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I am captivated by his smile , mesmerized by his beauty I am always thinking what would happen if we dated
2 days 37 min ago
I fell in love with a girl I know it's not allowed but I couldn't stop it she treats me better than any man has
2 days 39 min ago
I broke my rules for you I don't regret any of it , but why do you start a fire when you don't want to feel the heat
2 days 44 min ago
so you want to come back , you have finally seen you were at fault and that you are sorry
2 days 45 min ago
Who am I?
2 days 1 hour ago
Mistakes I’ve made every path I see tracks.The strain of pressure made it hard to relax.  Four years apart of meFour years under meFour y
2 days 12 hours ago
The Pied Piper of failure loose in our schools Cacophony playing
2 days 16 hours ago
addled and broken a heart still outspoken another hazy day someone, break down the curtain!  
2 days 21 hours ago
i’m so worried i won’t be me when they look back at me.  i don’t talk as much as i used to. 
2 days 21 hours ago
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3 days 11 min ago