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It is the season of sleeping late while dreaming of red-orange trees shuddering in the evening breeze.
10 years 2 weeks ago
"Inhale the good Exhale the bad" These words are spoken.. as they rise to a dream of a life they wish they had
10 years 1 month ago
And so the skies cry; As she sings her silent ballad; The flowers wilt and die; As her eyes turn pallid;
10 years 2 months ago
Used to take us to and fro, Places we need to go. Different sizes and designs, To appeal to each and every eye.
10 years 3 months ago
A picture I took while in Canada, just thinking about how many people have come and went in this world.
10 years 3 months ago
Stink like a bear stuck on a tree trunk Baby you smell like a nasty payment Wishing you had soap you couldn't buy
10 years 5 months ago
i thank you for another season when i can wear my nike air uptowns and polo shirts
10 years 6 months ago
( After the Bees Conversation between Mother and Child the year is 2030* (or sooner) After the Bees
10 years 7 months ago