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I never measured you All I do is love you I been careless and scared I been slient I been understanding
4 days 9 hours ago
Alone : In my darkness I am home where the monsters and I have tea and cakes. 
4 days 10 hours ago
Why are you looking for love oh soul;Is it not enough that God gave it all?
4 days 10 hours ago
Ot is morning and noon, Sun rise and night moon, RICH daughter will be soon.
4 days 11 hours ago
Mom got pregnancy in hard, Wait for me in proud, Says I am child of Mohamed.
4 days 12 hours ago
In the mist She blew a kiss. Sloppy,pink glossed, Lipstick kiss. "Misty Blue" Clint Eastwood knew.
4 days 12 hours ago
Submerged in depths. Convinced by pores. Lines entwined, In captured roles. No! No! No! I won't be controlled.
4 days 12 hours ago
Yippee, Yippee, Loop-de-loo- My petite protector has finally moved ©11/09/2021. Wired6.
4 days 13 hours ago
Take me with water, Or even a beer, Swallow me dry,
4 days 19 hours ago
Sun shines through the window like a dream. Perfect and challenging leaving almost no steam.
4 days 20 hours ago