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Its as if I've woken up from a dream And honestly I'm happy I'm not with you
11 hours 44 min ago
Let me take you back to 08  When life wasn’t all that great  Mom did drugs 
13 hours 14 min ago
Why do I write, When no one reads? Why do I work so hard, and gain so little? Why do I speak, when no one hears me?
13 hours 26 min ago
they call me a yougin cause i be steppin and repping hop out the car with a 30 shoot his block up
13 hours 52 min ago
You tell me stories. I listen. You make me sorry I even asked. The end of a brand new friendship.
18 hours 41 min ago
Let me tell you about the most tragic love story that has ever been known.
20 hours 3 min ago
Twelve notes… that’s all there are
20 hours 10 min ago
The comma indicated a short pause  Direct address,coma was undeterred
21 hours 13 min ago
2021 Dreams - Inspired By Langston Hughes “I Dream A World”
21 hours 28 min ago
Mid 1900s Girls To 2021 Girls  
21 hours 31 min ago