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In the beginning was the Word... And the Word was made beautiful by the grace of God:
1 month 2 weeks ago
I believe that good and bad fortune often come our way,
6 months 2 weeks ago
the peruse builds builds around walls the complex frame prefixed on me getting another year older all I fell is just more to shoulder.
10 months 3 weeks ago
If I dont Make It Back
11 months 6 days ago
I'm livin in reality but no one is real fuck whatcu heard dont fuck with me feelz you say go to hell but I'm already there.
11 months 6 days ago
Data sgp adalah kombinasi data hasil akhir dari pengeluaran sgp yang di update sehari-harinya.
11 months 1 week ago
Harriet  Rosa  Martin  Malcolm  Serena  Sojuner  They made me proud of my blackness.
11 months 1 week ago
I had a dream that one day little black girls were able to proudly wear their crowns.
11 months 1 week ago
Caregivers grief A holding your hand, stroking your hair letting you know someone is near.
12 months 4 days ago
red, white, and blue what does this mean to you? parades and pride,
1 year 3 months ago