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All at once you were my rock And the hand grenade I was too distracted to throw I knew you would destroy me
3 hours 1 min ago
Silver tongue Dancing behind white teeth What looks so beautiful today will consume you tomorrow
3 hours 3 min ago
Papaw was born in 1910 on the first of May.He died a quarter of a century ago today.
5 hours 12 min ago
A secret love I hold inside,
5 hours 14 min ago
She used to be passionate.She always gave, and people always tookShe always explained, but no one ever asked
14 hours 17 min ago
I listen to everyone but my self because they expect me to. It's annoying.
16 hours 18 min ago
Society, society, society learn to love me. 
16 hours 20 min ago
We're not depressed or stressed. We're strapped with pain and shame, because we can't aim to to reach our goals.
16 hours 29 min ago
I look in the mirror I see my flaws. I'm not skinny enough smart enough pretty enough. I can't breathe.
16 hours 32 min ago
I sit next to your all your broken promises hoping one day you will fulfill them.
16 hours 35 min ago