.
saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag in these divided states of America  to the ruling Republicans who think they stand a seperated nation under God "divisible"
We the people Are the future of this country. We have reached an age Beyond which the future is unclear. So, as much as we can,
Loved Replaced Abandoned Birds flying in bright sky people gathering feathers to make jewerly succulent being abandoned in the desert ,but being bought for aesthetics 
I sit in the fields watching the doves fly I've always dreamt of holding one- . I've never liked the thought of caging the birds but it'd be a delight owning some- . The thought seemed so out of reach
  You say I am a woman, I am not fit to rule, But I have been ruling over this kingdom As long as I’ve been alive.
A woman Long yellow dress Blonde short curls Red lipstick And a smile that shines like the sun Classic, vintage, timeless   A man Nice colored shirt Short brown hair
America? Known as a nation reborn, Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes. We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on, There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.
The land of the free  it isn't all it's cracked up to be Indeed it's worse away from here But still, as free as we claim to be as free as freedom should be It Isn't.  
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
The land of the free                   The land of the free?         It’s funny,   Through my eyes we have quite the divide A Problem that supposedly a wall will rectify
America the Great? More like America's a fraud, Stealing from the poor, trying to keep up their facade, Polishing their shoes with the sweat of hard workers, Blaming us for their troubles when they're the real shirkers,
The home of the brave, It seems like a wonderful place, I just want to save, Dreams that are most possible.   I want to be free,  And work very hard to succeed, All that I can be,
How could you do this? Destroy the bonds we built This land was our land
Welcome to a land where once you take your frist step,  don't expect to walk right away.  Welcome to a land where you are given the freedom of speech,  but don't expect to have the freedom to actually use it.
When did we get thrown back in time to when discrimination was praised,  to when racism was the fad,  to when we had to hide who we are,  to when life was the last concern. 
We the people fought When the British told our religion was a rot We the people fought When the Mayflower took us to a wrong spot We the people fought When we refused to be Britains robot
Progression is defined as a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state  It is accepting that things need to be different and making a change based on that fact 
I stopped saying the pledge of allegiance years ago Nevermind those who tell me that I'm disrespecting Those who fight for our country Because how can this be the land of the free
The parallels of wooden window frames Race up the sides of luminescent figures While the blinds sway microscopically in a Nonexistent breeze. Not a breath blowing The pair Posed like dolls,
I was made in America. My grandfather is a veteran. My father black. My mother white. I am from a bloodline of freedom fighters. I was packaged,
The land I fly for is not the land I should fly for. The land I fly for honors my stripes and stars but not each other. The land I fly for only knows inequality.
My dear Joy Dorany,
How can a country who claims such pride be so full of lies? My ancestors were brought to this country on slave ships. Despite the tremendous hardships we never did quit. We built this country with our bare hands.
This world is full of trickery with mindsets that dance to such audio deceptionand brains that do not use much of its visual perception and if it did then your eyes would be open 
I Never Needed You Like Do Right Now  I Never hated you like I do right now  YOU make me cry YOU make me scream  YOU make me shout  ; But  YOU gave me hope 
Our Country  Tears of thee Slave ships sailed for the tears of free but the tears were'nt free and policed killed thee black skin burtually beaten  and afraid to leave afraid to be free
Back in time Back in time we go   Where they were unaware of what would come ahead From the effects of their actions Destruction, oppression, poison, secrets and lies
America the Great Once divided, continued to push past the stake, With hope, we will rise up and deliver Our founding principles, Liberty and freedom of sake.   America, the Great.  
The man in the orange mask does not know my struggles. He does not know my intentions. Or my dreams.   But how could he? For it is a nation that strived on the working class,
Hey, America, it’s really nice to meet you let’s talk about the things that you agreed to Not talking to the country, I’m talking to the man who took her name who we get to blame Just like you agreed to.
I am a feminist and no I don’t hate men, infect if you knew me in high school i did quite the opposite. I am a feminist because even though I know the statistics about eating disorders,
This land of ours So grand and beautiful With trees, mountains, and flowers.  Never to be called dull. Yet, it is not perfect. There's violence, cruelty, and hate. Let me ask, is it worth it?
This land of ours So grand and beautiful With trees, mountains, and flowers.  Never to be called dull. Yet, it is not perfect. There's violence, cruelty, and hate. Let me ask, is it worth it?
This land of ours So grand and beautiful With trees, mountains, and flowers.  Never to be called dull. Yet, it is not perfect. There's violence, cruelty, and hate. Let me ask, is it worth it?
America is the greatest country in the world. As Americans on this we can agree. But is this statement true really? We can’t stand behind a president that was elected by us.
United we stand, or at least we did until people who thought they owned our souls came in. Now we're crumbling and falling to pieces. The people who you thought cared laughed at all of us dead in our faces.
In America we are free That's why the government should let us be In an exchange for freedom, people had to die So people may show their pride because it's surely nothing to hide
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
I'm told I'm not allowed to Not allowed to wear that, to do this But this is where it crosses the line This is where we stand up and demand action.   "Girls can't wear suits, wear a dress instead"
America the beautiful But is she really? America the beautiful Cries a weeping mother Whose son is no more  
Should I be afraid to walk outside because underneath my clothes is a black man inside?  Who is the child underneath the white sheets being gun down while playing with his toy in the streets?   A mother is crying, down on her knees, for her child'
We sit around, poundering how free are we? Is it the mone we get when we grow old, or the pleasureto decide where to call home? To decide when to come and go, to choose love and not be sold for a goat?
She is beauty She is dreams She holds misogyny  Hoping for a better life it seems   She talks to everyone Discusses their ideas and desires The only offspring with a say is the son
50 Shades of not just Grey    By: Vivian Ngo There’s only 6 colorson the spectrum.Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Blue, and Purple.That’s how I was taught.
Marhbaan, Kazhar 'Akhbar   Breaking news   A Yemen Funeral Raid launched by Saudi Arabia airplanes kills 140 mourners  
 Open up your sleepy eyes Darling Wake up from your dream This isn't paradise Face reality as it seems
Underdeveloped Houses made of stick and mud Girl with a straw doll  
From cold summered north To warm wintered south An idea has traveled by word of mouth A country great A people diverse  And yet, at the same time averse A melting pot All as one
Some may worry, Some may fret, But in all reality, America's about as good as it gets.   Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom of assembly.   Right to bear arms,
One nation –   We are here. We have been divided. We have been shoved into places and boxes and labels that don’t belong to us. Hate has broken what we have been told is so sacred about our land.
Oh beautiful for smoggy skies And crowded moterways Cheapest meat and greasy fries And everyone hates the gays   Don't trust the nextdoor neighbors Because they ain't as white
The American Dream they say? Well I say the American Scheme.  Monopoly is no longer a game, it is real life. I try and I try but I don't have enough. 
Let us go then, you and I, While the trees hold up the sky Like green cards propped up by meek brown hands, Let us shove our bodies through figures half awake.
Eyes of whites watching me   People running for their lives   [from]   The ones who dance with pointy hats  
I know you heard me when I asked you to stop using that word I know you heard me when I asked why you speak so hatefully I know you heard me when I told you to stop acting like it was all my fault
When I was a young boy I didn't think about much at all Just sat back and watched the world fly by The world flew by   Now that I'm older
Jericho   Let them come. Let them march around our home. But this time we are the ones inside, on the verge of terror. Instead of love and elation,   these trumpets sound with hate –
The sapling smiles at the stunning oak, Self-evident is the truth, 20 years of labor in growth, Ahead for the determined youth,   Withstanding weather and standing without withering,
The sapling smiles at the stunning oak, Self-evident is the truth, 20 years of labor in growth, Ahead for the determined youth,   Withstanding weather and standing without withering,
Watching. Watching and waiting. Waiting for change, waiting for equality, waiting for justice. Waiting for the hatred to end, Hating the waiting and the issues America is negating. So instead of just waiting,
The curtains fall Remaining: a stunned crowd   (that are all the same person)   One of them stands and claps and claps
Do we trust him NO Do we like him NO Is he safe controlling the country NO will he divide America more YES There is a saying I still believe A house divide against its self
Lovely that we get to live here.                                      Grateful for the hard work of someone else,                               For Chance
Mamá always lied to herself   I used to think she lived covered in a silk of illusion, distancing herself from her thoughts­– measuring happiness with grains of rice.  
Often I think there is no light at the end of this tunnel I long for liberation blinded from the darkness God petty my soul and have Marcy on my sin This tunnel is to dark and I feel I will not win No happiness inside
I was a shadow Bound by rights and wrongs, I was a shadow I waited too long.   Shadows were meant to follow Shadows were meant to stay,
Have you wondered why? Entering the world like a butterfly, sweet, however smiling, Oh, sweet nectar from trees, engulfed by bees ready to sting. It was not always this way.
Bound now, but not forever In this vessel I once called me Betraying my soul whenever Mocked by society Liberation will come Her touch is all I seek With a kiss so powerful Her lips will set me free
Little bird in the cage, why are you sad? Your cage is safe, your cage is sturdy. There isn't anything to worry.   Little bird in the cage, what are you doing? There's no need to fuss, stay inside
It all started with a blur Who am I and what do I want? Nothing makes sense, that’s for sure
I can hear the shrieks of my ancestors Loud and clear Oh how they weep for us "Will there ever be justice?" they cry "Will we ever be free?" This is not what they fought and died for
Aside a velvet street, lollipop trees line up, simply a glass barrier, stiffly unaware of its vulnerability.  It hangs from the sky,
The tears that fall down my face every time I see a black brother or sister killed by police officers I swear I'll be drowning,  every time I hear a life is indeed by violence I feel like dying,   See why America doesn't want to see our Black brot
The Eagle's Talons   When I was but a boy On that day in '41 I had never seen a bomb Nor had I seen a gun. Father paid for my freedom And he'd never let it be That I would ever witness
When you turn on the news, what's the first thing you see? The Black man that got shot today or the White man on the murderous streak.
I feel so hurt, I feel so alone I want to say something but, I was told You will never get anywhere by arguing all time.
The world’s ender is a great pretender, Stocks are its trade when money’s to be made, Rewards spent on vices trigger a family crisis, Losses wasted in fear, you hope to disappear, Fluid yet stable, brings bread to the table, But is profit in paper
Independence Day, log 3: 7:25 AM CST, 2016     If I wrote a letter to Donald Trump I would ask him: how many men did you fire to get this far? And how many women; do you
Liberty is something we all want Hope is something we can only do No one can help you if they can’t help themselves Nothing you say or do can change  
There will come a day, When praising the lord and wishing on  a star will not suffice; There will come a day; When earth is nothing but a simple rock,
supporting choice supporting freedom rights (but are you ever horrified?)   choosing girls fifteen sixteen eighteen who deserve their high school college years
A lone girl holds her mother’s hand “What are they doing? We have done nothing wrong.” The next things her mother said were sung in a lullaby song--
A child's terrified eyes sees the world for the violent drunk it is One is not born immune to the immersive experience Of domination, damnation, Filthy bodies and even filthier minds.
one shot in the back  can end a mans life    my life was taken  by a man  named james earl ray  because he didn't believe in my race  being treated the same   
Fuck the school system Every week another standardized test Its disgusting They just want my money None of my teachers give a fuck about me But they need to see me daily Peek through the haze  
"Shut up, you nerd. Nobody cares."
I do not greet the day.   As many have said before me And is likely that many will after say so as well, I like my sleep.   And to hear my alarm clock ringing in all its shrillful singing glory,
Distance is hard  It leaves the heart scarred  Being without my dear i look into the mirror  and realize you were more than a guy I would do anything for him, even if it was to fly 
No morning songs to greet my wearied ears, No morning light to caress my sleep-pained eyes. But this hope I’ve carried through the years Will not fade beneath the shadowed skies.  
