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Emotional Well Being And Healing  
47 min 22 sec ago
Important Lessons Of Life  
48 min 45 sec ago
How We All End Up Establishing Ourselves In This World
50 min 26 sec ago
You treated me like shit You lied to me too many times  You made me feel so many things
1 hour 25 min ago
Break up with him  Get beat up  Talk back to them Get locked in your room  Don't listen 
1 hour 34 min ago
To exercise faith is to believe in the truth and trust in someone. 
1 hour 35 min ago
I am a Black American, who see's injustice all around me while breathing this ironic air called freedom
1 hour 43 min ago
the words you said made me  feel  worthless the words you said  made me think that 
1 hour 55 min ago
First Love Feels like heaven but love feels like hell But For me i love people and care alot i'm also very humble and friendly.
2 hours 3 min ago
The words hurt the most.
3 hours 5 min ago