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Coming together, what’s your pleasure?  All these emotions bottled up inside.
15 hours 11 min ago
Money don’t buy love. Good thing I’m broke. Rich on love.
15 hours 23 min ago
Meet me where the sun is. Bring your secrets, your scars,  all who you are.
15 hours 31 min ago
Oh how wonderful.  Love is described as a word or phrase. That some people use often. It could so how be an adjective. 
15 hours 38 min ago
No ones life can be planned. But it is a mystery. Pain and emotion is there but it comes out of no where. 
15 hours 50 min ago
Talking in your sleep, it’s all in my mind. It’s written in the stars.  My love, 
16 hours 1 min ago
Laying here, staring at you I can show everyone the love on my heart.
16 hours 20 min ago
I’m So Glad I'm The One With Whom You Have Fun ... !!! A Kiss And A Cuddle And A Glass of Rum ...
16 hours 25 min ago
My eyes burn with relief. Tears for the first time in weeks. Is your head supposed to pound this loud when you feel?
17 hours 12 min ago
i don't know what to do, i feel that moving one way or the other will cause a
17 hours 57 min ago