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he’s soft and nostalgic a world so prolific I want him, I want him and
5 days 9 hours ago
You can’t fill your dry spots out of a whisky bottle Or chase away demons
5 days 14 hours ago
Tonight, I became my youngest son, my oldest son now gone
5 days 15 hours ago
5 days 16 hours ago
John 3:6-7      New King James Version
5 days 19 hours ago
Brother stay single Don’t bother to mingle Let them be angles But be an angel
5 days 22 hours ago
I watch you move on I see your new girl she cute huh damn I wonder what you fell inside because inside I'm a mess but I bet you knew that
6 days 35 min ago
Aye aye aye its me dd and riri yea im rapping to this beat whipping it out like sum mac n cheese.
6 days 1 hour ago
Once a upon a time bout a year ago i met this girl not long after that she just start calling me bae.
6 days 1 hour ago
Yea. Im dying inside need help with all this pain n lies. So tired of tryin it wasnt worth it.
6 days 1 hour ago