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Okay The Vibe To Write... Is Now A Part of My Life... It’s Just A BEAUTIFUL Thing... !!!
9 hours 33 min ago
When PRESSURE Comes Knocking How PATIENT Are You... ? Do You Remain COOL Or Are You The Type To Start HURLING ABUSE... !?!
10 hours 14 min ago
There are demons inside me that lurk and prowl.
11 hours 49 min ago
12 hours 1 min ago
13 hours 33 min ago
Flowers withered by the march of time and season Yet I find it very vivid to my heart and reason
14 hours 16 min ago
Lyeing on a hill.With the sky still as can be.Sunshine in my eyes.I could barley even see.
16 hours 23 min ago
You were my first love. The one I held most. followed me like a puppy, To Snatch all the worms I dug up.
16 hours 39 min ago
Don't trust people, Don't trust God, Don't trust the part of yourself, That wants to stab a knife,
16 hours 41 min ago
I came from a bottle, a small one where nothing happens. Outside, I can watch the waves on the beach,
16 hours 58 min ago