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What thoughts come to your mind when I stay out late? Do you have a feeling that I am seeing someone else?
13 hours 35 min ago
15 hours 23 min ago
Go into your cave Lick your woundsI understand Your a lion too....  
15 hours 36 min ago
Te echo de menos cuando estoy trabajando. No puedo concentrarme cuando estás en mi mente.
15 hours 47 min ago
Darling, it is a delight to have you in my arms once again. You put me in a romantic mood right away.
15 hours 49 min ago
For Cali .
15 hours 52 min ago
Darling, I’m just a sad poet I’ve written so many erotic poems, Yet I don’t have a love life
15 hours 56 min ago
15 hours 57 min ago
The walls of my bedroom reflect my sadness. Who painted them blue, I wonder? They just stand here with nothing to do.
16 hours 10 min ago
I recall the warm night beneath the Mexican moonlight. It was there I lost my beautiful Spanish maiden.
16 hours 16 min ago