Tonight was never meant to end in a murderous fiasco of hate and pain.  I crouch by the bathroom sink in order to preserve what was left of my dignity and desperation. With each shriek of the gun I crouch lower, lower, lower until my tummy reaches
Marhbaan, Kazhar 'Akhbar   Breaking news   A Yemen Funeral Raid launched by Saudi Arabia airplanes kills 140 mourners  
You embrace your brother to hide the sorrow And hide the pain that will be there tomorrow. From yesterday’s nightmare to the far future’s dream
Why is this a world where people are punished for themselves? They say God hates gays, They say God hates trannies, They say God hates blacks, They say God hates Asians, They say God hates us,
What is the beauty in life you suppose? Maybe it's the way we never expect a suprise at every turn we make in our lives. Maybe its the way we expect every relationship that we get into, to last.
   Poetry is the only way I can let the voice of my ancetors speak. They are no longer here with me. For their story was iconically grand, but this is about me because I still mortally stand.
Beat beat beat the golden grain.for food builds upone your brain you will beat in zambia our land clean and cleaners with a silver fish just as the eaters put it on the dish future young africans thats you you will clean away the scales from view
When you ask to fly and peole say no. When you ask why that you simply can't go Do not argue and do not follow Just look to the sky and fly till tomorrow. Where the grasses aren't green,
I don’t understand why it matters. Placing people in selective boxes, Boxes labeled by what they look like,
 As soon as his hand grasped hers,her heart felt complete.All her worries left as he spun her across the floor.When he pulled her close all her pain drifted away,leaving her in the comfort of his embrace.His love filled her in the moment...the mom
you sir are not a sir.  much like the wolf among the sheep, u hide in plain sight.  covered by falsety and ignorance. the world is weak, for this u shall win.
we are our own deciders, we hold our own fate in our hands. we have the power to write our future we have the strength to erase the past.
Fat, ugly, stupid, whoreThose words hurt, sureBut people don't know that that words have thousands of meaningsAnd can bring out different reactions and feelingssome worse thanothers 16 year old virgin Good grades good girlBut wow she's a boreBecau
I fight for my rights I fight for equality I fight for myself
A tower resides over many people. A bunch of villagers rush to the ornate and shiny tower. There is a plank that carries the long house and, The plank is held by the mob of people. The people just need to
Girls, by definition, Are female children And females, by design, they Have a vagina
The power of poetry is incredible. To pick up a tool and paper and decide, I will change something, with words... is extremely powerful.   Humans have the ability to communicate,
When life  Is not cherishedWhen death  Is unnoticeable When time
Running upon thee labyrinth,Grazing claws screech in despair.Feeling cold stones to the touch,Wore out fingers seep along the wall.Melancholy lurks in thy heart,Doth be darkness, light buried by minds fog.
It was night when they came rushing inIt was night when I heard the soldiers shoutNight when I was dragged from my bedNight when I was stolen from my own house It was night when I had a gun to my backIt was night when they marched us to the trains
Where is what he fought and died for? “Who?” I hear you asking. Dedan Kimathi! The man we love to forget. The man who turns in his unmarked grave every day, The man screaming in his grave right now at our betrayal!
 At age 8 I was forced to get irate over the fact of my race.Like I was supposed to be ashamed. My neighbors had four kids of typical  family morals.
Some people look at me. Look again, recognize my gender. Please tell me that you know what I mean. My existence means that the world is changing.
P-O-U-... I spell out my town's name, so familiar on my lips. The rose hips I keep forgetting to make tea with, the pitch of pines and gossipping voices. Wind behind your back, whispering when your head's turned.
      No justice  no peace No racist police.   Our melanin be poppin’
Poetry means exercising our freedom of speech; Through chosen words, we can evoke emotion; This right our government cannot breach.   In turn we each Can set an idea into motion;
People today do not differ a lot from people back then. we have change our ways, but then we go back to it. Most of us have thought poeple have change but we thought wrong.
Dear Police,Why don't you seeThat I'm not just a NiggaI'm an actual human being?Dear cop,Am I about to get stopped? I've got places to go. There's other people to knock.Dear 5-0,
Does skin lie? Blue skin Blue means loyal A hero to the average American Worn with pride to show that They are a presence meant For peace and equality Does their skin tell the truth?
The best part of my day is dawn. I feel the least pain then; but then I hear footfalls, “Clung clung clung” down the hallway. My pain approaches; the commencement of terror.
Freedom is a free flow of everything but not letting anyone drown.
I wonder how long we hold feud To what is red and what is blue Yet our eight legged branch can't walk On a single file ant line to the booth For the new insect order say to be behind the head
I remember slavery It’s waxed into my mind Made lyrical by the screams of my ancestors Taught and passed down generation by generation
How can you sit there and say that “All Lives Matters” When, clearly, All Lives do not matter when you see the Same Race Same Gender
How can you sit there and say that “All Lives Matters” When, clearly, All Lives do not matter when you see the Same Race Same Gender
One is torn from the inside out as the death of life and the consequence of the original sin of \mankind manifests its estrogenic massacre;/ The red of the fruit \of the knowledge of good and evil pollutes /white linen so neatly;
.No Assurance. Scatterbrained, I think of the shame, Continually tied to my name, I take the burden of the blame. I was leery once, and you took my trust,
.No Assurance. Scatterbrained,   I think of the shame, Continually tied to my name, I take the burden of the blame. I was leery once,
The words are etched in stone but I can rub them out The walls are built to last
Past are the days of laziness. Gone are the days of the weak. Here come the days of happiness. Here come the days of the meek.   What powers this change, you ask? It is the will to improve.
You were a child  who didn't belong in one place or the other. How could you respond to the taunts that still haunt your deep thoughts? Between the father that hurt you  and the mother that gave you up
The subtlest pressure of the unnatural— Supposedly. Made civilized, so let to be limpidly unnatural Igniting the most natural Also Controlled civilly so made to be uncleanly human
A word you hear almost everyday, but are we really living it, breathing as we are supposed to? Words can define you but you can also use them to bring out the best,
do you see her? a girl trying to survive this world carrying opinions of her race and gender on her back? do you see him?
When I look around and hate is all I see Calm beginnings spring forth from my memory A time when I knew <not> what hate has <brought> to my <forethought>
Who are you? Are the girl who cuts hersefl because she is not pretty enough? Are you the guy who smokes with his "friends" because it is a new school and you want to fit in?  
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
I don’t approve Of their move To be together But we must be better We have no right to condone What some believe is sin When you may have been Sinning while you were alone
They call this the United States But the State we're in is not United  Some cops are killing and not being indicted How many more will it take? You think we got nine lives?
What an interesting time to live in Where what’s right is deemed wrong Where freedom of decision is now disregarded and we are subjugated into having a forced position
I write to be free.
You want the best for me?.....Cool You want me to be successful?.....Cool Is it for me or for you? I'm not about to break the rules Life is challenge  God gave me this tool
As you stare into the dark grey walls of a small cubical you now reside in Do you think about them?  Do you mourn them?
Overuse, Overthink, Oversimplify       The degree to which we suffer is surely to the nth Forced to lose humanity, when I can't pay my rent Swear to god
Life is hard now.  I never learned how to earn my rewards.  Expectations caused discord.  Love can be gentle & love can be blind, but the love that I've known was out of it's mind.
The tree clings to my skull, Gradually shattering it. The roots dig into my brain, Forming a robust shell around it. I am captured. My thoughts stay in the invincible barrier,
Police… Hope for quiet… Someone calls in frightened… Hoping the law will save the day… Ten-four!   Mother… Sends son for milk… Halfway there silence breaks…
Black marker ink dries While moist dark brown skin shimmers Sweating the unjust
Police… Hope for quiet… Someone calls in frightened… Hoping the law will save the day… Ten-four!   Mother… Sends son for milk… Halfway there silence breaks…
There are many stories not told, pasts that will unfold. A loving, a sad, a true story, of those who fought for thier glory. Leave a map for tomorrow, to find the treasure of the past. 
The rain tapped the roof of the warehouse, as if the dull skies were mourning my death. Awaiting my perishing body to douse, into dull darkness with a final breath.  
We are told to speak up, let our voices be heard. They tell us this  in a loudness that overpower.    We are told to stand up to speak for our rights. But don't they hear us already?
Haunted by the past revisted in my dreams The time you were in my life, a clear picture emerges to my memory, Tryn to recollect  Left with Your absence in my chest The sound of  your voice escapes my thoughts Covering the tears in my eyes.
I'm not perfect but I'm real They tell me how I should feel but what works for you drowns me And what's right for you ain't right for me So just let me do me and I'll let you do you
Society tried to trap me, trick me. Laid out a treacherous trail.  But I'm wiser, I'm learning, on my best days im a man of soul and on my worst, only human, only growing every day
In this space they tell us is home    We  Are often made to feel like we need our straight-jackets  Urged not to squirm, Not to scream,  With hushed voice   And warm mouth
We, the people, are bound to the star spangled banner by invisible chains, The red or the white under thumb of the blue, Pardons allotted by popular opinion Tube fed via T.V. IVs
Does it sleep in gutters slathered with banana peels, and newspaper, omitting the past? Does it marinate and wait like steak soiled with seasoning in the fridge?
1893, they overthrew the queen. Stole the kingdom, and killed her dream. A dream that her people were safe, that they will not suffer. That dream is no longer.  
I created a poem about the life of Anne Frank (for my high school's play) that means so much to me. It (the video) is included within the 'Video' subsection of 'Media.' Thank you!
 Respect  silence, I wept.I stood in the
Rape... You may not know it but the room has turned a little more serious, and yes, rape is to blame This isn’t a speech for it is my feelings and I want you to feel them too
I grew up, expected to be an adult I went through rocks and stabs I know we all fought People watched as if I was a cast   No one gave me a hand we all grew up we all went through the wet sand growing with all of my lumps and dumps   No one can se
I can’t live without knowing one day I will die Else how appreciate I all of Life’s splendor? For there is, to no extent, is there a point to vie If I know not the existence of my time’s offender.  
Informed; I pack my deserted island duffle bag Like Icarus and Sisyphus I set my feet to sand Action cannot exist as past, and my time is at hand Whether fall, fail or crumble I have nothing but my will
I do not seek power or glory. I seek freedom and justice for the victims. Those whose silence deafens our ears and harrows out our hearts. To turn around the heads of humanity and pull off the blindfold and earplugs out.
School is important. Starting outside of work. Exploring a lot. By; Stephen Mangiaracina
Black is beatiful I am proud to say But the white man keeps trying to tear our pride away Black on Black crime must stop, Thats what makes us black people look dumb Black is Beautiful must i say 
My Identity   The one thing I can’t live without is my identity. It tells me who I am and where I go.
Freedom to choose Freedom to lose It is a thing we all hold dear It movs up in tiers Not important in our adolescence but everything in our adulthood But what if it could Be stripped away?
I am me You are you There is a difference between us two   My eyes are brown Your eyes are blue I am me And You are you   I love myself I love you too But I am me
Before my window I now stand. I see the trees and grass and land, That for so many of years have stood, Attesting loudly to the good.   I see before me as I gaze, The people free to go their ways,
To have joy, or not to have joy that is the question. to suffer the slings and arrows of trial and misery, to declare war opon yourself for your how heart ach. to die,
In these halls which have wept, burdened with the weight of knowledge, she sits tasked with anxiety. An affliction, to succeed with dignity.
Oxygen It’s all we need to breathe. But being able to say the word “oxygen” is perhaps, The truest form of novelty. Oxygen is a light molecule with a light composition,
... The inevitable pit of hunger has engulfed me again Trying to ignore the fact is futile and trying to build the ladder out is impossible, as the leaders of the land keep watch of you
Everyone has a name. Everyone has a story or background that they wish to share. Everyone has a dream or future that they ache for. Everyone has fears and habits they may never get over.
Why Is everybody so angry What makes their heart beat faster And skin flush Why do they want to hurt people And set off bombs And shoot at schools And make refugees Why are we not helping
I want more of God than I've been seeking. I want more of the harvest than I've been reaping. I want more of the kingdom than I've been seeing.
Living without my identity is like slipping through the drain on the side of the road. Flowing away with the water Nowhere to be seen. As if I could be seen.  
