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In the world of the sick To those who are infected, I send a white bulb To light the cure.
21 hours 47 min ago
Must be something in the water Oughta not do it in that order Phoenix spreads its wings from the fires embers
21 hours 48 min ago
Learnt my lesson stay away from temptation Correction stay away from the nation Causing me pain and pulpatitations
21 hours 56 min ago
Bored out of my mind      Video games all the time           Doing this homework       
21 hours 58 min ago
Bored out of my mind Video games all the time Doing this homework 
21 hours 59 min ago
there is a mouse  there in your house
22 hours 5 min ago
I am a mess without you!  I can admit it now.  We had our traditions.
22 hours 28 min ago
This is real boring Such a waste, its nice outside I am hitting hay
22 hours 30 min ago
Facts and opinions Hopes and delirium Dreams and suspicions Hoaxes and lithium
22 hours 31 min ago
The fallen wings A world for me and you Ever wondered what’s a lie and true
22 hours 33 min ago