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Noi non sappiamo Quando ci salutiamo Perché domani
2 months 14 hours ago
Nous ne savons pas Quand nous disons adieu Parce que demain
2 months 15 hours ago
                                                     Taking care of a 
2 months 1 day ago
How could I have been so stupid, while I was soo young?
2 months 2 days ago
Let me say good night to the guests, family, and friends. .
2 months 5 days ago
The stars over our village no longer shine for you and me. And we don’t kiss in the light of the moon any more. .
2 months 5 days ago
Nós não sabemos Quando dizemos adeus Porque amanhã
2 months 5 days ago
No sabemos Cuando nos despedimos Por que mañana
2 months 5 days ago
We do not know When we say goodbye
2 months 6 days ago
3rd grade. We were best friends, Playdates 3 times a week,
2 months 1 week ago