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There is a land where birds fly free And the Sun is ever rising To see it, I met You by the Bridge
7 hours 1 min ago
  During the rainy season this year too We would share the same metal bench We had set for us
7 hours 20 min ago
It was a cold and frosty day, When I began to drift away. Like the snowman melts in the glare, 
8 hours 10 min ago
A child born in a ward
8 hours 42 min ago
A Voice unheard (Poem about conserving the environment) Lord why seldom created me? For shedding tears alone
8 hours 52 min ago
i watch your eyes glisten on a summer night in june you deserve the universe  but i am just a moon.
9 hours 19 sec ago
We were young, when I first saw him. He was like nothing I had seen before. He was beautiful, I was in love.
9 hours 19 min ago
Ecclesiastes 1:9 New English Translation (NET Bible)
9 hours 37 min ago
Ever erased your desire to exist so that others can? Ever give so much til you're staring down at empty hands?
9 hours 55 min ago
I woke up black today and cursed the heavens for making me this way; because never did I imagine I'd live in a world that would justify a
9 hours 58 min ago