Quest for Prosperity Hello there citizens of Hinesville, GA and all of Liberty County, and citizens of the Earth.
My Piece is all I need to keep the peace without it I Wouldn't stand on my knees. I have had it since I was nine, got it from a cousin of mine. Never knew it could Disrupt the population
As the days goes My mind grows Sharper than knives Sweeter than the honey hives My character shows And the wise knows Beautiful be my people Yeah you know the ones with the wide nose
I don't need a big mansion Nor a lot of money I don't need fancy clothes Nor a brand new car I don't need fame Nor the glory of it All I need is love Whether it's family A soulmate
What i need All i need is the very thought that keeps me from losing my sanity The thought that maintains my constant feel of vanity The idea that in the long run, it'll be all worth while
My heart was on fire Darkness engulved my sight I can't see the sky I was finding the Light Praying for the Light But where was it site I can't see the sky
We wake up every day, Repressed, Oppressed, and Depressed, about the White Man’s Burden on our lives.
If I was stranded If I was stranded I wouldn’t know what to do I would probably look up into the clouds and wonder why the sky was blue
Don't forget the crash Don't forget the burn Every word spoken The ones that hurt. Don't forget the incredulous The ones who don't believe. Stay tough and prove to them That YOU are strong
As I grow and learn and mature in a world where all number of things (but especially people) are sorted and labeled, shoved into boxes like leftovers into too-small containers,
It's so practical; it's so useful I can order a meal I can say I don't want pickles on my burger It's so universal; it's so human I can say hello  Hola Oi Salut Konnichiwa
Out! Get Out! get out get out and drive! must leave, must think, must breathe, must thrive,   The tires are spinning, the anger is winning, the tears are so blinding,
The freedom to form my own opinions Is the single thing I hold most dear. If that freedom became someone's acquisition, My life would end, I fear.   They try to tell me how to think.
Do you believe? In Fairies, in Santa? "I need to see it to believe it." Do you believe in a million dollars? Then how do you know that exists?   Do you believe? In Drugs, in Tattooing?
As you get older, you tend to see the truth in your town. People you saw as heroes become the villains hiding in the gutters seeking revenge. I learned that my town is broken.
November 1st, 2017
I claim you all mine, arrogant as Manifest Destiny. —Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican in Me”   Apostrophe,
Life living living life what is this? thats a cliché  is it untrue  a untruth is wisdom  wisdom is truth  How do we find this to live  life Is life the things we see
O America How sweet you are.... How kind and gently you are To represent freedom and equality How just you are O how much mercy To only have built your self from slaves and hypocrisy How just you are
A spark to ignite a great flame The oxygen to a fire Even stronger than all my fears Hope... All I need to light my path.
A girl      Meets a boy.             They talk after class.                      They go to college together.                             They live 20 minutes apart.
Most might say joy, love, hope, and sleep, However, I prefer the beauty of silence, With its daunting tones, And comfort it brings when I weep, The dramatic scene fostered by the cut of sirens.
I am trapped in a cage!A cage of my own skin wrapped around me.And it is inescapableLike metal prison bars around my soul.I've tried to cut my way through,Burn my way out,But nothing can change this hellish skin.Going through life,Going to school,
Funny how they tell you Not to say a word But when the time is right You are never heard
The holiday's done Now, the only thing that I have Is lots of schoolwork
I dream of a world.... Last night I had a dream. I dreamed of a world full of Peace. Where everyone could live in ease. Where the word hate was just part of a person's imagination. Where there is NO fighting, there is NO pain.
BHEKA mina i come from eldos you know the story but not the struggle ......bheka my hood the pot of gold.. so you know the devil busy...
Religion is alcohol; an addiction to judging. So many people drink it’s poison and their minds get hazed. They become close-minded; obsessed.
Whips. They’re flames of hatred about his body; cutting deep into the flesh and making him bleed.  
Buzz ring bell call these days are invirable like the unbearable whip against my back the threshold of death opening up to me should I cry? Should I call the watch?
Rape. The pain is worse than any lashing.  Living each day remembering, flashing Back to the high school party, take A drink it’ll be fun said those snakes. She takes one, then, two then, three,  She drank because it was fun to be free. But soon t
multi-colored lanterns dangling off the edge of a porch with no other decorations paper stretched to its limit, stretched until it resembles a ball and wire forged from the earth keeps it in its shape    but not
There was a man who ventured off to pillage and to rape Gluttons had consumed their home though they left not to escape Greeted on the shore by people he called lovely
Who am I? I AM an African American Male in the 21st Century I am not a walking target  I am strong and I have power I am growing and learning blossuming like a flower I am what society despises of me
Strangers, rarely as strange as the preconceptions we arrange
I. I am. I am ready. Ready to make a change. Never knowing where the next step leads, but taking it anyway. I. I am. I am determined.
I've had about exactly enough of this Of the big-wigs telling people that they don't deserve to live Because they weren't born with money (Where's that silver spoon?)
I am a KIND man I am a SMART man I am a FUNNY man I am a HANDSOME man I am an AMBITIOUS man  I am a JEALOUS man I am an INSECURE man  I am a DISLIKING man  I am an INCONSIDERATE man
Men are seen often strength and dogmaticism that know no bounds All men, however, are not always the same as each other Some remain calm, cool, and collected
Too many are blind to the materialistic evil the world has become too familiar with  Too many have lost their innocence too young  Too many cannot help but follow the path so destructively paved by false idols 
I am not my father's child. Sexism and hate does not run in my veins. I did not grow up with an iron fist, a racist outlook on the world.  I grew up not knowing what gender or sexual orientation was.
I am the voice of the unspoken. Filled with pain and hope, looking for justice. I am a piece of many broken. Bleeding angry, We run out of substance.  
Once Upon a time… Oh no, this isn’t a fairy tale! It’s the true life we live day in, day out We are created pure and clean With a knot bound by hard, warm hands and mighty rope. It isn’t mythology
How I wish I could respond when an interviewer, casting director, or person in general asks if I could express alittle bit about myself. Consider this a proper introduction to who I am, to the best of my ability.  
On your own you may not be stronge But with others you may be Everyone is different No one is the same Weak or not You are you You shouldn't be ashamed For God made you, you
I am... The worst moment in my life The best in my strife The most precious thing I can't measure When I'm under pressure ... But this world is undoubtedly the greatest of all treasures  
I am a girl, But I am not defined by my sex, Nor Am I defined by my race, I am defined by my personality, I am defined by the legacy i leave behind, I refuse to be that scared little girl,
On a night in the summer, I can remember Large thumping boxes swapping waves of thrilling pulses to overtake the silence. Joyous and primal, I move through the drapes of large tents
What is life?
The line between right and wrong is now a blurry one
What I want is just a dream To others, that is not what it seems I want better for myself I want love for the nation What I want is just a thought All of which have faught, For them to be released
Do Not Look up, Look straight,
Each whisper is meaningfulAs loud as a trumpetTo one pair of earsOr softer than a falling raindropTo anotherA whisper can be heard by manyCan hold so much meaningSo much emotion
The choices I made were my own  The path I took was my choice  The things I did, the things I used 
I am from a blood line of empowerment.  My people have traveled for miles, and my history runs deep.
Tiny pieces of me are all you’ll get to see because society claims “flawless” is what I’m supposed to be so you’ll see my polished exterior you can bet you’ll see my strengths
I am of my own breed To be unique Is not a passion, To be unique comes and never leaves, To be unique is always with you, To be unique moves with me, like the seas.   I am of my own breed
We have voiced our thoughts Tearing away from religion   Many think you’re not worth it The pain you may cause   The stress The money     But what about your love
                                         I Remember I can’t seem to figure out If its’s my name
 If you looked in his eyes what would you see?
            My math teacher tells us not to stuff paper in our textbooks because it would Break the binding             But I would do it anyway hoping
A lot of people do stuff on purpose, but without a purpose. So what's your purpose?
Attention! Attention!My people of the South, all has gone wrongListen and be strong.
I've tried so hard to silence the silenceI've waited so long and haven't seem much but little ripples in the darknessI'm not satisfiedI'm not OK with what I've been taught to think is real. 
I know a girl who was raped RIpped from her concious state She was drugged. She was above the age of concent But still underage by the law. He was an adult. Guess that goes to show,
I alway went by you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have that's why I tell people Be strong like there's an ending to pain Love life like you're living to gain
It's in the midst of humanity 
Once bound by chains, ripping away our black flesh , tears we cry and we prayed to be free someday;
Her eyes wait upon the sky. Firmament of cloudy bliss where all heavens’ creations lift their faces. Hands upraised, in supplication or praise, Eyes turned in or out, into heart or mind, against practice and time,
WE   We are known for being ignorant, and dirty, Known for being weak, and unworthy Known for being corrupted and inconsiderate. and we know
Awesome is the thing that makes things great,
People will believe things that they choose to believe Most don't see the reality behind what their eyes show them Then again, we can't change the way they are When in fact, this is how we believe what people really do
Was it my face  or  the color of my skin  was it my size  or  was it my stride  that made you apprehend  me with the excuse  that I was a threat  When nobody checked 
Often times I wonderWhat Sodom was like,How far off they really
To deal with HATE Of Race Of Religion Of Sexual Orientation How a person speaks Are we not children Of our planet? ~ Ricardo
The defying smile of the red flower fades
When we are young, We learn to form our own ideas. Ideas that fill our minds Like stars fill the night sky And emotions fill the hearts of lovers.
There is so much controversy over the slogan "All Lives Matter", and I can not seem to get my mind wrapped around the idea why. Yes, black lives do matter. I, as a black woman agree with this statement. There is nothing false about this at all.
Carrion fowl, these shadows loom champions of certain doom  
Am I selfish? To want to leave this world. My body cold and lifeless. Am I weak? To want to end it all ignoring the people who care for me. The don't understand my struggles my pain
Running down the hill Pushing through the clouds Upon the strength of my own will, I'm on the pursuit of Happiness   Sippin coco, the Belgian kind Stars shining upon, a summer night
Truth Be Told Love is a journey where one wanders But he or she does not wander alone.   This life is worth living Truth Be Told and YOU, yes you! will live it. You will make mistakes,
I’ve never questioned why.
Freedom shall not be infringed. If freedom is infringed, it will cause us to cringe. Unfortunately our freedoms are diminishing right before our eyes. All the President does is spy.
We are at a point in history where we aren't afraid to be free No more asking "is it okay to be me?" Women now have the right to voice their opinion in what they say Even though we are still working on equal pay. 
We are at a point in history where we aren't afraid to be free No more asking "is it okay to be me?" Women now have the right to voice their opinion in what they say Even though we are still working on equal pay. 
My thoughts are not limited to my own mind. They are exponential exceeding the parameters of a tangent. But I want them to be organised which is why I focus on brain management. My own mind wants to unwind
If today I wrote my life’s story, would it be throw out for plagiarism? If my opinion is someone else’s why do I accept their work’s criticisms?
Self demarcation Is self deprivation After all it takes a dream To build up a nation Hesitation and contemplation It’s great to analyze but why are you waiting
Maya Angelou gave hope In the stories she wrote. She never failed, gave up when she had little to no luck. She set a goal for young women just like myself, left books and poetry which Is big enough wealth.
1st Degree Assault is what they gave Jeffery Williams. Freedom is what they gave Darren Wilson. Both guys shot shot's... Both men hit their targets. One man shot and killed....
One Way   “There is only one way to go.” My mother would tell me “There is only one way to go.”
I  THOUGHT Horrifying were your words which you vividly dedicated to me, Blamed you to be ludicrous psycho, a person so hardworking like a bee, always ending up judging you by your looks and declared you my wee.  
Painted smiles and lying eyes, How happy we all seem.
