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Too beautiful to cry, she whispers,lingering softly instead, Believing in me when no one else would is all that is said.
4 months 4 weeks ago
In your pretty smiles I've found comfort. In your ravishing eyes I found happiness. In your softest heart I find peace.
5 months 1 hour ago
"VIRTUOUS HUMAN" You're the true instance of virtuous human.
5 months 1 hour ago
If her love was transportation, no hesitation I'm on a mission, her company heads to the rightful destination. State of elation.
5 months 1 hour ago
Love, oh love, a wondrous thing, A feeling that makes our hearts sing.
5 months 9 hours ago
Love, a word so simple and yet so grand A feeling that takes hold of our hearts and hands
5 months 10 hours ago
I want to hold hands, Just to know how far u are from me.
5 months 18 hours ago
When she flies. When she lights up.   Heart soaring, people bright, this is the feeling of flight.
5 months 1 day ago
I miss who I thought you were But then again did I even really know you
5 months 2 days ago
One minute I hate you and I say that we are through. The next minute you smile and do that thing that you do.
5 months 2 days ago