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At seven, when dusk slips over the mountains The tress start whispering among themselves.
3 hours 49 min ago
I looked into your eyes ocean blue Maybe you were the calm before the storm You shipwrecked my mind
3 hours 49 min ago
On the night of the shooting stars, I found cool peace and forgot all my scars.
6 hours 27 min ago
It's like there's darkness in my eyes The fear and pain covers me like a black dye I don't want to be lost
7 hours 8 min ago
What is love to me But a wondrous voyage to unknown lands Places of comfort, excitement and happiness
7 hours 18 min ago
You will never know.  
8 hours 22 min ago
8 hours 32 min ago
Pick up the pen and a pad Lifestyle was basic but still movin too fast
9 hours 14 min ago
It rains with a clear sky in my car Windows down blocking my path
9 hours 16 min ago
I dressed myself as one I paraded the streets of my mind I crossed Father Time
9 hours 17 min ago