Why is that
I have a lot of hatred in me I have a lot of anger built up inside from all of the times I've been Lied to Hurt Cheated on by those I hold dearly
where am I? looking in every directions looking for another way  looking for help I'm all alone    where am I? screaming so loud punching every wall
Sitting in a house With ten other girls Drama is around Causing tornado whirls   Depression and anxiety And a lack of health Unknown diagnosis No hope, no wealth  
He was just a normal person He was walking down t;he street He was just a normal person Till he got shot by the police He was just a normal person Till it all broke loose Now he's layin on the street
        "Liberty and Justice for All",  or so they say.   These words seldom ring truthfully          Every time   I try to love my nation Another black teenager shot dead in the street,
Say no, say no, say yes, say yes. No- to abuse. It's not necessary, not right. Twenty-eight percent are in an intimate relationship! Ninety-eight percent of offenders- aren't punished!
  what does it mean to be complete? is life a school to teach us classes that complete, whether we learn or not? is it a stairway that we advance to the next step the same way everyone else does?
Slaves are recognized as property,
All of the childhood lies You've even sent in your spies You've tried to ruin my life It worked out for my good From birth you told me that you love me Growing up you told me that you cared
Trust can be a difficult thing Starting with when you not knowing what womb your life would be pushing Not knowing you would be called stupid Born into a world who thought the right things you did were foolish
I sit on my bed and i stare at the wall, then i realize... the world has it's own way
Curtains are drawn at night, To shield our fragile minds From obscurities Mute outside.   Half are opaque, Half are translucent. Variety feeds the filters
I was never the one to let an i
Walk down through the Desolate chilling night, filled with the Ghosts of the dead living street and ethereal embers of luminescence, The stench of filth and salt and water plaguing the nostrils.
This mold you built Is not what you expected. This mold you took 18 years to fill Is not what you like.   This mold you loved Helped to fill itself. This mold you raised
The Corporate Noose. Yes, the Corporate Noose! The ensemble of tightly stitched fabric which hangs from the front of the neck then hangs loose. Most commonly worn in the workplace and one by every race.
Wade in the water.
My world is Bliss
I've once relied on someone, for love, security, and fun. I've learned you're the only person who cares for you most, only you can keep yourself so close. I can get through so much misery,
You know something is not quite right when you find yourself battling to stay awake cause of that man you hear moving behind the wall the one you called "Papa" the one you thought cared for your feelings -- no
Be by Lucero
Walking within the microcosm of Wall Street, One will find an extraordinary feat, That of money keeping people going, As if they used it for their own two feet.   And yet we have those who think the economy,
I'm determined you can't deter me I won't stop going like I'm fuckin furby these irrelavent motherfuckers they can't hurt me I have a hell of a dream I gotta prove that I'm worthy
You could do everything right, Make time for him, make him a priority, Focus on no one but him, blind yourself to the world that exists, surrounding him. You could make him your world, even give him all you have to offer.
The Art of Enamorarse (Falling in Love) By Erik A. Shepherd To fall One must love One must fall to love and fail to love again Because until you find that one person
Be yourself to the beyond the fullest Who cares what people about you Take pride of the person that you
PENDING They saw me coming they arose I was burning high like mama rose
I see... people around me suffering everyday I feel... the need to help if i may
Ignore their calls, walk their halls.  Fight the fight;  it ends tonight.   Resist the urge,  avoid the purge. Scream out loud we need a crowd.   The world is wrong,
I am a teenager.
So much hatred and discrimination
Can you imagine this world that wakes up right before our eyes The trees shake, the sun shines, and the grass never dies
I had a dream I walked the earth                   
I want to be happy, but happiness is fickle, Because we're only promised pursuit Not joy on a platter:
I am a college student that is fed up with inclusion, The students who are riding on my coattails and their constant intrusitons. Hard work and good grades should count for something,
There's nothing more hopeless than man, ignorant to their own ignorance Ardent in body, yet weak in mind feeble in grounds, yet large in self-worth whom with misguided morals, though brave in judgement
Explain causes of deformation, Well, Families and friends Are painful
In early morning  i wake to satisfy  not others but me 
We're held back and stopped by the reds but go forth when we're beckoned by the green.What have we become? Where caution tape decides where we can and cannot
I woke up in this body Without any glamour whatsoever Loving myself forever Without idolized beauty Sounding a little bit loopy I woke up in this pattern Without a round tootie
It's hard for me to say That some people can't accept diversity Even in the world today. People can't marry who they love Simply because they're gay.
Get up in the morning Straighten your hair Put on lipstick You can’t shop there   Your “suggestions” are the foundation of insecurity My mind corrupted by the way you think of me
  Take Flight
A little more left. Shift the angle, the lighting, the camera lens. Fix your hair as a strand bends                on                the
Truth is,
“I want a kid who’s fast!”   “My boy will have blue eyes.”   “My daughter’s hair-curly;   None will recognize.”   Go to a lab one day-  
on the spectrum of dreams only one is heard as usual   in everyday life only one is valued no surprise   "let us make a change" we repeat as nothing changes  
The verse flows freely within my mind But becomes paralyzed when set on paper Choked up and disorientated I cannot say what I feel, or feel what I say All I know is I'm TIRED
We as a raceAnd when I say race I do not mean the black race versus the white race
Such a sweet taste this,the taste of freedom, Its been along time coming but it has finally come to pass finally we lift the curse the curse of you and me the curse for just us curse for Simmone,George,Gregorry and even Issacs,
If people only realized this is as loud as I can be I won't bray like a donkey just so you can hear me. Just because I'm not boisterous and annoying Dosen't mean I'm also always boring.
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
The rich g
Yes, I fight
All I ask is to be respected, I will not be neglected, you're surprise of an uprise of people acting reckless, years of peace and protest why we still feel helpless, the leaders who promoted peace, became decease, now what does that sa
I was a in Cub Scouts before I was in Girl Scouts My dad was the troop leader He treated me just like every other boy   We learned about astronomy and constellations We made paper mache volcanos
Love everybody for who they are  Not for what society expects them to be  Whether they are boys wishing to wear dresses 
In memory of Leelah Alcorn A poem by: Destiny Diaz (ddiaz80) ©All rights reserved *** Forced to wear a mask, As I epitomize a façade, That many will believe,
    Everything just seems really fragile
 The sophistication of a thought virus
 That erupted in my soul
Atop a hillside, I turn my eyes, And watch the sun rise In the east.   I close my eyes, And I visualize, How far we have come  From the east.
I want to go to sleep But never wake up With words so deep My life I reap.   Lying in bed WIth the sheets grasping my head My face turning red Hoping I'd end up dead.  
If I do not relate to you Then how could you relate to me? I am just keeping it real Getting involved with me  You must want these problems fulfill Boy your swag is tacky
Let us strike As the maroon suns rising Transcending its grace to the crops Leaving our lands fulfilled with fruition Be determined as a sincere studious student Wishing to learn the profundity of life
I can't understand why people say they will never be *happy*.                                                     *Happiness* isn't an effect of circumstance. Its a choice, a decision.                                      EVERYONE, no matter how 
you are the dream unseen. you are the words unspoken. you are the words never written. you are the lights that shine in the darkness. your mysterious. you unweave under the pressure but crack during the fall.
Our world is consumed by a monster Its name is greed Greed takes a form in all of us Morals are the prey of this terrible monster Greed smiles at impoverished and mocks them with false promises of welfare
I Wish I wake up and dress my face up in camoflague to protect me My true values bottled up from my adversaries Skeptical whether not to expand my horizons
Slave of inhumanity, product of my own insanity The man I am is not because of who I was but who I want to be I stand for what is unbearable, I breathe and am unbreakable
I am usually socially awkward, the mask makes me look handsomely forward. I love to draw with my friend, the mask makes my friendships end. My words will the doves fly,  the mask make you question me: why?
Who is protected, When it is justicekeeper, That are criminal?
Racism, descrimination, hateThey all have different namesBut they all mean the same damn thing"You are not like me"I see a different colorA different creedA different loverHowever
                  The world likes to find flaws in people,                  They want to tell you who they prefer you to be,                  but i am not apart of this world
It's amazing,
PEACE I will die in peace  Before I die in vain I will read the instructions  Before playing the game I broke up with complacent then engaged with change
the witness of a public beating
Why do we judge each other the way we do? We're all the same, me and you. The stereotypes are never true.
You are just stupid if you think you can read my mind. I'm an evil rebel with a third eye wide. You thought I was blind!!! well, I can put words in your mind and make you forget your pride.
The poor pigeons coo
Justice for all? Damn near justice for none! People die everyday, Because the world can't control their guns Innocent people die in vain. If the police do a crime, Is it ok?
They tell me who I am, What I should be like, What I will do. They don’t understand.
Why say how I got this flawless? Everyones perfect God did not create you jawless. So speak up erect, With dignity and pride. Tell EVERYONE who'll hear No matter who you are, thin or wide
Hiding behind the shadows Singing behind the meadows, Diving in the shallow water.   I am who I am. I'm Palestinian I'm American. I'm Muslim.   Identity shattered,
People are people
Rebellion. The sweet word  with a combination of freedom recklessness and disorder.   Love it, Break it, Tear it if you will-- I'll scream its meaning loud!  
what do you see when you look at the older generation? do you see someone who is weak and fragile? or do you just see an old bag of bones that drives to slow? well ill tell you what i see
Some will walk the earth without a thread on their back They are destined to walk their own path Others are covered; head to toe Drowning in their own personal woe Cowering behind their garbed facade
I turn on the TV
Is being pretty what flawless is? Is being successful what flawless is? what is flawless? flawless is mearly a pigment of our imagination 
Is being pretty what flawless is? Is being successful what flawless is? what is flawless? flawless is mearly a pigment of our imagination 
I know that you can’t hear me, and that there is no way, But if I could speak to you, This is what I’d say.  
"You're weird!"- Who's weird? What's weird? The word weird is weird. How can we determine what a person is? Different seems bad now at days. Why?                                                                       "You're weird!"- Who's weird?
Freedom is a word that makes you think of the past, where freedom was trying to be a word, that everybody needed, that everybody wanted, but did we get it? NO!
when the rain stops and the sun ascends, the only light i see is where you stand
Mic Drop.
Protect and Serve These are the words  Of the men who swore To potect us Not Kill and enslave And dreadfully maim The people around us   To keep the peace
No, that wasn’t a euphemism for Anything, you have a dirty mind. I keep reminding you to buy milk but All you do is write in my books, My first editions of going nowhere,
Everything around me feels odd
Where was the
A time of trouble, a time of doubt, none is hopeful, I fear the crowds. Alone I was, until I saw, not everyone is the same, there is hope for all.
Follow me into the depths if you can withstand the shark, This world placed spite in my heart, I’m bothered by light, So I’m comfortable in the dark, Individualistic by character,
walk miles Never look back walk miles Can't afford that walk miles Debt holds me back walk miles Sell your soul walk miles Before I'm old walk miles Education
You’ve been trying to stop
                             A quest lies dormant before you,
                                      This road that we'll walk,
Daddy I don’t wanna be a doctor I wanna be a teacher Mommy I don’t wanna be a Nurse I wanna be a clerk Daddy I don’t wanna be a math genius I wanna be a scientist Mommy I don’t wanna be a record keeper
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain She longs to tug on the fabric, to pull it miles away She hides so that her mold matches that of society So that she won’t be seen for her flaws and mistakes  
Our lives are whispered secrets in the ears of strangers,The soft blowing of a summer breeze,
It screeched in my ears, Echoing across the earth. The everlasting sky bent to hear, the Presents of Death and Birth.   My mother's hands comforting, My father's coarse yet warm.
Slavery is a misunderstood evolution There are no longer black slaves there are the poor There are no longer White Slave Masters there are the rich Slave plantations have been turned to Prisons
"Vote Necromancer!" "No, vote Pighead!"
I have no armor against the fork-tongued and heart-piercing. I’m not covered in a blanket of deceit best suited for comfort. My face is not painted a pretty picture for the ease of outsiders.
People sit in the corner hidden from their own grave, Shadows protect them from abuse and decay When you reach from the shadows and into the dawn Be weary of the dark for dusk will soon come
Everybody has always had that one dream.  Mine was to be a pianist.... Ever since I was 4 I played the piano non-stop. I was always discouraged. Told to focus on my studies... That's where the money is. 
