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Can a person love and hate at the same time? Is there a word to describe this ocean of emotion?  This boiling whirlpool of emotion prancing inside of me,When you said you found the cure.
Meandering around like a lost ship, Hoping to find a shore, Like a widow  my lips mourn her dried up face, As my heart wander 
There are parts of one's self that can be change and there are parts of one's self that can't be changed. If your hair is naturally Brown , It can be changed to Orange if one so chooses it to be.
You think that you can stop me? You can stop my rampage? The effects of me on your body? I’m more powerful than your immune system. Don’t know my name. Well ah mi name STDs.  
My skys are never blue What a waste of a view My daydreams are overdo  No stars no moon I guess the sky needs her too Who? The girl who withdrew the sky’s blue and my heart too 
First, engulf the melons that surround you. the shell is a delicacy that must be eaten Like you would with a turtle eat it fast The dozens of melons that surroun you will  fill you and give you child
I have always known I was predestined To grow old before my youth was spentI was sure my life would be a dramaWhy, gods why, did it have to be RENT?
Don’t be ashamed my dear, That you contracted HIV Most have taken that risk I would never think differently To hugs or sharing drinks
I know nothing, since when i fell in dilemma, within that world of violence, i became nothing among things, as the sleeping hog! I'm singled, living in this shade of sorrows and struggles,
 I was often told that’ I had eyes that could see the stars before they hit the night sky. I was often told that I had a body so wild if you stood too close, you could catch motion sickness.
AIDS, AIDS. It is out there. Regardless of gender, HIV/AIDS taint anyone. AIDS test.
I am not afraid to die I am not afraid to live I am not afraid to love I am just afraid to give
Hi! I am Trevor See me as a sportsperson with a body worn out and torn gloves.   My blue shorts With a Red Ribbon, Expose my shame, But I fight, still.   Fighting
Shes an angel at heart                                                                       a talented  staradorned and lovedyet her eyes are sad She's fair and quaintand has a smilethat lights up your daysyet shes sad,and teary eyedwith a scary
He rests encaged his heart entangled as the Little Red Raven has done. The school children shout, they jeer, and laugh, as they say: Aye! It’s you who got pecked by the Little Red Raven  
It has been a long tiresome day . But for some reason, I don’t want to go home . Oh, I know why I don’t want to go home yet. I need to put a few in me first.
I lay in a bed of rose flowers. The thorns pricked My thighs blood trickled down My sides Into the forever decaying soil Pricked fingers crimson gushing I was named after a rose
My name is Emitt Scott and I am 48 years old. I am currently suffering with a disease that is familiar to a lot of people and the disease that I'm suffering with is HIV AIDS.   
You love to lieWhy does love die
Diseases that have changed the life of so many They are just HUMANS Be treated as Humans 
Why did I get so offended when someone talked about cancer or aids 
  It can be given to you It can be passed on  There’s no way to avoid it  As long as you move along
Life so Unpredictable
10101: my home.   A place of beauty, nature, tranquility,   serene.   And yet here we are.   Victims.   Homelessness, poverty, pride, HIV   AIDS.  
Dear father dear brother there's somthing wrong    It's not fair  I need care I'm just not strong    Dear father dear brother I don't have long  
We all want to be happy. Fall in love, get married.  We all want that fairy tale ending.   We fail to see the evil in the poeple we say we love. Because we don't know what love is. Or the damage it does.
What kind of monster am I? What kind of monster am I?
His kissesDragged her through the night..And she knewThat the time was right..But patienceIt was her virtue..
They are RED men and women of all races stamped like belonging to a caste shunned like those without a caste doomed to inevitable darkness and death through their choices
Hear me out, he said    And as the tears drip down my face   My energy begin depleting   This happens to over  one in 45 people  
i wish i could look at you and say i feel nothing but that'd be a lie cause I do feel something I feel the pain of all the one night stands when you wanted somebdy to hold you
She’s not that popular Not many know her name She’s not the type to play around She’s not with those games Independence and self-worth Not looking for a Net Worth Just wants to be successful
*/ /*-->*/ I press myself against the cold, haggard, stone wall
"You don't know what I say in my mind Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!" "You think you're so this and so that all that pride and ego talking, take a seat" she sat
Depression kicks thy neighbor down, Escalating, Spiraling, Right smack in the face, Body, Groin. Drinking espresso, Listening to music, Lana Del Rey, West Coast,
It was a scare, an awakening 
Old cat calls and ethanol teeth the cat calls sex calls her the enemy is calling and she answers every time she hears me never, she listens always, anyways
one day in this dark lonely world a girl by the name of alice pilcher was born. She wasnt any other kind of ordinary girl. She had a special touch to her. By the age of 12 she lost her parents in a car accident.
He gave it to me A disease that I will never be free He cursed me insensitive eyes with words that promised me everything will be alright He declared me then closed me  in this jail
We met,we talked,I smiled You laugh,we looked,we kissed we bond,we held,we looked I smiled,you laughed,we kissed. I change,I wonder,I ignored we talked,we bond,we held some more
Her blood was filled with viruses, and nothing could be done. Passed without me even knowing how it came about. Left with sorrow and questioning if I'll make to the morrow Tender age made me naive,
Every day a star is born And the next one dies No surprise Rolls of film tucked behind these eyes Record the injustices, the shame, the sorrow Waking up to find out your tomorrow Was yesterday
Harmless touch lingers
I was young and eavesdropping, listening to them discuss my mother. That's when I heard it. I knew what it was and i knew i had heard it. It meant she was dying, it meant she was dirty. I screamed, I had to, my mother had AIDS.
