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Dear Dad, Do you hate me? Are you disapointed in me? Once or twice a week you tell me that you love me
1 hour 37 min ago
My mom says that my dad and I are too alike. That's why we don't get along. My dad says I am
1 hour 59 min ago
Why do you treat me like a child, but expect me to act like an adult?
2 hours 15 min ago
Testing the waters with one truth under a web of lies seeing how they will react. One truth
2 hours 28 min ago
I know I should love you less.. if I'd go on I'd still be heartbroken...
2 hours 51 min ago
I didn't know what to say..My mind was blank and no words come to my mouth..
2 hours 58 min ago
In a world of disguise, a soul renders like a hungry shallow beast in search of a feast of happiness to fulfill the desire of emptiness.
4 hours 58 min ago
Hold on to your feet Stretch your arms towards the sky Close your eyes And feel the rhythm of your heart
5 hours 1 sec ago
O young bird, You who have fallen in love And are trapped in its feelings Give yourself some time
5 hours 1 min ago
It is after your euphoria  When I ask you to love me  Not fuck. 
5 hours 2 min ago