Biting the bullet and yearning for peace my only sanity escapes me.    Death is near, I've lost all fear... the bells continue to ring.   
Was I birthed? or was I just dropped from the heavens,  Everytime I ask my mother, she say's I was a blessing, Then I wondered a simple question, Why have I never lived with my father, am I getting taught a lesson?
Blank faces. Hands over hearts. We all know the drill. I can't find myself able to say the words. How can I pledge allegiance to a nation where liberty and justice isn't for all?
Fear is only a trick of the mind, a placeholder for that which we are uncertain of. For we all fear death, but only because it is assured.
If a black teen is murdered
The air was clear and heavy
Love is the essence of pure thought
The simple things in life are the most beautiful also the most overlooked   The irony behind simplicity is that it isn’t easy to understand   Go figure  
Behind the curtain I question who I am as it doesn't get much more temporal than that.
"The Power Of an Orphan Girl"  
Dear Straight People  Dear bigots, and homophobes, and haters Dear close-minded republicans  Listen up  Listen to the sound of my voice As I speak  As I scream at the top of my lungs  The colors
"Patience", she said, As she whispered in my ear. All being's trials start here. She drew me a map And left me alone. "If you want,  come follow me here." With tears in my eyes, 
To cut your own hair is the safest way to live dangerously I want to dye it - pink, purple, blue   but change is like going into the forbidden forest or walking into mordor
We live in a world where life is an object where you are no more than a number where no one really knows who you are We live in a world where people aren't people where people live through their computers
One voice  speaking out to the world  I speak for the youth that are constantly being silenced  Freedom to speak  confused as violence  my words, can be used as a form of protest 
I cry a little more now that I know That they cannot understand—that they do not understand death Or the beauty of holding a beautiful knife in one’s hand—
i am sorry  i am sorry that my early ancestors used yours to plow the fields i am sorry that when you see my uncle, a cop, you have to hide your face 
I'm not just scared for me, I'm scared for my brother and my nephews. I'm scared that this world we live in will never give them the chance to reach their potential because they are black men in America.
I really don't understand The men in the mos green suits are supposd to be our saviors from crime The only ones that are saved are the white ones with a couple of dimes
Pushed, beaten, stung, No one gave a damn. Shaven off with love unstrung and poison eats us, man.   Who's to say I didn't try Yeah you best believe. and Those nights I cried
We wear the mask that grins and lies It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes But one good day we will grow tired Of hiding our cheeks & shading our lies
  Still challenged to undermine The challenges between you and I See the anger between the truth and lies For everything is seen between the lines   So tell me now What do you fear?
A lust for Blood, a lust for love. A need for peace; for all wars to end. The human blood, of such sweet scent. Why, oh why must the scent linger in the air?
I am afraid. I am afraid of everything. I'm not afraid of spiders, snakes, or tigers.
I miss the way life use to be,
Who? What? Where? Everybody is too involved in technology.
Not gone
Not gone beg your FORGIVENESS Not gone for ma  LIFE
Can you hear me? Or is the noise from the chaos to loud. its crazy...cause moments and senseless motions are suddenly blocking my mental process... I thought we were living in the year of 2014, not 1963
I see the pain, I see the power the cruel gain. I stand aside, I turn and hide. When will I stop being so afriad?
   We are the children nobody wants. People view as monsters, because we are different than you. But look inside us! We all bleed the same colored blood. But, it does not matter to the people, our outer appearances is all that matters to them.
Why don’t you act? Why don’t you stand up and scream? Why don’t you fight the indignities surrounding you?     I know you want to.
There is nothing like being thirsty.   If you haven't been, I couldn't tell you. First you salivate You start to fantasize about cold springs, surrounded by bees and little flowers.
Caged Yet I hold the key
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
Now as the darkness surrounds me, I feel as I have never felt before. You look at me like I'm stupid, but you have no idea what I go through. I block your face out of my mind but you won't go away.
We all find God in the strangest of places: in the dark, in the day, and in empty spaces, But we're all looking out while He's looking in in our heads, in our hearts, and in our very skin.
One lifetime; That is all I have. One lifetime; That may end at any moment. One lifetime; is all I have to make it count. So who are you to tell me how to live; to tell me who I am.;
As I write, I enter a stage A stroke of the pen, equals the dialogue of a piece The diction of verses, compares to the dialect of speech And as I write my story, and I convey my words
I remember flicking my bedroom light off and dashing to my bed for cover. You see, there was this monster under my bed, but he could only get me in the dark.  And the means of safety was laying in my bed.
For all a chance, a choice.
Layers peeled away Stripped down to my very core Weakness has left me   You read those lines and you wonder
  His skin color does not mean to violence he is keen Skin color can't tell what lies within a person, be it cruel or kind
Through all that I have been through I've started to question my belief in God. My faith has declined more and more each day.
Writing poetry is a way to stay alive After bein murdered day in and day out Working, loving, and fighting are all just ways we die each day Poetry is like a tourniqite to stop bleeding
I sit in the wilderness chair It’s littered with leaves One compressing the other The brown soon covers the stark Once emerald green ground Now trotted with hoof imprints
what the f you're laughing at rape? mimicking those picture of a little child that was raped? shame on you shame on you all this is not funny it's a serious issue many are raped
The illusions that
Silent Speech
                                                                        I ask myself is this natural                                                                   destroying all the natural things
little toad what do you see?i see love hate and apathy;i see cristians jews and athiestsi see fools of sorts who go off to war.but dont know what they are fighting for.
The Revolution Will not be Televised.  Hope will not be energized
Orange is the color of reception Adseg, lockdown, the pound Deprived of light Cant hear them yell No way to control em Cell extractors look like hockey Players 6’5” monsters
I hear a cry. A cry that does not belong to just one but to millions.  They are silent screamers that have no names, no faces, no identities. Against their will they were sentenced to an eternity of cold silence.
Poverty is that thing that really makes me tick,
The criminal justice system, is focused on a mission. To incarcerate those in need of help,
Hear em' shots from da Trumps n' Saxes?How bout' the drops of the Basses' beats?
We live in a world Where old things are valuable We collect them Display them Handle them with care  
Several years ago my mother told me a story about how my brother and I were born. My Mother was a teacher who came from North Carolina and my Father was a Pharmacist who came from Ghana to get an education in the U.S.
Do you not hear me
I remember when I was in third grade I saw a girl wearing a shirt Sparkly and pink with bubbles The words "Daddy's girl it said". I wondered what possible those words could mean Why I was young and dint know
Speak My life was like a loaded gun Waiting for someone to use me Waiting to be pointed in any direction My reflection was silver bullet clean My look was mean mugging me
Can I live without the fear of rejection, without a need of redemption, my voice will be heard, my words will provide protection! once told by an elder, "your mouth is your biggest weapon. Use it wisely is my suggestion."
Society screams a moaning cry Emotional individuals die Shootings, murders, texting, driving, death sooner, later, nothing will be left innocent children breathe their final breath
​I was born in the land of the free​ where the land lord put a brother let you land in the streets
It's a lonesome life,but with a flame that entices the soul To attract others and fight the good fight, in our hearts, you know you're right. But what happens when someone takes the keys,
You tell them the truth , your secrets. You let them fall right through. Misjudged them as somebody you can trust , then they turn on you , fake people, we donated our lives our pride and secrets.
The romance and the bliss the honeymoon phase, that special kiss. I want so badly to be held tight, to be smothered in your love and to sleep with at night. Is my hair ugly? Do I talk too much?
I am unknow to many beacuse I didn't have a chance to live. The woman who was meant to care and love for me toke my chance of living away. The reason I ask today is why she toke my life away .
What was once an innocent, is no longer What was once the bullied, is the bully What was once the punching bag, is the puncher What was once the puncher, is the sympathetic
Tears run down her face
Mom and dad  I like boys  and sometimes I like girls  Mom and dad I don't believe in a god I believe in many gods Mom and dad  I want to go to college  I want to get away from here 
Worthless Numbers
Laws and rules and regulations of fools
This force on earth, to never be Do you know if the devil has ever prayed?

The other day I had someone ask me: "Hey why do you write"?
Sequel to Maya Angelou: Still I Rise
The doctors hush me,  My mother comforts me. I am born today, I feel happy.
Our great empire, ancient Rome What work is there to do? Bread and Circuses then back home Julius Caesar, we love you  
You live in a land full of freedom, But you can’t even stand up to sing the national anthem? Free will to do and say whatever you please, Meanwhile a soldier just got a double amputation above his knees.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
Hey, guess what? Yeah, I have something to tell you, hypocrite. I'm a human being! Oh my goodness, did you seriously forget? Oh no, darling, this is no illusion nor a trick.   I am a human.
Dear The Youth of Today, It's time for a wake-up call, It's time for a change. We live in a world where it's okay to bottle ourselves up and put on a disguise
She stands on the corner, barely 18 Hasn't showered in days but waits Waits for a man who needs an illegal touch The body of an adolescent becomes tainted She looks for independence on an incredibly tight leash
The cucoon of skin, reminding me daily of what I'm not. Society tell me, spitting slurs into my face, That I will never be a man. My voice trembles. I strain every cord in my body to pass,
Golden like a retriever he use to be an old yeller until the eighth of September when they had to put the kid 
  To be heard, is to be loved  to be heard is to be loved. 
To the ones who have no voice, crushed under the heel of another.   I am always hungry, never satified. Somehow, a bowl of rice doesn't fill the void inside.
We were made to believe That the wind blows through the tree And everyone including me Has a perfect story THAT is only imaginary in this sad community With more doubt than benefits of opportunity
We were here before you We are the real "Americans" You spread your diseases and took our land
Preppy To Emo. Our Double Helixes. We Are All Equal.
The moment that our body's met, Was the day that all the consecutive numbers, all the slahes on my calnder had finally reached zero.   When your love stretchs 1,968 miles, you don't get to see each other too often.
  "Penniless Poetry"
Looking for a time to click searching for a place to be adding to my mind a tick hoping someday they will see. Being someone doing something praying alone at night there is always one thing
My reason for writing is not just because I can, but rather it's who I am Poetry is more than just an art of flowing words together melodically But it is my therapy
You march, You speak. You enter in your piece or pieces. You demand respect but ignore mine. I march, I speak. I'm a bigot. I'm ignorant. You want all of your rights,
Everything that is truly powerful is free. Love, Imagination, Creativity, Religion, Free Will, Hope, Faith. Faith does not entail religion faith entails believeing in that you do not see.
I have a power that is only designated to me. A power that keeps my held high and keeps my feet down low. I have a power that has never betrayed me. A power that dances with devils
Write every sentence with an ambiguous word
Its these that scare me more than anything its that what's said today
 IT’S A girlThe three deadliest words in the world.So many keep disappearing just because of the flip of the coin.
Sentenced to death for binging death upon another? Killing murderers to prove to other murderers Because it is the wrong thing to do? YET .. killing is "wrong" HA! An eye for an eye, thats what we say
The smoke creeps perfect ‘neath and ‘round each hearse, as liquid darkness consumes the light over all the Earth. Bodies lay everywhere dead lifeless to noise and sound, to
What really gets under my skin Is that my "so called" mortal sin Determined not by God but people Causes such a great upheaval.   As the world watches starvation
“Everything that needs to be done Is the responsibility of everyone capable of doing it,” I say. I start my day Reminding myself that the only way to live Is to give everything I have Everything I can
Dear Society.
They all walked in the rain that day waiting for their time the time when they would find a way desegregate- be free. She marched for the right to chose their leader for the time
Debt piling, buy a car, join the academy Be identical to everyone else Fit in with society's requirements Or Find your path, make your dream Do what makes you happy Discover you     
There is a discrepancy Within these juvenile souls. It is strange; shifting tirelessly, As dark as sunburnt coals. There is a huge amount of expectancy. We give Them the controls
Imagine a world where the unintelligent have a chance to thrive Where every race and gender compete equaly Where a nation is run by people where all families live under the same roof
If i had the power to field the seeds of time Or redress the traditions we robed with crass I'd awaken a nation whose dream died in its lie To fly homebound and change the stars  
I down another bottle To wash the pain away. For a brief moment, I feel a bit okay.
