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I am Tiana I kissed a slimy green frog then I married him  
2 hours 29 min ago
I am Ariel I like to collect trinkets I love Prince Eric
2 hours 31 min ago
my name is Meg I really love Hercules Hades owns my soul
2 hours 35 min ago
I watch Disney Plus and I watch Prime Video along with Netflix  
2 hours 36 min ago
stuck inside the house and there is nothing to do please social distance
2 hours 38 min ago
alone shouldn’t be such a scary word although i suppose i wouldn’t understand how others feel
2 hours 52 min ago
In Highschool I was constantly bullied Bullied for being a white Hispanic Bullied for not speaking Spanish fluently
3 hours 57 min ago
Sometimes I forget I forget that I can sit down in a chair Grab my ukulele
4 hours 15 min ago
#A Night Sweet DreamR for my girls#
7 hours 2 min ago
I wonder, sometimes, if all my friends are forgetting me. If someday I will stop seeing them,
7 hours 35 min ago