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New friend made New feelings explored Venturing into a friendship
8 hours 8 min ago
I think i'm losing my best friend There is no possible way
8 hours 9 min ago
The two most important  People in my life Feel you pulling away
8 hours 9 min ago
This fire you ignite Always trying to prove me wrong Because you always have to be right
8 hours 10 min ago
Feeling so distant from you But then other times I feel stuck like glue
8 hours 11 min ago
My new years resolution I'm not sure how to accomplish But i must find the solution
8 hours 12 min ago
Have a feeling deep down You'll make the right choice And stay here with me
8 hours 14 min ago
Woke up in a good mood My head clouded With thoughts of you.
8 hours 14 min ago
Matching pajamas  On christmas eve. Opening presents For all to see
8 hours 15 min ago
The image of your face Sticking in my head Got me smiling
8 hours 16 min ago