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Self-love is beautiful You wear it like a dress And it becomes more exquisite
21 hours 27 min ago
You are the one The one that I love The one I’d stop anything I’m doing And subconsciously start thinking of
21 hours 28 min ago
You are not with me today, But you were yesterday. This house is empty today, But this never felt yesterday.
22 hours 35 sec ago
When the trees were swayingAnd the cold breeze blowingLooking at the star studded skyI just wondered why
22 hours 10 min ago
banners made, rooms booked Guided like herd, 99 out of 100 with horns me from my progeny was unknown
22 hours 20 min ago
I saw on the news that people were protesting wearing the cloth masks in public spaces because it violated their rights.
23 hours 9 min ago
Daughter   Overwhelmed by the thought of your ever looming presence,
23 hours 18 min ago
There is a time and season for everything, a place and setting for anything.
23 hours 20 min ago
    Why are you so silent?
23 hours 50 min ago
I felt his fear I felt his passion I learned his thoughts
1 day 1 hour ago