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How to describe it The I love yous The kisses The cuddles To hold and be held To love and be loved
1 week 4 days ago
the brightest colours fill my head "will reach your destiny soon, heart said the BLACK road the GREEN grass around
1 week 5 days ago
i still remember  the feel of your hand holding onto mine our fingers intertwined i miss our silliness
1 week 5 days ago
you did nothing wrong, you’re a good person but you’re hurt, and i figured that out by myself
1 week 6 days ago
I Fall down onto my knees I look up into your eyes I can see you praying to the heavens
1 week 6 days ago
Confession Time   I don’t feel guilty. I don’t hate my thighs.
2 weeks 10 min ago
A Tribute to Mother|Covered by Myin
Happy Mothers Day! Writer:John Greenleaf Reciter:Myin Uddin  
2 weeks 16 hours ago
Did you see her falling from the sky? Drenched in a stardust cloud. Free spirit like the eagle that flies above.
2 weeks 1 day ago
Of all God's creations- all the wonderous things love is the most precious because of the joy that it brings.
2 weeks 1 day ago
When the windeth blows, it's ev'r so cold But nev'r as such within mine soul F'r thoust claim'd I'm dark withineth
2 weeks 2 days ago