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Red is for the sun burning bright Up there rising high in the sky
17 hours 32 min ago
Buses arriving It’s early morning Children walking down the halls
17 hours 33 min ago
Whoever reads this might be bored Because I agree with you
17 hours 35 min ago
There is no reason to hide what is not easily seen No point in covering what lies in the shadows
17 hours 37 min ago
You can’t beat fate with the stars in alignment
19 hours 27 min ago
ACE OF SPADE "Z" why are you avoiding my call to you? When I speak to you, I expect you to come to me.
19 hours 37 min ago
Become what you are false prophets be damned
20 hours 1 min ago
From tons to none  No one talks about the loneliness of being lone
20 hours 26 min ago
An old red house sways in the wind It sits on top a hill
21 hours 6 min ago
Silence fades everything in the end.Unbreakable trend.Parallel perspectives,hand-to-hand attracted.Destructions and resurrections. Keep a
22 hours 21 min ago