Just listen And listen to me good. Hang on to every word I’m about to say. Because I really mean it.  Don’t take it as a joke But really understand what I feel.
In the dark blue skies I see hope of gold singing blues like I'm being told  my heart speeds all high. I stand in my mirror
Life is beautiful just look around Don't you see all of the lovely creatures They're having fun just crawling around
When there’s a new year, there’s always new problems, and we take two steps forward just to get knocked five steps down until we’re so low to the ground that all we can do is crawl before we walk.
Life is hard, rough and pain When you by yourself; it will not be the same Time flies and goes Stars up high but nobody will knows If you are in a bad situation I wonder; what's your reaction relation
I am karma in human form. I aid the weak and punish the wicked. I am a protector, fighter and punisher. Under my gaze, all are equal and all get what they deserve. I am justice. A justice. 
What is society To you and me? No, What is society? You and me.   Socius, societas, society. Comrade, friend, ally. How far we have come.  
Lost the War
I don't stand.  No. I don't stand stand for that. The "Pledge of Alegience."  No, I don't.  Now, before you go on about how I am just "ignorant" I want to state some of the words we all know:
12:00 ,  March 19, 2014   Today is my birthday. And even though the feeling of one more year was liberating, I couldn’t help but notice
Middleton's a quiet little place.
Through my eyes I see, The angel within me, The blood of virtue in his veins, As he casts his divinity.   Through my eyes I see, The devilish rebel of sin, As his relentlessness rises,
That runway that I walk down? I own it, With my lab coat and my ibuprofen Because I walk for a living I must have a whit of wit? I’m making explosions in the lab while I suffer from an implosion,
REBEL, REBEL, REBEL! How this word can represent so many things How this may be interpreted the wrong way, Things such as evil and savagery,
With each passing moon, I'm reminded of something I'm scared No, not of anyone, not anything, but time Time dictates how easy it is to live and be happy here The chances are slim Dreams are dim
Every day I wake up sound
Maybe there's no saving you anymore         Maybe those beads are as phony 
What gets  me in trouble for going it. What people died for me to do but, what I can't do because I'm a so called "child? Not knowing this "child" can make or break the future of this world with just my thoughts.
You ask me now what makes me tick. Now I shall tell you, brick by brick. The look you see When you gaze into the eyes Of a mother who can't feed her children. Or the childrens plea
Luck. What does it mean to have luck?
If I had a penny for every time I was denied In this life long struggle, I’d feel more alive No longer would I sit, think, and cry Wondering how long I have left to survive.
Speak my mind, let all thoughts free. Is freedom of speech a reality? Or will the words be stopped, will they all go unheard? Will I be forced to keep shut before they judge every word? I’m afraid.
So quickly you’ve forgotten his past And now raised upon a pedestal You worship him. No longer do you condemn him As he has risen to your expectations; But, not so long ago he was condemnable
A future filled with teeth, with the kind of gum that can't be chewed, blown, or popped.Dentistry. This is what I had dreamt of, hoped for, and worked towards.
I have heard it many times in my life. Get and education so you can get a good job and make lots of money. However that’s not my aspect on life. What people should be seeking out to do is helping others.
Change is big Change is wearing a bright wig
I can be whatever I want to be-That is, except myself.
A young women traveling round about Some called her lost, some a free spirit She never danced to the beat of another’s drum Many trials and failures, successes and triumphs Facing it all with weightless defiance
I could have done this. I should not have done that. Life is never a success. It is along the lines of Try. Fail. Repeat. Life is supposed to be an amazing experience. But it is more like Try. Fail. Repeat.
Sometimes I hear daddy yelling
When I was nine I was asked What would you change in the world if you could? And I remember thinking about it long and hard Before replying, “I’d like to end world hunger” Naïve in my thinking,
The kid dreams of being an artist. No that's to unpredictable. It falls.  
Rape Beat Kill Four letter words that happen in Jail Packed in like sardines in a can While trying to fix what is wrong with society Trapped in cages like battered animals We boast about
iam  not bigand iam slow to speechi spend my nights aloneforging plans for better daysbecause i am a wallflower.wallflowers are unassumingagents of change.
I close my eyes & in my mind
Every day I wake up sound In bed, then rise, then walk around Then grab my coffee, usually Is anyone entranced with me? Ordinary lives allowed To stand among a blended crowd
    Unborn beings are something beautiful that should one day be seen,  
I exist only on the brink of unsure,
Where are you,
To be free. what is freedom? is freedom going to school and being yourself? 
You see a world that Cannot change A place where everything Stays the same Judgments fill the air
Everyday I hear the media "generation's changing" laws get passed, DOMA's trashed,equalizing marriage But I still see the disparage; like there's no one here caring Shadowed by the demise gotta push myself to thrive
You hear it all the time The cliched,  "There are only two types of people in the world..." But the world is more than just black and white
Why must they hurt for the sin of our crime? For the hate that we chime? We hear but do not listen, We look but do not see. Distracted towards the right of humanity,  But blinded by the greed of sanity.
All alone,
God's greatest gift of birth in disrespect. A child's life, but now wil never be. The fate of baby, could have been with me or you. Not through love you chose to reject.   
Am I considered lucky, to live in this land where I am considered free, or am I considered a prisoner, behind bars that are simply a reflection of ME. 
What would I change...? A whole hell of alot if you ask me.... Why is the melanine in one's skin persecuted? Why are people hate for their sexuality? Why are people considered aliens...?
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
A Life Never Lived I hear them quarrel About my life So cold and immorel Words like a knife   The truth is ungloved
Sold as a slave To people who will pay They try to be brave Children everyday   It isn’t their choice They don’t have a say Sold without a voice Children everyday  
Shifting eyes, tight throat, hiding my face as I watch the class make fun of a girl for sharing her issues     about PTSD
No, no one has told me that I look like  That actress who plays Rue. I cannot twerk. I don't want to know how many Black people it takes To screw in a lightbulb.  And finally, no
Here That policeman walking down the street Is a friend. He will come when called. He is a man of the law.   But there That grungy policeman Huddled in a dirty 
They said it would come soon But what kind of change did they seek Freedom Change the word freedom is what I wish All unspoken souls unravel the mess in their heads and inhale the truth Change “freedom”
If I could change one thing in this world. I would change the hate that humans have for there brothers and sisters. We could achieve so much and care for each other. If we simply would stop fighting one another.
How about somthing new I'm so bored with everything all this old makes me blue   I find it offensive When you're scared and any mention makes you defensive
Hunger.  Children screaming in the streets. Famine.  Never enough to eat. Slavery. Girls barely sixteen. Child soldiers. Boys carrying AKs.  Death is more common than you think.
What is my Dream Job ?  The Question I have been asked  for many ages now  but i finally have a response 
Everybody deserves a chanceAmerica the home of the free, THEY SAY NO discrimination, THEY SAY
I want change So I changed my life I want to make lives better
Carrotsticks. Carrotsticks to invisible pink unicorns. Carrotsticks to alien beings in your head. Carrotsticks to spirits. Carrotsticks to flying spaghetti monsters. Carrotsticks to Olympian Gods.
I was a turtle. I don't remember My life as a turtle. Nor do I remember My future life as a ruler. But I say I was Because my parents said so.   My life is in the hands
I played a game. A game of lies. A game of insults. A game of harrassment. A game of theft. A game of punches. A game of drugs. A game of assault. A game of crime.
We woke up in this place, shattered but alive,   The world is a monstrocity,  we manage to survive.   Torn up children's faces and corrupted civil wars,  
If I could change one thing? The World. Every boy. Every girl would have       clothes                food       love and shoes they'd have the right to be free      happy
One Job May Change My Life Fighting for the justice of innocent civilians Becoming someones "hero"
Just white static on The radio waves today Nothing worth saying
If I could change the world, I would abolish prejudice; Or the bumpy past, That created it. No race more superior, No size more supreme. Only happiness,  And positivity gleamed.   
There they are. Fighting. Fighting for us, Fighting to keep us safe. To keep the United States "united"
Wealthy and powerful take all that we've worked for Truth is distorted, with illusions and folklore Much exploitation for money and profit You will be punished if you try to stop it
If I could change anything it would be life, Make days longer and funner nights. Change the way we interact with each other, Make us get well with one another. If I could change anything it be how we are raise,
Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.All trying to find reasons to exist.Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.Many have perspired.
I look forward to the day When the share post doesn't need to say: "Share if you are a strong black woman who doesn't need a man." "Share if you are a strong woman who doesn't need a man."
What will you do to get what you want lie, cheat, steal? Is achieving your goal worth the taking of a life. Not physically but rather what it means to be able to function in this society, a house a career, a family.
  If I could change one thing about today's society
Anything and everything in this world is changeable  It’s all exchangeable Breakable If I could change anything I’d change the hate The cruel words The malicious engagements
People do not think always when they speak Some words can change us and set us apart We have heard it before, fat, fool, fag, freak These words are like sharp daggers through the heart  
Freshman, as angsty as any,  brooded on what it meant to be a hero,  no plan, no design, but a light of hope and conviction strong, 
Divided this world remains, we judge by skin color, but we're really all the same. Every man for himself in this life,
Why are there still people out there that just love to hate? Based upon the color of their skin and their race Every individual possesses different traits Is it even possible to change these people's ways?  
it has always felt like this  since that moment its been anything but bliss it all had to be true 
it has always felt like this  since that moment its been anything but bliss it all had to be true 
Lesser pay, jobs, lives Women, Gays, Minorities Unequality
I would make everyone see that We're all human. We're all the same. Sharing the same planet and co-existing in beautiful diversity  And these things you call  "race" "sexuality" "gender"
Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  Jesus gave His life to save me and you.  Accept and believe this to be true and eternity with Jesus awaits for you!
From the outside looking inI spy the winds have changed,Through the window I seeAll the things deranged.  
I was born with this bodybreasts, cunt, curves and a certainsoftnessthat means I can't be the action herothe saviorthe martyr
They ask me if I'm confused? They ask me if it's a phase? They tell me it's a choice. That I wasn't born this way.
If I were to change the world, then the little things would matter most.
Im slipping the grip the grip of light lips that slip and tip and beg to be heard. but what's more absurd? than to sit in a box carve our words in the chalk and numbly curse in the void of our mind.
Everything. That's what I've seen. I've seen pain, Happiness, Anger, Excitement. I've seen hunger, Famine, Depression, And war. Everywhere I've gone I've seen it all.
They’re ungrateful; they got themselves in that position; they’re just being lazy,One man I served at a soup kitchen even said-“you spend too much time helping us; you will become one of us”.
The current that runs through the system like a live wire, and the electricity buzzing only burns me. Two loving parents, two low paying jobs, one bad economy, three children,
It's definately true that we need to make our mortal selves happyWe just want to make sure that there's a smile on our face.
We say we practice more love then hate  But we still feel that hate for are other love  is not the same  as we call each other by a offensive names that preach that hate. 
I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
Is the value of simple paper more than what we make it? Does it matter if we break a twenty or we save it? Think About it, Why do we care so much about money, When there’s people surviving only off milk and honey?
With many injustices this world is torn With apathy its people do race With malice the masses exploit the unalike, for being born With a different-shaped face   With bitter cold sadness I watch all of this
You only live once, So follow your heart. Live life, do you Selfishness to impart.   A life lived fully for 80 short years, A wasted life and righfully brought tears.  
What would I change? Well there wouldn't be a ghetto There would be a safe place where my people can settle A place where a little girl can  get on her bike and safely peddle
I take my coffee black, but was that ever a bad thing? Bringing back to Martin Luther King preaching about letting freedom ring. The joyful choir sings let the 20th century voices be head
I would change my friends I would change my past I would change the words I used I would change not going to Mass   I would change my heart I would change my future
I would've changed their vision i will change my image wouldve let them known that my right to change the world isnt or never wil lie in the grades of their stupid pop quizzes  In college I intend to be different 
If I could change the world,I'd make creativity powerful.I'd make it so I would look outside with a smile,Not an unwillingness to face the coming day.
