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Why you let him get you like that? He doesnt deserve that kind of power over you!
13 hours 46 min ago
I wrote you a letter two years ago that I never gave you.  In the letter I said that I loved you. 
14 hours 24 min ago
14 hours 53 min ago
why is life doing this to me send demons in my sleep why would love tear me apart
16 hours 15 min ago
Death; Well, that's a heavy conversation to even talk about; especially for me,
17 hours 3 min ago
Does it ever go melancholy without me?!🙂 Does it feels like love birds are about to flee?!🕊️
19 hours 40 min ago
Meaningless bullshit of insane people doesn't matter, Just never let your dreams get shatter-ed.
19 hours 41 min ago
Everything we see is just an Illusion, Everything we see is a big confusion. My favourite meal,the things I feel,
19 hours 42 min ago
                     Talk about the science of love         For real, love is overrated
20 hours 26 min ago
Self-love is beautiful You wear it like a dress And it becomes more exquisite
20 hours 29 min ago