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اک عرصہ گزار تیرا دیدار کیے ہوئے ، دل میں تیرے چراغاں کیے ہوئے ،
4 days 21 hours ago
Am I too old to hide under a bed? I'm stuck in this storm but the storms in my head.
5 days 4 hours ago
Am I the puppet? being controlled and thrown around like a simple little rag doll
5 days 5 hours ago
i sit there as you Poke and Probe me  alone in that once dark hole Can't see the light, Can't see the shine
5 days 6 hours ago
My fingers itch with harmful anticipation A neverending infatuation 
5 days 7 hours ago
God’s bountiful gift of everlasting Love. a gift of joy, watching them grow and mature.
5 days 8 hours ago
I am upset with myself because it took me so long,
5 days 10 hours ago
Severed from a  knotted past the future’s line went slack
5 days 10 hours ago
it all seems familiar but strange at some point the road a ride i know a walk not known
5 days 11 hours ago
the mirror a place filled transparency he said but i saw it a place of refflection
5 days 12 hours ago