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Yeah all I know is that it's way past '9 and I can't get you off my mind, my mind and I'm looking 'round my room
1 day 22 hours ago
Children laughing leaping in the waves Creating memories
2 days 4 min ago
Was I wearing glasses when I wasraped I bought big glasses with blackround frames they're flimsy but I wear themlike armor I wear them to
2 days 15 min ago
You being you Makes me smile You don't even notice it
2 days 37 min ago
Said I wasn't seeing you for christmas Couldn't have cared less
2 days 38 min ago
 Christmas Eve. Opening the gift my Elf on The Shelf left every year.
2 days 38 min ago
   Feels like i'm at an all time low Should I keep it to myself?
2 days 40 min ago
Kept your distance  so you wouldn't hurt me By doing that
2 days 40 min ago
The paranoia sinks in I know it isn't real I can't let it win
2 days 41 min ago
 My heart is warm And always will be Before you, its been torn 
2 days 42 min ago