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Your brain caves in on itself. Your stomach tightens. Is the room getting smaller?
14 hours 11 min ago
  I am a word I wonder when I will be needed; when I will be heard and taken seriously
14 hours 15 min ago
I’m in the vast desert, calling for help every chance I get,
14 hours 20 min ago
Where i am and who I am Asked something inside of Me what is this reality What is this a blue sky
14 hours 27 min ago
Love me for me don't love me for my looks don't love me for my skills love me because you can  
16 hours 35 min ago
"never will I admit to be such a muse to dance along a pathetic tune."---Anonymousse
17 hours 9 sec ago
Theres something about a memory a past place and time That brings as much pain as it does joy
17 hours 18 min ago
You and your hallow eyes with your permenent grin your face illuminates until it all caves in
17 hours 22 min ago
I have no words I know it hurts standing there numb and motionless Thinking I didnt give a shit
17 hours 24 min ago
That girl always understands me She knows almost everything about me She's been with me since we were five
17 hours 58 min ago