Sometimes I hear whispers.Sometimes I hear words.Almost always I hear rumors that are seemingly unheard.I know what they're saying."That guy is a fag,
Each story, each person has a story, and to listen to that story, we must seek to understand.   "No lost generation", to help as many to live, not just survive, to be safe at last.
  If I had the power to change anything, it would be the power to change. The power to make things right in a wrong world. Fix the problems humanity is too primitive to fix.
The society and it's ideals,  are wrong and horrid.
Who will survive in America?
Teachers do drugs, marijuana is legal, the government promise things that never happen, cites and towns have curropt cops, poeple die for nothing in the hand of the police, people die becuase there stupid if soemone talked to them maybe they woul
Loving your job  Isn't so simple. Especially in this culture Where we're taught to just sell out Our gifts and our talents.  Quick choose: money or passion. They don't always go hand in hand, 
Treat me as a human I rush to the classes I'm late to I am treated FAIRLY I learn new things that open my eyes I am treated GREATLY These eye openers force me to see I am treated FINER
As Booker T, once said a long time ago, the measure of a man is not so much the position he reaches but the obstacles he overcommes.
This is their place, the place they freely roam; This is their place, the place they call, “Home”.  
When night casts its net of shadows over the streets of the city
  Who am I? Check my profile Oh look, two cats are brawling Lets take a video of it We’re supposed to be doing schoolwork But I’d rather tweet Too lazy to run errands? Shop online
Humans in Disguise                                         We seek on this ground                                  this ground called Earth
I woke up feeling tenuous,The pain of my whole species.I stood up to find the floor is like a pond, the roof is leaking.There's a breach in my shelter, I'm only figuratively speaking.
What would I change Is that a question or just a possiblity of what is to come Some things just can't be changed So let what's meant to happen become Well wishers and doubters
I cannot be defined  
Cold rainy night I see a man waving me down Driving down the country road No one around I stop to ask what his problem is He says he totaled his car And going to see his kids I give him a ride as he hops in my car He says his destination is not W
Don't call me a female that's not me always told I'm wrong by society but I'm not wrong don't even try rejections sharp sting won't make me cry I am strong I am true I'm just me
In my life , I learn many  Things from many people There are great, good, and bad Lessons but is on you Chosen to learn it or not
In my dream  Every things always be there   But the real  World is totally  Different   When you though  You got it Things go on your Plans but the outcome 
In case you hadn’t realized, Being “different” is no longer acceptable, Assuming that it ever was. It seems as if people are no longer perceived as people,
I am more a Homer Simpson than that of poetic epics;
If I could change one thing Life wouldn't be all about the bling I would want everyone to get on their knees and enjoy the trees. Life is not about how much you have It's about what's in your heart
BLUE---As far as the eye could see.The colour had swallowed us for so many monthsWe forgot about the others: brown, green, red, and gold.GOLD---A speck on the horizon smaller than a grain of sand.
BLUE---As far as the eye could see.The colour had swallowed us for so many monthsWe forgot about the others: brown, green, red, and gold.GOLD---A speck on the horizon smaller than a grain of sand.
Human Rights?   What can one say about human rights?   What about those who don't have a light?   A persons a person no matter how small,  
One nation Under God Indivisible With liberty and justice for all The biggest lie ever told
The world is notBlack and whiteIt's gray -Millions of shades of itAnd it's hard to knowWhat's rightAnd wrongAnd what's in-betweenIn that gray area
Why did the apple fall off of the tree? Who made it come to be? Was it the politicians in D.C.? Or the goddess Aphrodite? Maybe it was Shel Silverstein, or the rapper Jay-Z.
Such a lifeIs the one we haveSuch ways of expression That we showSuch loveThat we seekSuch peaceThat we dream forSuch happinessWe grasp atWhy is itThat
I need the power poetry  To help me to write more So I can win this scholarship    I meant I try my best to  Come out anything  Great, perfect, and people  Will love it .   
I don't know  What got to me  Make I want to  Write so badly    I don't know  What got to me  Make I can't go  Eat foods Drink water  Go to sleep  
How hard I try in my class?  How hard I try to find scholarships? How hard I try find bests best friends? How hard  in passed history?     
In my life,  Whatever I did  I am the Best  But I still not  Give up     
Can you be my lover If I am the your cooker Can you be my wife If I am the your baby-setting Can you be my honey If I am the hot man in the world
If I am warrior  I will be the kind  You never for get    If I am item I will be the kind  You always use    If I am weathers I will be the kind Blows your pain away
Eating candy  Drinking waters  Setting down Ready to write My poetry
In my life, I want to use  To help people by change Other people' life like today My teachers change my life I want to take action today
I don't know why  It hard to find best friend   I don't know why  It easy to find good friend   I am the kind person  Don't have that much friend   Is not because I don't want
Look around and think really hard, and wonder why things are the way they are. I would change the chaos, and make things simple like the stars. Consistency is key in anyone's success.
Don't look at me and say that you feel the same as me. You are not my equal, you will never be as equal as me. I fought for a voice that will never be heard. You watched silently and took all the credit.
Waters is our need Airs is our live  Lands is our life
Thank you to your times  That you spend with me.   Thank you to your love
Oh God, give me pleasure to pass this Test  And me not to think of loose. As the passing of test; I'll be there.
You know what's crazy? Slavery.  It's not okay that freedom is only for those born free, those born rich,  those born with a silver spoon between their blood-red lips, 
We are all equal We all think, breathe, eat, cry, laugh We are all human  
Film is more then an image on a screen Film is more then what it means
What is the American Dream? Is a question many Americans have sought to know Is it having a white picket fence with a wife, a few kids
Screaming, Grabbing, Crying, Running Tripping, Falling, Screaming, Screaming, Screaming. Kicking, Cursing, Pleading Invading, Violating, Innocence-taking. Innocence is taken Health is taken
We live in this world together I can’t run from you And you can’t run from me There is a limited space of land & sea No matter where you go "We are connected in an inescapable network of mutuality
Slave to the beat of the sewing machine Working here since thirteen Eventually I will escape hell Attire is all I smell The black smog fills my lungs Surroundings covered in dung
Despite the rough seas. I will travel to the end. And keep on going.
I gaze upon the ruined lands, torn from barbaric warfare, suffering a feeble existence, fought by helpless creatures shunned by Society’s cruel verdict where even the most adept are left to rot and reek in pitiful subsistence
Seventeen years I had no choiceI would fight for my freedom every nightI screamed at my mom, yet had no voiceBecause mothers are always rightNow I'm eighteen, redeeming those fights
A little girl staring at a blank wall sitting only on a sullied pallet An unclothed man down the hall looks out from a cage  A baby boy with a deformity lays abandoned in a crib Cries and moans echo
All we need is love,
Please save the date because we cannot wait.   Get ready and excited to a wedding you're invited.   Celebrationg to begin mid-afternoon,  an invitation to arrive in June.  
I wanna run away Away from all the hurt and pain Painful mistakes and irony misplaced Crying................  That is all I know  
You make a living of not loving You're judging, misunderstanding
empty, filled. Empty; Filled. Empty.
Who is the minority? Definitions are skewed When those who can speak Suffocate the mute. The Speakers pull the hats down Over their faces. The wool keeps them warm, And it's easy for them to
We were designed as one race To be united, not mistreated To be caring, not defeated We are all the same, yet we all chase The desire to be better than eachother   We were designed as one race
Gold beauty
  Free   Live life free Do what you want See all that you can see and be the best that you can be Live everyday like it’s your last We live in a world of dreams and opportunities
This Old Love; It causually drifts by. Coming in pieces as time passes with each sigh. Your face is carved with the sharpest edges. I'm lost in the detail of the strength flowing in your eyes.
Im the person who will be brave, achievableIm the person who will help people outI'm the person who will say what on my mind when I feel likeI'm the person who can be positive or negative
I know the day will come  With one word  we all stand up  Shouting and pointing at all That will make them hear   How much better it turned out than before
Picture on a wall, framed with Love as the subject—a boy and a Girl hold each other for a Moment in time, smiling and Blissful is the
It keeps me up at night and question where we are headed. It makes me push my limits, and then some. It makes me remeber my past, and those who paved the way. It makes seeing a Black President even more special.
Oh, Man of Atoms How might I Help You? Of What do I Speak when I Speak of You? Do I Speak to Your Nerves, Reacting to Stimuli? Of what Seperation are You and Your Nerves?
The flag stands where you were. On the home front. Defending what you love. The flag stands where you were.
20/20   I have two eyes-- one Black, one White, grown and developed by two torn sides for 25 springs and autumns. Their perceptions merge and split, still in search for the view
My heart is my own. It cannot be told what to do. You cannot tell it where to go. But I can give it to you. My heart is my own.   My mind is own.
I put the cloth and towels down, I put them in between the cracks.
It takes 10 seconds: 4 seconds of thought, 2 seconds to breathe,  4 seconds of courage. 10 seconds is all you need to face your biggest fear, to stand up for yourself, to change the world.
Author's note: While Power Poetry covers a multitude of causes, I've noticed that there are two in particular that are largely avoided--elder care and death.
Am I truly free?   You tell me I have freedom of speech,
Love travels through the wire, Making way to each person in need
Someone that wanted to go to a four college. Someone that wanted to win this scholarship. Someone that will do anything to win no matter how hard. Someone that who have a Dream
What is silence? The simple act of not speaking Of letting the air linger A gentle breeze becoming the only sound Our inner thoughts being the only voice we hear Is that silence? Or is it much more?
i am sickof photosets andcute graphicsand drawn-out listsof "empowering,"vaguely patronizingadvice. i have the
As we try to make sense of this,
I took my piece of cedar and I stepped on down the line,  to try and carve the map I need to get back through the pines. The blade I brought is dull, but I gotta reach the other side.  
America is a tree, It starts out small and weak and gradually grows to be stronger It  is planted around many others  All surrounded in different colors   America is a tree,
I have wandering eyes, but they don’t cheat. I have wandering ears, but they don’t listen to harsh words. I have a wandering mouth, they it doesn’t speak lies.
You shall ever be locked inside the twice dead hero the child not a day over 5 the brother never out of mind to the world, a child was lost
Speak your mind get shot. Speak your soul off with your head. Millions of people and you're upstage. You're speaking your mind but your words they aren't yours.
She is a small bird, Flying high in the air, Looking among the land, But when she sees that there’s not more than chasing leaves, She begins to crave for some adventure.  
Love A four letter word. Known by all, felt by few, and cherished by many. A word that does not discriminate
Freedom is…. Admiring the quiet splendor of corn stalks swaying in the field as the sun disappears over the horizon.  
A wise man once told me to follow my heart, 
from a distance you hearanswers that whisper in your earof an unborn curewithin a decade of bloomed aspiration,saphire and topez, dropped to inspire
The days of the Semester  is comming to an end The Students must start to mend Their Memories have gone blank and to be quite frank They have no idea what to do for Finals
Everyone’s voice is meant to be heard, But no one is ever there to savor every word. My thoughts are stuck on this notepad, Because speaking our minds is “bad”.   No one else is talking, only mind.
Welfare! Welfare! Give me Welfare! Child one, two,  three!-that's three thousand dollars for me! I'll sit at home and watch TV Forget my children and let them be I seem so sad What I'm doing is so bad
We shall overcome one day, Are the words that the leaders use to say, God Let us have justice is what they'd pray, Please let the pain and suffering go away.   Now the people recite those words no longer,
I don’t know I never will, All memories will vanish – All emotions once contained will disperse – As if they never existed,
What is this unheard song we all sing? Students so silent day to day Why think about what matters?   Fifty hours a week, brain washed Empirical thoughts, fifty hours straight
In the Hollocaust it was hell Living as slaves in a cell As days pass and people perish The survival I no longer Cherish   In the darkness as I lay All that I can do is pray  
Miss(ed) Teacher By: Arianna Peralta Teacher, teacher why are you late?
