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I adore all the scars that you've showed me,I respect all concerns that you have,But my heart is full of longing
1 week 20 hours ago
Been lost for a while, I'm missing myself. Filed a missing person's report on myself.
1 week 21 hours ago
How long will the bench be our home? No one else is here, I'm sitting alone. Put me in coach, I'll do the best I can.
1 week 22 hours ago
I want to catch loving looks,To feel adoration and care,Vainly try to resist the pull,
1 week 23 hours ago
You command faithfulness You command leadership You command peculiarness You command preparedness
1 week 1 day ago
My spirit emanates positive vibes through me. Good nature so pure it shines bright for all to see that its a genuine part of me.
1 week 1 day ago
Without us, I lived as though I didnt give 2 fucks. There was no we, no possibility of an us.
1 week 1 day ago
Grip me tighter, Im drifting from afar He has his hooks in me, saying no is the hard part.
1 week 1 day ago
tell me you love me when nobody will tell me when i'm falling you'll pick me up and be the person to fulfill
1 week 1 day ago
 Part 1 of a 6 part poem written to my mom using different body parts as a guide to weave each poem together.
1 week 1 day ago