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Hey little black boy I'm sorry, that the world has treated you this way. That they chewed you up and spit you out and left you astray.
4 days 23 hours ago
When our histories have finally been written, many, if not most, of the important things to havehappened will not have been purposed or p
5 days 14 hours ago
Creating one more empty space for every one I fill Answers close within themselves
6 days 46 min ago
A World of Silence, Music a Quiet Cadence, A Light, so Bright, Shines, Our Hearts a symphony entwines,
6 days 6 hours ago
Rhyming isn’t my specialty, but memories help show the light of our darkest times
6 days 6 hours ago
6 days 23 hours ago
bulling at schools is one thing online is another when it comes to online bulling/hate u never know when it will strike ik everything abo
1 week 2 hours ago
look ik what its like to be builled and it isnt something anyone should go through while it be at school or online (witch ill do in our n
1 week 3 hours ago
I found myself in comfort. Tightly tucked within the folds of my own sadness. Somehow
1 week 6 hours ago
Memory without language Joy
1 week 8 hours ago