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I'm not here to lecture you and I'm not here to preach, Nor how to accomplish your goals, am I here to teach.
2 days 12 hours ago
We must love our own First
2 days 14 hours ago
Careful is as monkey needing to say a word Not wanting to be shot but needing to be heard 
2 days 14 hours ago
Peace in the land of grass  All of your worries left in the past
2 days 14 hours ago
Beautiful in the sunlight  Graceful in the night Carry yourself up in the stars 
2 days 14 hours ago
There is a killer on the lose His only purpose, to steal your youth
2 days 14 hours ago
Chances are made for those who are worthy Death is coming and all are doomed 
2 days 14 hours ago
Sure Whatever. So many deny God is or even exists. ~
2 days 15 hours ago
Dear black boys We have it bad in this world. people make fun of our skin. 
2 days 18 hours ago
Love, Love is defined as a deep affection a willingness, a eagerness, a clarity   
3 days 7 min ago