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Were finally going back to school    And I promise you this isn't an april fool           I finally get to see my friends       This zoom
20 hours 5 min ago
Ares Hades and Hera                  These are all greek gods  
20 hours 8 min ago
I have friends all over the worldBut I think I enjoy my friends best that live here  
20 hours 11 min ago
Everybody says nothing in life is free, but I think that is false. I guess they don't know about me.
20 hours 25 min ago
20 hours 40 min ago
Dear Mom and Dad,
20 hours 46 min ago
They say after the rain, comes sunshine.   a beam of light so bright it kills the darkness and you may free your mind.
21 hours 29 min ago
Be bold you have only got one life as this story is told.
22 hours 58 min ago
Who would have thought we'd meet in a bar,Almost impossible damn near bizzare.We talked and talked all night long,Like listening to the w
1 day 3 hours ago
The seasons of time flow gently through,I'm lost without you in all that I do.My time without you is so hard to say,Lord please help me g
1 day 3 hours ago