My heart made me loose it all. They said they loved me, But it was all a lie. They told me to follow my heart,
We drift through our minds Having thoughts unwind
I could be depressed dwelling on the past But I should realize troubles never last   I could take my life today Yet I should know that someone’s begging me to stay  
Politics to Black Friday You have a manager at a store that sets the prices. They open the doors and show the ideas to the crowd. Then they sit back and watch the crowd go wild.
Life. Living. Vitality. Our pure exsistence. Dreams of immortality.
they still feel.  they still see.  they still want.  they still care.  every day i see it. hear it.
Positivity is hard when the whole world Keeps shoving SOMETHING down your throat
My heart and soul shined, when I heard that prohibition had died. No longer will the public be blind, By the governments non-factual lies  
To gain one's respect, you must first show respect. Whether you are a teacher or student, you mustn't select. Age is not a limit but people tend to forget. When you forget respect, you will live in regret.
Walking down the street Theres a rose in between the concrete
Second Star to the right Past Big Ben Where you must go Is what I'm told It's what I've heard but where to  is my concern My last thought  b- before I fell Wishing
Wherever scientist turn mind leads to dark What you find amusing is shocking Tell me how far you got left Would leave to hold the stars up in the sky Its cant pays attention
I am the one in a million, One thousand in a billion, One fish in a sea where the powers that be Do not really care if they’re killing them. I am the one in a million,
If I can only write once I better make it count Should I list of the things I must say? For it would be quite large amount   Because I say enough with the homeless The hungry, the cruel.
The blue skies The green grass The white rice oh, what a sight Being able to distinguish colours perceive moods, one from the other the art of noticing, the gift of vision
    Covered in leaves, it’s roots hold the Ground steady Like a tree, each leaf sprouts from the branches
Assisted Suicide: The Right to Die   Sitting in a bed with walls as white as sin all around and a dread that permeates
The clock ticked And my desk squeaked. Bored; Bored: Bored! I roared. Yet I could not make a sound. He stood at the front. His nose to the ceiling. Not giving a thought to
I once took a test that required I fill in my race. I looked at the options, and confusion struck my face. As i bubbled Hispanic/Latino I felt I was lying to the Test Proctor.
I believe that all people are good That even the murders are kind That even rapists are thoughtful Because they are human They all feel They all dream They all beleive
Not all things are as easy as they seem, A country of love, home of the brave, land of the free, But that's not entirely true, in fact it's a good bit false, We claim to love each other but it's not the right cause,
Teacher this is what I want to learn Imaginary numbers make my stomach churn How about balancing a checkbook instead I would be much happier in the head Oh if only this is what I could learn
No! Why? Don't do that! Don't make me take off my nail polish. Don't make me take off my ankle socks. Don't dictate what shoes I can wear. Why should we tuck in our shirts?  Do our shirt-tails really matter?
Life is just a long journey We think it lasts an eternity We try to look for the end While looking for a positive bend And yet the limits test the time We have to go wherever we will
Every inch you know best; with a slight  twist of view   Just a thought and you're there; not a moment too soon   Each unique as a  memory, so distant yet true
suffacated, ready to leave but no place to go. stuck, trapped, limited to signs that tell you where to go, what to do, who to be.   But No More. It has come to that time
So many choices  That I can't make for myself  So many places That I can't go and explore  Let me make my plans So that I may have control  Let me do my thing  So that I may learn to grow 
I wish I could tell my teacher that walking into class a second late isn't missing class instruction. That doing continuous book work for spanish III honors isn't going to help me understand the subjuntives or the present tense of verbs.
It was a year or two ago When I lost someone  You'd never know She was the sweetest And kindest a heart Her words to me  Left a really strong mark She raised me, loved me
I wanna go to the promise lands, Where land of the free lives up to what it means, Where man and women always have right to live, Where everyone has values of peace and love, All hate and fears and tears disappear.
We all don’t understand,Our opinions aren’t in demand,Our souls are like flowers,They can topple over like towers,They bloom, then fade away,They go to heavan or hell to stay,Flowers have no powers,
I can feel the emotions stirring, raising, Embracing me in a feeling of heartache. As the other soldiers join the battalion,  I am sent home only to to say, "Why did this happen to me?"
I can't show my shoulders because they're so attractive Any time a guy sees them he's sure to be distracted I might as well be naked if you can see my neck But oh hey look there's a couple having sex.
What is there to say? Nothing but please just let us kids learn our own way.
Love like tongue, touch the mouth lies, Speaking but not hearing words. Carry on with brick upon back… your life lost; to busy sticking fingers in mouth nosy. Your ears you make deaf; unclog and listen.
Put your ego to the side And decide what is best Better for the people Those slaving away in your factories Standing in line at the VA Trying to find a way to feed Their children for a day
What I see is not what I had imagined. They tell me that what I see is only what my eyes allow me to see. They don't know that I can think.
Motherland   Home faraway drenched in a heavenly glow Shrouded generationally by times snow Animals roaming free along the grass.
If I had one wish I'd wish for a sunny day. If my wish came true I'd take you out for a walk. If we went out for a walk I'd take you to all my favorite places.
  wham, bam, and thank you uncle sam! taking our brothers, our sisters: just lambs. leaving our children on streets in the cold. not much of an uncle, all you do is scold!  
I  have acquainted myself with silence I truly feel alone I see the crowd of people conversing My mind, what a humble abode   Why do I behave as if I am completely alone?  
Word is Bond, for the understood it is fond, beyond the shallow of a pond, it overpowers the magician's wand, its not slick, truth overcomes the trick, few are chosen few that are picked, truth blows out candles in a wick, it build's mind's into t
Everyone enters giggles die down, chatter slips away the lights dim to a Peaceful Glow I push away all other Thoughts, Worries, Fears Feel Sanctified In Your Presence   Here I am
by Darlene Francis It is my understanding that the goals were : Two Million Bikers take Victory today in DC :One Million Muslims Honor the fallen!  But in actuality I believe just less than a million bikers - vs - just over 200,000 Muslims.
The earth winds blow out and the ocean tides roll in nature is unbound The mountains stand firm And the valleys fitted low nature is unchanged Why must I be bound? Am I not part of God's will?
I am a head, strong in mind.  With a soul before my time.  I am becoming more in line,  With myself.    For so long I have been angry.  Trying to find a way out. 
So many people see freedom as free. To judge and be judged is just another free thing. But if you listen, freedom speaks, and if you can imagine, freedom thinks. And freedom gives light in the darkest of things.
  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me We've heard it, said it, learned it. But tell me do people choose to take their life because this rhyme is right?
With words you fight, No better than a bully. You shove with the pretense of learning, You say you are going to give us a rope of knowledge,
I close my eyes.  I try to deny. How scared I am. And Then  I remember how weird I am. But then that doesn't matter because we all have a little mad hatter inside of us. Defining us.
The Red, White, and Blue. With freedom upon her mind, Fails to see the whole   Equal rights to all? A faulty constitution? Who has she become?   To turn she to we,
  The wind blow through these trees so fine, but you blow through this heart of mine. The wind blows over waving fields of grain, but your name bounces around in my brain.  
I am only sixteen. These thoughts that run through my head are reminiscent of an old mind, one that has seen hatred, cruelty, inhumanity. I have turned a blind eye to those I so desire to forget,
I can't wait To turn Eighteen I'll finally be living My own dream But Momma keeps saying: Don't grow up so fast.   In my one-room apartment Feasting on my gourmet dinner of romen noodles
This room keeps spinning all around me,  Is this darkness or is this light? There is no where to turn to no where to hide,  Going through the same motions everyday can this be right?
you tell me how to feel what to think. clouding my mind like i am stuck in the fog of my dreams. not letting me out. not letting me breath get this nooses away from my neck i am about to scream!
Early morning frustrated because a lack of sleep Walking down the school contemplating about sleep First class i went through with ease now im hoping my second class ends like a slight breeze
Your subtle whispers  scream in my ears exclaming hate pronounce my fears I can see your staring eyes looking through me judging, spreading rumors lies But I am strong 
Through our inspiration We become others motivation, With our aspirations We pave the way for future generations
I am not a man Not my brother  nor father  was a man  for all us three together would not be a man  for all us three worked on this land  our master the White was a man
I am not a man Not my brother  nor father  was a man  for all us three together would not be a man  for all us three worked on this land  our master the White was a man
I am not a man Not my brother  nor father  was a man  for all us three together would not be a man  for all us three worked on this land  our master the White was a man
I am not a man Not my brother  nor father  was a man  for all us three together would not be a man  for all us three worked on this land  our master the White was a man
I am not a man Not my brother  nor father  was a man  for all us three together would not be a man  for all us three worked on this land  our master the White was a man
I am not a man Not my brother  nor father  was a man  for all us three together would not be a man  for all us three worked on this land  our master the White was a man
You are evil, you are mean, your nasty greed, has turned you green. You are sick, you are cruel, your crazy rampants, give you power to rule. I hope your grave, is nice and cold,
Tha-thump..tha-thump..tha-thump I was alive, yet you abandoned me I was remembered, yet you try to forget me I was created, yet you destroyed me  WHO WAS I? Tha-thump..tha-thump..tha-thump
Popularity is our aim. Potential fame is our game. Being the best, forgetting the rest. Who needs the loyal friends.    We flock like birds. Orignality blown away in the wind.
They don't tell us about the black soldiers. Sitting in history class you would've thought we had none of'em. Whipped, chaine, and beat man I tell ya. Rumors went around that this is what would happen if they got to sell us.
"Actions planned are never completed" was the constant whisper of the snow the falling snow that reflects the falling tears slipping away from my soul   the expected day was never presented
I look around me, faces I no longer recognized because in this afterlife, there are no friends or foes  I am trapped In this figure with four legs and a tail
She left her wallet in El Segundo, Clueless el son had a gun though, 1 hits, 2 hits, They too be on that dumb dro, She says she loves that boy,  But their relations only days old,  
A doll's face melts before my eyes As if the smoke stained girl cries  Trapped within a coffin of plastic Hidden away in a box in the attic Flames consume her once loving home
Walking down the hall,  I hear things that make me stall, Kids saying things like they have no sense all. Where has this thing called classy gone?! Do you wanna hear the conclusion I have drawn?!
Why can one man make you feel useless? Why can one insult ruin a perfect day? Why do I get up? Why wouldn't I get up? Why does he have the right to put me down in the first place? Why do I think he doesn't?
I'm not asking much but relief to those  who need it and such what I want  is world peace and for all the wars to cease I want everyone  to have rights  without erupting
The power stays with the powerful. The power dictates all. The power can destroy all of us. The power can watch as we fall. The power can be conquered. The power can be overthrown.
Misconceptions of Me   Respect My Inteilligence Is it because all that I say is Relivent Respect My Intelligence They say You learn soimething new everyday Respect My Intelliegnce
Diana had a dream, a great campaign: Improve our children’s lives, society. Yet apathy has caused them so much pain, created fear, instilled anxiety.   Their rights we cast aside, scoff in disdain,
Neuvo Mexico The land of enchantment where our world spins around a color wheel, the sun fades blues into pinks and oranges,
So, my skin isn't too light. Some might even say it's not right, just wrong. My hair isn't long by the beauty-man's standards. It lacks in flat and lifelessness. It's curly and wild, not wispy and slight. My eyes shaded with shadows and brown.
  Tears like rain fill oceans of sadness; It’s the pain that we hide – greater than we see; I’ve spoken to broken looking for suns to soak in, But the heart is missing Where a soul leaves space.  
You planned their form in the days of Creation, And You'll be with them 'til their final destination. You knit them together in the darkness of night. You made each part special; everything is right.  
When a teacher ridicules a student, they call it discipline When a student ridicules a student, they call it bullying
Round and round i go I go here and i go there But i get nowhere
The loss of words hits us without warning, express yourself by action my brothers and sisters of the sun and all shall listenPreach the thought of everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves We are on the verge of a new dawn and all will com
1993 Westside Sunset Boulevard SoCal Los Angeles California Bring you back to the silver DeLorean, flux capacitor We got that hover board under the seat.