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As we fight and fumble through our life, around every turn lies a new and exciting challenge.
16 hours 19 min ago
As I lay on my back face towards the heaven,  I can't wait for our love affair to unfold.
2 days 14 hours ago
A thousand words Millions of letters All of them add up to what I want to say
2 days 20 hours ago
I miss you everydayWhen I got home and the couch is emptyIn the morning and you’re not hereBed is too big for meLonely nights and gloomy
3 days 2 hours ago
why cant i be fine by myself    without the validation  fostered love from temporary soulmates  
3 days 2 hours ago
When the anxiety overflows When the tears start to fall When the words start to fail
3 days 12 hours ago
Brain running a thousand miles a minute Thoughts about you Thoughts about friends Thoughts of sadness
3 days 12 hours ago
No words, no feelings, no emotions. No drive to do much of anything.
4 days 15 hours ago
It's been so cloudy up here, unable to think straight,
5 days 57 min ago
I've never been anyone's anything past one night. It's hard to feel love of any kind in a situation like that.
5 days 11 hours ago