Living in secret is just too hard My whole life has changed and now I’m scarred Feeling abandoned, alone, and afraid I’ll admit sleeping at night is impossible but I realize that my bed is made
Oh the irony, To be in such disparity, And yet so merry and gay, Is this right is this O.K.? Do you think he was the same way? Witty Whitman and his writing foreplay?
GEORGIA MUD   I’m from ice cold sweet tea on the hot summers days, little girls selling lemonade on the corner for fifty cents a cup.
Hi Dad, can you hear me? Wait... Checking back to reality All cause of 4 letters, AIDS I wish you were here   You know it's been 11 years You've been dead to me for half of my life 
they look at us, with no solutionthey look at us, like we're pollutantswe have problems, there's no doubtwe have problems, with no way outwe want a cure, we need it nowwe want a cure, to live somehow
If you would have told me a year ago that I would be another statistic I probably would have laughed in your face I never thought that, that one night under the stars would change my life forever
Are you human? You witness the destruction of lives around you, But are you human? You stereotype the sufferers who need your acceptance, So are you human?
Don’t be afraid of me.I am HIV but don’t be afraid of me, I can’t and won’t hurt you.AIDS will, but I won’t and can’t hurt you.You are my friend; I am just like you, Yes I am sick and I am HIV, But I can’t and won’t hurt you.You are my friend, so
The Swan Of Passion 
I know the steps you take to death when the killer is AIDS and your body is the victim I watched my cousin diminish piece by piece Due to the lack of well-needed protection
(poems go Fear of the unknown sparks the uneasiness in man Spontaneous gestures and feelings growing stronger and stronger as time moves slowly on a clock that seems to define one's future
Listen to the beat of her heart, it beats rapidly like an African drum. Listen to the sound of her voice, it's rhythm and sweetness hits the cool, night air.
Enjoyed moments of backward penetration Commotion of body parts I had no idea existed unlocked with every touch Calling his name while I assume the next position
i walked into the room feeling my heart beat through my chest i held my metal bat with the tightest grip Tears were running like faucet water down my cheeks Every tear scorched
"Roses are red, Violets are blue," Where's the thought in that? I asked you You said you loved me Sometimes I didnt see But that night O, every sweet word you whispered
A little boy on the grass A young teen in the bed He's a fag, he loves it in his ass Obscene, vulgar, crass I was what I wanted, so I thought Living fast, dying slow The clock stopped moving on the dot
No one taught me how to be "Human" Becoming Immune to this life Deficiency Hello my name is Virus Standing in the line of fire I became the desire Of two whom were unprotected And now share my infectious
(poems go here) Her eyes speak words that her mouth won't say, fingers trembling, she touches his arm and wonders if he would allow her if he knew would his lips part easily against hers if he knew?
From a very young age you are told to keep your cookies in the cookie jar until you get married. In my generation, I don't know anyone who is waiting that long.
Delicious The vengeance As it always is That metallic taste was breathtaking The victory Creates a fire Unrest hunger
He was a sad one a bad one, Always asked the foster staff about his pops but they said he never had one, He was young tall and handsome and always threw a tantrum and when he saw nuclear families he’d grimace and imagine,
There is no way this is happening to me I've done nothing wrong, can't you see? I got caught up in the moment, I didn't know to fight it. I thought it was right, I didn’t know I could die from it
Just finish talking to my friend I heard she got aids From a guy she dated only for 6 days H.I.V positive is what she told me I didn’t want to believe her until she showed me
Scarlet Letter , a message to the masses There's a killer in our sheets, so rap it up before you catch it Or check it up before you pass it , no exceptions To the slash list, so please avoid, the dash, on that
Just because he touches you that doesn't mean you RUN AWAY. She holds his hand only if she is wearing gloves. He begs her to not RUN AWAY. Let me guide you to the way of their hearts.
(poems go here) I laid on her like paper did to rock and suddenly we both refused to shoot out what exactly it is that sizer through our layers of mentally striped blue margins,
Not looking for love Just the next buck A lil bit of lust And she ran out of luck.. She played & ran, Man after man, Only because she thought she can.
Red, the color of passion Red, the color of hate Red, the color of pure blood Red, the color of a curse Outcasted by the world, His body is my hearse 
War rages inside, the immune system taken the toll Fevers hallucinate; burn away the pain but save my soul Invisible as the women the deadly thing breeds Stretched through my veins infecting everything, heaven’s door shut.
There he stood with the thing that could change her life drastically as she eyed the man quizzically. She thought back to the boy she met months before And the night he came knocking at her door.
Think before you do it Think before you risk everything Yeah he’s cute And he has a great smile But think before you do it There’s always a chance you will not be respected
“Is it only the flu?” “Will I be well soon?” “Is this a brutal killer?” “Will it destroy me from the inside out?”
Africa's Kids
She still remembers him. The only man to know her touch She gave him all she had to offer but he didn't leave her much more than some memories. The only ones she'll ever know.
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