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Keep your thoughts to yourself Don't need them Polluting my brain
3 hours 3 min ago
Can't picture my life without you But am I what you need right now?
3 hours 4 min ago
 Say you know me But you cant see when im mad Or even just upset
3 hours 4 min ago
Two damaged souls Become one Both been through so much
3 hours 5 min ago
I always say Everything happens for a reason But I don't understand
3 hours 7 min ago
If you move You are saying goodbye You are giving up
3 hours 7 min ago
Heart is racing Breath is constricted  Hands are shaking Head is dizzy
3 hours 8 min ago
Move across the world All the way to Ireland Leaving me here
3 hours 8 min ago
You know that feeling when you finally finish a page? Have to move on to the next blank sheet
3 hours 37 min ago
I lay here and wonder what you’d be like.  If my body could hold you What color eyes 
12 hours 38 min ago